Sunday 29 September 2019

Tarot Card of the month, October 2019, The King of Pentacles

Element: Earth, Planet, Mercury  Zodiac Taurus

This is quite a fruitful card for October when read in the upright position. Notice the ruling planet is Mercury which is the planet for communication. It is funny this card pops up again so soon. It came up in July also. That would be a reminder to stay on track. You can read the other notes here on the symbols on the card.

Starting with the background, the sky is a golden yellow, which is very fortunate. It represents joy, happiness, success, intellect the solar chakra . So that is a good start. Next we look at the castle, which tells us he is a self made man and has good stable foundations, as does the lush and fertile foliage behind him. The water represents consciousness, Next we see the stone wall behind him (battlement) his boundaries are secure.

The throne has four bulls heads, the four cardinal points as well as the constellation of Taurus and the star sign of Taurus. I wonder if it also represents the Apis bull of  Memphis in ancient Egypt too? You will note the horns are blunted on the bull heads showing he is tamed or subdued by the king.

The king wits on his throne wearing many symbolic symbols, starting with his crown. Which bears roses and lilies, the colours of which are also important, Red and white. They allude to upper Egypt and lower Egypt's ancient royal houses and also the House of Lancaster and the house of York.
 The red roses represent power, passion and control. The white lilies represent spiritual purity, truth, virtue, etc. It is also the flower for the month of May. Spring time rebirth and renewal.  Isn't it interesting that white lilies are often used in marriage ceremonies and funerals , signifying rebirth and renewal or transformation.

Below the crown is a wreath of laurels representing wisdom,victory and clairvoyance. Next we notice the grape vines all over the kings tunic, this is a symbol of alchemy, transferring grapes into wine or the physical into spirit. Alcohol is also known as spirits. The vines are also symbolic of fertility.

The king is wearing a suit of amour showing he is more than capable to go into battle either spiritually speaking or actual physical battle, however he prefers to use his intellect.
In his right hand is the sceptre representing his rule over the temporal world, the right hand side of the body represents masculine power or energy and the left hand side represents the feminine power and energy, these are both spiritual and temporal (physical).

The pentacle represents both money and humanity, the round shape (the circle around the pentacle) represents spirit.  You could even say encapsulates man, or even traps him into the temporal world until he learns his spiritual wisdom and truth.

Looking at the left foot resting on a crocodile or alligator, which is an ancient Egyptian symbol for Sobek the Egyptian god associated with the river Nile.

There are so many deeper symbology meaning that are attached to the individual Tarot cards that only people in the know will only ever know. But it makes for great study in myths and symbology anyway.

Now for the month of October this in an upright interpretation suggests all is well and on track for the nation and the individual. Hard work is put in to make sure  a successful outcome is guaranteed.
We must keep plugging away in order to be in control of our daily lives and not rest on our laurels half way through.

This is a positive card to help us reflect on what is happening in our lives at present. Reversed it implies things are out of control and our behaviour is ego based and must be curtailed.
One must be benevolent to those that need us, but not to be taken advantage of either. Middle ground
and common sense must prevail.

Monday 23 September 2019

TPG says community health fears stopped its 5G rollout in Australia – as experts blame disinformation campaigns on social media

This is interesting, I wonder what is happening next. Are there others that will continue the roll out?
We must keep an eye on this.

One thing I noticed in this article off subject; that angers Scots, Northern Irish and Welsh people is, people thinking these countries are not in the UK, (United Kingdom, may be this reporter needs to go back to school and learn British/ UK history).

The same mentality that keeps calling the UK England; which is highly offensive to us Scots,  Northern Irish and Welsh people. There is no English government or queen of England it is Britain!

Hence a united kingdom of which king James the VI of Scotland was James I of the United kingdom.
Education is wasted on some people! Dr Charlie Teo speaks out on the danger of 5G
 Brussels halts 5G,12814

Friday 13 September 2019

Project Camelot: Jordan Maxwell interview

This is a rather interesting item to read. I used to read a lot on both Project Camelot and Jordan Maxwell stuff including YouTube posts.

I am not really a fan of proj Cam,  though some things are common knowledge these days.  I am skeptical with some of the stuff they get into.

I shall just leave this here for others to ponder.   I have read a lot on the Iraq Stargate from several sources, which could perhaps be part of soft disclosure.

We wont know for sure until events happen where the governments of the world decide to let us know what is going on. Personally I wont lose any sleep over it.

Saturday 7 September 2019

Meaning of being spiritually unclean

The term spiritually unclean  (disease of the soul) is not often heard these days, and is sometimes associated with religious zealots. However it is in fact a reality of our third dimensional world whether you are religious, spiritual or what ever. This is a low dark vibrational density or world (duality) that we live in.

Examples of an unclean soul or spirit are constantly around us every day, we cannot avoid this. But we can choose not to follow these spiritually unclean people, some of which are famous people or just individuals that we know in our every day life. It is their actions and mindset that make them "unclean" spiritually, through immoral behaviour , violent behaviour etc.

I, myself do not have a religion, but I have very strong spiritual beliefs and values. You do not have to be like me. I am not telling anyone what they should or should not do, other than be the best person that you can be, lets you fall in to the trap of negative behaviour and live that way. Yes entity attachments can also affect our behaviour and are also in the classification of being unclean spiritually, but this can be fixed by an energy clearance being done on the individual, not to be confused with mental health issues. That is a different matter entirely.

That is basically what an unclean soul is.They can change if they want to, but that is up to the individual, it is their choice. It is our individual choice not to associate with them lets we become like them.

Tarot card of the month, September: The Star

 Element:  Air      Zodiac: Aquarius   Planet: Neptune

The Star is the 17th card in the major  arcana. You will notice the 8 stars are all eight pointed stars also. The card stands for serenity, Inspiration, generosity and hope. But be ware this card has a flip side that challenges our perception of reality. Be careful not to be tricked or fooled by what you think is happening. This could turn out to be a mind game. All of the tarot cards have positive and negative meanings.

Notice the water in the forefront, representing the mind and intuition. The lady is holding two jugs or pitchers and pouring out the water equally, creating balance and harmony. There are five little streams of water on the ground as she pours the water on to the ground representing the five physical world senses.

The left hand side of her body represents the female and psychic side of her (subconscious), the right represents male energy (conscious).

Interesting that is is for the month of September which is ruled by the zodiac sign Libra and the planet Venus.  Which are symbols of love, harmony and balance.

The naked lady represents spiritual purity and innocence, she has one foot on land and one foot in the water, indicating she has a foot in both worlds. She is loving and benevolent in her care and duties to others but she is vulnerable.

Notice the tree in the background has three branches and an Ibis on top ( personally I do not like the symbol of the Ibis, I feel it has negative vibrations and I do not like the Egyptian occult symbology as I find it very dark). The tree alludes to the tree of life. The mountain in the background is obstacles to be overcome.
Notice the bright blue sky representing joy and knowing there are better days ahead.

Now for the number eight, which is similar to the lemniscate or infinity symbol which is also similar to the DNA chain.,representing%20the%20concept%20of%20infinity.

The number eight is about balance and harmony above all else in its meaning. It is creative as well as destructive in its force. Number eight can bring abundance, but always remember its flip side.

Notice the number eight is shown by the card number (adding the 1 and the seven) Then st stars with eight points in each. Adding all that up it comes to 72 which breaks down to the number 9 in numerology.

Nine is the male energy and the number for communication also. Nine can be aggressive or compassionate and cares for others, so it is pretty good to see the positive energy of the number nine  tying in with  the energy of this card, and for the month of September.

What this card tells me is for the month of September keep your hopes up if you are looking for change in your life. Keep thinking positive, nothing lasts for ever if you are going through a downturn. Know it is at an end soon. Keep your expectations realistic.

You may experience some act of generosity or may be the one being generous to others in need.
Follow your intuition with important matters this month and remember spring time has nice new energy after the deep winter slumber.   New life means new hope so enjoy this month on  personal level and stay hopeful.

Blessings Alex

Sunday 1 September 2019

Top Scientists Lab Shut Down After Alarming Vaccine Discovery

This is from January 2019, I have been aware of nano particles in the human body for a few years. Have a read through this and see what you think.

Happy Fathers' Day

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Wishing all the Dads' out there a happy Fathers day where ever you are and what ever you are doing.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day.