Thursday 25 February 2021

Alex’s new blog

Give me three weeks and everything will be transferred that I want to keep. It will all be tagged in subject matter, such as “Wes Penre” , “Alex’s Psychic predictions”, “Articles by Alex”,  “Jokes and Memes “ etc.

More laughter and some warm and fuzzy cute animals, because that brings a lighter happier energy to the blog, and yes some humour may be corny, it’s all part of the keeping to lighten mood. Oh and I like the non PC stuff, it’s the way I roll. Nothing to offend as I do not intend causing offence, just a cringe or two 不不不

UPDATE  April 2021: My new blog has been up and running for several weeks now. You will find new posts, Tarot card of the month etc all there. All psychic predictions are updated every year on my new blog and my official website

Tuesday 23 February 2021

End of posts new blog on its way

 I have finally taken copies of all the posts that I want to keep. There will not be any more posts on this blog. 

Please allow two to three weeks for me to get this done. It is a slow job and a real hassle. You can still see my Facebook page which is attached to my website. The new blog will be linked as soon as it is up and running. 

More nature and laughs too. So hang in there peeps.

 My website for booking with links to Facebook and Instagram.  This website has replaced my old website as of late 2023. 

I may move my Facebook to WeMe very soon as I am over Facebook. The new blog 

Update: MeWe doesn’t seem to be very popular unfortunately and the people who were interested in my page only wanted to promote themselves. I was absolutely disgusted by the ignorance of these people and I discontinued my MeWe page. Don’t waste your time on that site. 

Sunday 21 February 2021

A dreamy garden

Simplifying my garden again, but it is laboriously slow because I don’t like gardening in the hot weather. I am looking at planting  more Amaryllis as I only have a few. My neighbour has a massive display of mixed Amaryllis with Agapanthus in the front yard under shady trees. It looks fantastic, and as a I am trying not to be a slave to gardening I am looking at options for a simple easy care garden that doesn’t require much water and labour. 

Due to getting older and health issues, I need to be ruthless with the garden yet again. Gardening is always a work in progress anyway. I have ordered a heap of Amaryllis to plonk in a patch in my back yard, in an area that gets a lot of sun, but has shady tree branches in the middle of summer. It’s a huge pain in the bum at present. I just wish winter was here already so that I can get set about my tasks. It’s not hard work, just time consuming. I just want to be able to sit in the garden and enjoy it. But a couple of more tasks and hopefully it will be a big weight off my shoulders. 

My ideal garden is a dreamy, whimsical and lush old world looking garden, where I don’t have to do anything, lol. A pipe dream, except I have to prune carpet roses. Carpet roses can really take over if you ignore them. I have been avoiding mine all through summer because I don’t like the heat. I had trimmed my front yard carpet roses last spring, but they have shot up thanks to all the rain this summer. We are in an La Ninia weather cycle, so that means plenty rain after the drought broke this year. 

The garden has gone wild with the rain and humidity, growth is everywhere I look, and so are the chores to do, lol. But I need to be practical and ruthless in keeping the work down in the garden. If I could only get a week of cold weather I would be happy. I would be out there, getting the work done. 

My mass planting of scabiosa, turned into a disaster as it became long and straggly, so I ripped that out a couple of days ago. This is usually a drought hardy flower, but I think the overhanging tree branches made the flowers stretch up for sunlight. So scratch that flower from the list of easy care flowers and plants. I have tones of seed scattered in the garden from the dried heads of the scabiosa flowers. That will be a pain to clear out for sure.

I think it is going to be, agapanthus, roses, seaside daisies and amaryllis, with seasonal daffodils and scented violets in the cooler weather. I still have some bald patches in the backyard to infill too  but it must be tough, no care required and not invasive. 

I still have to get roses out of big stone pots, that I thought would have been done last winter, but time was not on my side, due to numerous other things happening. I might decide to get rid of some completely as I don’t think I have enough garden spots that will be suitable. Still I have had the roses for years, it is not a bad thing if some are gotten rid of. Gone are the days of propagating plants for fun. Downsizing is the thing now. Having said that, I saw some lovely Abutalon plants at a street market a few days ago. I just adore Abutalons. I have two in my back yard and love to see the nectar eating birds hovering around them.

Ain’t nature grand. Just in an average suburban garden, there can be a world of pleasure, observing nature at its finest. Just by planting bird and insect attracting flowers and shrubs; a world of vibrant colour and joy awaits you. Sure it is trial and effort but it is so worth it. To be able to sit with a cup of tea and just watch nature unfold before you. I get so much joy and pleasure in my garden or just looking at it from a chair by the window. 

Knowing contentment comes from my garden and feeling nature around me gives me a sense of joy. I don’t need big fancy holidays overseas. I need nature, I feel grounded and very content with nature.

Vibrant green leaves and flowers make the soul sing, seeing birds and insects like butterflies, bees, ladybugs and dragonflies make it even better. There is harmony and joy in the simple nature of a well planted garden. A garden that makes you feel joyful and wanting to linger that bit longer and lose track of time. That is a good garden, to be savoured as it nourishes the soul. 

Copyright © Alex Fulford 21 February 2021

Sci-Fi Short Film “Slaughterbots” | DUST

Scary implications if it these get into the wrong hands. I have seen this video last year sometime and it popped up again yesterday. Please move to my new blog. 

Update: 2023 drones are being used currently in war just look at Ukraine to see what they are doing, this is only the beginning. 

NewsWorld First case of H5N8 bird flu in humans

Thursday 18 February 2021

Facebook acting like dictators with news ban W A premier says

You can stick Facebook up your arse Zuckerberg ! No such thing as freedom of speech these days, with dictators like you.  I am getting off Facebook because I am not willing to tolerate this crap. 

If  people have moral values and ethics the only thing to do is stick it to Zuckerberg. This is all about control and I will not tolerate this. You mess with Australia but get in bed with China.... I hope you get fleas Zuckerberg! 

Wes Penre: article 11 The antediluvian aryan race and the world beneath part 3

Don’t forget to scroll down to the bibliography at the end for more information.

All Wes Penre articles are transferred to my new blog. A full index of subjects is sitting on the right hand side of the blog.

Thursday 11 February 2021

AMA president slams nebuliser use at holiday inn after covid quarantine outbreak

I am surprised that the general public were not told about this danger much sooner. Small children and elderly people often use a nebuliser for asthma.

There should be signs up everywhere warning the public in hotels and other places of this  danger. Perhaps constantly advertising on all media; to help people be more aware of the danger. What if you have a compromised immune system and happen to be in quarantine at the same time as an infected person? It is also possible to come in contact with an exposed person like a shift worker or security guard when they are off duty while you are out shopping.

Wes Penre book, Spiritual handbook for the 21st century

This is the new name for  book Beyond 2012, a handbook for a new era. Now in paper format, and some updates. 

This is the Synthetic super intelligence eBook in paperback too.

Google won’t rule out removing gmail, Google maps and YouTube from Australia

This is getting ridiculous, someone’s going to  have to back down on this or reach a  compromise. I don’t see Google backing down.

UPDATE:  18 February 2021. Well things just got more interesting  

Wednesday 10 February 2021

Saturday 6 February 2021

Wine tasting

 Hold me back 不不 That’s me in five minutes 不不

Eclampsia in the Real Organism: A Paradigm of General Distress Applicable in Infants, Adults, Etc.

I was looking through my iPad at things that I had saved and clicked on a link and started looking through articles and found this. This is a very interesting article and women should read this in regards to becoming pregnant. I was quite ill with morning sickness with my second baby and my body couldn’t handle pregnancy very well all through my three pregnancies. I almost lost my second baby, but did lose my third at  12 weeks just going into the 13th week. 

With the first pregnancy I only had morning sickness from week six to week twelve and it disappeared. My second pregnancy morning sickness started at week six and continued to the day before I was induced. I couldn’t keep any food down.  Bear in mind I was working full time as a social security officer, had a small child and had to be up by 6.00am and drive an hour to work after dropping my baby off at a babysitter. I got home from work close to 7.00pm ate dinner, cleaned up and went to bed. I have never had a normal pregnancy. My first one the placenta was very low, the baby was sitting up high right up to the moment that I was induced. The baby was in distress at the time of his birth and pooped all over the doctor.  I have never seen an old fart move so fast, lol.

Each pregnancy after that had problems, including a cyst in my eye that was caused by hormones and had to be lanced. Not it wasn’t scary like it sounds. But the eye specialist told me it would happen in any further pregnancies. He was right because with the third pregnancy, it came back along with a few other problems.

My great grandmother died of eclampsia giving birth to my grandfather, she was only young. I actually take after that side of the family in looks and personality.  Even though I have never seen her in a photo, I can describe her. Spooky huh? I know that an aunt in my family strongly resembles her too. 

Note: Take into account the push for a vegan diet, do you see the problem after reading this article about the intelligence level of children if they are not being given a proper balanced diet every day? 

A dumbed  down society is not going to rebel against authoritarian rule. A world like ours depends on worker drones and an educated class to rule them. They do not want the masses educated and intelligent or they may rise up. Think communist countries and the poor, they never have a chance to rise up if they are malnourished and working in low paying jobs.

Friday 5 February 2021

Human brain stem cells can be used to power AI system

I wonder where they will get the stem cells from. They haven’t disclosed that. Perhaps from aborted foetus, and then grow more. It just feels wrong ethically.

Company aims to produce thousands of humanoid robots in 2021

Creepy as F! I shared an article about Sophia last year but looks like there are going to be thousands of these creepy things coming soon.

Neuralink could begin human trials for brain implants this year

Still think he is a good guy and on humanity’s side ? 不不 This is an evil abomination and the minute this thing is implanted you are no longer human.

You will find this  man would never allow himself or his loved ones to be “chipped” but is fine with mere nobodies being borged.

Yes you read that right as in cybernetic organism. Ask yourself what does it do on a spiritual level?  This  is the new race of human beings after all. Such a person can be controlled, programmed and have their emotions void, their reasoning altered etc. Thoughts are backed  up in the cloud and will become part of the hive mind complex. This is not in humanity’s best interests. And people think the sun shines out of his arse! 

Our DNA can already programmed, that is a well known reality already. This is the worst thing that could be done to humanity. Don’t expect there to be condemnation over this, big money is involved here and shareholders don’t care about morality or ethics let alone our souls and spiritually. 

Think Synthetic super intelligence. You will find that eBook in my blog, this is the death knell of humanity, but the way most people behave may be it’s not a bad thing. The lack of true spirituality is almost non existent on our planet as it is. But, this will kill what is left eventually if allowed to happen.

 This is from 2017

Synthetic super intelligence PDF book

Evil is real don’t be fooled, a Native American traditional (Dine) teaching

I just came across this just now. I can relate to what he says. I stick to a very strict spiritual path.

New Zealand’s Maori women have more to contend with than ordinary sexism

I wish them well in this situation, I pray the wrong will be made right.

Robert Sepehr video , Mystery of the planetary gods

Follow Robert’s videos and follow him on Facebook 

Travel vaccine passports

 This is just a reality of life peeps, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Thursday 4 February 2021

Neil Oliver interview

Listen to this, this is heart-breaking and what the world is turning into.  

Worldwide shift away from eating meat

Utter bull crap, this is a new world order agenda. Do your research on this communist garbage. We will only run out of food because it will be withdrawn or unaffordable to the masses, therefore affecting nutrition and healthy growth of children.  Many people are well aware of the push to stop people eating healthy. This is just dangerous indoctrination of the masses. 

We do not live on wildlife for meat, in the modern western world. The balance of  our food chain is being manipulated for political reasons. Where the hell are the real doctors, nutritionists and neurologists, to speak out against this propaganda trash? 

Perhaps they are too afraid to speak out in case they loose their jobs. If that is the case, perhaps they should all protest this en masse. These people are needed to speak up for humanity and the proper development of children’s health.

Poor nutrition leads to retardation and poor growth, that is common knowledge. This  article seems to support a dangerous violation of human rights, and endorsing the malnutrition of the world. 

Eclampsia risk from poor diet.

Monday 1 February 2021

A bridge to the soul, Dean Andrea

Check out this website, Dean Andrea is a friend of mine in the US. He provides inspirational food for the soul. Dean is a healer like myself. However I have had to give up healing. Please read through Dean's website and if you feel inspired, perhaps you may want to buy his book. I am getting a signed  copy of his book sent to me. I really look forward to reading it. I am an avid reader and like to read uplifting and inspiring books.  I will let you now when it arrives and when I get stuck into reading it. 

Update: The book arrived in the mail yesterday, woo hoo! I got stuck into it last night and so far I am enjoying it. I can relate to what is said in the early chapters of the book and strongly empathise with Dean.

I am only up to page 74 so I must make time tonight to do more reading. I will do a blog post as soon as I am finished reading the book so hang in there peeps.