Friday 26 October 2018

2019 Psychic Predictions For The World

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Well this is the start of a roller-coaster ride and it is going to get worse. I am sorry to say. I wish that it wasn't so. But most people are aware that the world is in a bad way anyway. This is a long cycle yet again and we are only just at the start.

I hear the word Insanity. That pretty much sums it all up. Starting in the UK Prince Charles has only just started his turmoil. He is reluctant to step aside and let William take the throne, however I do feel that there are going to be major headaches with Charles over the coming year.

I see a new currency for a Scandinavian country; Sweden, perhaps it is just upgrading the bank notes.

President Trump puts his 2 cents worth in to the train wreck called Brexit.

Britain is in for more upheavals with Prime Minister May leaving office, I do feel there will be a lot of civil unrest and protests over Brexit, immigration and poverty.

I feel many countries will have civil unrest in 2019 with leadership issues. Some of this is due to weak ineffective leadership and minorities trying to destabilise these nations. Gradually the public are pushing back and the government will bring in the military. This I feel will flow through Europe and it is only the start of what is to come. People have had enough and want stability in their homelands.

In Britain the Queen must be very careful with public announcements due to the British people being angry at the mess the nation is in.

France is in the spot light, I see a pact being signed with other nations  and it feels military in nature. I do not get a good feeling about this. France's leaders are out of touch with the people as are many world leaders at present.

Russia will flex its muscles again in neighbouring regions. Putin is only toying with them so far.

2019 is just the start of tensions simmering to boiling point with conflicts of various types. This as we know is a build up that has been coming for a long time and the masses  have had enough of the powerful and the corrupt.

Telecommunications is a big one in the news this year, this could be about the 5 G technology that has many people worried over the health impact.

Flooding in Wales and Southern England in winter months with a storm blowing in from the Atlantic.

I hear the words 'eye in the sky" , this could be about the use of drones for times of disaster to assist in rescue work, which is a wonderful idea. I feel this is also in the UK.

Back in the US, can President Trump stop all the destabilisation of his leadership? I don't think so. This was always going to be a constant nagging until he is ousted. He has enemies on 3 sides making it very difficult for him to survive. He clearly cannot trust his staff either.

Copyright Alex Fulford 26 October 2018

Update: This is early lol, but Drones in rescue work. This is in Canberra

This is only the start. Australians have been going through hard financial times for a few years unlike many European nations.
 Scroll to the bottom of the article, Latvia are now protesting.


This is not good, do not expect the west to help here, they have their own problems not to mention some powerful Western leaders and bankers/ business men have a financial vested interest in war, Ka Ching!  I do not think they have the money or the power to really do anything.  Not at present anyway unless they team up with China. But which one gets to be top dog?

UPDATE: CIVIL UNREST IN EUROPE. Sadly this is it already starting spreading out from France, but bear in mind with these protests, all is not as it seems. I would not be participating in anything violent if I was them.
Rome, Italy.


UPDATE: dec 2019  UN protest in Spain


UPDATE: Prince Charles  Hypocrisy at its best, I remember how he treated Diana and his cavorting with  Camila. Moral values and ethics, right!  In 2023 Charles problem are still going on from 2019


EUROPE: Protests



UPDATE: Brexit
New Passports, very optimistic I say πŸ˜†πŸ˜²All the delay tactics are a dog and pony show.

UPDATE December 2020, let the circus act continue 🀣🀣 72 hour deadline. This ain’t going to work, read the comments below the article. 

UPDATE: Queen Elizabeth on Brexit

The Queen should butt out of this, she is part of the ruin of the UK, due to the 1973 document she signed. She does not care about the people of the UK, she is part of the evil elite that enslave us.

This is west coast Scotland (where I come from), not sure if Wales and England will cop some of this.  November 2019

UPDATE: UK Theresa May  Don't think for one minute things will get better.  THERESA MAY RESIGNS

UPDATE: 5G Brussels have banned 5G already. Please read this but follow up on this on YouTube and Internet searches on the dangers of  5G. This is a dearth knell on all living things mark my words. Take a good look at all the trees being cut down in the place you live, destroying nature for technology that is incompatible with life. Trees are the lungs of the planet, the give us oxygen, they hold the soil together or else we have landslides like Indonesia had many years ago when they cut all their trees down. 


I am sorry I have not been keeping an eye on this one, but there have been several staff leave and many problems for Trump's administration as can be seen by a Google search anyway.

UPDATE: The Queen must watch what she says in public.
Did the Queen just weigh in on Brexit?

UPDATE: Flooding in England


UPDATE: Civil unrest, Paris December 2019

Monday 22 October 2018

Psychic Predictions For Australia In 2019

The coming year for Australia seems to be dominated with health and money issues.
First up I see legal issues for the government as they struggle with the balance of power.
Talk about shutting the gate when the horse has bolted.

There is an air of naivety in both the politicians minds and the public's minds. Avoidance of critical  issues and clearly the government is not up to the job.

I hear Scott Morrison's name  but I do not see him being Prime Minister for much longer. I still feel his days are numbered. He has hung on by default. I hear the words, the robes do not fit the man. He could quite easily give way to Josh Frydenberg.

Scott Morrison does not have what it takes to be PM either in reality as we already know he lacks bite.

Bill Shorten s only a gate keeper, and that is what most leaders are these days anyway.

Politics as we knew it is dead now, and it is now more obvious that it is a blend of corporate politics that we have; and it is here to stay. It will be openly stated that corporations control politics, and the reason being is that those in control don't really care now who knows it. This is very bad for Australians as the power slips through their fingers. The warning signs were there more than ten years ago and no one wanted to stop this.

I see two new political parties emerging, however they will not last nor will they be effective. As usual they will give their votes to the main parties, so much for having effect. Yet another smoke screen. With this though; I think many in the public will waken up to this  and voice their displeasure.

Kerryn Phelps will start her transition to federal politics in Canberra as an independent. Yes she will go for the Liberal party in the long run. She will stay an independent for a while until the time is right for her to move into Liberal ranks in reality she is a Liberal through and through.

Before you vote for Phelps take a look at this filth she comes out with in this video below. A leopard does not change its spots. I would not tolerate anyone in politics with views like this. I am not anti gay as I have loved ones  and very good friends that are gay. This has absolutely nothing to do with being gay.

Retail is in the spot light this year with Coles supermarkets new management strategies. Wanting to be top dog. Coles will give Woolworths a major headache.

Consumerism will be a powerful political tool this year reaching out to the voters. They do not really care what the consumer want, they are telling you what you want. Remember it is control the food; and you control the people. I do feel a public backlash will happen due to the ousting of many household brands and the lack of real choice. The rumblings have already started.

I do feel this will worry the major Supermarkets and so it should. They have had total control for way too long. Remember this is about helping the Australian economy too. More Australian products are in demand.

Money scandals in the news again involving the ATO and the ACCC and large corporations.

Skills shortages in the news all year. This feels like something is being done to address the shortage.

Health wise our national health system is failing in basic standards yet again. This is an avoidable situation that was allowed to happen. Arrogance and incompetence in high places are part of the cause.

I do not see  a proper solution to this situation as there is not enough money being injected in to fix the problem. It is just going to be the usual band aid job.

Health funds  will put their prices up again this year. Meaning this service will be out of reach for more people.

China continues to be a thorn in the side of  the Australian government again. This situation cannot be avoided and our leaders clearly are incapable of understanding the strategies employed by the Chinese government.

Security and cyber security need to be tightened up because there is more potential for embarrassment for the federal government. The heads of government are not listening to advice so we end up in an embarrassing situation yet again.

My advice is not to have private contractors handling our sensitive government information. In reality they do it because it is cheap. It was made this way for situations to happen really. No intelligent leaders of note are so careless unless there is an ulterior motive. Think loose lips sink ships! We have already seen results of this and it is about to happen yet again this year.

I see tears in 2019 as a prominent male person suddenly passes away form a long illness. This man is connected in some way to finance.

John Howard will have a minor health scare, he will recover. John has a long life as longevity runs in his family.

Privacy issues will be back in the spotlight again.

Travelling overseas, please make sure all of your paperwork is in order or you will have a few upsets.
These are those little things such as forgetting to declare something, or not having a current up to date visa etc. Please also make sure you take out travel insurance, it is a must do, if you can afford to go overseas then you can afford to take out insurance, or it could be put you in a dire situation should you become ill or injured.

I do see the economy slowing a little, but I feel this is only temporary. It will be brought under control. It is vital the government slow down the money leaving our shores to keep us in the black.

They must start to invest in Australia again or we will become a backwater. Investing in our nation and the people will keep us strong.

Now the elections, boy this is a difficult one for me. I do feel the date will be called in the cool (autumn) weather. I see the numbers 6 and 1 as I look at the 8 of pentacles connected to the elections.

In the ALP  (Australian Labor Party) camp things are getting brutal and the knives are out. There are two people trying to topple Bill Shorten. One is a female and the other a male. They only team up to oust Bill Shorten but other than that they have no allegiance to each other. This is just business.

As I look at the cards I notice the three of pentacles, at the top of the card the brick work feels unstable. There are three big pentacles and a small pentacle, a rising star perhaps. Below that is a single pentacle. Indicating one will be pushed out. That I feel is Bill Shorten. We know from last years predictions he is on thin ice. I did say Malcolm Turnbull would fall and then Bill Shorten. This is it.

It is possible that Bill is ousted prior to the elections. Bill is fully aware of the score anyway, its just the way things are in politics.   Bill is also a toothless tiger the same as the NLP leader. This is  mere sign of the times.

Now with the new leader, there will be a baptism of fire to test their metal. He will be a pushy person, but his people behind him will put him in a nasty situation to see how he copes. How  he comes out of this will tell us what sort of person he is. Can he think on his feet?

The leader of the ALP will be male and the deputy/ vice  will be female. Now should the ALP win I do feel it will harm the economy. I do not do politics and have no interest in politics. I am only going by what I see in the cards.

The winner of the elections will be a dark haired man going bald. Boy that looks like Josh Frydenberg, Peter Dutton or whom ever is replacing Bill Shorten.

This dark haired man is comfortable on the world stage and will travel most of his life. He can be a smooth talker when he wants to be or be very blunt. He is very pro Australia. I feel this man already knows he will be prime minister. The reason that I say that is it is all stage managed.

The job is no walk in the park and I am sure he is walking into what he thinks is his hearts desire, but in reality it is anything but. He is in for a rude shock.

I do feel this election needs to be investigated due to corruption and the media interfering. I feel the government must get very tough on the media for interfering in politics because they are doing so much damage deliberately. This is criminal activity that must not be tolerated in Australia.

Australia is not going to be sitting in a good situation for the next ten to twenty years and it means a long recovery.

Here I have said the Australian Labor Party would win.

It is  a bit early to say, but if things get worse it will happen in the new governments watch.

Copyright Alex Fulford 22 October 2018

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UPDATE: China a Thorn in Australia's side/

 Watch China freak over this.  You can bet your arse the Australian Labor Party will roll over for China when they win the elections. This is treason, but hey remember the change in law this year to  sedition, espionage etc.

I will just leave that for people to think about. You are either for Australia or you are a traitor no in between folks.
How many more individuals are doing this that we don't know of? There are literally thousands of hackers and cyber criminals operating out of China that we know of. A bit of research and you will find out for yourself. This is the reality of the modern world.
 They must think we are stupid, they know full well who is behind this.
. The ANU hacked, got to question their intelligence in not seeing this coming. Stupid is as stupid does! You don't see banks or government departments like the Tax office or the welfare system being attacked. Spend the bloody money and fix the shit. Most places get hacked because they do not spend the money, listen to advice and employ idiots. And if you pay crap wages you get crap employees.  Above is the follow up to the previous issue.


This is preventable, and looks like the usual suspects. IT staff need to lift their game. This is why out sourcing happens, Muppets that are crap at their jobs.

UPDATE: China the thorn in Australia's side
28 Jan 19 It is what it is, no ifs or buts!

Not one of Australia's politicians can be trusted , Julie Bishop in deep with China selling us out. Think about that consorting with a communist country which is hostile to our nation, and espionage is rife, where is the public anger?  Most people are too busy watching sport or have their head in a beer glass they couldn't care less. Which just goes to show the under educated masses are  incapable of total comprehension of the big picture.

The politicians are fully aware of this fact and know they can get away with it.
This is what happens when one has no self respect or respect for our nation. Anything but patriotic, more like idiotic.

 China Interrogated Australian residents  April,7 2019.


Even though this article is directed at the US , it also applies to people living in Australia should they travel to China. Stop and think about what this could mean to you and your family. You have been warned! You know the risks! Egypt  Vietnam

 PASSPORTS, check how much time you have left is it under 6 months?   Something we can easily forget, including our children's passports.

November,  2019. This is not a suitable place for young women to go to, common sense seems to have gone out the window  these days.  There is so much crime happening with tourists and anyone with common sense avoids this place.

It may have been  a good idea to contact DEFAT  for help also, bit late now.

 UPDATE: CYBER CRIME: Federal Parliament security breach.

 New party registered Feb 2019, The Women's Party , 20 Feb 2019
 The Small Business Party 22 Feb 2019



A passport is a legal document, you do not treat it disrespectfully.  All legal documents must be kept in pristine condition. There is no excuse for this. Her parents should have explained this to her. This is a respect thing, no if's
or but's, it is a legal requirement to keep you passport and all legal documents clean, safe and legible. Man detained in China, sadly this did not have to happen.
Google warning about travel safety.


This is a horrible situation, she overstayed her visa in to the bargain. The Australian government let her down very badly too.

UPDATE: Prominent man dies connected to finance


I think this will drag on all year.  Australian Economy


Medivac health issue. This is very serious and will compromise Australia's borders.
Health fund increase  This is understandable as Dr Teo says, there are people to be paid and it all adds up.

PUDATE: Health and cyber security, November 2019. You employ muppets then expect this !

UPDATE: Skills shortage

UPDATE: Elections: The numbers 1 and 6 that turns out to be march 16th  in the NSW elections early voting.

Elections Bill Shorten resigns.
  Well I am surprised but not surprised with the NLP winning the elections. I got some of the stuff right though, lol. Billy boy is gone :P  So it could be Anthony Albanese as the new leader and Tania Plibersek as deputy. Check out the hair colour dark originally but gone grey and going bald/ receding.


The Australian Taxation Office  will not ask you to use gift cards and they will contact customers by mail. Taxation is a Federal government service and is not a state or territory issue.  If the police have to be involved in a taxation fraud then it is a Federal police matter and they will act along with the ATO.
 Sometimes it is best not to poke the bear.



Shame they don't return to the great Coles cafeterias of old. They closed in the early 1980's.

UPDATE: Baptism of fire

He is going to need a miracle to stop this train wreck. Pee on it and walk away, I would quit the party if I were him and not be associated with them.


Wait I need to put on some pretty red lipstick. I like to look pretty when I am being screwed πŸ˜›
The average worker is just getting less and less and corporations rip us off all the time. But hey  lets pick on the small fish and look the other way with the rich and powerful.

UPDATE: ECONOMY This is one that I dread, after growing up in the 70s/80s recession in Scotland and Australia.


Did I not say the elections need to be investigated. I am disgusted at the type of people we have  in politics these days.  Vile self serving and corrupt to the very core, I have no time for  liars and crooks. How many  politicians are selling Australia out to China? There are several and they should be sacked including the forfeiting of their pensions.

This must not be tolerated in our great nation. We are now an embarrassment in the eyes of the world.

UPDATE: Banking ANZ BANK and Westpac

UPDATE:  24 August 2020  John Howard in hospital. I must point out predictions as well as things that come up in a tarot reading can be 12  months out of sync. Things can happen that can alter anything in life and time is not a fixed thing. 

Sunday 21 October 2018

Alex's Psychic Predictions for 2019 Almost Ready

Hi Peeps

I just want to say my 2019 Psychic predictions will be ready tomorrow. It is not an easy thing to do.
I found last years very draining and was worried nothing would come up, lol, click on the links and at the bottom you will see all the hits.

As I said it is not an easy thing to do. I always worry in case I get it wrong. I guess that helps me to keep it real and stay grounded; to have that element of anxiety with predictions.

I intend to keep doing the predictions every year. Generally I like to do my predictions in October of the year before and let people have a heads up. As I have stated each year so far I do not get involved with politics, I know nothing about the subject. I just read what is in the cards nothing more.

I wish  to thank every one with all my heart for taking the time to read my blog. I am truly grateful for your attention and thank you to all of my clients around the world. Without you I would not be here, so I thank you with all my heart for being here for me.

Lots of love and big hugs

Alex xxx

Friday 19 October 2018

Video 84: Agenda Warning! The Plot is Thickening! Part 2 of 2

Please watch in YT mode and read the comments.

I do not think reincarnating to come back here to assist others will make one bit of difference to be honest, because many obstacles will be in place to prevent this. Not just that, but the theory of how to do it has never been proven and I sure as hell will not take the risk.

You cannot come here to the third dimension ( and we are descending not ascending) without a physical body to help others, and if the information of our souls being fragmented is true as well as the amnesia then don't you think it is a load of rubbish being presented as truth?  No one can prove this and the risks are too high.

 There is so much dangerous disinformation all over the Internet, YouTube and in all forms of media feeding the masses pulp. Most of that information is fear based and has no facts to back it up. Nothing of real  truth or substance comes from channeled sources. It is the same stuff that humanity has been told for thousands of years, well scripted by beings beyond the average persons understanding.

You cannot save those that do not want to know this information for a start, and you will put your self in danger. That is an exercise in futility and by the time people reincarnate the whole point will be moot.

It takes many years before you are reincarnated supposedly. No one can give a definite answer to how many years that is either, and the sheep in my line of work listen to whom ever is seen as their superior (read bigger ego) and take their word as gospel.

 Theoretically speaking, if I was to die today and reincarnated, the following things would happen, a) I would not be the same person that I am now. b) I would have no memory of my mission.  c) The AI take over would already be in place as it is already started.

There is way too much disinformation on the internet also feeding good people BS and passing it off as spiritual wisdom and channeled BS, stay right away from this very dangerous stuff ( I know I am a trained trance-medium). Stop reading the so called spiritual books they are garbage, yes even books like "A course in miracles". I too had that book, but with reading the first few pages, I put the book down because I could the very heavy and dark energy emanating from it.

I will not allow  so called spiritual  or new age books in my house, other than basic ones to use as a reference point in stuff to avoid, of that I only have a few as I took many books to the tip a few years ago. It would be very wrong of me to give such books to anyone. I have inherited some books form a loved one but I do not read those books they are just part of the reference tools. But I would never recommend to anyone.

I have to constantly tell people of the realities of all of this stuff but I cannot make you believe anything. That is up to the individual to be discerning and educate themselves better on such matters.
Sure  you can read the books if you really want to but do not take them to heart, I would say use them as a tool to understand what people like Wes Penre are  presenting and nothing more or you will still be stuck in the matrix mind set. I would not wish that on anyone.

The buck stops with the individual and we must bear the consequences of  our beliefs. I do not dress this up with the unicorns and rainbows rubbish that the masses like to see. I am no liar I tell it straight, I will have no part in theatrics  or lies like others do for fame and fortune. However if  one keep following the rainbows and unicorn BS then the individual will most certainly go down the path of spiritual ignorance and therefor destruction, that's their call and they must bear the consequences of their actions.

Accountability is the responsibility of each individual as is education. Many a time I have had to put a person back together emotionally  when they come to see me for a consult  after being fed BS by so called spiritual councilors and others. But again some people keep going back to the theatrical so called spiritual dog and pony show due to ignorance.  An entertainer offering illusion rather than illumination of the soul.

I do not see anyway of reaching the true spiritual destination for those individuals that are attracted to theatrics and giving away their spiritual power. If the individual does not get it right they will reincarnate and to what?

Video 83: Agenda Warning! The Plot is Thickening! Part 1 of 2

Please watch this in YT mode and read the comments. part two will follow. I totally agree with what Wes is saying here in both parts of this as I have had a roller coaster experience with this for several years and it is intensifying.

Monday 15 October 2018

Social Media And Emotional Blackmail

While there are good things about social media connecting us with our families and loved ones, it is increasingly a very negative place where we are bombarded with opinions, memes laying the guilt trip on us and false beliefs.

This can be a highly toxic mix of emotions and very overwhelming to many people, especially the sensitive among us.  Of course that is the intention of these things, you know the " please share" or "can I get an Amen" (as in the heretic Amen Ra, just think about that one!)  "If you are not ashamed to re-share" this is nothing more than an energy harvest.

You are responding to a toxic hive mind complex, which is incapable of rationalizing such tools made to harvest and dis-empower  people.

Does anyone actually stop to read and then question the trash that they share on Facebook, Twitter or
other social media platforms?  It would seem not, they are just hitting send and trying to look caring
without giving much actual thought to the whole process. Don't get me wrong there are many caring people out there trying their best in life.

But somewhere there are social engineers sitting in an office thinking up these things with one intended purpose. To bring people down, but not just that, no they monitor the memes to see the reactions of the people, or should I say the hive mind society.

There is nothing darker than to deliberately create such a nasty evil intended act and what's more get paid to do it. Sociopathic individuals with no care what the reaction is. No, they get a kick out of this and sit back to watch the results.

I am actually going to quit Facebook on a personal level. I will keep my work one going. I intend to close down my Twitter account as I cannot honestly see the point in all of these platforms full of rubbish and keeping people addicted to them. That is the intention behind them anyway. People are only to interface via the electronic media and then progress to A I. That is the goal plan. Sadly very few people have worked that one out.

You will notice as you keep interfacing on line you will have no time to connect face to face, but the negativity is increasing to bring you down. When was the last time you the individual actually gave serious thought to the negativity generated on social media?

For example some parents  are not in touch with their children, suddenly the child becomes unhappy and starts to become withdrawn. The child could be getting bullied at school and on line and many parents don't notice this. Why is that? Is life so busy that a parent can't notice something is wrong with their child?

There are many tell tale signs when a child is distressed and withdrawn. Often the parent does not do anything to correct this until something happens. The Internet is a battleground for emotions and bullies we all know that.

Which is why vigilance is vital not just keeping the kids safe, but adults too. You and I are also prone to the emotional abuse that goes on, on the Internet. We need to stop sharing negative memes that bring us down and anger us. Dare we comment about how we feel about the meme and whoa, a savage unloading of abuse comes our way from people that don't even know anything about us.

Keyboard cowardly warriors that just troll waiting for a bite. That is not the world that we should be living in. It is unhealthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We need to step back from this and think about what we want in our lives.

Like I said at the start guilt and emotional blackmail are the tools used to make you share or comment on something. People seem to have lost the ability to discern what is right, healthy and not designed to make us follow like sheep. Where  we will be in 10 or 20 years from now is up to us, the individual. How long one stays an individual is also something to ponder as the game of guilt and emotional abuse increases to the point that you will not be allowed to have your own mind, your own private opinions.

The Internet was created with this intention you are not here engaging on how to be an individual anymore. Your purpose is to be part of a complex. This is designed to remove the individuals personal identity. An exercise in pure evil. Do not be fooled into thinking those that came up with this concept will be including themselves in this  hive mind complex. No their intention is to monitor guide and control the masses. They must make sure that there is no disagreeing with opinion or thought. Stifle all true spiritual essence that each soul has within them.

And how to do that is becoming more and more obvious every day on the Internet. Shamed for your gender, your race, your religion or lack of religion. Shame of being ill, shame of being unemployed oh and the latest one is shamed for eating meat. This one is getting ramped up right now.

 In the UK for instance some individuals are targeting butcher shops and vandalizing the shops putting the people out of business. It is no great leap of faith to see who is behind this, but also there is a big corporation involved for a take over. That isn't rocket science to work that one out. Those with the money and the power dictate our lives and deaths.

It is all part of the game plan to attack humanity from all angles/ multi pronged attack, until people are drained of all free will and energy. Then it is game over, the controllers ( big business) win and implement what they intend to do. But here is the kicker, it is made to look like you and I have given them permission to do this.

The reality is much different and it is the same deal with karma when we die. It too is an artificial creation that we are duped into believing and created by the same evil minds. Oh lets see Joe Blogs killed thousands of people and refuses to take responsibility for it, but that's OK because someone else will be told by manipulation that they did it and they will say yes, I will take the blame and karma kicks in. But it does not stop unless the soul is aware of the lies and manipulation being forced very cleverly on them to make them feel that it is their own doing.

I can speak from experience here. Many years ago during a meditation circle the woman running it said, her spirit guides asked me why I killed so many Red Indians in a past life. I was horrified and knew this was an outright lie. For a start I was already incarnate in Scotland at that time as a small child.  I clearly recall my past life and have been aware of who I was from a young age including how and when I died.

So I said to this woman, how on earth can I answer that truthfully, I have no memory of such an event taking place and I will not be tricked in to believing that it is true. She had a very smug look on her face when she said all this. She gave no reply,  so as to keep control of the situation, but instead moved on to the next person to speak to them. All this taking place in my home.

Now if that is not an ignorant sociopath or narcissist I don't know what is. This woman was working with dark entities for many years I must point out, they had such control over her that she lost all her friends and family.

This is a woman that I have commented on in other posts that did some downright nasty things to me just because she could. It is about control and giving away your free will.

Now where this ties in with the above is the emotional blackmail and guilt. It cannot work unless you allow it to work. This is highly toxic energy and others will and do mimic it, spreading like a disease of the soul, which is part of the process anyway. In short spiritually unclean beings. Do you really want to mix with people like that?

Yes, there are many spiritually unclean people among us and this is where the social media platforms come in handy to spread the toxic energy. Think before you post things and ask what will the reaction be when I post this meme or comment on the meme.

It's a conundrum par excellence as by design.

Copyright Alex Fulford 15 October 2018

Alternative Spiritual Protection

This is an alternative to using gold  light or white light. The reason that I am giving you this
as an option is, gold light and white light are both part of  the negative matrix and are designed to keep humanity in the control grid.

By using only your body and your own spiritual energy, you are able to bypass the matrix.
Remember again it is all about intention. Use what feels right for you, but under no circumstances
give away your power or energy to anything or anyone, especially that of the unseen world.

Now focus on your own core essence or energy deep within you; going through your heart bring your true spiritual  power or essence out into your entire body and entire aura. Building up the frequency and intensity of your power to a very high level.

Building your power up so high that nothing negative or with negative intentions can come near you; or harm you. As you build up your power  be firm in your intentions; nothing evil or  negative can come near you; or harm you because your energy is so powerful that these beings cannot even perceive you (see or feel).

Next place a big mirror ball around your entire body and entire aura to hold in all of your energy so that you are protected at all times. Know that nothing can harm you, know that you are safe.

You may want to add as a protective precaution , your energy could be harmful to beings with negative intentions towards you. They could be harmed or even killed should they persist in approaching you.


Remember this is for your protection and not designed as a weapon , so they are being warned of the possible danger and you are not responsible for their actions should they persist.

You have the right to be safe, you have the right to be protect yourself to. You are not responsible for any being or entity that tries to violate your rights. These beings know exactly what they are doing, please do not for one minute think that they do not know. They will take your energy or will harm you . they do know the laws of the universe, they just don't care. it is foolish to think otherwise.

Humans are not even aware of their real spiritual power and potential. They have deliberately dumbed down and kept in ignorance for a reason.

We have the divine fire or spark within us which is very unique in the universe. We are sovereign beings  by natural right and it has been suppressed in us for thousands of years.  Many souls at this point in time are awakened and are fully aware and are claiming back their true spiritual power.
as can be reflected in many internet websites and books being published.

However one must be very discerning as to what is truth and what is not. There lies the difference in an awakened soul and one that is just awakening.

NOTE: This can be used to put spiritual protection around your house, work place, car etc. Modify it to what your intended purpose is. It is intention that makes it work so be firm in  your intention or it won't work.

Friday 12 October 2018

Video 81: The Teachings of Thoth Part 5: Who is Maitreya?

I have never liked this guy Maitreya, he is way too suss for my liking I just miss typed his name and Google corrected it . Isn't that interesting?? This is all the way to the top, or should I say from the top down, the trickle down effect from those that wish to enslave humanity.

I sure as hell will not give my time, energy and power away to this monster in sheep's clothing.

Symbolism Again

Ah the symbols again right in your face, lol.

Thursday 11 October 2018

Google to shut down Google+ after failing to disclose user data breach

Says a lot right there, trust nothing and no one!  I wonder who is next?  There will be a next one.

Thanks for the breach of trust Google.

The Amazing Tensor Ring And The Pineal Gland

Interesting reading. A colleague of mine sells Tensor jewelry and products in Victoria.
He sent me a tensor bracelet t help with my fibromyalgia problem. I do notice  difference in my health.

I am now looking into this for myself as time permits me.

JOKE: Elephant Manual

Something light for the day πŸ˜†

Tuesday 9 October 2018

Video 79: The Teachings of Thoth Part 4: Jesus

As usual please watch in YT mode so you can see the comments.

To some this information may come as a bit of a shock. I know this was me too many years ago. One has to be open minded and ready for this sort of information. If not it can be quite upsetting.

Our world is changing fast and nothing stays hidden for long now as we move into a new era. I had already come to this conclusion before I had even heard of Wes Penre.

Ancient Egypt always felt very sinister to me as a child and still is to this day. Much of our world history is  "HIS STORY", the person that has ordered the information regardless of what it is, to be made public. It does not have to be the truth either as we find out when we re visit historical events that we learned in school. An example of this , is the bible that Christians use today. It is the King James IV ( or first of the UK), so it's his spin on the bible.

History is written by the victors and with their own spin on it, no matter where we live in the world or what time line.