Thursday, 25 July 2019

Tarot card of the month : July, the King of Pentacles

Oooh Mr Money-bags!
This is a great card and funnily enough it ties in with the end of the financial year in Australia.
The King of Pentacles can be interpenetrated as a spiritual card as well as one of abundance.

The ruling planet is Mercury which stands for communication. The element represented is earth.
And of course the star sign Taurus, April 20 to  May 21

Starting with the yellow behind the king symbolising, joy, happiness, success, wisdom and spirituality.  Yellow is associated with the solar chakra too, which is grounding.

The king sits on a rather solid throne with four Bull's heads carved on it. The four cardinal points or encompassing the earth. The bull represents Taurus, strength, purpose, determination etc.

Having a look at his crown we see three red flowers which represent  power, passion and control. At the base of the crown is a laurel wreath meaning victory and clairvoyance. He is master of all he knowledge and skills.
The grapevine covering him suggests abundance, fertility. This was hard earned, not handed to him.
He is respected  for his wisdom, his benevolence,resourcefulness, flexibility and assisting others.

He can be focused on material things given he represents the element earth and holds a pentacle.
Notice the gold orb topped sceptre, this represents the world and his control and understanding of the world.

Behind him stands his castle, which is solid and stable, just like his throne, stability is the major foundation in his life. If you look down at his armour clad foot  you will see it rests on a bull with its horns removed. Meaning he has conquered the bull.

Meanings in a positive reading represent a man that is thoughtful, resourceful, wise, generous, spiritual, highly intelligent and powerful, but he uses his power wisely to assist others . He is flexible and  tolerant. Very much the kindly father or benefactor.

The reverse is a bully and a tyrant that will not hesitate to crush you. Greedy miserly and aggressive and gives no thought to others.

For the month of July this could mean money coming your way or help when you need it most. Perhaps it is you helping others less fortunate and it is very much appreciated. We hep others not to score brownie points, but because we know it is the right thing to do.

However this does not mean that you should be over generous to the point of being taken advantage of and being used as a fool. There is a line that should not be crossed, and if you do others may not be so kind at coming to your assistance.