Monday 2 December 2019

How China owns Australia; buying infrastructure, land, water

Like I have said in other posts, the Chinese have been doing this for years. They do no respect Australia, our laws or our freedom. They see Australians as weak and lazy. They do not see us as a threat, only a minion. Our farmers are being ruined by our government and China, which is now buying up our water. Australia as I predicted months ago will take decades to recover from this fiasco.

China has even invaded our territory in the Antarctic and Let’s not forget about them spying on us constantly. They are pushing Australian businesses out of the way and have no respect whatsoever when it comes to the law of any nation but China. This has to stop or in 10 years time we will be taken over. No ifs or buts. There is only one way out of this and it will be war.

Our politicians and big business leaders including the banks put Australia in this situation and must be held accountable. They must answer to the Australian people, let the punishment fit the crime too.
Nothing less is acceptable.
Chinese bases in Antarctica Have a look through this website and keep a regular check on it too. Independent journalist based in Canberra.