Monday 29 May 2017

Wes Penre site hacked again

Here we go again, poor old Wes has had his website hacked yet again. the last time it was down for almost a week and a half. That is twice this month now. He has been given the runaround by the people that support his website all that time.

Someone has a vested interest in stopping people reading this important information. I would advise fans of Wes to join his forum, the Wes Penre discussion board.
You do not want to miss out on this important information.As soon as the website is back up, go on there and download everything, but back it up externally too.

The astrologer Dr Louis Turi  has been through similar with his facebook pages being hacked, and facebook are the prime suspects behind that one fiasco. Both of these men have valuable information for people that are spiritually awake and are constantly under attack for speaking out against evil.
Just an other sign of the times where evil just keeps attacking the good people of the world relentlessly. 

UPDATE: It is back on line today 31 May 2017. How long for who can say. Just keep an eye on it.

I am just slipping this useful reading site in here for just now too. Lots of interesting reading and worth saving the link.

Sunday 28 May 2017

The cult of ignorance in the United States Anti -intellectualism and the dumbing down of America

This is something that I have also observed in Australia too. It is not just happening in  the US. One must ask why this is allowed to happen and why the masses have always refused to challenge this.

Through out the ages the Vatican had a vested interest in keeping the masses dumbed down, even down to destroying technology such as sewers. The people had to be kept in basic conditions and not to rise up to be able to think and question their controllers. Reading was only for a select few and it was in Latin. The bible was in Latin too, and was read by the priest to the people. Ensuring that everyone was indoctrinated and controlled by fear.

In modern times we have seen the communists do similar in many countries. With Communist China Mao moved the educated people to the countryside to work like peasants, some were killed. Books were forbidden except his little red book. People that wore glasses were treated as  a threat because glasses were a sign of being intelligent.  Even Hitler wanted books destroyed under his dictatorship.

There is a sick need for controlling the masses and keeping them dumbed down so that they will not rise up and question or challenge the system. In our current times we have seen some books being banned such as 1984 by George Orwell (Eric Blair),, then a change in government and the banned books are back in the shops and libraries.

Critical thinkers are a threat to the psychopathic governments that control humanity. But this can only come about by people being lazy and indifferent. Give the masses enough goodies and they will not care about the loss of their rights and freedom. They enjoy their slavery and will shout down anyone that speaks out of line. This is self policing and self-correcting mentality which has been taught to the masses in increments in a way that they could not even perceive, when pointed out to them.

What gives others the right to insist that other individuals accept this enslavement of the mind? This is also the enslavement of the soul also. But these individuals are very much asleep spiritually and will never awaken spiritually in this world. They do not want to because they are fearful and ignorant of  true spirituality.

How on earth can one bring a child into a world like this and subject them to this enslavement? It is a warped mentality and a form of controlled abuse.  

Saturday 20 May 2017

Regarding the Spirit Message from my Guides back in 23 September 2011

Please read this old post. I have not looked at this post for a long time, but today I got an email that jogged my memory. So I pulled it up and read it. I now have a serious comment to make on this and channelling spirit beings or what appears to be spirit beings.

I in no way endorse channelling these days for various reasons, but I also wish to state, do not try to channel spirits unless you have the correct training and use proper spiritual protection. Not all is what it seems to be in the Metaphysical world, and it is very important that people understand this and take it seriously.
As  Clairvoyant and Medium this came as a shock to me. I am as honest as they come on this earth and in no way would I ever mislead anyone. This is why I am revisiting this post. To share with those that read, and share from my blog, to be better informed. It  is our duty on this earth, collectively to educate/inform others of  the truth in all things. Nothing is ever as cut and dry as we think it is. Metaphysical/Spiritual things are no different.

Now as for this post, I was just writing stuff for a blog post and all of a sudden I went into auto pilot, so to speak. When I had finished this post, I looked at it and thought wow, I just typed that. What I mean was it was my body being "used" by a spirit being or an inter-dimensional being. I have had the time to read about them on the net and in books over the years and in no way claim to be an "expert" on the subject.  I am still reading and learning as I go, as are many learned people on the subject.

I do wish to state here and now, that not all of those that contact us here on earth are spirit beings, or deceased beings. We live in the 3rd dimension, there are countless other dimensions and time lines.
Beings from other timelines and dimensions can and do communicate with many people in our world. There is so much documented proof of this, going right back into ancient times. Including warnings about communicating with discarnate beings. I am not trying to frighten any one, just telling people to be aware and be cautious. Nothing is as it seems.

I now do not believe the being that used me as a channel was a spirit being.  To be honest I am not sure who or what this being is. Male, yes, I heard a male voice and felt male energy. BUT, and it is a big but, who and what he is I have no idea. I can assume this entity is part of the Annunaki Alliance group. The reason being is, the content and the language used in the message. They also want humanity to trust them. Why? What is in it for humanity? Nothing, that is the short answer, we are our own sovereign beings, we are in control of ourselves and this planet.  These beings did not create us, they have no authority over us. We ourselves will decide what is good for us. We already are evolving into more spiritual beings, like we used to be before what is termed the fall.

Yes it is all written in the stars. But not how these beings are trying to tell us. I won't go into all of that here though. You can read all about this on the internet. Be discerning though, in all things, I advise an open mind and read many sources without agreeing 100% with what the author says. I include my self in this. I could tell you anything, but the truth you accept  will come from within, your truth.  It takes a long time to fully understand the information presented by each writer too. So do not rush, listen to your intuition also.

As I said I felt this was a spirit guide. I now think otherwise after doing all the reading that I do, and still do. The message is in the interests of the entity that sent the message, not ours. This planet has been visited by many star races and still is. We see many UFO's these days and there are more frequent sightings continuing as we speak.  These entities are some times telepathic and some times use technology to communicate with other races. From all the information provided by the likes of Wing Makers. and Life Physics Group California and many more, there is ample  reason to believe these beings are messing with humanity and it is not in our favour.
ET's  that are aligned with the Annunaki do not have our best interests at heart. I urge caution when dealing with what appears to be spirit and also the ET's that interact with humanity, both currently and in the future. They are not on our side from what I have read and from what I have felt intuitively
what I have seen in dream form and when in trance.  I sure have no intention of ever going into trance ever again to communicate with spirit. When I do communicate with spirit. I also ask if they endorse the divine feminine too, that is a valid and vital question to ask. Given the fact that the patriarchal churches are hell bent of defiling the divine feminine. Ask yourself, why they do this and how does it help them by doing so?  Why is there hatred  of the divine feminine? The Annunaki are the ones that brought this to earth and there is so much evidence to support this too. I will leave this in your hands folks to do some home work and ask you to keep an open mind on every thing.

Lets me just end by saying our beliefs on the here after, and this physical world are not accurate.
We have not enough information in which to be more informed. It will come , but it will take time.

I would most certainly not believe the channelled information from LPG California for a start nor Wingmakers. Wingmakers art has a very negative and hypnotic affect on the human mind so if you do read this stuff do not say you were not warned. 

26th May 2017 Oops, I do not know what has happened to my link. The original heading is there but no text. :(

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Wes Is Back On Line

News flash, Wes is back on line again as from today.

You can now download his eBooks etc. Remember to back them up too.

Monday 15 May 2017

Must be the silly season

Listen up ,

No I do not care if  an other reader chose you. What they do is none of my business.

This is  someone stroking your ego if it is actually true. Which I am inclined to believe is a downright lie. No intelligent and normal functioning reader says, "I chose you!"

Why the hell inform me of this by text?
No I am not interested in reading for you.
No I do not need your money.
No I most certainly will not prove my abilities to a stupid person, feel free to annoy some one else and grow the hell up.

No your follow up retraction didn't cut any ice with me!

Yes I have your number on file now.

Yes I keep a list of people that I refuse to read for and you are on that list. I DO NOT  let just anyone into my home, especially  morally and spiritually ignorant, egocentric individuals. 

No I don't entertain idiots.

You obviously do not really read my blog at all that much is obvious.

Sunday 14 May 2017

Glenrowan, Victoria; children in spirit

During a trip to Victoria this weekend, I went into a shop/ museum in Glenrowan for a quick look around. Well that quick look around was longer than expected. As soon as I walked into the shop there was a very strong spiritual presence. It was a pleasant feeling though.

Three children were there in spirit, two girls and a boy. The oldest girl had long fair hair and was around 12 years old, she has a sister who also had long fair hair. I would put her age as about 10 years old. Then a little boy who I assume was their little brother. He was very dark haired with freckles and green eyes, I put his age around 5 or 6 years old.
These kids were rather savvy, street smart. Around them I could see the dirt of the ground. So I could have been seeing them on that site before anything was ever built there. The kids followed me around the shop wondering what I was doing. They seemed likeable little rascals, but not shy of nicking what ever they could get their hands on.  I put them on notice not to steal anything too. Yes, spirit beings can and do take items.

The children were in Victorian styled clothing and the town of Glenrowan in Victorian times was just a dust bowl with tents and a crude local pub run by Ann Jones, and a couple of other buildings. So it was a very hard life for families. The women knew real suffering and loss.

I told the lady working in the shop what I could see, she was very interested; and could definitely say that no one has ever commented on seeing any spirit beings in the shop ever. She did say, people do feel a pleasant energy when they walk into the shop. I told her that was the children they were picking up.

To be honest I am quite surprised that no other clairvoyant or psychic has not commented about this. So let this stand officially on record now. Yes there are three earth bound children in the shop. I have told them they do not have to stay there. They can move on if they want. That will be up to them. Sadly I didn't have the time to help them, perhaps that I can do shortly. But again you cannot make any spirit leave if it does not want to go. That is breaking cosmic law.

As for the building itself, this is not the original site that it was built on. There was a service station here in the 1920s up to around the 1950s. I do not know the exact dates. I am only going by what the lady could recall off the top of her head. She was a wealth of knowledge of the area. So the current building was moved here brick by brick after that time from further up the road. I don't recall all the details, but I am sure it will be in one of the books at the shop or you could ask the lady at the shop the history of the shop and why it was moved to that particular area. It was for practical reasons though.

Now I do not think the children had anything to do with the Kelly gang's shoot out with the police. That took place around the corner from the shop. I didn't get a feeling of them being connected other that they happened to live there at that sight. I got one name for the older girl, however I will not be giving this name out to anyone. For the simple reason that people suddenly say they have spoken to the girl in question, imaginations then take flight.   

Th siege of Glenrowan was around the next street, just over the railway bridge and the first street on the right. Ann Jones's pub stood right on the corner of the street known as Siege Street. My heart goes out to that poor woman losing two of her children in the shootout and her pub being set on fire by the police to get the gang out doors, not much thought to the hostages though.

I walked around the area where the shooting took place, its not a very big area. So I was rather surprised when I saw it. But back in the 1880s it was totally different. All that was there that is still the same is the bridge, the railway line and a couple of wooden buildings. There is also replica building of the original railway station and perhaps the blacksmiths building is a replica. I didn't bother going in to that as it is still a commercial building which is up for sale at present. The real estate agent was there with prospective clients.

 This is right in the area of the shoot out and the air felt alive with energy. I could not go into the ground where Ann Jones's pub was because it is fenced off. Therefor I was unable to pick up further energy for information. To be honest the children were more important that a shoot out with gangsters. I do not wish to hold gangsters up as shining examples of humanity and I do not want to get in to the politics of the Kelly gang. These men have family alive today and I have no intention of offending these innocent people. 

 For images of Glenrowan there are many on Google images to give you a good look at the little town. It is mostly a main street and residential area like any Australian country town. I am sure the people of Glenrowan are proud of their town too.


Copyright Alex Fulford 14th May 2017. 

Carlyle House, Rutherglen In Victoria

I just had to share this with everyone. I went here this weekend, for a weekend away for our 28th Wedding anniversary. The house is beautiful, and full of old world charm. Run by a wonderful husband and wife team that will make your stay absolutely memorable. I highly recommend this place if you are visiting the Beechworth and Rutherglen region of Victoria.

There are plenty places around to eat out at too, so you will be spoiled for choice. Don't forget your camera, you will need it. There are many historical things to see in the region. including historic Beechworth prison, Glenrowan, famous of course by Ned Kelley and the Kelly gang.

UPDATE: I am sad to say that due to OVID 19 Carlyle house has closed and the house sold. It breaks my heart to see these good people suffer like this. I pray that in time they may have another lovely house like this, they deserve to, because they are truly lovely people.

Saturday 13 May 2017

Part 3 Of The Angels, The Igigi And The Psychic Phenomenon


This is the last and biggest part of the Angels and the Igigi posts.
Yes it may seem long winded to some, but the point that I am trying to make is very important. 

This is where the parts of the puzzle come together. I have mentioned the Angels, I have introduced the Annunaki and their offspring the Nephilim. All of which there is vast amounts of information on the internet to read. 

I must thank the dedicated researchers like Wes Penre, Zechariah Sitchen and all of the men and women throughout human existence, for all their efforts in bringing forth all of the knowledge that is out there for us all to read. Without them I would not have much to go on. They have made the task pretty easy for me. 
However it has been many years of reading, about 20 years at least. I would in no way call my self anywhere near an expert in anything. I just like to read, research and share things with others.

I have seen blue opalescent beings many times; they do not show their faces ever.  I have  these beings in my house often, sometimes standing near my bed at night time. On one occasion when one of  my nephew’s was small, he came to visit with his parents and standing right next to him as he sat at the dinner table, was  a supposed angelic being. It was exactly the same as the other blue opalescent beings that I have seen many times; and whom many people have written about.

Generally they do not communicate with me; they seem to just watch the people that they appear next to. I do not feel these are spirit guides, otherwise I would be told so.They do not seem to perform any "useful" function as far as I can tell.

One very interesting experience during a reading that I will never forget was; the client’s father appeared in spirit; and started to show me the birth of his grandchild. This was to let his daughter know that he knew of the birth. To my astonishment I was allowed to witness these “soul bearers”  as they are often called with in the spiritual community, assisting a soul going into the body of a new baby at the time of the birth. These beings were also the same blue opalescent beings but with a white shimmer to them.They do not appear to speak while this is being done either.

How I know what these beings are, is a strong feeling, Clair-cognizance which suddenly comes over me when the being appears.  But why would any being hide its face or disguise itself? To me, that says there is something else going on. Something I do not like nor trust.

A benevolent being such as a loved one will not generally use a disguise; they show you exactly how they look as you knew them in life. On the odd occasion; though they too will put up a white column of light around themselves.

My mother has also done this when working with my father; when he was working as a spiritual healer; during public displays of spiritual healing. People would comment to him about seeing a pillar or column of white light next to him. To which he would say that is my wife working with me.  

The reason the spirit gives me usually is; it’s a surprise for the client. I don’t think that is necessary and just becomes a distraction to their purpose of being there. Why do they feel the need for the disguise? How does it benefit the client or myself for that matter? It doesn't!

If they are honest and well intentioned beings, then no disguise should be necessary.

It is your right to insist that any being shows you exactly what they look like, so do insist on this. This is for your own good and welfare, please remember that. If the being refuses to do so; then you must tell it to leave you alone. It clearly does not come in peace.

I have sat in psychic development groups and meditation circles over the years and these blue opalescent beings have turned up. The last time that I took part in a meditation circle these beings manifested again.

These opalescent beings stood right behind everyone in the group except me, That was because I refused to have them near me. There were more of these beings in the middle of the circle too. As they came closer, I warned them to leave me alone; and told them I knew who they were and do not touch me or take my energy.
As they moved to each member in the group, it looked like they were manipulating the consciousness of everyone taking part in the meditation. I do not call this benevolent; I call it interfering with divine beings. Many of the people have no idea either about the free will factor, and whom they are really dealing with. They just innocently go along with the exercise honestly believing that these beings are there; out of pure and unconditional love. I must point out too most of the people cannot even perceive these beings being present.

After the meditation was over I informed everyone including the person running the circle. The people were stunned at what I told them, however the person running the circle just smiled and  made no comment, clearly not aware of what this actually meant, or the ramifications of such things.Clearly this person should not be inviting people to participate in such things without such knowledge.   
I do not think these general meditations offer anything of true spiritual value.  That wisdom comes from going deep within one’s self, connecting only to ones higher self in complete safety. You do not need to be part of a circle. This is about energy, your energy and you must protect that which is yours.  I also feel that a Clairvoyant person needs to witness what goes on at all psychic gatherings and really needs to be aware; of whom the supposed spirit beings are. This should be done as a public safety measure with a duty of care for all who participate.

One must use the correct psychic protection prior to commencing such an exercise too. By gold lighting (which is the highest of spiritual protection) the room and yourself, before and after the exercise to make sure you stay cleansed and protected and that nothing comes in to the room that should not be there, nor attaches to you.  

It is important to know, we humans are divine spiritual beings; with the essence of the divine within us. Most of humanity has forgotten this fact. This is because the truth has been removed from their consciousness deliberately by religion and other ways to separate us from the true divine.

So who are these supposed angelic beings and blue opalescent beings? One strong theory is they are the Nephilim or the shining ones. These beings are the hybrid race of the Pure Annunaki bloodline mixed with human females, or they may  be  the Igigi who were the lesser gods, under the control of the Annunaki. They are mentioned in ancient texts pointed out at the start of this three part article.

They do have an agenda or they would not be here and, to think otherwise could be dangerously naive. They most certainly know the laws of the universe and laws regarding duality and how to manipulate them.  Humanity clearly does not.

What I do suspect about these blue opalescent beings is, they could be avatar bodies or light bodies; used by other beings for any number of reasons and not just nano travel. They all look identical with no distinguishing features or markings.

Cosmic Law:

We are told cosmic law or universal law must be adhered to at all times or we and any other star /spirit beings will be held accountable, should they break this law.

Who actually dictates how cosmic law is to function?  Is it the Nephilim or another race controlled by the Annunaki?

 I doubt it was benevolent beings with the highest intentions of pure and unconditional love. Otherwise we would not be locked into the low vibrational frequency grid of the third dimension with war, poverty, suffering etc, in a never ending cycle for our energy to be harvested by evil intentioned beings.

Free will has been used for millennia to excuse evil existing in our world also. Many believe this was done by intelligent design with one single purpose in mind.

The Earth is a living library for the whole universe to use peacefully, and to learn from. Humans are the rightful custodians of the Earth. That is something I understood as a very small child, It again was a “knowing”.

We need to go back in to the past for the answers to set our souls free, but that is only the beginning of the new journey that each individual soul must make when they are ready.

It is important to research continuously for good sound information. This is not an area to be taken lightly. It requires dedication to your beliefs and an open mind; which must be flexible.

It is a well documented fact that human consciousness has been hijacked thousands of years ago. How to take back our power and our true spiritual consciousness seems to depend on the individual waking up from the induced state that we currently have existed in for thousands of years.

At this time of human existence time is short, many researchers are already seeing the warning signs of the dangers humanity is facing. We now also have to take a deeper look into the field of exo-politics for direction too. This is where science and religion have come together and trying to work out what is our next move.

I would not like to have my life in their hands though, because they clearly do not grasp the real issues either. They do not and should not have the right to speak for every man , woman or child, nor the animal kingdom or the earth itself. They should never have that power. To do so in spiritual ignorance and arrogance is just not on.  I as a human being do not give anyone the right to make decisions on my behalf, and especially on a serious and spiritual level such as this.

The above link is a speech made by the Pope, which is said in Latin. Stating Lucifer is the god of this earth. The bible clearly states this but most people conveniently ignore this fact.  Do you think the Pope is a fit and proper person to decide your spiritual fate? What right does he have to take your spiritual power?
 What right has he to consort with Lucifer? 

But here is a surprise, who is Lucifer really? What is his objective? To under stand this you must also look into cosmic law and the rules of duality also. Only those of us that are ready are seeking these answers as best we can. Do not expect help from anyone other than your true self. Your higher self in all its divine and spiritually pure glory. Only then are you  truly free. Whether you fully understand this or not, the gravity of it must not be taken lightly by anyone. 

Copyright Alex Fulford, 13 May 2017

It is just a though and I could very well be wrong, but the blue faceless beings that I see could be perhaps where this idea came from. Dr Who creators are very into some very dark stuff. I no longer watch the tv show due to some of the very dark themes.