Tuesday 24 April 2018

ANZAC Day 2018, 100 Years

Aboriginal and Maori ANZAC'S honoured

The legend  begun in 1914

Traditional ANZAC biscuits in commemorative tin

ANZAC day commemoration service at the Australian War Memorial Canberra

ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey 

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Lest we forget

Monday 23 April 2018

Interesting Logo For ASIC

This is the computer keyboard version for modern Hebrew.

First there was the word or logo (vibrational frequency, nothing can exist without this). Something to ponder me thinks. I have just looked at the interesting letter head on a bill that came in the mail this week and I have often wondered what the strange little blue logo is. Today I suddenly thought that looks like Hebrew. Indeed it is Hebrew.

So I set about trying to work out what it says. The colour  blue, I already knew and the black square around the words. Talk about spell-craft. Dear oh me what is this about, I thought.

The black Cabalistic cube represents the planet Saturn and Satan/Lucifer. 
The colour blue is a Freemason and occult colour and has interesting meanings both negative and positive.
I have mentioned in other posts the colour blue is a goddess colour, it is also used by the military and governments world wide, that also includes being on national flags.


Above is the link that will explain the business meaning of the colour blue, read the positive and the negative. Like I say this is spell-craft. It does affect us on a very subtle level whether you realize this or not. The more you notice things, the clearer things become. Having a light bulb moment has its benefits.  

There is also the individual letters within the square, which are read right to left and these letters also contain a numerical value. Think vibrational frequency with all of this too. This is actually an occult spell cast over people. We are talking energy manipulation here. 
That is something that I find rather dark and sinister.

Vav, means Add, Secure or Hook
Yud/Yod  means Work , Worship or Throw 
Kuf  Means, Tame, Bend, Allow or Open

The Numerical Value  is Vav is 6 Yod/Yud is 10 and Kuf is 20
I will leave you to look into the numerical meaning because I am utterly hopeless with that.
Just know that the number vibration is very important also, especially when it is about revenue. 

Sunday 22 April 2018

RIP Tim Bergling (Avecii)


Tim Bergling AKA Avicii has lost his young life, gone way too soon. My heart goes out to him, his family and friends. Nothing can take away that pain. I have been through this myself that pain stays for ever with those left behind.     

I had never heard of him until I saw this article in the news yesterday. I was touched by how young he is.  A young man in his prime, his life hadn't really started yet. He had not fully experienced life at such a young age.

This young man was a sensitive soul, which would I feel, have led to a deeply spiritual path had he the chance to live.

In loving memory to Tim it would be nice if his fans could find the peaceful path that he tried to find and carry on his charitable work. That would make his soul happy to know that his life was not in vain and his life mattered. I am sure those close to him feel his gentle touch and his humour at their time of need. 

No amount of money, material wealth or anything can bring the peace to ones life, that one needs to survive on this earth. Most celebrities will not openly admit the secret sufferings that they endure daily.
I am glad I have opted out of that arena. One loses oneself in the haze when we step into that unknown world. Everything we do seems to have a price, but why is that? Why are some able to sail through unscathed? Surely there is a secret to that, perhaps it is a dark one.  If so let them have it.

Rest in peace Tim Bergling and watch over your loved ones.


Monday 16 April 2018


I do like the colour purple, it is a spiritual colour and quite eye catching. I much prefer cool colours to warm colours personally. However there is much more going on with colours than people know.
For instance purple is the highest colour in the catholic church, it is the prominent colour in feminism, which is strange  given that  blue is the goddess colour of the divine feminine.  Mother Mary is usually depicted wearing blue.

Purple is every where at present, all over TV and government departments world wide. Red and Blue combined makes purple as we know. The blending of the two halves of freemasonry, the red team and the blue team. Be very aware of the colour themes that are shoved in our faces, they always contain an occult meaning and a vibrational frequency.

This is done for a reason that the general public do not seem to be aware of let alone stop and think about what it all means. Every colour has a meaning, both positive and negative, and it has it'sown frequency. It is important that people understand  that, the same with numbers.

Depending on the level of esoteric wisdom a person is exposed to each colour like a number is based on multiple levels on information. As mentioned in this video, (and I apologize for the filth in this video, I find it offensive and way over the top). The colour purple does correlate to the planet Saturn. Red relates to the planet Mars and is male aggressive energy. Blue relates to Venus and is female energy and related to the Goddess or Mother Mary/ The Sophia. Mix them together and you have the coming together of two ideals, duality.

You will notice the woman doing the sign as above so is below with her hands, (again it's duality) at the 10.00 min point. She is in on this too, she deliberately made it look sloppy to draw attention to herself. Normally it is done in a seemingly innocent casual way so as the average person misses it and only an initiate would notice. I notice this sign used in a lot of advertising especially in banking.

Androgyny is an other aspect indicated in this symbology, moving us towards singularity and non binary society. Do we as individuals get a choice in this? Only if you are aware, and say NO.

This goes way out of kilter with nature and spirituality. As you know the universe is made up of duality. To suddenly change the order of things will spell disaster on a massive scale.
Especially on a spiritual level, remember we are all spirit first and foremost. Your spirituality or your soul is the most important aspect here, don't forget that.

This is a war against our human spirituality and sovereignty. It is being pointed out by many people world wide. Now getting back to the colour codes for a moment. Have you noticed in the past few years, there has been a trend with the media, governments departments celebrities etc, world wide?

I remember pink being popular in TV shows including when watching the news and current affairs shows and also being used in advertising. We have had all the colours of the chakra system being employed to covey messages right in front of our eyes, yet no one is commenting on this.

I pay attention to symbology, which the general population do not do. People that are in any way spiritual need know this and shun it.

You do not have to live, sleep and breath this stuff, only be aware and acknowledge the true facts. That is for your own wisdom and protection.  Knowledge is power, ignorance can be deadly.

I am by no means an expert on anything, but I am aware. I do not like what I see going on, I am aware of a darker meaning of the symbology. I do not agree with what these dark magicians are doing across our planet and let me tell you, this is  like a coded count down. I don't see the masses being able to avert disaster either. The rocket has left the launch pad as we speak.

People just do not get, or do not want to get, the fact that cabalistic individuals are hell bent on destruction of humanity. We are in for more bloodshed as we speak, (SYRIA). Humanity is losing its collective voice. Due to too little willingness of the masses.



The sodomite gateway, the cube links to Saturn and the Kabbalah it is not just Freemasons involved and it is a world wide thing pre-Christianity many thousands of years ago to which the priest classes and royalty of the world accepted evil into their hearts and  minds.



Take a close look at the colours Purple, Magenta and Violet on this link. Read the negative and the positive sides. Now read the negative and positive of Orange.

I avoid watching most things on tv these days because of the subliminal and in your face programming

A Country Mouse

So me, I am the country mouse, but living in a big country town. Give me the country side any day.

My favourite tea pot Brambly Hedge with the winter teacup and saucer.

Thursday 12 April 2018



This is right on the money, I can't lift my left arm up high because it's frozen, as well as the fibro pain.  I get pains in my scalp in several random spots, that I at first thought was infections in the hair follicles. The doctor could not detect anything any time the pain happened, it was only recently that I realized it was fibro related. I use natural hair products only for washing my hair due to eczema and dermatitis on my hands and face. So the natural products do not cause a reaction to cause the pain.

I try to be as quick as possible in the shower as it is exhausting. However I don't always get time to rest. I have my family and fur babies to look after as well as work and household chores.

Friday 6 April 2018

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Card Of The Month: April, 2 Of Cups

This card is a card of healing, peace, love, sharing, agreements, commitments etc. The two of cups has a healing aspect too.

Notice the man and woman standing in the forefront, exchanging cups. The cups stand for happiness, love, devotion and agreements. They meet on level ground as equals.

He is using his left hand to receive the cup from the woman, and the woman in turn is using her right hand. This alludes to duality and to remind us that the left hand side of the body is female and the right hand side is male. The left hand side relates to the moon and the right hand side relates to the sun. Duality is all around us in the third dimension. As above, so is below comes in to the world of duality also.

Above the couple is the caduceus, recognised the world over for healing. So bringing together this couple for an important purpose. This also is the double helix of two strand DNA.
The other name for the Caduceus is the rod of Hermes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermes
In ancient Greece two snakes entwined represented commerce and exchange, so here it becomes an energy exchange if you like.

The caduceus is a sign of synergy between the couple, balancing them harmoniously in a positive creative energy. Team work and love.

The woman is wearing a blue tunic over her white dress. The blue tunic shows that she is a healer, blue is the colour of devotion and the mother goddess too. The white dress is about spirituality and purity. On her head she is wearing a laurel wreath for wisdom, victory and eloquence in all its aspects.

The green in the laurel wreath relates to the heart chakra and the zodiac signs of Taurus and Capricorn. Wreaths like this were worn by leaders and champions in days of old.
Notice the woman is wearing red shoes. Very grounded in reality and is very aware of her power.

The man is wearing a wreath of red roses, red as in the base chakra and raw emotions, blood / the water of life. Red resonates with the zodiac sign of Aries and the planet Mars. Symbolically red roses or the colour red is also connected with royalty.

Much of the symbology in the Rider Waite Tarot cards relates back to ancient Egypt, so remember that when looking at the colours and symbols. Upper and lower Egypt in ancient times used red and white to signify their royal houses.

The yellow tunic the man is wearing represents joy and happiness, the radiant sun that gives us life
and spirituality, it connects to the solar chakra. A happy vibrant colour resonating with the zodiac sign of Leo. Notice the man is wearing yellow boots, a spring in his step perhaps. Not taking himself too seriously. However there is his spirituality on show, yellow can also be used instead of gold to imply spirituality. So both of the people on the card are spiritual individuals.

Last but not least is the card number, 2. This is again about duality, balance, harmony, diplomacy, love, adaptability etc.

This month’s card is about meeting on common. A coming together of likeminded people for a common cause, whether it is a relationship between a young couple, a workplace agreement, a health issue. It is a positive card in the upright position.

Meaning that things are going to go well. In the reverse of course it means there will be tears before bed time. I like to stay away from the negative aspects of the card when doing card of the month blog posts. I like to instead show the symbology of the card and the positive aspects.

April seems like a fast moving month, it will just come and go so fast that you don’t have time to catch your breath. It always has fast moving energy. I like to think of this in a positive light.

The bright yellow sun in the southern hemisphere is now waving goodbye to the summer season and moving in to winter. Golden tones of the sun match the golden leaves on the trees. These match the bright yellow tones in the two of cups. Warmth and a happy joyous feeling.

The two of cups is a protective and loving energy for those that draw this card. Funnily enough as I was shuffling the card to pick a card this card just jumped out and landed on my table.
I will take this as a good omen for myself, and I hope that it is a good omen for everyone else.

Love and blessings


Sunday 1 April 2018

Calthorpe House


I went to see this lovely old 1920's house today, it is only 15 mins from where I live.
I did in deed see Harry Calthorpe, he made his presence known to me prior to me going there, as I made the booking to go and see the house over the phone, he turned up.

However I don't know why he had a beard, mustache yes, that was part of his distinguished look and  fitting of the times. 
On arrival at the lovely house harry greeted me as I walked down the side of the house to the front door. Spirit always know whats going on, not much gets past them.

If you love old world historic places, it is a must see if you live in Canberra or visit Canberra. At the house I purchased a book by Dawn Calthorpe, called Chortles, Chores and Chilblains.
Something to treasure and remember my visit. I am sure that I will return there again.

Sadly due to people talking, myself included I did not get a chance to communicate with Harry. But I could see him clearly. In the garden I could see two little girls playing. This was a snapshot in time as a surprise, thanks to Harry. This was him sharing a memory with me. He loved his children very much.

One of the girls is still very much alive and living near by.  As I left, I thanked Harry for his company and showing me his home, I thanked the lady tour guide and her off-sider who was very busy taking bookings. it must be a lovely job to do if you love history. I love all things 1920's and 30's.

PS: As a child in Scotland I lived in a house built in 1910. I loved that house and was very sad when my parents sold it. I have always loved old world houses, that have a soul of their own.

Happy Easter From Alex

From my family to your family Happy Easter xxx
Don't forget the fur babies 😍