Sunday 21 February 2016

Epic cat party

I am such a crazy cat lady so I just had to share this funny video with you. Arron's animals, Epic cat party. Have a good laugh!

Tavistock and manufactured music, the Devil's playground

I have read some of this before, it comes as no surprise when you do the research. But how disturbing  wow. Nothing is as it seems. I stopped listening to rock or pop music in the late 1990s. I love  classical music as it can  be so peaceful  and relaxing. There are many alternatives to modern music, but remember  the vibrational frequencies the music is played at. That frequency can be used to manipulate the mind. 440 hertz or 432 hertz it makes all the difference. Old recordings prior to 1939 I  think are under the 432 . It was German scientific researchers that made this discovery and then it was given to the US and the UK to exploit the western world with.

Sunday 14 February 2016

Need help with shutting down an energy portal in your house? Me too!

It never ceases to astound me the selfishness and disappointment from the psychic community when one of their own is in need of help. I have asked for help to shut down a couple of energy portals in my house, from others in the industry and was met by cold silence. Professional psychics I must say, I  posted a call for help on our private page that only professional psychics use on face book. I got a few likes but no help or comments.

Bear in mind the post that I  put on my blog about the so called spiritual people in the psychic community being selfish gossip mongers and liars in the, I HAVE HAD A GUT FULL post a couple of months ago. I am just blown away by the lack of compassion and help. I cannot understand why these people have to be like this.

I have helped so many people over the years and expect nothing in return. I have removed spirits from homes for free, given free readings to those  that have just lost a spouse or a child because it is morally repugnant to accept payment from someone suffering such a terrible loss. (Don't take me for a fool though I know the difference between a liar and a genuine person suffering loss, so don't even think of trying to scam a reading from me. Yes I have had vile, evil people try that). Does the word Clairvoyant, not warn people that I know truth from  a lie, hmm?

Any how  I have had to research for myself and help myself, to help my family member that had the misfortune of having two energy portals that were not natural ones in the bed room and one natural one so that is three all up that  I knew of. Which disrupted sleep, health and emotional well being. I had a professional "ghostbuster" come to my house to assist a couple of months ago. She informed me there were two  portals ( I knew for a fact that there were three), but for the life of me I can't understand why she did not say she would close them down. The problems still persisted after she left.

Never in my life would I do this to anyone. Please bear in mind, never to attempt this sort of work unless you are trained and know what you are doing. It can be very dangerous. I was asking help from people that know what they are doing on both occasions, only to be ignored. Charming  people and today has just reinforced my disappointment with the psychic industry. Confirming to me the self-serving egotistical individuals that this line of work attracts. Sure there are good honest psychics, but from all of the time that I have been involved in the industry I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that I have not met one yet.

My husband wants me to retire from  the industry, but something tells me the time is not yet.   There are things that I still need to do before I leave the industry for good, and one of those things is to write a book. An informative book to benefit people in need of spiritual assistance, psychic rescue and such, as the things that I  have experienced, and will teach them how to keep themselves safe, their families and homes. I feel that this is a moral obligation without all the hog wash New Age rubbish. Simple and to the point, practical assistance without the theatrics.

I don't think I will ever get over my disgust in the way a person can be treated or mistreated by the psychic industry. It is all about the ego and money and nothing more. The need for fame and adulation is astounding. The first rule of a spiritual life is help others, not seek fame and fortune first and foremost. Currently this quest for fame and adulation is rampant and I find it repugnant I want no part of this. I have often stated over the years we psychics/clairvoyants must not be put on a pedestal and looked up to like movie stars. That is profane and always will be. We are in service to spirit and humanity/the animals and that is all.


Friday 12 February 2016

New update on the Titanic 2 dream

I was flabbergasted yesterday, to discover my dream about the Titanic 2 has come to pass.
I put the Daily Mail's link on my post from January 27th 2016 on yesterday afternoon. This article was published by them only yesterday morning 11 February 2016.

I do not like the concept of recreating this ship, I find it in very poor taste. But some may argue and say we like the concept. Just ponder the feelings of those souls that lost their lives in such a horrible way, and their loved ones. It opens up old wounds and to make money from such a tragic event. To me it seems morally repugnant and profane. One other point to note is the energetic imprint from the disaster is also imprinted on the new vessel, we are talking energy frequency here. That is a powerful thing and not a wise thing to recreate this fateful tragedy.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

LOL new use for false eye lashes

New Kittens

Drugs and Psychic abilities

There is also damage to the aura not just the DNA when using drugs and or alcohol. I  would take time to read through Whale to, and store it for future reference. There is some very good stuff to learn here.

Conjecture views: his masters voice in oz or zion


Now this post might be a bit out there for some readers. Those that read metaphysical books and websites will follow what is being said on this link. I leave it to the readers to do their own research. All I am doing is providing something for my readers to have a look at. Your opinions  are your own private opinions and I have no intention to sway readers one way or the other. 

You won't  find this in mainstream books for a reason. True wisdom and true knowledge is always withheld from the masses. I am like the readers of my little blog, I want to know things that are not mainstream. I will find my own truths in this world.  Anyhow enjoy the information that is here for your benefit.