Saturday 28 February 2015

Goodbye Our Beloved Tolstoy: Angel Cat

Tonight we said goodbye to our beautiful Norwegian Forrest Cat, Tolstoy. After a battle with cancer 4 years ago resulting in the loss of a hind leg, I just knew that was not the end of the Cancer. When the vet said I think we got it all. I just knew that was not the case. Tolstoy was given the gift of 4 extra years to be with us. He had lost a lot of weight just recently and I knew what that meant, I just did not want to accept this. Over the past week he has been indoors all day, instead of being on the back patio and enjoying his garden. Yesterday he seemed to be lifeless and just lying on the floor. Sadly my day was so busy with other issues that I didn't think that this was the end. Today we noticed the laboured breathing and listlessness. When I tried to pick him up he was in pain. It is heartbreaking to suddenly know that this is it, I must take him to the vet. So all of the family rushed to the vet with Tolstoy. Tears running down our faces. We love Tolstoy so dearly and this has taken us all so suddenly that we are still reeling from the shock.                                                                     
I am not prepared for this loss, spirit did not tell me this was going to happen either. Talk about     kicking someone when they are down on their knees. My family have been going through pure hell over the past 3 years and just when we think it can't get any worse, we lose our beautiful Angel Cat.
I know it wont be long now until our Slinky leaves us, he is 17 and will be 18 in July. All my cats are very aware of Tolstoy's passing and the look in their eyes says it all. Daisy my little girl cat, was like   Tolstoy's wife. They were a pair and liked eachother's company. Tonight she is in her little bed looking so lost. It breaks my heart to see her sad.     
Rest in peace Tolstoy until I come for you my angel XXX                                                                            

John Lamb Lash's political party??

Well folks I just don't know what to make of this one, lol. This man is very well respected but Gee, I think I will sit this one out. Hmmm!

Wednesday 25 February 2015

UPDATE Wes Penre Level 5 paper 15

You know the drill now lol.


Scroll right down to the bottom of my blog and you will see a permanent link to the A1R radio station to listen to any of the shows. There are 3 Aussies on there now, YAY!!

The Supernatural Magazine: Living with Psychic Children by Alex Fulford
Just published, I just got the email from the editor for my article. So this takes you right to the page. I have left my copy up on the blog too though. Not sure if I should keep doing that, double up though.

Anyway it's all good LOL. I have just done my live broadcast on A1R, Thanks to the poor quality internet service from our Internet provider, it had to be done by phone though. I have been on the phone to the service provider to complain but it is out of my hands at this stage, I have no internet other than using a Dongle that I borrowed for the emergency, crackling on the phone line and no TV.
Not that I like tv at all, but my family need that. NOT HAPPY JAN.... NOT HAPPY!

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Radio Show tomorrow A1R Psychic Radio with Alex

Counting down the hours to the show, Yeee-Ha!! Wednesday Lunch time in Australia at 12.30pm EST. Or Tuesday night 8.30pm US EST or 5.30pm PT.  If you have any funny information to do with psychic experiences please phone in and share your funny story.

Phone on these numbers

UPDATE Wes Penre Level 5 Paper 14

Here we are at paper 14, wow. I have been hanging out for this stuff. Please download this in pdf.
Share with your friends and help spread this amazing work.

Important update! John Best made me aware of a mistake I'd made in Paper #14 in the paragraph that mentions ADD and ADHD. Unfortunately, I had not completed my train of thought, and the unfinished paragraph made it sound like these diseases are "made up" in the sense that they don't exist.
This was not my intention. I meant to say that these diseases were born from putting mercury in the vaccines. I advice the reader to discard the pdf version you now have and instead download the revised version here:…/FifthLevelOfLearningPaper14-the-end-o…
. If you have the correct version, it should say [revised] at the end of the URL.

Sorry for the mistake. Love, Wes

Friday 20 February 2015

Wes Penre Updte: Level 5 part 13

We are getting closer to the end of the papers now Woo hoo!

Living With Psychic Children

There are many children all over the world today that have psychic abilities. It is more common than people think. It is a difficult thing to live with, from the child’s perspective and from the parent’s perspective. Now it is very important that adults take note about this and keep an open mind.

We are living in a time where humanity is evolving into a higher state of consciousness. This is a well-documented fact. These children have been arriving on earth from the 1980’s and are arriving in greater numbers than ever before. This is God’s will if you like. Some say it is the cosmic awareness that is responsible and there are many other New Age answers, but the fact remains, these children are here and here for a reason.

I have met many parents with psychic children of all ages, I have a nephew  that is also a psychic child. These children come into the world being able to see and hear spirit beings. Most of the time it is loved ones from the spirit world that they see. These children when they first learn to talk often tell their parents about Aunt Mary or Uncle Joe standing next to them and often pass on a message from the relative. I have known many parents to be very pleased about their child’s ability. However there are some parents that get upset with the child. This is very unfair on the child. He or she is not doing anything wrong here.

It is the adult’s perception that is wrong for whatever reason. Mostly it is due to religious beliefs and superstition. This gift is the human beings natural ability. There is nothing wrong or evil about this. People need to be better informed about the spirit world and our natural abilities. My own nephew at the age of 18 months onward was able to see my mother and his maternal grandmother in spirit and my mother’s dog.

It took my brother by surprise at first and then he just accepted it, after all it runs in our family. Animals are also psychic, but for so long, ignorant humans have ignored this fact or refuse to acknowledge this fact.

I have had women come to me and say my teenage child is having visions and premonitions, and is upset by them. I often wonder why the spirit world puts such a responsibility on to children. Some of the things they see and hear can be frightening.

My advice to parents with children that are not wanting to have this ability is take your child to a respected psychic,  that teaches psychic development and ask for help to either close the ability down for a few years or help the child to understand the abilities they have, and how to use them.

It is of the utmost importance that the children and their parents learn how to use psychic protection, such as how to Gold Light themselves and the house that they live in. This helps keep away unfriendly spirits and helps protect and strengthen their auras or energy fields.

I urge people to seek out respected psychic teachers or coaches. The spiritual church is the best port of call when in doubt. These churches are in every country in the western world, I don’t know about other non-western countries, however people in non-western countries will know of someone that they can contact to help their child or children if need be. They are quite open to spiritual matters.

Many children do automatically shut off their psychic abilities when they are school age as other things are more interesting such as hanging out with friends and doing what kids do. These psychic abilities come back later on in life and then the person can deal with the gift then, if they chose not to use them  that is fine, but it must be a free will decision.

They must never be forced into anything that they do not want. I myself did not use my abilities until I was left school and working, even though my abilities started at the age of three or there about, I was still sleeping in a cot at the time. I did not even know I was psychic until I was 28 years old. By then I was hearing and seeing things and the abilities grew stronger and stronger. I used to be frightened because I had read some psychic books, which put me off of the spirit world.

One Particular author turned out to be a fake. When I discovered this a few years ago I was disgusted, a few more have been found to be fake since then. It is hard enough to live in the physical world and having psychic abilities let alone some individuals come along and exploit people and this gives genuine psychics a bad name. 

Getting back to psychic children, a friend of mine has a daughter with mediumship abilities and she is frightened of them. I have urged her to go to the local spiritual church and talk with the people there. They are only too happy to help. They have all been in this situation. But I can tell you now, that many of these young people will grow up to be amazing psychic or spiritual healers and clairvoyants.

I have met a few friends of my oldest son and out of the group he went to college with 3 girls are psychic healers and one boy will be reading the Tarot cards one day. I knew when I met this boy just by looking at him he is psychic, and a lovely and genuine person he is. Please do be aware that there are nasty entities out there, yes, but very few will bother you. If you tell them to go away they usually do.

The higher the persons vibrational frequency is these beings can’t even see you or even be aware of you. So the golden rule is keep your thoughts good and loving and this will lift your vibrational frequency. That does not mean that your Vibes don’t drop, they do ebb and flow through the day, every day and the same as the human aura, changes colour constantly through the day all day every day. So please don’t worry about is my aura ok or are my vibes ok. Relax and go with the flow.

Copyright by Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium 18 Feb 2015

Thursday 19 February 2015

Ok what is the real truth here folks? Read this article all the way through. Keep in mind that codex Alimentarius too. This is big pharma using a stick to keep us under control and prevent freedom of choice and real nutrition. Ka Ching!

Wes Penre Update: Level 5 paper 12

enjoy folks!

10 nutritional deficiencies that may cause depression -

10 nutritional deficiencies that may cause depression -
Please read this it is very important stuff and true. This is why there are so many health problems in the western world. The vitamins and minerals sold inn supermarkets are next to useless by the way ,you should buy them from a natural therapist. They are much stronger in dosage and have a licence number that vouches for their quality too. I never trust anything that is sold over the counter.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

URGENT NOTICE: Alex's time for the show is delayed one week

Due to a mix up in the international time zones there has been a glitch. My time slot was at  12.30pm and NOT 2.30pm for Australians. I am so sorry to let anyone down that was tuning in to hear me. Lets just put it down to the tail end of Mercury Retrograde. The time in the US EST is still 8.30pm on a Tuesday night. It is the Australian time that is different. I will be on air at 12.30pm Aus EST starting next Wednesday Australian time or 8.30pm next Tuesday US EST.

Please note that due to the  daylight savings in Spring and Autumn/Fall between Australia and the Northern Hemispheres, the time can be out by between 10 to 13 hours depending on the part of Australia or New Zealand and the and  US/Canada. We will have this changing in Australia at the end of March remember as we head back to winter.

Once again I offer my apologies to those that were let down by this error in time.


Peace Love and Light

What is gray and flat and turns red at the flick of a switch?

Rushing around this morning doing chores before the heat starts and so that I can relax before my radio show. I thought why don't I just whip out the electric lawn mower and do the lawn.

I only  have a small area to do, and just in the long grass out of sight was a dead mouse that Ruby our dog had killed and after playing with it, and doing the whole down and roll in it, and put the shoulder into, she just left it.
I forgot the dead mouse was there, or she had hidden it some where, lol.
I just ran over the smelly thing with the lawn mower. You would think spirit would remind me that it was there, but no.
They were probably laughing at me running over it, and Hi 5'ing at the mouse being hit. Hmm, never a dull moment in my house. It all makes life that bit more exciting. I keep reminding Ruby dead mice don't grow on trees, and if she brakes it she ain't getting an other one, lol. Sheesh, does she think I am made of mice.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Post Tortoise joke

While stitching a cut on the hand of a 75 year old farmer, whose hand was caught in the squeeze gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.

Eventually the topic got around to politicians and their role as our leaders.

The old farmer said, "Well, as I see it, most politicians are 'Post Tortoises'.''

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a 'Post Tortoise' was.

The old farmer said, "When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a tortoise balanced on top, that's a post tortoise."

The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctor's face so he continued to explain. "You know he didn't get up there by himself, 
he doesn't belong up there, 
he doesn't know what to do while he's up there, 
he's elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb arse put him up there to begin with."
Best explanation of a politician I've heard for ages. (The world over)

Monday 16 February 2015

Alex On A1R Psychic Radio

Hi folks just a quick heads up I will be starting the show on the 18th February. time line for US EST is 8.30pm Tuesday or Australian EST 2.30pm on Wednesday. Big time difference I know, but it is a big planet after all :) If you wish to listen in her is the link.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

PayPal is now in use for readings

OK Call me too late for breakfast, call me a taxi, but don't call me a dinosaur.  I finally got PayPal  up
I have been trying to get this done for a few years. Now It is here. I have been hassling my husband to help me with this, as I don't know how to do this stuff. Yeh, yeh, alright I admit it I am a dinosaur!
So long story short after Radio station A1R in the US inviting me to do a show for them, hubby had to bite the bullet and set this up for me. It was not as easy as we thought either.

What a right pain in the butt it was, I am just so over modern technology.  Next step must be done quick too, linking my account to it, grrr. Everything is so technical, and when you are older this stuff is confusing. I will be so glad when it is all functioning. I just have zero tolerance for machines and technology. But I need to have it otherwise things just can't happen. Imagine being without  a washing machine or a fridge for a day. That would be very difficult for me.

PLEASE NOTE: When paying with PayPal you must put your name on the payment details so that I can trace the money to whom ever wants a reading. I will have many payments to sort through and my poor dinosaur brain is bad enough LOL.

Mercury Retrograde

Grumpy cat says:I used to smile

Grumpy cat says: When life gives you Lemons

Tuesday 10 February 2015

THE CAT; joke

We were dressed and ready to go out for a Dinner and Theatre evening.

We turned on a  'night light', turned the answering machine on, covered our
 pet budgie and  put the cat in the back garden.

We phoned the local Taxi company and  requested a taxi.

The taxi arrived and we opened the front door to  leave the house.

As we walked out the door, the cat we had put out in the yard scooted back
 into the house.
We didn't want the cat shut in the house because she always tries to get at
 the budgie.

My wife walked  on out to the taxi, while I went back inside to get the cat.
 The cat ran upstairs, with me in hot pursuit.

Waiting in the cab, my wife didn't  want the driver to know that the house
 will be empty for the night so, she explained to the taxi driver that I would be out soon.
"He's just going upstairs to say Goodbye to my mother."
A few minutes later, I got into the cab. "Sorry I took so long," I  said, as we drove away.
"That stupid  bitch was hiding under the bed. I had to poke her arse with a coat hanger to get her to come out!
She tried to take off, so I grabbed her by the neck. Then, I had to wrap her in a blanket to keep her from scratching me.   But it worked!
I hauled her fat arse downstairs and threw her out into the back garden!  She'd better not shit in the vegetable garden again!"

The silence in the Taxi was deafening.

Monday 9 February 2015


This is a very important listening. I am an Empath, I Gold light every day to protect myself from energy vampires. Gold light is the highest spiritual protection. I gold light my house every day too. I highly recommend putting Gold light around your work space too. Not the whole building, just your desk and your personal space where you  work.

Put gold light into the search box on my blog and you will be able to see the instructions on how to gold light yourself and a room/house.

Sunday 8 February 2015

Alex to be on A1R Radio soon

Hi folks

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather when I got an email from A1R. Me!! being asked to host a show, OMG. I am very humbled to be asked. I have been interviewed on radio and have done an on air reading, but doing a show, that freaks me out. I trust in spirit and hope that spirit will guide me safely.  I will keep everyone informed of the news as it happens.

It will be a 28min long show, so I am told. I am very excited about this, but keeping my feet on the ground as normal. Remember it is not about me. It is spirit and the people that spirit has messages for. I am only the humble mouth piece, nothing more. When spirit taps you on the shoulder, you don't say no. One simply asks, how can I be of service? I was told a few months ago to expect this and I informed the friend last night of the outcome. So I owe him a debt of gratitude too. So, thank you Ron Davis. You are an angel. Hugs to you, I hope to see you again soon.    this is the link to the radio.

Saturday 7 February 2015

Off the Leash: Time for some fun

I have lost count of the amount of times Ruby has done this or runs off with the remote. She chews it too. I usually end up under the bed with a dog treat to get the remote back, and I am not the one that leaves it when she can get it.

Off the Leash: A relaxing bath

Update Wes Penre Level 5 paper 9

Ya all know the drill, lol. Click and download :) Happy reading peeps xxxx

Friday 6 February 2015

Magnesium and Selenium deficiency

Just a quick blurb on the importance of minerals and vitamins in your body. We live in a very busy world these days, with very little time to eat healthy. Often we eat processed foods because we need that quick fix to satisfy hunger pangs. The down side is that more and more people are getting sick from the lack of proper  nutrition. Years ago we were all taught in school how to eat healthy and avoid illnesses such as scurvy, pellagra and iron deficiency to name a few health issues. Today these health conditions are coming back  again, due to our unhealthy eating habits and fast food. 

Two of the most important minerals that we need are Magnesium and Selenium. The US has a good amount of Selenium in the soil unlike many other nations, however depending on where one lives and what one eats, it can be very difficult to obtain the correct dosage of Selenium. Modern agriculture is making the big mistake of using artificial means to fertilise the soil resulting in lower levels of   vital vitamins and minerals, instead of using organic fertilisers. This is a major cause of deficiencies. in the western world.

We must go back to the traditional methods and we must go back to a healthy diet. Processed foods do contain other chemicals that are not good for the body and can cause health problems if we eat processed foods all the time. We must take responsibility for our own health and eat proper food, and a healthy balance of the food groups, (unless you are Vegan). We also need to eat more nuts, providing one is not allergic to nuts. Dairy products have chemicals and other things added to them too that can lead to health problems. I myself can not have very much dairy for that reason, so I must have substitutes to get my proper nutrition. Now looking up information on the internet is important but also seeing your doctor  and or a natural therapist. Many modern doctors do not teach the importance of vitamins and minerals, my guess is the time factor with all the patients that they have to see each day.

It is the individuals responsibility to learn proper nutrition, it should not be the responsibility of others to tell you how to eat. Animals know what they should eat to be healthy and what to eat if they are ill. Humans used to know too, but have become lazy and indifferent, and as a result of this have lost so much knowledge on how to eat correctly. The western world has lost so much knowledge in the past 100 years alone. That is quite startling to say the least, we need to be asking the big question as to why the western world has lost basic survival skills and also other skills. In the next 20 years we stand to lose more unless the individuals can pull themselves out of the couch potato mindset that has been rapidly taking control. Some of this might well be traced back to poor nutrition, which leads to fatigue and apathy, sloppy thinking and a sloppy attitude to life in general. All of this is preventable.

The western world is in decline, and it will be over taken, it wont even be equal to the rest of the world if this trend continues. Remember the movie Idiocracy? That is the way many are acting. Just ask general knowledge questions to any one under the age of 50 these days and you will see what I mean.
If you were to play a game of Trivia, that would be an eye opener. A fun game to play, but the lack of knowledge that I have seen in clubs that run Trivia quizzes is a worry. Most people bomb out in areas of geography, history, current affairs, literature and just basic general knowledge. They can only answer sport or tv questions. Now what does that tell you? It tells me keep the hell away from those that do not wish to learn anything for a start, LOL.

But it all starts with basic nutrition which feeds the body and the brain. In turn stimulating the brain into wanting to learn and memory retention abilities. No one wants to end up with early on set dementia and end up in a nursing home when it is easily preventable and have a better quality of life.
So please do think about this and make a positive move to eating healthy. Don't forget Walnuts, Almonds Cashews etc. Fresh is best if you can get them and they can be added to your food or just as a snack.

Book mark these links and share them too.

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Attention all Vets in the Tuggeranong, ACT area: Free Spiritual healing for animals

This is a call to any vets in the Tuggeranong area that are into alternate healing such as Reiki.
I am offering free Spiritual healing to any animals that you feel might benefit from healing energy  to hasten recovery from health issues including emotional issues.

I am very passionate about animals, and would be most honoured to be of service to any animals that might benefit from a complementary free healing.  This energy comes straight through from spirit. I do not touch the animal at all. I have had success with my own fur babies over the years. I do of course take my beloved fur babies to a local vet and I am well known as an devout animal lover. I am adherent to standard veterinary treatments and in no way take matters into my own hands, other than with the assistance of spirit.

Gromit AKA Nunu. Famous for taking a crash dive off the top steps in the patio. If he saw a magpie he would just tilt. Gromit would do a running leap from the 3rd step and crash land on the grass and be off like a shot to try and catch the bird. Just about an every day occurrence with him LOL.

Gromit did hurt his knee and I gave him healing that night and took him off to see his vet the next morning. May be it was just luck, but he was all back to normal in 2 or 3 days.

Ruby my current dog, AKA Madam Minx, was only in our house 24 hours when she decided that she would orbit the family room going from the top of the lounge chairs and then launch herself on to my diner table. The third time she missed and hit the floor. A 12 week old pup with 'tude!  I gave her healing and rushed her to  her vet first thing in the morning. Lucky for her she is ok. Nothing broken or damaged. She was fine just sore for a day or so.

Madam Minx, Ruby  the day we got her. She will be three at the end of June this year. Full on and full of mischief.