Wednesday 29 April 2015

Alex's Radio Show 21 April 2015

This is last weeks show. I hope you like it :)

Thank you to the ladies that called in on my show today 28 April 2015. I wish you both and all the listeners a wonderful out come to your lives and what ever is happening at present in your lives, may it turn out better than expected for you all.  Thank you to the radio staff and thank you to all the crew in the spirit world for their help. I felt my spirit guide (producer in spirit) as he connected to me as we went to air. What a buzz of heat and energy. I am still hot from the psychic energy, LOL. See you all next week XXX 

Saturday 25 April 2015


To all those who lost loved ones, Lest WE Forget.

Simpson and his donkey Duffy, the stuff legends are made of. What a brave young man he was. I have a photo of my sons standing next to his Bronze statue  at the Australian War Memorial her in Canberra. Lucky my sons got to grow up in Canberra and made the regular pilgrimage to the War Memorial each year when they were small. I didn't take them on ANZAC Day as it gets so busy but we would go 2 or 3 times a year to look through the place. You can feel the spirits of these brave men and women from all wars in there, including current time wars. It is hallowed grounds to all Australians the building is like a church with the solemness of spirit. Many people report feeling and seeing spirits of the men and women there, due to their energy being attached to the items that are on display there. You can read about some of my experiences there on my blog.

Wednesday 22 April 2015

A Big Warm Thank You; to the ladies that I read for today on A1R

Yay, An other lovely radio show. It is just so wonderful to be able to bring hope and happiness to peoples lives. Thank you for the honour of conducting your readings today ladies. I wish you so much happiness and success in your lives.  Alex XXX

Thank You A1R for providing the platform for the readings to take place and thank you spirit for your assistance too.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Alex's Radio Show on A1R PSychic Radio 21 April 2015


Hi Peeps, just a reminder to tune in to A1R  at 20 30hrs (8.30pm) US EST Tuesday 21 April or Wednesday morning, 22 April, 10 30hrs AUS EST. let's see what lovely messages spirit will bring this week.

Sunday 19 April 2015

Texas veterinarian fired after bragging online about killing a cat with a bow and arrow

Texas veterinarian fired after bragging online about killing a cat with a bow and arrow

As an animal lover I am disgusted with this. I hope she is punished for this. What sort of person is capable of such evil? Would you want her treating your beautiful fur babies? I love cats, I am a responsible pet /fur baby owner. My little ones have the full run of the house and a cat run. My dog is on a leash when out doors unless in the garden where she is safe.

How many animals are in danger from humans one may ask, and where are the animal rights groups when all the animals are suffering?

Alex's Radio Show 14 April 2015

This is a good reading here for a young man . I wish him all the very best that life has to offer.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Alex's show 7th April 2015

Last weeks radio show for those that are interested.

Alex's radio show 15 April 2015

Thank you J J for the pleasure of doing a reading for you just now on A1R Psychic radio.
I wish you all the best success in your life and I do hope that all of your dreams come true.
I sure hope that the baby boy that is still to come will bring you and his mother so much joy and happiness, when he decides to grace you with his presence.

Just know that you are a good soul and you deserve the best that this world has to offer you. Once again thank you for the pleasure of doing a reading for you.

Blessings love and light to you and all who took part in the show.

Alex XXX

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Alex on A1R Psychic Radio 15 April 2015

OK folks it is that time of the week again to tune in to A1R Psychic radio for free on air readings.
As usual, it is 10.30am AUST EST or 20.30hrs US EST (8.30pm) so get ready for the show and fingers in the buttons to call in.  I wish you all much love,  light, peace and harmony in your lives.
I hope that I can bring loving reassuring messages to the callers on the show and radiate love and healing energy to all who tune in to the show, including the staff at  A1R and the spirit beings working with us and make all of this possible.

Friday 10 April 2015

Skype and Sky People: As in those whom the Hopi Indians talk of

I keep hearing Sky People/Skype it has been driving me nuts. When you look at the Skype service what comes to mind? The colour is blue just  like the sky is it not? The little squiggles around the word as you log in look similar to clouds. Hmm, I looked at the name again and then it hit me. Sky People!  Ever heard of them? I sure have.

Extra-terrestrials, ET's, little green men, Annunaki, tall blond Nordics, Pleiades.  So this just gets to me. I want to know a bit more. I have been getting the ET's back in my dreams again. I am sick to death of that stuff now to be blunt. So why suddenly is this Sky People cropping up?
Something to do with me using Skype to do readings and the radio show, I don't know but it is under my skin at present so I thought that I would share it with others.

The Hopi Indians knew of the Sky People. They had a similar relationship with them as the ancient Sumerians did and many other cultures did all over the planet. More and more evidence is supporting this fact. The time is getting closer now for them to re-establish open relations with humanity and I have been saying this for years to every one. Our leaders will not come clean and admit that these people are here, but that makes no difference any more, the decision has been taken out of their hands just as I said it would. The Sky people are returning and it will be in a loud an in our face way. Mark my words on this.

I for on want nothing to do with them. They are not the benevolent beings that the Americans and the Vatican would have you believe. Just like the white man setting foot in the US and destroying the first nation people. This pack of charmers will do unto humanity as white man did in the US. But you tell me what race has not acted in such a barbaric evil way! They all have done it.

They were taught by their masters to be like this. Those masters are the Sky People/Et's, and we have not seen the full wrath of what is to come yet, but we will and there is a hellish price to pay for this. They are only after our real estate and a small army of serfs or slaves just like in the days of old.
They have their bloodlines in charge here and always have.

I had the misfortune two nights back of dreaming/out of body experience in which I was showing my husband a spacecraft with a grey cloud around it. Suddenly a male voice boomed out to us, warning that the time is at hand, that they are back. A wave of shock went through me and it is still rather un nerving to think about it now. The voice was rather menacing and dark, not at all benevolent.

This dream had other strange things going on too, as in going into ancient caves and exploring strange places. Not the normal sort of dreams that I have  where I am spending time with loved ones in spirit.
Most nights I am aware that I am with my mother and many other relatives that have passed on years ago. I do lucid dreaming often and the out of the blue I get a curve ball like this, lol. Let me assure you they are not what I want to have anything to do with and some nights, I am afraid to go to sleep because of things that have happened in the past two years connected with ET's and shadow people. If you could just feel the fear that they can generate within you, you would understand. It is as if I remember a previous encounter, for me to have that fear and dread. I will get on to a paranormal researcher friend to ask their advice and knowledge of these things. I have made it clear that I do not want to have this contact and stand firm on this.

Anyone who is knowledgeable on paranormal events and Human Sovereignty would understand where I am coming from. It is important that any abductee or contactee know about their Human Sovereignty and their right to say NO. All off planet and on planet beings of any sort must abide by Cosmic law, no if's or buts. Letting these entities know that you are aware of your Sovereignty  makes them cautious and they will be very evasive.  They should by rights leave you in peace.
One must not be manipulated into any agreement what so ever. it is not negotiable. They have no right to harm us.

I advise people to read the Wes Penre papers and everything that you can that is not pie in the sky garbage. Look at credible websites and self educate on this stuff. But be very careful as there are a lot of disinformation idiots out there, and people that pretend to be experts and clearly are not. If you are unfortunate to have there dreams there are measures you can take to prevent this happening to yourself.

Wednesday 8 April 2015

Alex's show for 8 April 2015

Well what a fast show today. Buzzing with energy from spirit. Flowers in my face too, for the lady that is to be married in a few months. I wish her and her husband to be well. Thank you to both callers for taking the time to ring in for a reading. It is a pleasure to be of service and bring joy and hope to people when they need it most.

My spirit fill all of your lives with love, joy, peace and harmony in all aspects of your lives.

Here is a cute squirrel for that warm and fuzzy feeling awwww!

Radio Show from 31 March for Alex

Please scroll down to Clairvoyant Medium Alex and you can hear the radio show for last week.
Dated 31 March 2015.

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Alex Interviewed by Her Canberra Magazine

My Interview by Her-Canberera Magazine's  Laura  Edwards.

Correction regarding the public Service. That was in Sydney  before moving to Canberra.

Sunday 5 April 2015

Happy Easter Possums

Wishing everyone a lovely and Happy Easter from my family to yours. Fur babies included, don't forget the animals!

Saturday 4 April 2015

Big Warm Thank You To Everyone

WOW, I now have made it past the One Million mark on the blog, and I wish to thank everyone who has helped me reach that goal. So I am sending you all a big warm internet hug. It has taken  a few years to hit the goal, but that's ok.

Wishing everyone a happy Easter too, it doesn't matter if you don't celebrate the holiday. I only go for the animals and the big kid aspect of it myself. I still like my egg with smarties inside.


Thursday 2 April 2015

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Spirit Warning For The USA 1 April 2015

I have just come off air (A1R PSYCHIC RADIO) from doing s reading for a lady in the US. While reading for her. I got a horrible feeling come over me. It was not about her, but the Nation. I am deeply worried about this warning. I feel something very dark is on its way to the US. I don't want to say anymore but I do not like the feeling. It is making me so anxious and nauseous. Any other psychics out there picking this up?? It is a feeling of war. It is very distressing. There are many deaths and I see Mr Obama making a public address to the nation. I feel the Whitehouse will go into lock down.

Is this the start of a civil war? I am deeply upset by this and worried for all the poor souls that have to live through this nightmare. Please take care, love and blessings to you. XXX

This does not look good.

Thank you Susan

Thank you to the lady called Susan that rang in for a reading. it was a pleasure to connect with you, and give you some lovely uplifting news. It was joy to read for you. Blessings to you and all the listeners, staff at A1R and all those wonderful people in spirit.

As it is so close to Easter, here is  a cute Peter rabbit for you Susan XXX