Sunday 31 January 2016

Cancellation Notice from Alex RE: The Shoalhaven Psychic Expo Feb 2016

I regret to inform everyone that I am unable to attend the upcoming Canberra Psychics Centre's Psychic Expo at Shoalhaven  this week 5 to 7 Feb 2016, due to ill health. I am sorry to disappoint anyone that was hoping to have a reading from me.

Regards Alex

Friday 29 January 2016

Electromagnetic and Radio frequency mitigation

Yet an other very important article to read and share.

Ungrounded Energy

This is a rather  interesting article, please scroll down and read the comments too. A few psychologists are now looking into this with startling results. Many spiritualists have been fully aware of this for close on 100 years now.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Bonvale Creations Essential oils prices

I just thought that I would post the link to this essential oils wholesaler that I have used for many years. I tried to copy and paste my price list for him but I couldn't so here is the direct link. His prices are very good as is his stock. You won't find better in Australia I am sure, I couldn't be happier with the goods that I buy from John. It is cheaper to buy the big bottles of stuff that you use a lot of too.

I tend to use the peppermint a lot and buy 2 large bottles at a time. The quality is outstanding. Oils are much nicer than air fresheners in a can and safe to use with pet birds in the house too, however some oils must not be used around animals due to their toxicity 

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Now this is  a rather out there dream, I saw a big swanky bus with the words Titanic II plastered on the sides of this long bendy type bus. It was picking up passengers to go on a cruse on the New Titanic II. A huge white bus with tinted windows, white paint work with the words written in bold golden letters that reminded me of flames. Buses are often symbolic of death and moving souls on to the afterlife.

I thought what the heck is this, who in their right mind wants to go on the Titanic II? It seemed a very sick concept to me. Well next thing I am in a departure lounge waiting to board, (get me out of here, lol). The ship had been delayed as some things were not in order and all the passengers had to wait. I got quite annoyed at this and started to rebuke the man that was breaking the news to the passengers.

To me it felt like a death dream and it was not my time to go. I can assure  readers I have no intention of going anywhere any time soon. I intend to live a happy, long and peaceful life and will check out when I feel like it and not when some "entity" tells me.

Back to the dream, I was irritated at the thought of being delayed, catering issues were mentioned. I must admit to being a foodie here lol. Hey a girl needs to have a hobby, right! Food is mine.

But the whole feeling in this dream was confusing, it felt like a warning of something to come, a foreboding feeling. We all know the story of the original Titanic, also bear in mind Celine Dion's husband has just passed to spirit. She did the sound track for the movie Titanic.  I never watched the movie because I am hyper sensitive when it comes to suffering.

To me there is nothing to be gained by using such a horrible event for entertainment either.  It smacks of an energy heist to me, I avoid anything along the lines of making the general public "tune in" to any mass events where suffering is being foisted upon us  (EG: the anniversary of  WW1) It also turned out to be it's sister ship The Olympic that sunk. The name plates were changed for insurance reasons. You can google that one for yourselves, I do not want to influence what you read. But facts are facts and it has been proven beyond all doubts. I will leave it there readers as I have no intention of causing a stir.

I wonder what the next mass event will be, but to be sure it will involve many lives such as the sinking of the Titanic/Olympic. My heart goes out to all victims of tragedy and suffering, it has a massive flow on effect to many, many people.

Copyrighted by Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium 26th January 2016

UPDATE 11 FEB 2016

I think this is in very poor taste.


It is just over a week to the Canberra Psychic Centre's Expo in Shoalhaven at the Shoalhaven entertainment centre. I will be conducting readings in the reading room. Entry is $12 and children under the age of 12 is free.

The hours are Friday 12.00pm to 8pm  Saturday 10.00AM to 6.00PM Sunday 10AM to 6.00PM
I hope to see you there bright eyed and bushy tailed possums :)


Friday 22 January 2016

Anthony Peake video , The Immortal Mind

This is a big interest of mine being a medium, and I totally get what he is saying. There is so much that humans do not know about in our world. So much ancient wisdom has been lost or removed from us by those that wish to keep us in the dark. Lol, a bit hard for them to stop us psychics though.

Do keep an eye on his You Tune videos and find him on face book too.

Tuesday 19 January 2016

The Holy Name of Jesus Christ - Pi & The English Alphabet / Marty Leeds


We live in a harmonic universe, everything is to do with mathematics and vibrational frequency. I must put my hand up to being crap at maths too, lol. I understand what is being said though.

Monday 11 January 2016


The 2016  International Psychics Directory is now on sale at most newsagents. My advert and contact details are on page 17. Lets hope this is a good year for every one. I have shrugged off all the bad energy from 2015, and intend to power on through 2016. 
Yes I will be doing the three main events with the Canberra Psychic Centre in February, July and August as per agreement. Then I need to step back for a while and only do private face to face readings and email, phone and Skype readings. I look forward to the CPC Psychic Fairs this year as they are new in town and I am sure the will go great guns, as they had a sell out success in 2015. I wish them well in their endeavours.
Love Alex

Friday 8 January 2016


Being a clairvoyant has put a hell of a strain on my family. Had I known what a high price I would pay I probably wouldn’t have gone down this path.  I have come to a crossroads now after a year from hell, I have had my family shattered beyond all hope of repair and all those in the “industry” could do was gossip and bitch about me and my family. I will not let this go and those who have made my life a misery will be held accountable, mark my words. The psychic industry for want of a better term is the most egotistical selfish, arse lickers that evil ever gave breath to.
My life has been destroyed due to the lies, deception and evil intentions of others that I have trusted, people that I foolishly thought were my friends and were spiritual. Let me tell you there is nothing spiritual about this industry, nor the liars in it. I can understand why so many choose to read for others but shun other psychics.
So, I want nothing, more to do with the people involved. I am utterly disgusted at the people in the so called spiritual movement - hypocrites and liars that talk about you behind your back.  You cannot sink any lower than that!  At least I can hold my head up and say that I have never lied to or manipulated a client, or made false claims as to my abilities as that is not who I am. I have on occasion, had to fix up other psychics fuck ups though - people coming to me in tears after being fed a crock of shit by a so called psychic.
I too have been lied to by some of the so called psychics, I have been manipulated by them and lied to. Do you think for one minute that I wouldn’t know this?  FFS! To make matters worse, I have had readers blow smoke up my arse about my family and as a result caused much heartache.  I kept my mouth shut because I know what evil people in this town are like and their capacity to damage the lives of others. Working alongside liars is sickening and I want no part of this anymore, enough is enough.
I was manipulated by a male psychic  to sell my house and move  to a certain location, where I would have lots of work. I fail to see how a piss ant little back wash will have the huge client base, that I already have in Canberra. Never get a reading from someone who has a vested interest in the outcome – because they will manipulate you. If you want to know the truth, just ask my poor husband. He has seen so much over the years and kept his mouth shut because he did not want to damage my work – he knows how these people operate and I wish I had listened to him sooner.
I have had an evil entity being sent to my house, bogus clients coming for readings on the behalf of other psychics to suss me out with the intention of discrediting me – not sure how they thought I wouldn’t know and knowing what sort of people are involved. Again do you honestly think that I don’t know who is behind this?
 Then there was the sleazy bastard that a fellow psychic “friend” told to ring me . The shock when I answered the phone and tuned in to this vile being was even picked up by my husband and he is not usually intuitive. The said friend then back peddled to deny this - lying to a clairvoyant? - of course I know who was responsible.
Friends just don’t hurt each other, that is vile. What sick and evil people, are in this industry. Is it the lust for power, fame and the ego just does not know where to stop? Only those devoid of substance, a soul and have lost their way in the darkness crave this attention.
I have no need nor a desire for this. I leave it to the profane because that is all they will ever have in this world. I seek not approval nor fame , I have a strong moral compass and true spirituality, which comes from deep within as a knowing. Not to be bestowed on me by hollow egotistical people, that feel that one of their own is deemed “spiritual”.  Leave me out of your filthy evil dark web of deceit and wickedness. Keep your disgusting witchy poo bullshit that cuts no ice in the real spirit world. You can keep all your love and light bullshit new age fakery. You can all continue to bitch amongst yourselves and wallow in your sycophantic world if that is what makes you happy.  That is not the true spiritual way and the true spiritual way will never be on this earth as long as evil like that which exists in the industry flourishes.
I will continue to read for those who want it but the rest of the psychic community, you are all dead to me.

Wednesday 6 January 2016

The Mind matrix, or is it just an all out mind f**k?

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Have a read through this article, this is information that I have been researching for a number of years. Looks to me,  many more people are waking up to the manipulation. As I say one must be prepared to  put a lot of time and effort into finding the truth  of anything. Hearsay  is not  worth the  paper its written on.

  I have given  the names of prominent researchers on my blog over the years saying exactly this, there are tomes of information out there should one wish to be truly enlightened on the subject. I leave it to the individual to do their research as I have done. Please be mindful, not everyone is ready to hear this information. This is a highly confrontational subject and will upset some individuals. People can only awaken when it is their time.    

Saturday 2 January 2016

Hogmanay in Scotland

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As a child in Scotland I enjoyed taking part in the old traditions with my family. We had such wonderful times with my extended family over the years. The early memories stay strong with me to this very day.

I still do some of the traditions but not first footing as my family live so far away. Still there are many other good traditions I uphold.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2016, please focus on the good things in your life and keep it simple.

Love Alex

Friday 1 January 2016

Stalker beware!

For a few months now a male person has been stalking me electronically and I have had enough of him. Now I am issuing a warning to you. You are well known to many people on my face book profile. I am asking you to stop texting me, following my posts on my blog and on face book. I have blocked you from my face book account weeks ago and I have kept all electronic communication from you. Unless you want everyone  to know about you please just stop all communication with me and gossiping about me. I just had a message from you a few minutes ago, enough is enough.

Also you will refrain from coming anywhere near me in public. I do not need this intrusion into my life. I just  want a normal life and going about my work quietly and peacefully.