Thursday 6 July 2017

Ley Lines And Interdimensional Beings

Ley or energy  lines ( in Chinese culture they are called Dragon lines) run through our planet , as most people are aware of. Other than that most people know nothing about them.
So what are ley or energy lines? Well I shall attempt to answer this question as best I can. They are veins of energy that crisscross the entire planet, and are electromagnetic energy in nature. The electromagnetic energy within our planet is its life force. Our planet, just like ourselves and all living things are electromagnetic and sentient beings. Australia sits on a ley line called the 44th Parallel.  

These ley or energy lines often have temples, churches, monoliths and pyramids built on them. Mountains have these ley or energy lines going through them also.  People have been aware of and worked with ley or energy lines for thousands of years.  Our ancestors knew the importance of these lines and how to map them and how to use them for energy work. There are some people that use ley lines for very dark purposes too. Such as black magic practitioners. Ley lines can be made toxic, as in be contaminated by dark negative energy.
It is a fact that the ley lines running through Canberra have been contaminated with very dark energy for many years now. I  like several other psychics have been very aware of this dating back to 2005 and before. But from 2005 the energy has become very toxic. A clair- empath person can feel this. It is like the proverbial disturbance in the force, as fans of Star Wars  will relate to.

The human chakra system also correlates to the energy grid around the planet . Both  work using sacred geometry and have a mathematical structure to their vibrational frequencies. This is so with all planets in the universe as the universe is composed of sacred geometry, mathematics and  energy (spiritual essence), without such life does not take place.

There is a big ley line running through my garden and house, I have no idea how far it stretches, or how wide it is. It sure has attracted some nasty entities or beings and the effects of this is far reaching, as it also is affecting people living all along the line in various ways. At present I am asking a few people around me what they have experienced or heard of from others that live next to them.  

This ley line affects houses on either side of the ley line. I have had some very disturbing things happen in my house. The house right next to me has had some very disturbing things happen too; and they seemed to get worse in the past few years. Speaking to a neighbour behind my house recently she informed me of strange things happening with the house next to her. I am of the opinion that the negative energy may go in cycles. Such as active and inactive cycles.

The problem is not the actual ley line itself, but what is using the ley line as a means to interact with people living in the houses on either side of the ley line. And as I said I have no idea how far this actual ley line goes. As yet I have not spoken to any one that is perhaps in a position of authority, that can give me advice as to where the line starts and ends. I assume the ley line runs via Mt Ainslie all the way south to where I live, and much further.

The ley line is on the north side of my yard.  I also have an energy portal on the south side of the yard where I have seen elemental beings. They are harmless and just go about their functions within nature.
Now with ley  or energy lines, I mentioned entities interacting with them. I have seen a couple of these beings in the neighbouring house, when I was invited in to examine the house. The feeling was very  overwhelmingly negative  energy. I could see a male and a female there dressed in black. These beings were not ghosts or spirits, they were Inter-dimensional beings. 

They were furious at me being there.  They knew why I was there too. The man held something in his hands that looked like a laptop. This is what the lady in the house had also seen, as she does have some level of psychic abilities.  Without going into the details about the occupants of the house.
Some of the patterns exhibited were sleep disturbances, nightmares,  emotional/ domestic  issues  etc. 
The child was waking up screaming in terror, and on the day that I went to investigate, I witnessed  the child waking up and being extremely distressed. There was a dark shadow around the child and the child's behavior was rather distressing. It was very hard to keep him calm and happy. The child had also been talking to  a male entity in the house, who had told the child not to tell his parents. So of course the child did what this entity said. He would get very upset when his mother tried to ask him questions.

In the past 22 years that I have lived in my house, we have had a lot of things happen and a lot of disharmony, and this is even when I am using psychic protection and energy clearing I might add. I decided to check the house out for energy portals by myself . I used copper dowsing rods and a clear crystal quartz pendulum to detect  any disturbance, or  portals.   I discovered 3 energy portals in one bedroom which is backing on to the fence line where the ley  or energy line runs.  

I used to sleep in this room with my husband, and our two terriers back in the late 1990's to early 2000's. Both myself and the dogs would often feel things in the room as if we were being watched. The dogs would growl at the corners of the room . My husband refused to believe me at the time, that something was there and watching us in the room. I knew because I could feel it. If you are Clair-sentient  you would just know. All animals are in tune with the energies so they see, hear and feel things too.
 I had energy blockages in other parts or the house also. I have cleared all of these things myself.  The result was very successful I am happy to say.
 Up until I shut the portals down I would see these beings move around my bedroom  at night  and standing over me. The entities felt male and not benevolent.  My current dog  reacted by growling at what she sensed in the room also. The feeling of knowing something is watching you, in your bedroom at night is a creepy and unsettling feeling, but I have never been afraid of this . I am not the sort to let this get to me, instead I deal with it.

Now about the three energy portals , one was a natural occurring one that was obviously there in the ground prior to my house being built in the early 1970's.  The other two portals were not natural occurring ones, which means they were put there by someone. Why? Your guess is as good as mine! The natural portal has been redirected out into the garden where it is better suited.
 The artificial ones  should not be there at all. These artificial portals are like a star-gate or worm hole that permits beings both physical and non physical  beings (Inter-dimensional  beings), to move from one place to another, including dimensions, for any reason they see fit. The house next door to me also has these portals for these malevolent beings to come and go as they please.

Now after speaking to the family that lived next door and people nearby, what the common scenario was, is everyone has had very negative experiences because of the entities or beings using the ley or energy lines to set up energy portals. I must also add, the young couple that lived next to me had fled the house a few months ago.  Every family or couple that had lived in the house had relationship problems which ended up going from happy families to splitting up and moving out. The time frame on average was months to a couple of years. That is every single family or couple that lived there in all that time. Plus the original owners of the house from the 1970's.

There was only one owner of the house that I live in prior to my family moving in. The family that lived here was a single parent family. I have not been able to ask the man that used to live across from me much about the history of his house or mine, due to a tragedy that befell him. 

His house is right in the middle of the ley line too. I do know that the man across from me did have domestic issues in the house. I would say they ley line activity had something to do with this.
I did speak to a friend of his 2 years ago who said that he was house sitting for this man, but had to get out of there as he found the house creepy and said there was a very bad feeling in the house and felt some one watching him. There are new people in the house so I have not spoken to them about the ley line business, I am not sure how they would take this.

Events or occurrences  that have been experienced range from mood disorders, domestic problems, suicide attempts (this included children), miscarriages myself included when I used the bedroom with the three portals) , paranormal events , serious health problems, self harming, chronic fatigue, nightmares, items going missing for no reason. A few UFO type situations from at least three of these people.  I have mentioned my own UFO experiences on my blog already, so I won't repeat them here.
UFO activity is very common along ley or energy lines, as you will be able to see from a Google search into the subject. Canberra and the South Eastern  coast of Eastern Australia is a renowned UFO hot spot.

Most people would have no idea of what Inter-dimensional beings are (apart from what they  see in science fiction TV shows) or even how common this phenomenon actually is. Inter dimensional is as the name suggests, they can be human and in most  cases are humanoid. They could be from our own planet, but just in a different time line or dimension. Then there is the possibility of these beings being from off planet also.

These beings do not have good intentions. I am of the opinion they are interacting with the human population with the intention of some sort of experiment, as in observational experiment or they are manipulating people for dark reasons. Let's not forget the UFO phenomenon with this too, such as abductions for scientific research supposedly ( part of the TTP Technology Transfer Project).

Human emotions are like a food to some beings such as energy or psychic vampires. These beings are very real, some people are actual energy vampires too, and I have met many in my line of work.
 These beings  know what they are doing and why. This sort of being does not care about those that it affects, nor the results.  This is predatory and sociopathic behavior. You cannot reason with such a being, it clearly has no interest in reason, and does not have a conscious  like we do. To try to negotiate with such an entity would be futile and a downright foolish waste of time.

I have still some investigations to do with this problems in my neighbourhood, but only in a small area. I have no idea of what to expect for an outcome, other than a peaceful life for all of us that are affected by this situation.

In this video, I would say perhaps he knows nothing of Walter Burleigh Griffin, nor the fact that he was deliberately chosen to come to Australia; to design Canberra using the ley lines as he was an expert in esoteric  matters. However some say that his advice was not adhered to, but manipulated to obtain a particular result. 

 It is nonsense that Canberra was chosen to be a meeting place for our leaders to meet up as it was a half way mark.  That is just spin to throw people off the real facts. This site was chosen for its Occult or esoteric purposes and for no other reason. I have lived in Canberra for 22 years and have read much on the subject and discussed it with people who are knowledgeable on the subject.

As a little extra info on ley lines in Canberra have a look at this. 


Ley lines do affect us and they can be manipulated for various results. They are a naturally occurring phenomenon but subject to technological tampering. They can affect those living by them very much.
There is much evidence to connect them with the UFO phenomenon. Our chakras do interact with these energy lines, as both are anchoring points to lock us in to the third dimension. Without these our reality will be much different.

Patterns of behavior in a house affected by ley lines can be any or all of the following.

Emotional problems, disturbances, anger issues that come out of no where
Suicidal thoughts or actual suicide
Self harming
Feeling or actually seeing beings out of phase  (Inter-dimensional beings)
Paranormal activity including seeing spirit entities
Shadow people, these are entities which have burning red eyes they do not have a soul, they cause terror in those who see them, including animals. Not like the beings that you see out of the corner of your eyes. Those are not shadow people( They are out of phase Inter-dimensional beings)
Shadow people are very tall  formless entities that resemble a thick black fog, they feed off of our fear. Think along the lines of dementors in the Harry Potter books 
Feeling like someone is watching you
Heightened anxiety issues
Health issues especially mental health issues
Items been taken such as small items of Jewelry,( I personally have had 3 rings go missing from my dressing table where I leave them)
UFO experiences, this can also be dreaming of UFO's on a regular basis usually lucid dreams.
Unexplained marks on your body
Chronic fatigue
Miscarriages (myself included)

On closing this I must add, I have taken photos in my back year at the fence while it was night time and there are many spirit orbs right there. There are power lines above the fence line too. Power lines will also attract spirit orbs too. On the other side of my yard is a huge tree, and I have photos of spirit orbs there too. With spirit orbs in photographs, if you see dark coloured orbs, these ones are full of negative energy. Most spirit orbs are white, and occasionally faces have been seen in spirit orbs. I have never had faces show up in any photos that I have taken though. But who knows may be one day.

Above is a couple of examples of photos from my home photo collection.

Copyright Alex Fulford July 2017


I have been to see a colleague about this issue as more paranormal activity has happened. To both our surprise the house had an infestation of dark ET and inter dimensional beings. I was told that the whole 5 groups of dark beings were present. Despite me gold lighting the house every single day as well as all of us living here.

My colleague was able to remote view the house and see lots of energy chords attached to the house. He had never seen that before either. I did not know houses or buildings could have energy chords attached to them. I assumed that only living beings could have energy chords attached.

The clearance was done, and did not take that long to do. When I came home yesterday afternoon, I walked in the front door to be met by what I can only describe as a mass of electrical energy all going crazy. I felt quite uncomfortable walking into the house. But this is my home and I claim this space as my personal space and sent that message out to the universe that this is my space, leave my family in peace. 

 I now have to keep an eye on the situation to see what happens next. I will not be hounded out of my home by any thing or any one. I am a very stubborn person and I am not the sort of person to back down to a bully.

I will keep readers informed on the situation, I honestly don't know what to expect next. I do not like having to investigate this sort of stuff, I had no interest or intention to be involved in any thing like this. I would rather just do my regular work as I had no interest what so ever in this stuff, and it has been thrust on to me. This has put a hell of a stress on my personal life. My colleague was amazed that I can still work with this going on. I know no different though, I just do what I do and get on with it.

I found this discussing the width of ley lines.

Here is an other article on ley lines. mentioning hauntings and paranormal experiences. Mine are still on going. It is hard work keeping it under control.

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