Wednesday 26 October 2011

Physician speaks out: Gardasil vaccine dangerous, completely useless at preventing cervical cancer

No, but it sure is dangerous, dead girls and girls with medical injury can prove it.
Why the hell do parents rush into immunisation, without checking it out first?  They obviously do not watch the documentaries on drugs that have killed or seriously injured people in the past 50 years, and the list of dangerous drugs is growing fast.

The result of this naivety is heart breaking, but some side effects might not show up for a few years, then there is also the damage to the DNA. On top of that is the possibility of a child being born with a disability as a result of the vaccine that was given to the mother many years prior.

Find out more about the amazing nutrient CoQ10

Monday 24 October 2011

Psychic Fair on at Canberra Burns Club

Just a reminder that this weekend  29th and 30th October 2011, the Spirit Nation Psychic Fair is back on at the Canberra Burns Club 10am start to 5pm both days.
 I shall be there along with 14 other readers.

Don't forget all the stalls of goodies too. So please come and have a look. There is a children's play area
out the back that is ideal for the little ones, just make sure that they are supervised at all times though.

Friday 21 October 2011

Gaddafi Dead!

Looks like my guides were right on the money here folks. Spirit never lies...Humans do though!

Now go back and look at the message from my guides at the end of the September postings. This ain't rocket science people. This world is full of liars, but their time is running out fast. There is much, much worse to come. I would say within October/November 2011 time frame.

Copyright protected Alex Fulford 21 November 2011

UPDATE for some stupid reason I have deleted the September 30th 2011 post. D'oh! and the dumb thing is I didn't even take a print out of it.

Friday 14 October 2011

How to heal a cavity naturally and nutritionally without the need for 'drilling and filling'

Homeopathy for pets - safer and more effective than toxic drugs

I for one will be using the Australian Bush flower Essences on my pets when I am qualified and competent in what I am doing. This is gaining popularity in Australia at present. The Bush flower
essences actually are spiritually charged for the age that we are living in at present. They deal with emotional an psychological and spirituality also. They are the newer version if you like to the Bach flower remedies. There is no reason why you can't use both or either on Humans and animals.
The ABFE, do not interfere in any way shape or form with conventional medication and can be used with  a the same time. Just read up on both of these wonderful treatments.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Where does all the Komen for the Cure money really go?

I have posted about the money made from this in the past. Don't be fooled that money does not save any lives. My own mother died of  cancer 12 years ago. There are cures out there. Does anyone remember the Hoxsey clinic, it was shut down in the USA and moved to south America, but not before one or these bastards responsible for running them out of town had the audacity to take his sick wife to Mr Hoxsey to be cured. Then Both Mr Hoxsey and the clinic were run out of the country, aahhh God Bless America... NOT!

Most recently is Dr Simoncini in Italy, His is an Oncologist, he has been struck off the medical register in Italy. But surprise, surprise, he can cure people using Bicarbonate of soda intravenously. Just scroll through my posts until you find one titled IS CANCER A FUNGUS?

We have been lied to for close to 100 years about a cure for cancer. There is a cure for every thing on this Earth in our plants and herbs, just like it states in the bible. Ye of little faith, use radiation, which literally destroys you from the inside out, but hey, knock yourself out don't let me stop you.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White

For those that are interested in alternate healing therapies, check this out.
I am starting the level 1 course this week, I intend to add this to my current healing technique.
I shall be doing as many work shops as I can over the next 12 to 18 months.

I feel a strong connection to these Bush flower essences and can't wait to start. I shall be the
 first victim lol.

These essences are completely safe, there are no side effects. They are just what the doctor ordered so to speak for the 21st Century. As we are moving in to this new spiritual age some of us may need these to assist in the transition period. Guaranteed to put a zing in your step.

Temple Wind Flutes by Craig Paterson

Check out my cousin, I am so proud of him. What a talented guy.

Go Craig, yay! 

Fruit and vegetable consumption effectively lowers colon cancer risk

Yes, and junk food causes it. The thing to watch out for is chemicals that are sprayed on the crops
are then ingested by us. What is that also doing to our bodies. Organic is the only way to go. But the cost prohibits most families from eating real food. It is a luxury to have organic food, when it should be a basic human right. Funny how no one is forcing our leaders to make it law. 

Saturday 1 October 2011

The Man from Ironbark, by Banjo A.B Paterson

It was the man from Ironbark who struck the Sydney town,
He wandered over street and park, he wandered up and down.
He loitered here he loitered there, till he was like to drop,
Until at last in sheer despair he sought a barber's shop.
"Ere! shave my beard and whiskers off, I'll be a man of mark,
I'll go and do the Sydney toff up home in Ironbark."
The barber man was small and flash, as barbers mostly are,
He wore a strike-your-fancy sash he smoked a huge cigar;
He was a humorist of note and keen at repartee,
He laid the odds and kept a "tote", whatever that may be,
And when he saw our friend arrive, he whispered, "Here's a lark!
Just watch me catch him all alive, this man from Ironbark."

There were some gilded youths that sat along the barber's wall.
Their eyes were dull, their heads were flat, they had no brains at all;
To them the barber passed the wink his dexter eyelid shut,
"I'll make this bloomin' yokel think his bloomin' throat is cut."
And as he soaped and rubbed it in he made a rude remark:
"I s'pose the flats is pretty green up there in Ironbark."

A grunt was all reply he got; he shaved the bushman's chin,
Then made the water boiling hot and dipped the razor in.
He raised his hand, his brow grew black, he paused awhile to gloat,
Then slashed the red-hot razor-back across his victim's throat;
Upon the newly-shaven skin it made a livid mark
No doubt, it fairly took him in — the man from Ironbark.

He fetched a wild up-country yell might wake the dead to hear,
And though his throat, he knew full well, was cut from ear to ear,
He struggled gamely to his feet, and faced the murd'rous foe:
"You've done for me! you dog, I'm beat! One hit before I go!
I only wish I had a knife, you blessed murdering shark!
But you'll remember all your life the man from Ironbark."

He lifted up his hairy paw, with one tremendous clout
He landed on the barber's jaw, and knocked the barber out.
He set to work with nail and tooth, he made the place a wreck;
He grabbed the nearest gilded youth, and tried to break his neck.
And all the while his throat he held to save his vital spark,
And "Murder! Bloody murder!" yelled the man from Ironbark.

A peeler man who heard the din came in to see the show;
He tried to run the bushman in, but he refused to go.
And when at last the barber spoke, and said "'Twas all in fun'
T’was just a little harmless joke, a trifle overdone."
"A joke!" he cried, "By George, that's fine; a lively sort of lark;
I'd like to catch that murdering swine some night in Ironbark."

And now while round the shearing floor the list'ning shearers gape,
He tells the story o'er and o'er, and brags of his escape.
"Them barber chaps what keeps a tote, By George, I've had enough,
One tried to cut my bloomin' throat, but thank the Lord it's tough."
And whether he's believed or no, there's one thing to remark,
That flowing beards are all the go way up in Ironbark.

I love this old poem. I had a wonderful teacher in year 6 back in 1975, called Mr Roth. He loved Banjo Paterson poetry, and used to read it to the class. This wonderful teacher has given me a deep love for Banjo Paterson poems that will last a lifetime. I have 3 big books of Banjo Paterson and 2 of his rival in poetry Henry Lawson.

Banjo or Andrew Barton Paterson, was of Scottish background. His father's family actually came from the same region as I do in Scotland. I am amazed at the similarities in Banjo and my paternal grand father. They are not related as far as we know. Paterson is a common name in Scotland, and Lanarkshire is a big region. Just a coincidence what a pity.