Tuesday 30 April 2019

Card Of The Month. May, The Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups or Chalice points of note are, cups represent  the element water the star sign of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. The cardinal point is west.  The fixed sign is Leo. The season is spring in the northern hemisphere or autumn in the southern hemisphere, March, April and May.

The cups relate to emotional force,intuition, intimacy and love.  

So given this month of May is covered in the card meaning it was a surprise to me that I actually drew the card. Now as with any deck of Tarot cards they are open to interpretation whether it be the Ryder Waite Smith  deck or any other. Some readers will see things in the cards that may not be apparent to even an expert. This is due to the multi layered meanings that can be put on the cards by occultists and depending on their level of knowledge and initiation.

Some will put Christian interpretations on to the cards and some pagan etc, some even dark meanings. All are correct, it is what the reader is aware of in learning their craft. 
I will give the information that I am aware of  and also what my  research has pointed to.

Stating with the grey back ground the colour gray is for spiritual energy. Notice even the cloud from which the hand emerges is gray. The hand is supposedly the hand of God or spirit.  The Dove is seen as a Christian symbol, however it is also alluding to the goddess Isis (Semiramis)  also Venus/ Aphrodite this I take as dark energy after all they are all one and the same. 

Now when others put a Christian slant on this, they neglect to tell us that Lucifer is the God of this earth. Which is a well documented fact conveniently ignored by mainstream religions. And that is only one of the reasons that we will never have peace on this earth. 

You will notice the cup is in the right hand, which signifies male energy and to receive/credit, the left hand is feminine and also to take/debit/ negative. All five fingers of the hand are displayed alluding to the cup of five blessings in the Talmud. Five is also the number for man.This hand through the cloud implies a gift from god (keep in mind what I have just said about who the god of this Earth is). That cloud can also be seen as the veil of amnesia.

The dove above the cup is holding a communion wafer with the mark of the cross, symbolising Christ on the cross ( the cross has several meanings,the four cardinal points, the sun and the moon, the four seasons,  astrological position of the stellar grand cross, spirit/ god over man etc). The line of the cross going vertical is spirit  (whether us incarnating or god ) descending into the physical and the horizontal line is matter or the physical world.  Again this is not exactly what people are lead to believe.

 The standard line is the communion wafer is the body of Christ. In fact it is part of an occult blood ritual that was incorporated into Christianity. Drinking wine is the blood of Christ and eating the wafer is consuming human flesh. Now that itself should make alarm bells ring, it is cannibalism and Satanism which again is still practiced to this day.

As I said this interpretation is full of conventional and dark meanings, the reason why I am adding it in is, this world of ours is inverted and people need to understand the realities not being fed sugar coated and  unicorns and rainbows garbage.

The dove again harks back to ancient times and I would say to solar (death) cults of Egypt and Mesopotamia. which are still in practice today. Arthur Waite when discussing the Dove in the Ace of Cups mentions a link to a Columbarium or a Dove House which is a place where funeral urns are stored....nice..NOT!

Hardly the sort of symbol that should be put in cards for positive divination. But then there is the aspect of death and rebirth meaning to this also. I still find it creepy.  The Dove supposedly blesses us with supernatural powers. The dove  also represents grace. But here again that is the human beings natural state prior to the "fall"  read spiritually dumbed down by the demiurge.

 Human beings were originally highly spiritual and evolved beings that had been altered by a "superior" species. We do not belong in mass and matter.

This is a veiled message to say spirit has descended into lower worlds, the third dimension.  

The cup filled with water, both the cup and the water represent the soul. Water holds energy remember. Humans have about 60% water in their  make up. The cup alludes to the holy grail, the womb and feminine energies. It is also the womb of Mother Mary, the seat of all creation and the manifestation of love. The bride of Christ, and even alchemy. There are so many meanings here that we can be side tracked and go into a huge subject. But I am trying to keep this article more contained.

Water represents consciousness and the psychic side of man. Notice again the 5 streams of water pouring from the cup or chalice (holy grail). The number 5 relates not just to man but the planet Mercury (communication) there are 5 elements including aether or spirit. 5 streams of water allude to blood (the blood of man, blood rituals, alchemy, the black arts.

Linking the water and the cup or chalice again we could say flowing water is the water of life, blood. Blood in the chalice can be seen as the following spiritual alchemy, DNA and creating man  the cup being a vessel whether the womb or cervix and the genetic creation of man by the demiurge with knowledge of DNA and genetic engineering which was unknown when the Tarot cards were originally created. RWS Tarot are modern , there are older variations of the tarot that go back Thousands of years to ancient Egypt and other lands.

 The mythology is handed down by initiates over centuries with the real deep information still not available to the public including myself. But the knowledge of creation on an actual creation level was there for those that understood. 

The dew drops on the card are to do with the Kabbalah  26 in all in the form of the Hebrew word Yod. I do not get into the kabbalah, so I will leave that there.

These drops of dew or water though can be seen as the divine spark or soul fire. Vital to our existence as pure spirit, we are all soul fire composition from a primary source.
The water at the bottom of the card seeks to unify with the waters from above. Think as above so is below. R A Waite stated the water  or dew droplets are light coagulated  and made physical. In other words spirit brought down  to the third dimension and made physical. That is your fall of man.
There is so much psychology, mythology and illusion invested in the Tarot deck that under the microscope of the 21st Century and awakened souls that can see the disinformation in the Tarot about human enslavement. But to the average Tarot reader is escapes their notice, but not mine.

The big question about this Tarot card is the meaning of the M or is it a W, many experts argue about its meaning. My take is Mithra. By the way Mithra is also male/female through our ancient teachings.
Some say the M is for mother Mary. The waters of life is an other meaning resting or incubating in the great womb of the universe.Mercury the winged messenger bringing forth a message like the Archangel Gabriel.  I would venture to add alchemy to the mix. 
 No one has the correct answer but all may be correct depending on who is reading the card and in any random reason. 

As for the month of May, this is a month for change. We have the federal elections in Australia on the 18th of May. In personal relationships expect changes. That could be a renewed cycle for  a relatioship and an oppotuunity for change.

Saturday 27 April 2019

Video 142: Q&A Session #26

Please watch this in YouTube mode and read the comments. For some reason YT won't share the video # 141 so I have put the link in here so you can go straight to it.


Perhaps Wes didn't have the video set properly to share to blogger, I doubt it though because he is usually very thorough.

Thursday 25 April 2019

New World Order Australia

Pretty full on, but the plans were put in place long before 1991, more like after WW 2.
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (mentioned in the comments) have been proven to be fake and not written when they say it was.


Image may contain: 1 person

It is hard to believe it is not 101 years since the end of WW 1
Supposedly the war to end all wars. Our debt of gratitude to the millions who gave their lives is immeasurable.


The original ANZAC biscuit was a hard tack biscuit, just like sailors used in the
olden days.

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Peripheral Neuropathy 10 Things You Need to Know


A very interesting read. Diet is the key to most health issues, however give the vegan diet the flick. It causes more harm than good.  Peripheral neuropathy is part of fibromyalgia and it is hell to live with.

The term fibromyalgia is a broad term name for peripheral neuropathy and other symptoms. The modern one size fits all label for a vast range of health issues in relation to the autoimmune system and central nervous system and corelated  problems.



Now as for diet, please be aware there is a political agenda to push a vegan diet on the general population it in no way is beneficial to peripheral  neuropathy or fibromyalgia. Politics has no place in our eating habits and this should not be tolerated. I would like the medical fraternity to speak out loudly against  this insane agenda because  it is a dangerous and destructive agenda.

Be careful of what information is being put out to the public. A proper vegan diet is very expensive and not in the proper affordable price range of low to middle income earners.  It is part of the dumbing down process and making the masses docile and unable to think rationally. It also has a sort of communist ideology which is part of the programming which itself should be setting off alarm bells.

Pay attention to all the students these days that are jumping on the vegan bandwagon, especially at university level. This is where much indoctrination takes place. Young malleable minds ripe for the picking. Parents need to watch their children if they are students and take note of the changes in their ideology for warning signs. These young people are being reprogrammed and I have witnessed this myself over the past 30 years and the programming of our youth is ramping up at present.

Watch how militant they are becoming to normal mainstream views and eating habits. Not a pleasant thing to deal with or to correct them before psychological and emotional harm is done.

Nothing is really organic these days either, look at what is being sprayed from the skies for the past 20 years. Not to mention the harm to the brain that is done. I have read veganism can harm our mental health so please keep that in mind, no pun intended. Please do some research on this for yourselves.

I spoke to my neurologist today ( regarding treating my Fibromyalgia)  about veganism and he also confirmed a vegan diet does harm the brain. So there you have it.

Your dietary choice is a personal decision, to become a vegan or vegetarian and the person has the right to do it, but also the right to change their mind. A vegan diet should not be forced on to children nor animals, that is abuse.  There is a major difference between being  vegetarian and a vegan especially from a health aspect. No doctor will recommend a vegan diet for a child either.

You have to ask yourself why this sudden aggressive push by the powers that be and mainstream media, why now especially. I have read various websites warning of this push a few years ago and here it is started. Obviously some of these website owners have the ear of some important individuals that want this information mainstream in advance. That is downright creepy when you think about it and highly disturbing.

I am a vegetarian of 12 years now for spiritual reasons, but I was questioning it recently for health  reasons. Not sure where I am going with it yet. But I have several health issues and chronic pain 24/7 to make me re-evaluate my diet even though my neurologist says a vegetarian diet is ok and healthy he recommended adding fish. Not sure if I will though at this stage, not to mention the polluted oceans and rivers to weigh up for toxicity entering the food chain.

One thing the doctor did say was eating meat or not there was no conclusive evidence to say eating meat helps repair the peripheral neuropathy. So the jury is out on that unless one experiments with their diet.

So one has to do what feels right and also listen to your doctors advice too. A naturopath also if it is within your means. Remember the freewill thing too and do not have your rights to eat meat or be vegetarian trampled by some political agenda. It is your body and no one else's business.


The above link says meat and fish are helpful, but again there is no conclusive proof. Rule of the thumb is eat what is healthy and it is no one else's business to dictate to you what you should eat.

So much for a free will universe, which is actually a new age trap (crap), because free will gets violated and manipulated constantly in our world. We do not honestly have such a thing as destiny or free will, it's basically an exercise in  futility. When you read up on real metaphysics you will see that.

Tuesday 23 April 2019

ELON MUSK: Neuralink


He is a lying sack of shit one minute he says  this is bad, then says, oh no its all good, and then back-flips.

He won't tell you this eventually voids physical death, as per intention and your soul will be trapped in your body unable to exit the physical world on physical death. Oh and you are no longer human.

This is not a sudden upgrade, it will be graduated and packaged as a highly desirable thing to do.  We are looking at a new human race emerging, except they are cyborgs and not actually human.

At present the push is to make transgender and gender neutral or non binary normal, it is actually a gateway to singularity then gradually the AI integrated into human bodies.  This is not in humanities best interests at all.

Jesus and the crown of thorns myth

Any astronomer and astrologer knows the story of Jesus Christ is actually based on the night sky. Religion just peddles pap to the masses to keep them subjugated and in a  deluded but evil spell of sorcery and lies.

It has worked for thousands of years, but with the internet and people that quest for spiritual truth, enlightenment and freedom, the myths and outright lies are laid bare  for all time. Once awake one does not go back to sleep, no, life changes dramatically.

At present time we are seeing Christianity on its knees as we speak, as a fight for a new religion to control the planet takes place. It won't be anything like we have had in modern  human history though.

But before that takes place lets take a look at Jesus Christ. His name itself means when broken down JES  means great fire from the sun.

The divine title Lord in the new testament is translated from Greek "Kuros",
which is old Persian name for the sun; God is Gad, an Ammonian name for the sun. Jehovah, by translation and declenation, became Jupiter, which according to Marobius, is the sun  itself.

Christ also means the sun in Chaldean.

The famous crown of thorns that we hear of is but a myth, it is in fact  astronomically known as Corona Borealis, it's brightest star being ALPHECCA. Try and stick that on your head.

Jesus was supposedly crucified on a cross with 3 nails and the crown of thorns.
That cross again is a metaphor for the sun in its transit through the zodiac, in the spring equinox of the northern hemisphere.

The constellation of  Capricorn being the Lamb of god. The Lion is the constellation of Leo the royal star sign. Kind of blows the lid off the whole myth, which is much older than the late JC anyway and not to mention there were other Christ type figures further back in history and more than one Jesus as well.

Everything is in the stars, as above so is below. As within so is without and all that jazz.

I used to be a religious person when  was young until I started to question things. Thankfully I was not Christened, which is basically an occult ritual or spell cast over a child.

My spirituality intact I am free to transcend the programming of this world of lies and half truths, no longer willing to accept or participate in enslavement of the mind, body and spirit that most of humanity is programmed into believing.

The demiurge also give us astrology in the third dimension as a way of controlling us. Think of it as a super quantum computer program that we are interacting with unaware. It is all part of the god spell which we have unwittingly agreed to in the fake spirit world before we incarnate with little chance to awaken and take back our power.


Oh by the way the story of Jesus in the manger is also known as the Praesepe a cluster of stars that are shaped like a basket or by its other name the Beehive (think the New Zealand parliament building). There was no manger, all the animals, three wise men etc, it is constellations, stars and planets.

You will find bees and beehives all over royal artwork world-wide, alluding to their genetic link to the creators or should I say enslavers of humanity. They did not create us, we already existed as ontoenergetic beings that were duped in to becoming physical beings by the demiurge.
As anyone who has been reading up on this stuff already knows.

Image result for astrological meaning of christ in the manger

http://pillar-of-enoch.com/essays/Birth_of_Christ.pdf Taken from  the book by Helen A Lehman, The language of god in the universe.

So many myths but so little truth in our human existence, hopefully that will change, but with limited information and perhaps the removal of important information many people will still be left in the dark.

We have the right to know this information is there in the first place and where to look, sadly many people are time poor that they do not have the time to study. With the powers that be keeping the masses head down and bum up working long hours every day and when relaxing at home the last thing many people want to  do is study. TV and other mind numbing distractions versus education that will set humanity free, too easy to pick the poor choice.

If you are interested in unicorns, look up Monoceros this is added to the Scottish flags and royal banners as the unicorn chained and the lion rampant. Both are constellations Monoceros and Leo. Chaining the energy down in the physical world, trapping the energy. 

Monday 22 April 2019

Video 140: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 6 || Excerpts from the Nag Hammad...

Please watch in YouTube mode and read the comments.

The Unknown Soldier ANZAC Day 2019

No photo description available.

Funny how the powers that be crap on our service men and women but make a shit load of money in war. Who's bloody interest do they have in mind? Hint.....it ain't ours!


My father and father in law saw military action as did most people their generations. All for what? For their homelands to be  turned in to a shit hole and their sacrifices and lives meaningless.

Think about what you are allowing to happen to your homeland, it matters not whom you vote for because they are all greedy evil bastards that will sell you out in a heartbeat, and the snowflakes will sit back and let them.  Our service personnel were lied to from the get go in every war you care to mention and then chucked on the scrap heap of life.

Is this how we thank them and let the politicians get away with this?  This could be your loved ones one day. What will you say to them when they get screwed over?

Are they not worthy of love, compassion and respect? Are they not worth fighting for? What we do by inaction speaks volumes and the karma train is bulging with overdue repayments that Joe Public owes these men and women.

The government owes these men and women and their loved ones for the service done and the misery they all have to live with. Do not allow your government to walk away from their responsibility, make them own it and do the right and honourable thing by these people.

It is time the government stopped pissing on our service people and walking away from the suffering they cause. The public do not cause wars, greedy psychopathic businessmen, bankers and governments cause wars and use you and I to do the dirty work, without us they can do nothing.

So who benefits from this I ask you? It ain't us. But we all must show solidarity to all service people past, present and future.

Friday 19 April 2019

Free crystal chip bracelet with your Tarot reading

I have a heap of crystal chip bracelets to get rid of.
I shall give away these pretty little crystal chip bracelets with each face to face reading until they are gone. You can choose which ever one you like or resonate with.



Thursday 18 April 2019

Happy Easter 2019

  Happy Easter everybunny, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and stays safe.

Love Alex

Tuesday 16 April 2019

Wes Penre: Video 138: Q&A Session #25

Please watch in YouTube mode and read the comments, feel free to post a comment or ask a question.

Friday 12 April 2019

Video 137: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 4 || Where are we Supposed to be ...

Notice Wes now is saying the same as me more or less. However I refuse to go to the Orion system and will not have anything to do with the "Sophia" or Queen. I do not feel comfortable about this being. I have said this in other posts that I have shared. Any information that is given to humanity comes via a filter system, I do not trust that filter system because it is still within the Matrix. Call me cautious but I will reserve my judgement until I am well rid of the Matrix and this universe.

I will work out what I want to do when I exit not just the Matrix but this universe. Only then will the soul understand and know more of it's purpose after exiting. Remember we have been lied to for millions of years by beings that are millions of years ahead of us in technology but not spiritually if they reside in this universe. We still do not know truth from lies no matter who tells us anything, no matter how old any ancient texts are.

Thursday 11 April 2019

Reflections on Occult Entity Interferences and the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System


I can wholeheartedly say that I can relate to this. I also warn people never to trust that which you cannot see. This world and the unseen world(s) and dimensions are not what they seem and must be approached with caution. It is sheer foolishness and shows a lack of proper spiritual education to say, "oh that person is too negative, because they  believe in dark entities or acknowledge them".

I do not mean they work with them in any way, no these individuals  just have an awareness and able to perceive these entities some of which are onto-energetic beings, and some of these beings do not have a soul. Some dark entities being a mass of negative human thoughts that have taken on a life of their own and are very dangerous destructive beings. Think psychic attacks and black magic.

Such an attitude shows the people saying such are perhaps spiritually ignorant nd / or naive which is a very dangerous combination. One must accept the fact of duality in the situation and not ignore the facts. That gets you now where and shows a lack of knowledge in this field. The other immature attitude is using the expression parroted by the ignorant, "you are holding the mirror up to yourself, and being shown that which is within you". NO! this is clearly uneducated claptrap by uneducated people.

This is most commonly used by ill informed new agers. Nothing is further from the truth and is dangerous misinformation which I won't dwell on.

If you want to know more then read up on this misconceptions like I and others informed people had to do. Information that is handed for free is never valued by the profane.  He that knows the price of everything, and the  value of  nothing comes to mind here.

I have observed that those nay sayers' are the very ones that will psychically attack people that are pointing out the dangers, and generally they do not want the truth acknowledged or understood. This is a control thing, make no mistake about that! I have experienced the psychic attacks and I have blocked and returned them to their owners. What does that tell you about such people?

Now, those beings in other dimensions are NOT to be trusted. They can and will harm you, they will also try to induce you into self harm, they will also steal too. I have heard on numerous occasions of people putting an item of jewellery on a dressing table, a shelf or what ever and knowing full well where they put the item only for it to disappear.
One person that I know did ask for an item to be returned and it was ice cold when it reappeared.

I have had a few Celtic rings taken, and I only leave them on a ring stand on my dressing table or on a crystal dish on my dressing table. I am very particular about my jewellery.  I have had nonsense from mediums doing platform work say to me and many others over the years, "have you had an item go missing?"

That is a standard question and I am sure it is put into the mediums head by other means. It is not an authentic thought. It is transmitted, the medium is waiting for this message as they expect if from watching other mediums work. I myself have had that experience, but I am aware and that is the difference. Yes I have had the person confirm an item is missing. Sometimes the person is told via the medium  the item will be returned, but it never is.

That is the work of inter dimensional beings.  Stealing is one of their tricks, and very few people ever get the item returned, myself included and I have demanded that my jewellery be returned to me, to no avail. So far two Cladagh rings and one Celtic knot rings have been taken. It is only my Celtic jewellery that has been taken, isn't that strange; and one ring I only got that day and by the next morning it was gone from my ring stand.

These beings know what they are doing and do not care about cosmic law, it means nothing to them.
These are the beings that constantly mess with humanity and are part of our suffering. Energetic implants are also used to keep us suffering and having depressive thoughts and images put into a persons head. How else does an negative orientated being stay energised? They need us to be in a low frequency and keep feeling down to feed from us.

Just for the record this planet is descending into the lower, negative vibration of second dimension which is needed to bring about the AI take over and also allow lower beings of all types in to our world.

This is not the area of knowledge that most people have any idea about and will quickly fob it off to their own detriment and ignorance.  Gnosis and wisdom are different things to many people even within the spiritual group. Many spiritual people do not research this  and for those that are on a spiritual path this is a serious  mistake.
When faced with unfriendly entities, most people have no idea what to do and how to protect themselves due to a lack of information available to the general public. Such individuals can often lack a strong sense of the self and have a weak aura or energy field or they are just too trusting with the unseen world.

I have had many people ring me with problems such as demonic entities bothering them and when I ask the person what they were doing, it is invariably the person was trying to communicate with spirits or contact a master guide, er, NO! That is not a benevolent being it is an archon, and it will harm you. Try as I might to get through to people, most of the time they will just keep on going with this irresponsible behaviour and end up with mental health problems.  Refusing to take accountability for their actions.

You cannot make a person learn the proper spiritual truth or to be aware of the dangers, that is up to the individual, so never take on that which is not yours in the first place. Yes you may get the voice in your head trying to guilt trip you, is it the human ego or something else? If it was your higher-self you would feel not hear the message. Auditory messages are generally  external but must not be confused with a psychological disorder.

Some people are just not ready for this information and it is best not to get involved with them if they are going to be arrogant and unwilling to learn the truth. A person that is teaching spiritual wisdom has an obligation to research and be flexible in their learning or else they should not be teaching this spiritual information as they can mistakenly steer people in the wrong direction unintentionally.

This is why I tell people to do their own research and also read the works of Wes Penre (and other notable writers). He has been there and done that.  If I do not know the answer to something or have doubts, I will not give a client disinformation. I will tell them that I am not sure and I will look into the matter and get back to them. I do always insist on caution with all things metaphysical. I myself am no expert and I tell people so.

 It is not an area to be flippant with, it can and does lead to mental health problems and people can become suicidal because they are messing with things they do not understand or think they know enough and suddenly they are out of their depth.

One must be totally aware and understand the fact that this is a dualistic subject and you cannot pick and mix with it. That is dangerous and shows a lack of knowledge to keep oneself and others safe.

Be prepared to own your mistakes and do not foist them on to others because that is a very selfish and irresponsible thing to do. Why should some one else have to pick up the damage and possibly be harmed by something they did not cause?

Own your actions and deal with it, do not buck pass because that is cowardly, you will eventually be facing your actions no if's or but's.

Wednesday 10 April 2019

How Much Black Pepper to Take With Turmeric for Good Absorption? By Shruti (BE Biotech. & PGD Clinical Research)


How Much Black Pepper to Take With Turmeric for Good Absorption

Good advice. I do this every day using Bioceuticals Theracumin 300 mg  (curcumin)capsules
and standard black peppercorns. I use this for Osteoarthritis which I have all through me, and using it for fibromyalgia. It is not a cure and I still have pain and inflammation but it does make a difference.

UPDATE:  8 Feb 2020: I am not able to take this any more, sadly I have developed an intolerance to turmeric. Most people are fine with it, it is only a small percentage of people that cannot tolerate it.
I started to vomit within minutes of taking this after using it for close to a year or thereabouts. I have not taken this since October last year.

Monday 8 April 2019

Video 136: How to Build and Find our own Truth

Well looks like the Nag Hammadi stuff is next on my reading list, lol. It is a subject that I have put off for years due to lack of time and it is heavy going. I still have other books to read but so little time.  We live at such a fast pace now many people may never get the chance to study important books, but the main thing is knowing how to exit the matrix and I would also say leave this universe too.

One thing to think about is what is in our memories from other life times that may come back to us when we are out of the Matrix. That is something that I often think about, what information will we actually know or just be able to tune into and feel once we are free.

We must live in hope as to what we will experience when out of the Matrix and out of this universe. We still do not know if there infinite matrix universes created. We could step out of one and right into an other one. Time will tell and from there where do we go? First thing is finding a place or creating a place to rest and recover our health and our wisdom. For some that may take a very long time depending on what sort of emotional wounds one has at the point of death, including anger, hatred, fear and unequipped to deal with a new environment. Remember you will still have the same personality as you have not gone back into the light trap, so all the emotional baggage needs to be removed one way or an other and the time to heal is very important.

As for current life situation, only allow that which is in your daily life to be your focus, we cannot cope with the entire worlds' problems nor are we supposed to. It is like everyone's' realities all slammed together to confuse and confound us. Step back from all of it and only deal with the things that affect you and only bite size pieces at a time. We are at breaking point now and if we keep going like this we have a massive melt down.

My simple advice is, live simple, declutter everything and everyone in your life that is not helpful of good for you. This needs to be done in small chunks at a time and when you have one lot done do it again until you feel you have enough clutter removed  from your everyday life.
Sometimes we collect more household and garden things than we need, we fill up the garage and every space with things we will never use. That is a physical burden, which causes stress.

Then there are people that are not good for us, slowly detach and remove yourself from them. Life becomes more basic and less stressful. Then work on your belief system this is the hardest thing to declutter, I know I have been there, number one thing is believe in your self.

Keep an open and flexible mind to all that you are learning spiritually, but at the end of the day all of that may not be actual use other than knowing your own heart, time will tell when we leave this earth. But don't sweat over it, don't be fearful, that slows you down, be firm in your heart and mind with your intentions to be free.

Sunday 7 April 2019

Teddy Bears' Picnic Not So Sweet And Innocent

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZANKFxrcKU Teddy Bear's Picnic

I used to love this song and had no idea of its meaning, you will see in the comments section the "other" meaning of the song. I am shocked and horrified by this.  Being a lover of cute teddy bears myself and all things wholesome.

There is nothing on this earth  sacred or respected. In fact everything in this world is actually inverted deliberately by the controllers of this world to their benefit. We are but their food source on an energetic level and literally, and if you have the courage to research this you will see that is the case.

People just never seem what they are. I am not shocked in the least to see Bob Carr mentioned in the link below and have been aware of this case for a few years. I recall the early 1980's seeing Bob Carr on TV often as the Premier of NSW. I always had a very bad feeling about him. I did not know what a paedophile was back then, but I could not look at this man on TV without fear and feeling very bad energy from him. I would say to my parents I had a very bad feeling about him, it made me feel distressed and sick in my stomach.

My parents back then did not realise that I was psychic and they just dismissed it. And I come from a family of psychics too, go figure. Anyway it is a hideous subject all round but people need to be better informed rather than being wilfully ignorant on the matter. I have met many victims of this evil and see how it destroys their lives. But I am sickened with the average person that just does not want to know.

It is sick that a tune that we associated with childhood and innocence could actually be a coded message for monsters that we call the elite or leaders of society. I have noticed these people all seem to have a horrendous temper and as soon as they are confronted they have the audacity to be "offended" and will turn vicious in an instant, they are self righteous psychopaths and will not be called into question about their sick perversion, even after convicted.

 Did you know many of the British politicians are abusers and many have criminal records, which can be seen on line quite easily, many charges include loitering in public toilets and other lewd acts. A Google search will pull up a vast list of names, lets not forget the British police are heavily involved is covering up the abuse in the UK as you will again find with a quick Google search.

Who they hell do these monster think they are, and even more so why is the average adult afraid of them? These are psychopaths we are dealing with, and they derive pleasure over the power they have over the average person. The average person is like excrement to them, NO, these people do not regret what they do, why the hell would they? It is a rich and powerful mans toy after all,  and their attitude to us is, who are we the masses to call them out?

I live for the day these bastards are hunted down in the streets like the vermin they are, but  I am sure hell will freeze over before anyone has the actual courage to take them on. Many of the people that go missing are bate for these monsters used in Satanic ritual abuse. The victims will never be found because these monsters take care of to leave no trace of them.

Yes some people choose to go missing for their own reasons, but many are taken by criminal networks to feed the needs of the psychopaths that rule this world. Ever looked into the amount of children missing in Britain or the US?  The underground network that can shift them anywhere in the world in 24 hours. Ten thousand children went missing according to the British government in 2018. How the hell does that happen? Don't tell me they don't know where they are, they know exactly the score. we are talking commodities and thousands of dollars in child trafficking.

http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/satanic-pedophilia-network-exposed-australia/ Fiona Barrett



There used to be a lot of information on the internet about this evil activity but of late I notice it is being removed. There was information about humans being hunted to death at the parties at Bohemia Grove, mostly women and children I do not want to delve in to that though, I have read much about it years ago and I find it highly distressing, god only knows how the victims feel if they survive.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3560069/The-symbols-pedophiles-use-signal-sordid-sexual-preferences-social-media.html  I have posted this before but I am adding it again to let people be aware of the evil around us. One cannot protect children enough, Safe Schools is yet an other Pedo control thing too. Right under the noses  of every one and in keeping with cosmic law too.


https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/  This journalist has a who's who of pedo's on his website. Yesterday yet another magistrate was convicted of paedophilia in Sydney. You will be able to find the information on Google.


At the time of writing this I noticed a comment in one of the links saying Fiona Barrett has gone into hiding with her family so with the public researching this some monsters are getting scared, so they should be. But hey I do not think for one minute this will stop, not until the general public get off their collective arses and do a witch-hunt  right across the planet, non stop.

Top Cancer Researchers, Harvard, EPA Agree: Fluoride Causes Tumors, Lowers IQ


Gee how long did it take to work this out? They knew all of this in the 1930's hence giving it to POW's to keep them docile and after the war it was banned from use all over Europe.

People in the English speaking world have never really taken notice of this up until the 1990's and even then most people are unaware. Ask a dentist about Fluoride in any English speaking country and they will give you the blurb that they were told to say at Uni. Not one dentist that I have ever seen will read this information or question what they are taught.  Educated free thinking individuals they sure are not!

No-one  bothers to research anything that matters and that is the problem, they are all too lazy to think outside of what they are told.

I find when I meet European people they seem better educated and better informed  in general than the English speaking world in the past few years. Our education system has been dumbed down and politicised with leftist garbage, so is it any wonder people keep ignoring the clear and present danger in the English speaking world.

Friday 5 April 2019

LOL: Facebook Correctional Facility

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Can't honestly say that I have been there. Maybe I am just a boring old fart that posts cute dog and cat stuff, lol

I am very much a tea and scones person with an addiction to fur babies.😝😻😻😂😸

Thursday 4 April 2019

Imposter Syndrome, How To Silence Your Inner Critict

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-27/impostor-syndrome-how-to-silence-your-inner-critic/10808038?smid=Page: ABC News-Facebook_Organic&WT.tsrc=Facebook_Organic&sf208771395=1

This is what is known as a parasitic host. Non physical onto-energetic beings. They incarnate with us ( implanted at etheric level). Some may think of it as our ego. However this is a  parasite, which  constantly tries to bring us down. There are subtle ways to recognise it, but we should not answer this  inner-critic, that is what it wants. To create confusion and also feed from our emotions.

Ignore it and dis-empower it, no it is not easy but it can be done over a long period  of time. For a start a strong aura or etheric field is needed including a strong but grounded sense of self. Next get into a habit of meditating, not to reach outwards, no one must go within, through the heart to reach to ones higher-self. That knowingness this is what we must communicate with , nothing else. Anything else is not you and is an unwanted intrusion.

Eventually you will notice a calmness and your mind will become quieter. This is when you will notice the parasite has left you. It is surprising that mainstream religion does not teach us this is it not. The philosophy of mainstream religion us to submit to them and give away your power.

Who's interest does that serve?

(PS: Sorry about the late post, I had accidentally left this in draft)

Koala and cat’s unlikely friendship


Aww how sweet is this a Koala and cat.

Video 135: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 3 || Where does the Story REALLY ...

Please watch in YouTube mode, and read the comments. You will notice a person saying be wary of John Lamb Lash, I agree with him. I should have made it clearer on my blog about reading his work. I really mean about the soul trap. I do not actually endorse him or anyone really. It is just breaking new people in to this area on knowledge and I also mention Cameron Day is good reading, but always form your own opinion.

The reason I sometimes say read John L.L and Cameron Day is to show a comparison to Wes and also Wes's work is very heavy reading for many people. I am used to this sort of stuff but if you are really new to the information it could be information overload.  Just be flexible and take it in small steps.

Proven Health Benefits of Cilantro (Coriander): Detox from Heavy Metals, Diabetes and More


Interesting article on Coriander, I must admit to being a lover of Coriander. I used to grow it in my garden and have the intention of growing it again alongside my Parsley.

Proven Health Benefits of Cilantro or Coriander

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due to Health Effects


This is very interesting. I know where I live they want it done by 2020. So far only one place has 5G in Canberra.
I do not know if this will be canned or not. Lets hope it will because the alternative is very grim.

Corporations seem to have way too much power and influence over governments. We, the people elect the government in most countries; so we are the people that should call the shots, not a corporation. Having corporations sticking their noses in to something that affects every human on the planet and the animals to I must add, is not on, and the people need to send this message to the governments of the world right now.

We pay the politicians wages and employ them, no one else has the right to push any agenda on to our leaders, especially something as dangerous as this. Hell it is like playing touch football with a nuclear bomb.

Monday 1 April 2019

I choose to be a hermit

Today I was clearing an old email address of thousands of emails going back many years and the shock of it all brought so much back to me. The Golden rule is never hang on to anything in this life especially if it is not good for you, get rid of it.

We can end up in a position later on in life where we can be surrounded with people or things that are not good for us. I feel it is wise to get rid of those things that are not beneficial to a peaceful life sooner rather than later. Sometimes it is people you have to get rid of. I have done just that over the past five years.

I live the rather quite life of a hermit these days I do not allow others into my home other than my clients.  The reason being is many people and former friends have taken so much from me and mistreated me for so long that I have nothing to give anymore, not even my time. Living in a world of chaos and narcissists, is not conducive to a peaceful life I feel. So I have taken a more peaceful path.

In this life I have learnt some extremely harsh lessons in pain and suffering, that I did not need to experience, no they were forced on to me by others, including the loss of a daughter and then a son, I have done nothing to cause  nor deserve this.

Some of the cause has actually been a case of naivety on my part for trusting others and giving until I have absolutely nothing left whether it had been money of which my family has little. Whether it be household goods, clothes, food etc, I gave and I gave and I gave. Because I was trying to help others in need.

 I actually read for a woman that came via a very valued client to me, crying poor mouth and I did not charge her, because I could see she had suffering when she came to me in tears and was what I thought at the time was  emotional distress. That woman, as she was leaving told me she owns three houses and her kids go to a private school. She was wondering how she was going to make ends meet! She has a bloody good full-time high paying job! Me, I am naive, I trust too easily, but god help you, if you  take from me and abuse my nativity and compassion. I will let you know about it. This moment was a real clincher for me that I will never forget!

All of these events are energy exchange in the extreme and heavily out of balance. I ask for nothing in return I must point out, never in my life have I asked for anything other that peace, harmony  and quiet in my life.  I have been through unimaginable hardships all through my life and never asked for help. Add to that a very ill husband. People that know me are very aware of my husband's illness and all we have been through in 30 odd years.

I have been hurt and betrayed by friends more often than not and especially in the years from 2013 to date. This has left me with a decision to retreat from people to prevent further abuse and greed, energy vampirism and vicious psychic attacks from people that were friends and knew very deep personal sufferings that I had gone through, things told in the strictest confidence that were told to others without my permission or knowledge.

They did this to me because they could, and because I did not march to their drum and I have a strong moral compass that does not permit me to be dishonest or do things that are harmful to others. I have strong spiritual beliefs that do not relate to the so called spiritual or psychic communities.

I do not harm others and I most certainly will not harm others psychically, as has been done to me and my loved ones. So I have chosen a hermits life instead of compromising my spiritual and moral beliefs. The less disharmony the better I feel. Funny how animals never treat humans as ill as other humans treat animals and humans.

As this world devolves I want no part in that which is spiritually, ethically  or morally  profane. I choose solitude and spirituality over all else. Yes it is a very lonely path but a necessary one. I bow to no one in the physical nor fake spiritual universal matrix.