Wednesday 14 October 2009

Grief from a psychic perspective

As a Medium I have had the experience of feeling grief from the other side. This happened to me last year after a friend lost her step daughter in a car crash.

This young girl Tonni was a passenger in a car that  crashed, and died at the scene of the crash. She came to me to tell me about what happened to her and to tell her family about her little sister Eve being over come with grief.

Tonni felt her sister's grief and had no way to tell her that she is ok, and not suffering. However Tonni was distressed at seeing her sister so distraught with losing her sister that she wanted someone to tell her that she is ok. Eve must let it go of the pain in her heart.

The feeling for me was this crying for no reason and being upset with out knowing why. I could see a blond haired girl in my third eye (that is how I see spirits usually). She was very sad. The feeling was gut- wrenching, unbelievably gut-wrenching to experience. I had never felt such a horrible feeling of loss and sadness. I just wanted it to stop.

What Tonni was telling me was that her little sister   Eve was inconsolable with her loss. Tonni couldn't move on until Eve was ok. I was able to relay this message to my friend. She in turn told me the blond haired girl is Eve. Tonni has dark hair.

Tonni came to me a few times with messages for her family in the weeks after her death. She has moved on now. She left me with a message and a feeling that I cannot forget.

So many people take life for granted and that nothing will happen to them. When it does it has a ripple effect if you like that flows on to all that know them. The pain and suffering is unimaginable until you feel it for yourself. Sometimes the spirit of the loved one that has passed on will not rest until they get the chance to tell someone that they are sorry for causing the pain and suffering.

Sometimes the spirit of a loved one will hang around to pass a message on to a family member or a friend to say, I am ok don't worry about me I am happy, but I am worried about so and so, please give them my love and a message from me.

The Human soul cannot die only the physical body  does as it says in the bible. We only come to this Earth to learn and then return back to our natural state of being a spiritual being. We are Spiritual beings having a Physical world experience not the other way around. We are all connected to Spirit.  That link can never be cut no matter what. We are all loved by Spirit unconditionally.

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2010