Wednesday 29 February 2012


a true story of wartime hardship

An unusual ghost story about a friendly ghost, and real names have not been used-
In places like Italy and Japan  tales are quite common of family ghosts who although dead, stay close to their loved ones.
During W.W.II the British people went through great hardship, and Edna, a mother of six from the outskirts of Glasgow and a devout spiritualist, would sneak to the rail yards which were under armed guard during the war, and risk being shot to steal a bucket of coal to keep the children warm.
Even the coal dust sweepings were saved and mixed with sand and cement into bricks which were dried out beside the fire and put on last thing at night to maximise warmth.
This mother was luckier than most because her brother would bring her a couple of wild rabbits for the cook-pot each week, and when eaten even the bones would be stewed in water to make a soup, this prudent Scottish mother would tell all the neighbourhood that if any children needed to be fed,
 “that the wee bairn’s can eat with mine” and many hungry children would be there at Edna’s table in those times of great national hardship.
Over the years her own children grew up and moved away but Edna would always be asking if anyone knew of any “hungry wee bairn’s that needed a meal “
and waifs and strays always knew food would be there for them at her house.
The priest at the church would secretly sneak her half a loaf of bread each Sunday after service wrapped in an old shirt.
Soon after the war Edna died, and food was no longer rationed in the country and gradually became available,
 but her caring nature formed in the time of the war when food was so scarce, meant the learnt worry over feeding the hungry children would go on after her death, her favourite grand daughter who moved back to live in her little cottage would know at meal times when she was about, as pots and pans would make noise on their own
 in the tiny kitchen people would say they caught a faint glimpse of Edna out of the corner of their eye, but when they looked she was gone, and always at the swings, outside the school, or anywhere the children played, the sound of their laughter would seem to bring Edna to watch over them.
She may have been dead 15 years now but, she is still often seen near her old home,
 “searching for the hungry wee bairns”
 T. Stokes

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Major cosmetic Companies resume animal testing.

Please let these  evil companies know that you will not buy their products. What kind of Human being allows this to happen. What kind of Human being just keeps buying their products.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Saturday 25 February 2012

Spirit Nations at the Canberra Burns Club

Wow today was a lot of fun, it was great to catch up with old friends. Both clients and workers alike.
There was a feeling of light heartiness & joy the whole day long.

I must say a warm thank you to both Vincent Craigs and his wife Fiona Vanderhook for running yet another wonderful event. They are the most generous people in the Psychic industry. They go out of their way to make sure that everyone is happy and well taken care of. Nothing is too much trouble for them.
Spirit Nations' psychic fairs will be making a big name for themselves due to the dedication and professionalism that they exhibit at every event they run.  

I personally consider it an honour to work with their team of professional psychics, healers and stall holders. So if you live in Canberra please take some time to pop in to the Burns Club and join in on all the fun. We will make you most welcome and guatantee that you will leave with a smile on your face.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Energy and DNA

Please don't dismiss this as mumbo jumbo. Take the time to read this and scroll down to the comments. There is more going on with your DNA than Scientists tell you. Our DNA is programable too.

Anyone that has been through intensive training at a spiritualist Church or similar is already aware of this. Mind you it can still go over some of our heads too, lol. Don't force yourselves to cram in all this knowledge, it takes time to assimilate this stuff on top of what main stream teaches us.

I have been in to all aspects of Spiritual development for quite a few years. One never stops learning things through the journey of life. Somethings that you don't agree with now, in 10 years from now you may accept openly. Just poodle along at you own rate folks. Life should be self paced after all.

Monday 20 February 2012

Spirit Nation Psychic Fair on again 25th and 26th Feb 2012

I am one of the Tarot readers at this event. There is also a Psychic Fair on the following week too at  Queanbeyan NSW, The Kangaroo's Rugby Club. That will be 3rd and 4th March 2012.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Corner Stuart St & Richard Avenue
Queanbeyan NSW 2620
Phone: 62976222

Sunday 19 February 2012

Spirit orbs in my garden

Spirit Orbs out at my back door. Click to enlarge the image and look for all the little white circles.

This was taken last winter in my back yard, look above the washing line and you will see an orb in 
 the tree, there are a few orbs in this picture. Just enlarge it and you can see them clearly.                                 

This picture was taken 8 1/2 years ago when Garfield was a kitten you can see the spirit orb above the chair that he is sitting on.   There are a few orbs in this room when I take pictures at any given time.  
   All pictures are copy right property of Alex Fulford Clairvoyant- Medium , Feb                                 2012.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Gromit comes home

Yesterday was a day unlike any other for our family, we got the Ashes of our beloved little dog Gromit home. We now have closeur.

I woke up yesterday morning after a rather strange dream. In the dream, I was in the room that I conduct my readings, I could hear my youngest son call our to me, to let Gromit in form out in the garden.
I called back to him, you know Gromit is dead.  I walked through to the back door and sure enough, Gromit was there. I opened the glass door and in he ran, he stopped by my feet and did a huge wee  on the floor. Now I must point out that before Gromit passed on, he had no bladder control at all.
The next thing I knew, he was bouncing around the room all over my furniture. He then jumped up on to the dinner table and did an other big wee, and promptly rolled over onto his back   for a tummy rub.

I picked him up and had tears running down my face, as I said , I love you Gromit. The next thing, he vanished from my hands. At that point I turned to my son and said, That is what you call a materialization.

After that I woke up, I remembered every bit of the dream. I just happened to look over to my left hand side and glanced into the mirror wardrobe doors, as I did so I noticed the reflection of  Gromit's little red woolly jumper under my bed. Our cat Daisy had been in the wardrobe over night and had somehow found this little coat from God knows where and pulled it out and took it under the bed.
Now that freaked me out. I woke my husband to tell him what had just happened.

There sure are things in this world that we don't understand as yet, and that is one of them, we live and learn don't we. Animals know more than we think they do. They are amazing, wonderful little souls, that can teach us Humans so much, if we would only stop and pay more attention to them and how
loving they are. I feel so blessed to have so many little furry children in my life. I feel life without animals or having a deep love for them would not be a life worth living.

Saturday 11 February 2012

A Child and Spirit

Very interesting article please read this and take in what he says. I agree totally with what he says.
My knowledge and experience over the years tells me what T stokes says is without a doubt correct.
Being a medium I need to be aware of the Dark stuff. This is an area that you do not want to play with. Most psychics/mediums like myself do not get involved with the Dark forces. They are very strong and powerful, just the same as the positive oriented forces. Love is the most powerful force in all of creation and always will be.

Many people like to have a house blessing when they move into a new home. That is a very good idea and should be the norm, as the energy of every person that lived in that house is stored there too and should be removed. I have lived in a haunted house with my family back in the early 1990's.

I can tell you that was the worst time in my life for marital problems and health problems. I also had a 5 year old son, that could also see the lady that used to live in the house. It took him up to the age of 12 to get over that.

Please google and read up on these things about the dark forces and satanism.

Thursday 9 February 2012

I have been quoted, Lol

Who would have thought that little old me would be quoted on the net. ROTFLOL

Tuesday 7 February 2012

More Spirit orbs

On the right hand side of the bottom picture and above the two drummers at the end are two orbs.     
Above the piper that is third from the end on the left hand side is an other orb. These will show up on all pictures taken that night by the way. many people mistake these for flashes of light of dust in the    lens of the camera. This is not so many people research this spirit phenomenon and have backed this   up scientifically. Google spirit orbs on Google images and you will see thousands of these. I have        heaps of these at home from my garden my family photos etc. Some people do this as a hobby and are lucky enough to sometimes capture a face within the orb.                                                                       

The top photo you might have to enlarge to see the one on the back of the ladies chair and up near the   roof on the right hand side. when I look at the pics on the full screen I can see more orbs.    


Photos are property of Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium Feb 2012.

Burns night at the Burns Club 2012 with Spirit Orbs

We had our belated Burns's Supper last Saturday night at the Canberra Burns Club. It was a wonderful night. We even had three young men from Ayrshire in Scotland there to celebrate with us . Robert Burns came from Alloway in Ayrshire.

I remembered to take my camera, as I usually forget to bring one and using my phone is not as good.
The next day my husband loaded them on to the computer and surprise, surprise, we had extra guests.
These were people from spirit that came to enjoy the gathering. No doubt former club patrons and lovers of  Robert Burns works.
I have attached some photos for all to see. these are perfectly round orbs of spiritual energy. White ones are good spirits, if you ever see orbs that are dark in colour they are bad spirits. I have seen thousands of them over the years.
Keeping on the subject of Burns Night photos, I shall send some off to the Burns club for them to look at. They are the ones that run the Psychic fairs for Spirit Nation.  We shall be there on February 25th & 26th this year again. The event is getting bigger now which is wonderful and good for the club too.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and you can see more orbs that you can't see straight off. Some will be up towards the roof, or near people.

Photos are property of Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium, Feb 20112.

Blind Quilter

This woman is amazing and what faith she has. I am in awe of her and she is a happy person enjoying her life. I love her attitude to life.

Friday 3 February 2012

Good bye to our beloved Gromet, our little Golden Lion.

It is with a most heavy heart that I write this post. My oldest son's little dog Gromet was put to sleep this morning after a short illness. Gromet was only 12 years old. He Is a Silky terrier cross Border terrier, they normally can live anything up to 16 years from what the vet tells me.

Once again I must express my deepest gratitude to Dr Chris Anderson of Wanniassa Hills Veterinary Clinic in Wanniassa, Canberra. He is one of nature's gentlemen. Who is a loving and caring friend to all creatures great and small, and Humans too. He shows the greatest compassion and respect to all God's creatures. Our little Golden Lion could not have been in greater hands.

In the 12 years that we had Gromet, he has been so much joy and fun to be with. A good companion to my son and a loving friend all who visit our house. I am sure that he will be playing with his big brother Sparky over the other side of the Rainbow bridge. Gromet was a real fun loving dog, he put the fear of God in to the post man when he came to the door. Luckily though ther is a good strong fly screen door between them though. Gromet loved to sleep in my bed (the parental bed) from the age of 6 weeks old. He sure loved his comfort and had the full run of our house and garden. Everyone greeted him as they came in to the house, friend and clients alike. Never far from my side all the days of his life. My oldest son was the only one that Gromet would toe the line for though, lol.

Both cuddley and brave right to the very end we will miss him so much. Untill we meet again my lovley little teddy bear, you are always in our hearts.

Rest in Peace Gromet  17 July 2000 to 03 February 2012

Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Selkirk Grace by Robert Burns

On a visit to St. Mary's Isle, Burns was requested by the noble owner
to say grace to dinner; he obeyed in these lines, now known in
Galloway by the name of "The Selkirk Grace."

 Some hae meat and canna eat,
 And some wad eat that want it;
 But we hae meat and we can eat,
 And sae the Lord be thanket.

For a Belated Burns's night 25 january, sorry Bard!

10CC Wall Street Shuffle

Cat with pacifier

Image result for cat with pacifier

Lol Our Russian Blue used to have a suppy teddy, untill one of the dogs got to it. She now has a little blanket with a teddy head. It is from a pet shop not the ones for kids. There is a huge range of pet toys similar to Human toys. They all need comforting too.

GSK fined measly $90,000 by Argentine court for killing 14 babies in illegal vaccine trials; drug giant actually appealing

Keep an eye on this one people it is going to be a shocker.