Friday 25 October 2019

Psychic predictions for the world in 2020

NOTE: If you have arrived here via my website please be aware that all of my predictions are transferred to my new blog. 

I am currently working on the world predictions, doing a bit at a time. Due to health issues I feel exhausted and have chronic pain issues as I am working on my predictions. Hopefully it won't affect the quality of the predictions.

As I opened the cards I heard the word or name Goliath, what a profound experience. I feel this is an awakening of something big, something has been unleashed in the world. This could be the masses starting to take back their power, if so they must be very careful or it could backfire.

I feel many have put their trust in "talking heads"  or disinfo agents. This is very harmful as they could be given incorrect information or only part of the story.

This can have people turning on each other just like the Extinction Rebellion situation. Caution is the key here. By the way Gerta T will go to ground after this years experience. I feel she has been used by very evil people and she is now suffering because of this. I would advise her to keep away from the political stuff and heal herself.

Now looking at the UK, it is not exactly clear if Brexit will happen. I do not feel it will take place on 31 October. I feel it will be delayed yet again. Now I am writing this part on October 24th.

I can tell you many already have worked out, there is so much deception around Brexit, but also there are other hidden things with Brexit, it is not just about pulling out of the EU. Its a combination of sovereignty, money, power and some other hidden item.

It is the hidden reason that attracts me. I have no idea what it is, I just feel there is something else that is hidden from the public.

I feel there  is a situation in London, I am shown a Union Jack painted Taxi, which has stopped in the middle of an intersection. This could be due to protesters or a terror attack. It is possible that it is a symbol for Britain at a stand still or junction and is about to have a major change. Brexit could be that change.

I also feel a sudden burst of energy linked to changes at Buckingham palace which has a flow on to commonwealth nations. I do not feel this is the Queen passing though, I feel she has a few more years left to rule.

I do feel big changes are coming to Britain and other nations including Germany, Italy and the USA.

I do see new business agreements being signed into place.

25 October 2019 continuing the predictions.

I feel there will be shake ups in education in the UK and Europe, students will travel to get  better education in other countries. Hopefully not at the expense of the children of host nations. Education is a valuable commodity even in state schools, so out of area schools that offer better education will attract new students.

Health reform in Europe.

More civil unrest to be expected in Europe (Germany and France in particular), it is a current trend these days. But how long before the military are pulled in to this?

The more I look at the cards I do not feel Brexit will be allowed to happen, big money is involved here. So much money leaves the UK and goes into a black hole it does not benefit the people of the UK one bit.

As Boris Johnson tries to push through Brexit, powerful forces are at work to prevent this. The public are claiming this as a victory, but it s anything but. Things will become more difficult for the average person, price hikes with the cost of living.
Some want the immigrants to go home but this is not going to happen, they are there to stay.

I see the river Thames and British parliament some event is taking place in January or February. Something drastic is taking place and I see a line of black cars.

I hear the word Jubilant and there is some sort of news of great importance that it leads to a change/. This could involve the royal family.

Possible fuel shortages in the UK and Europe. Not accidental it is being deliberately withheld as a political stunt.

Canada will have a shake up of the justice system and will also strengthen ties with the US.

This morning when I woke up the first thing I saw was the American flag. My eyes weren't even open yet. This is a bad omen for the US sadly. The last time I saw the flag, I heard the words "the truth and the American way". That was the Bali bombing which now  most are aware had the US deep state behind that. This is not the American way at all, it is the way of evil that is deep rooted hidden within the ranks of government. I feel something bad is on it's way for the USA.

Next year feels like a year of more political mayhem in the US , but it is an election year too so god only knows what will happen. Trump is up against the wall right now and cannot trust anyone.

No he will not be impeached that is a smokescreen, those that are behind this are traitors to the US.

I can not say if Trump will serve another term in office at this stage.

This is all I am doing prediction wise this year due to my health. This does take its toll on me.

Blessings to everyone, before I go I just want to say 2020 marks the beginning of change around the world. I feel in a very serious way.


Copyright Alex Fulford 2019

Please also read my predictions for Australia as I do both every year.

UPDATE: Buckingham palace, 

UPDATE: Buckingham Palace, Energy surge or burst of energy , This is all the Pedo stuff happening. So it has started early.

This is the beginning of the end of the royals. Many people are aware of what the entire royal bloodlines are like world wide, this is not an  isolated case. This is why they have spin doctors and they are all shitting bricks because the truth is coming out about the whole damn lot, and the BBC heads up to their necks in this vile filth too. Do your research and you will uncover so much more.

The Sycophant masses just don't want to know or believe the truth of anything, and will only accept what mainstream news tells them.  

This information has been all over the internet for 10 to 15 years, it is not new information and there is more to come out. 

Prince Harry and his wife.. part of the energy burst in Buckingham palace. I am not going to keep posting all the media saga of this. I do not see the marriage lasting either. Which is very sad because a Harry is a nice guy that just wants a loving family of his own.

UPDATE: London terror attack, 

London  terror attack  February 3, 2020

How does this happen if he is under surveillance?

UPDATE: President Donald Trump december 2019

 Trump acquitted 

UPDATE: Riots in Paris with Fire fighters and Police over pensions.

UPDATE: The Goliath feeling and the thing that I couldn’t put my finger on after Brexit is the Covid 19  virus and it’s devastating effect on the world economy. It does not get any bigger than the economy collapsing. Just sit back and watch.

ITALY, fear of riots
 Italian prison riots due to Covid 19

France yet again!

I wont post all the BLM matter stuff here only this. It is a horrible situation and I find it so distressing so I am not going to do any other post on this. But this could tie in with the vision or warning that I had a vision of, which I mentioned in the post above. All I can say is OMG 😢😢😢

UPDATE: Disinformation agents/ Conspiracy theories, I said to be ware of these people, yes there can be a little truth in some things, however things are getting out of hand.

Have you heard the one saying the metal part that goes around the nose is a 5 G antenna? This is just absurd and some people actually believe it. It’s not just conspiracy theorists one needs to watch out for it is also mainstream media stirring up people with lies and communists are also doing their part too.

So be very careful and do not accept what you may hear as truth, we are talking malicious political factions at work.

Well it looks like the GOLIATH moment is the protests on COVID 19, BLM and human rights. People are being misled though within this due to being given incorrect information on Sovereignty and their rights. People need to do their own researching and not listen to talking heads as I pointed out. People need to know the law of their own country and state/territory. Too many think the US laws apply to them too such as the fifth amendment. That is American law only. The UN rules are not what people have thought they were too.  This causes so much frustration and confusion for everyone.  This is the Victorian government  link to your rights in lockdown.  So it only covers the state of Victoria, Australia.

Update, Business agreements 

UPDATE: GRETA THUNBERG,  she is irrelevant now, well she always was to anyone with a brain. The sad thing is she was used I’ll, for an evil agenda. Shame on her parents for doing this to her. I am disgusted by those that used her. I am no fan of Andrew Blot either, a former spy for Australia.

UPDATE September 2021,  The fuel shortages was 12 months out of sync, this happens sometimes with predictions because time is not a fixed thing. You will notice that I do my predictions in the October of the  previous year so. I have absolutely no way of knowing what will come up in the cards.