Friday 25 May 2018

Alvin Boyd Khun Books

First here is a blurb on who he is. When learning about metaphysics, spirituality etc, you do have to do a lot of reading, learning and unlearning. For me it has also been trusting and then distrusting as I have gone along my path of learning.

The first thing that I tell people is do not just blindly accept what you are told, because most people learn this stuff parrot fashion, very lazy and can be very dangerous, leading you down blind alleys.
In short you are going no where. You are not really awakening, you are being manipulated into a different paradigm that's all.

Knowing the difference takes time, you must make the effort to take the time and be discerning.
My main rule of thumb is tell the truth and shame the devil. I take nothing at face value after going down some blind alleys over the years under tuition from various places only to leave very much disappointed.

I am trying to bring information to peoples attention and saying , have a look at this, but do not form a firm or fixed opinion. You need to remain impartial and free to keep your mind sharp ready for the day you leave this world.Your real mission here on earth in the third dimension is to awaken, be empowered and escape the matrix.

Now Alvin Boyd Khun has been a must read author of spiritual material. I ask you to read as much as you can on his works and not hold a firm opinion. Just use the information  presented. Then compare Wes Penre's notes, Gerald Massey, other esoteric authors, and again keep an open and free mind.

There are free PDF books by Alvin Boyd Khun in the internet that you can download for free.
Michael Tsarion also has a list of books by this author that are highly recommended reading.
I expect many of my readers are aware of them already.

Now with any of these authors and their books, you need to read each one several times to take it all on board. Even I have moments where I forget things that I have learned and have to go back to the start gain, lol the joys of getting older.

NOTE: These are taken from Wikipedia, but as I said Google his books there are more that what is mentioned on Wikipedia.  Happy reading peeps.

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Wes Penre Is Back, Check Him Out On YouTube

Wonderful news peeps, Wes is back. All last week he kept popping into my head and yesterday I just thought to look on YouTube and what a pleasant surprise to see he is indeed back and will be using YT as a way of informing everyone on whats happening.

There are a few short videos to watch already, but like he says, keep an eye on his website too.
Lets hop this is the new start that he hopes it will be for his work to continue.

Might be good to make a folder on YT of all his stuff for easy viewing. That is what I have done.



Thursday 17 May 2018


Intereting article from 2015, but one needs to do a hell of a lot of reading to find the truth of the matter. This supposedly has gone on for over two thousand years and is inter-generational.

By the way the titans were the giants with the double row of teeth for flesh eating.

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Rosicrucian Manifesto 1615 , extract

From the Rosicrucian Manifestos, 1615.

The Works of William Shakespeare were written by Rosicrucian Francis Bacon and a group of men he assembled called the Knights of the Helmet. 'Shakespeare is part Revelation of the Method – tales of conspiracy and occult secret societies - part culture creation and part indoctrination. The Greek Gods Apollo and Athena were 'spear shakers'. William is WILL - I AM. Je Suis (Jesuits) is French for I AM. I AM is the Gnostic/Luciferian doctrine, that God is evil and Satan is good. I AM - GOD! Shakespeare was an actor whose works were published in the early to mid 1600’s after his death. He was a commoner but wrote like a Royal! 'Shakespeare's' contains many teachings and codes. Shakespeare's plays were designed to be the cultural basis of the people that would inhabit Francis Bacon's 'New Atlantis' - a high tech Utopia that would bring "enlightenment" to the world.

NOTE: Some writers say Francis Bacon was the son of Elizabeth I and he was well schooled in the occult by John Dee.

Natural News: Horsetail

Monday 14 May 2018

Canberra Street Cats Alliance And Flossie's Kitten Rescue THERMOMIX Raffle

Hi peeps,

Just a heads up for the Canberra Street Cats Alliance and Flossie's Kitten rescue.
They are asking for people to dig deep and buy some raffle tickets. This is for a very good cause
and this prize is worth over $2000.

Animal charities are really struggling to cope with all the fur babies in need and are dependent on people's generosity to help pay medical bills and to buy food for these helpless little souls.

It is not the fault of the poor animals that they find themselves in this terrible position.

For less than a bottle of wine or  some other luxury, a $10 raffle ticket helps put food in the little tummies of these poor unfortunate fur babies, and buys their much needed medications and paying off vet bills.

I have bought 5 tickets and have made cash donations, and I shall be doing so as often as I can afford to do so.

Sadly the date of the raffle draw has been changed  a few times due to lack of interest. Originally it was Feb 28th, then mover to Mothers day 13th May and now it has had to be moved again to 31st May.

This saddens me to see a lack of motivation.  Hosted by Vanessa Parton.

Payments can be made via PayPal so please check with  Vanessa on how to make a payment.

Wednesday 9 May 2018

PDF Worlds Beyond The Poles (Physical Continuity Of The Universe) by F Armadeo Giannini

This very interesting book was published in 1959.

Those of you that read this will of course be familiar with Admiral Byrd getting his ass handed to him on his trip to the Antarctic. The ultimate rabbit hole mystery of our planet and life on "other worlds and dimensions"  The spirit world is not what people think it is and it is very much aligned to this mystery. Our souls do not leave this planet, they are held prisoner in a sort of Faraday cage until  forced or manipulated into reincarnation.

I have never bought in to the flat earth stuff that is popular at present. I am open minded, but I wait, watch and learn first and foremost.  This book however is quite something.

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Free Colouring Pages From May Gibbs: The Gum Nut Babies

May Gibbs official Facebook page had the link to a list of free colouring pages  for children and
big children that love to colour in and are fans of the Gum nut babies.

Something to keep the kids amused with for a few hours, even in the car or a road trip. The great thing is you can print off as often as you want. So save to your PC and even a thumb drive.

Below is a video of May Gibbs, sadly they never got around to making a movie, which is a real shame. You will see some stories on YouTube though.

Saturday 5 May 2018

Strange Hand Signs, Satan Right In Your Face

Please click on the above link.

The ISIS hand sign is not what people think it is. It was not their creation, (besides ISIS are an artificial construct). This is freemasonry, so do not believe the rubbish you see on Facebook, the mainstream media or any other source.

Isis are still under the control of the usual suspects. If you do a proper search on their origins it is not hard to find.

So what does this tell you about the Satanic hold over the world?

 Waleed Aly of The Project signing off on the show 4 May 2018, I would like him to explain this to the Australian public. The show smacks of Communism in a blatant in your face way.

As I have said before watch the hands of anyone on TV and in the public eye. Learn what signs mean and give these people the flick.

You will see all of these people right down to the weather reporter doing the Freemason/Satanic hand signs. Of course they know what they are doing.

An ordinary person may mimic the hand signs with out knowing what it means, But make no mistake about it, these public figures do know, they are bragging. Not to mention insulting us viewers.

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Card Of The Month: May, The Lovers

This months card is the lovers, card number 6 in the major arcana. The Lovers card represents the zodiac sign Gemini, the planet Mercury (communication) and the element air.
At the top of the card is the Archangel Raphael the healing angel, notice the flames for hair.
The sun sits above him shining radiantly over all on the card.

In the forefront are a naked man and woman representing Adam and Eve. Behind Eve is the tree of knowledge with the serpent spiraling up the tree trunk, like the  rising up the spine. Behind Adam is the flaming bush/ tree of life with 12 flames to represent the 12 signs of the zodiac. The three figures are in a triangle formation as in the triune mind, the trinity and the three levels of consciousness,  and also making the cardinal sign of air, (think spirit).

Getting back to the tree of knowledge, this is information that was withheld from humanity to keep them in spiritual ignorance (asleep).  Once awake the soul cannot and will not go back to sleep. It seeks illumination and that is our purpose here on earth to awaken. Not to be distracted by the mundane. One must make the effort to awaken and seek illumination. 

One really needs to do proper metaphysical research when looking at esoteric matters to fully understand the messages conveyed in the Tarot and other metaphysical areas.The serpent does not just represent Lucifer or Satan, the demiurge, but also human DNA, healing, wisdom and the house of the Dragon or Draco. The opposite of which is the house of Ram. This is where a basic understanding of sidereal astrology is very helpful.

The  demiurge wants to keep the soul or spirit enslaved in materialism and matter, (mass and mater).
In other words keeping the soul trapped in a physical vessel in the third dimension or physical world.

To stay permanently asleep, spiritually unaware of his/her  true spiritual origins as a free multidimensional being and godlike. As for tasting the forbidden fruit, Eve was aware of her spirituality and how to co-create, she was trying to awaken Adam. In the card the man and woman representing Adam and Eve are represented naked, as innocent souls without sin. Women have a stronger spiritual and psychic abilities than men.  The pathway to the unconscious is via the female energy. This is why the priestess's were brutality murdered thousands of years ago to suppress the divine feminine and create a patriarchal society that we have today. 

You will notice the number 6 at the top of the card, that represents the divine feminine energy.

On the whole this card is a nice card with positive energies in the upright position. For the month of May it tells me it is a positive month for many individuals and promises good news and hopes and dreams coming true on the romance front and also the work place.

This card is about compassion and healing too so let nature take its course and allow pain to heal. That does not mean giving your personal power away or that results in negativity and an energy imbalance. Energies must always be kept in balance, that is conducive to a happy life. 

The lovers is one of those cards that is always nice to draw in a reading, it is reassuring compassionate  and life affirming. So I do feel this is a much needed card for the month of May
after a lot of heartache that has affected us by way of the media and other factors in the individuals personal life. We must strive not to take on negativity especially if it is not of our doing.

Copyright Alex Fulford 1 May 2018

Flu At My House

Hiya Peeps,

Just a quick heads up. We have a nasty flu at my house at present so I am advising people to wait a week before booking a reading. I really do not want anyone to catch this, especially if you have a compromised immune system.

A Flurry Of Animal Spirits

Last week was interesting, I had a lady come to me for a reading and on opening the door to let her into my house, I was greeted by a horse and a flurry of other animals. Mostly domestic ones that had passed on and a few wild ones.

It is always a wonderful experience when this happens. As I explained what I was seeing, the lady was able to tell me who each of them was. The love from these lovely fur babies, big and small was amazing. Such loving gentle energy, I often wonder why many humans in spirit don't have this lovely energy about them. Perhaps it is because of the pressures in life that each individual human that affects their energy.

I just love seeing animals come through. But I think this case was a record for the most animals/fur babies in my house at one time and not one spot of poo on the floor, lol.