Tuesday 29 October 2019

Goodbye Garfield our beautiful boy

Garfield AKA Chiffy loved boxes of any size or style

This afternoon I had to rush Garfield to the vet, he has been ill for a while but fought it all the way.  I have spent several weeks nursing him and trying to make his life as comfortable as possible. He had such a strong will to live which did not help him in the end. Such a wonderful loving little soul, he was just the most loving and adorable little chap  and always a pleasure to be around.

Tonight we are nursing broken hearts without him. Even our vet was very upset at saying goodbye to Chiffy as we call him most of the time.

Garfield will live on in our hearts and watch over us until we meet again. If there is such a thing as a pure soul animals are most definitely pure souls.

The pure and unconditional love from animals is beyond compare. Thank you Chiffy for choosing daddy and I for your human parents. Xxx