Thursday 5 January 2012

Simon Gipps-Kent, Spirit Dream

No It is not what you think it is. Two nights ago, I had a strange dream of this young man.
Simon was an English actor in the 1970's to 1980's. A very talented actor, I must add,
He died in 1987 of a supposed Morphine overdose.

In the dream that I had two nights ago, this man came to me in dream form, there was a disturbing feeling around him. There was a feeling of hopelessness and deep sadness. I got the feeling that he did not kill himself. Also I had the feeling that he was abused as a boy, There was a feeling of hopelessness and loneliness around him. He was reaching out for help. This man is not at rest, not at peace.

If a person dies in a situation like this, they will not stop until they find someone that can help him or her.
It is not the sort of job that I like to do, nor want to do. Helping souls that are not at rest is not pleasant. Forget what you see on the TV. This is real and is not entertainment. It is no different to a car accident or a horrific crime. I personally find it highly offensive to spirit the way that the Media use distressed souls/spirits for entertainment.

Now that he has made contact with a person who is receptive and sympathetic, I now have to work out how to help him, if I can. The reality is that sometimes mediums can not help. It is up to the spirit/soul, what it wants to do. A spirit can not be made to go to the light if it does not want to or is not ready to, please understand that fact. Perhaps he will try to communicate with me again, now that he knows that he has a connection.

All I can do is offer him options and advice, what this young man does is up to him. I wish him to be at peace and to watch over his loved ones. He may not get justice in this time line. Sometimes that is just the way it is.
I will pray for him and ask spirit to help him. It is the least that I can do.

UPDATE:  November 4 2018.

I think it is time for me to say more about Simon's death, YES he was murdered. I have not shared this information  up until now, but have decided to because of people emailing me wanting to know more about his death.

What Simon showed me of the day he was murdered was a young dark haired man in his mid 20's to early 30's medium height and slim build. He was wearing a black leather jacket,(it could have been a biker jacket) and jeans. He seemed to be arguing with Simon, I must point out Simon was NOT a drug addict as some have said.

He had a spinal problem since birth which got worse over time and lived in a lot of pain.  Now getting back to this dark haired young man, Simon knew him and that is why he let him into his home. This dark haired young man gave Simon an overdose intravenously and waited until he knew Simon was dead and then left him there.

That young man was also murdered to cover the tracks as  I saw him with Simon in spirit when Simon told me this information.  This information was also relayed to a friend of Simon's that has been in contact with me.

More information was given to his friend however I am not sharing it with the public. That is up to Simon's friend to do that if the need arises. Yes I am aware of the information on the internet connected with Simon's death. I supplied some information to the memorial website run on Simon's behalf.

I do feel his death was ordered by someone in the BBC. Simon wanted to move to the US to further his career and was prevented from doing so. Simon was never suicidal either. He was a happy up beat person despite the abuse that he suffered at the hands of his abusers. He never told his family about that as far as I know.

I do not have any other information to share with the public. However Simon is very touched by the outpouring over love from his loyal fans. This has been a very emotional situation for me personally too. I do see Simon with a friend of mine that passed away in 2005 and they often pop in together to say hello to me.

I often get a nudge from Simon for me to email this dear friend of his that I have stayed in touch with. So we have a good bond indeed, I have a lot of love and respect for my mate Simon.
Bless you Simon you will never be forgotten and will always be loved by your family and fans.

Copyright Alex Fulford November 4, 2018