Monday 30 November 2020

Wes Penre: Gnostic Musings 12 the divine mind part 4

At last the long awaited part 4. Please read the comments below Wes's article, they may take a little time to update due to time differences where the comments are coming from world wide.

I actually have a lot of lucid dreams and I have had dreams where I have woken up but it is still running in my mind. Even getting up and going to the toilet at 7 am and then going back to bed and the dream sequence was still running. 

I always look up dreams to see their meaning but more often than not there is no suitable meaning. The other thing is just getting into bed at night and I start to see things. Two nights ago I was shown a black spiders web, These webs are supposedly part of the divine feminine. But given this is a controlled and dual reality. I am starting to wonder if this divine feminine is still part of the matrix control system, and the reason I think that is that nothing from the outside can supposedly entre the 4% universe of the demiurge, but I could be wrong. No one is able to come back to tell us anything from outside the demiurge construct.  I can tell you I do not look at spiritual things the same way I used to do  five or even ten years ago.  I am constantly being more cautious and sceptical with everything spiritual, because this world is a world or planet of lies and deception. There is nothing spiritually pure here as far as I am concerned. 

Those of us on a truly spiritual path must be vigilant with staying the course and being aware and cautious of what we believe, lest we be pulled down an other rabbit hole and leading us to a dead end. It ain't easy by any means and it should not be so.  This is our spiritual birth right after all, where in an ideal world nothing would be hidden from us.  

Sunday 29 November 2020

The need for cats!

 It has been just over a month since we said good bye to Daisy. I am feeling the loneliness of  not having a cat in the house. I always joke and say, when you have cats you never go back 😻😻😻 it is so true in my case. I am pining for a cat. 

The problem is how will our Jack Russell, Ruby react. Not all dogs accept a cat in the house, especially if they have been used to being cat free. Ruby did grow up with four cats in the house, and one by one they died.  I know she needs time to be an only fur child, but I just need a kitty again. Hubby is a bit reticent about a new kitty or two. He did say if we got more cats we should get two kittens. Ding, I retained that thought, lol.

I had a cat phobia when I was young, but fed stray cats. I mean cats are very cute, so I just had to feed the dear little strays. But I was never able to pick up a cat, as I was terrified of being scratched. I was 29 when I first got a cat. And later when moving to Canberra a good friend had two beautiful Siamese cats that were elderly. I just fell in love with them and I think that was the moment I realised that my feline phobia  was gone. Eventually having four cats at the one time. On top of two terriers. And hence Le club hairy boy was born 🀣🀣🀣

Roll on November 2020 and I feel the acute loss of all of my kitties.  I have had so many dreams of my kitties that have passed away and miss them terribly. I think I must be driving hubby nuts because he gets a bit grumpy when I mention kittens. He is just worried about how Ruby will react and if she would hurt the kittens. 

It did take our last Jack Russell two weeks to get used to Slinky when he arrived as a 10 month old from the RSPCA. He did take time adjusting to each cat that came to live with us, but he did get used to them.

Gromit, his brother was never a problem with cats, but he was a Silky cross border terrier. He was pretty good with cats, he played with them and slept on our bed with them. Ruby is very much like Gromit except she is very territorial over the parental bed. She sees it as her bed and won’t tolerate cats on the bed, and thus I have a problem. I like to sleep with cats and dogs on my bed and so does hubby. We were used to musical beds, as in we never knew what fur babies we would wake up next to, lol. They all took it in shifts every night. I miss those days very much. So now what to do after Christmas, I was wanting to get two kittens but no doubt Ruby may refuse to let them in the bedroom. Boy it does my head in as I desperately want more cats.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Climate lockdown wtf? World business council for sustainable development. KA CHING  KA CHING πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’΅

This looks like the next scare story folks. I do not believe in climate change!

Now remember the control the food and control the people game from the early 1970’s? Henry Kissinger came up with that one, it’s all long term plans. This planet will not run out of water, that is impossible. Running out of food that is man made deliberately. Like killing off live stock to create food loss. Remember they have already told us to expect this. Did you know how very little farmers survive without being part of a controlled group?

Trade as we know it is being radically changed and not for our benefit. Humanity is but a blip in the universe when it comes down to it. Scientific data will show this to be the case and not the BS that the media and those with an interest in enslaving humanity are trying to convince us with. Why the cover ups and gagging? Agenda, of course! 

But you get the world that you deserve when you allow yourself to be indoctrinated. I prefer truth thanks, and will not be intimidated. It just goes to show though how many are involved in this when the media are on board with the lies and deception, it is what they do best after all.

1% of farms operate 70% of world's farmland

UPDATE: Google how much land Bill Gates now owns in the US

If you use FaceTime change your password regularly

 Just a heads up. I will never call you unless it is a pre arrangement. I prefer to use Skype or phone.

I am not a fan of FaceTime, Zoom or most social media platforms due to their poor security. I have had people asking me to use both. So far I have only done a handful of FaceTime calls. However I need to let you know, that I will not call anyone unsolicited. I will only contact a client because we have an appointment scheduled, which is confirmed by email and either one of us can call the other at that appointed time. Not after!

I have had two unsolicited FaceTime calls one on 17 November 2020 and one today 25 November, I tried to answer but the person started typing , “who are you?” they were understandably upset.

I responded by email address and on FaceTime by text stating that it was them that called me on both occasions. I told them, I suspected they were hacked. That has nothing to do with me. I suggested they change their password regularly. I am not the sort of person that tolerates hackers or people with negative intentions either. 

I am now advising everyone to keep changing their passwords for all social media on a regular basis. It is a no brainer honestly. Especially when you know that someone is probably trying to hack you. Never tell your loved ones your passwords for anything, because  nine times out of ten it is someone close to you doing this.

Stay safe and stay protected, also invest in security for your devices, and if this is a domestic problem tell the police.

Monday 23 November 2020

Wes Penre: video 236 Q and A session 62

I can’t say that I agree with Wes’ s comments on Seth, being a clairvoyant I am picking up negative energy from Seth and I feel Jane Roberts was very naΓ―ve in communicating with this entity. I am very very against channelling, and I used to be a channel. If you have read through Wes’s papers even he warns people against channelling.

This poor woman suffered as a result of her channelling. A google search will reveal this and I also have covered this on my blog not too long ago. I also noticed Wes seems to contradict himself a lot over the past 12 months. Yes, Wes has discovered more information but I do feel he is a little misdirected.

I appreciate the fact that he means well and has done amazing work over many years. There is no disputing that. I strongly advise against channelling on mental health grounds and the danger of entity attachments. These channelled entities are known for lying, and causing mayhem. To indulge in this caper is an ego trip that results in danger. Like people who foolishly believe in Ashtar command etc, it is all highly dangerous rubbish and should be avoided. There is no Galactic Federation it is all a con, some of it is actually military intelligence behind this and the other end is dark ET’s but do so at your own risk and end up in a psych ward. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 

Obviously people that insist on this path are deeply lacking any true concept of true spirituality and are insecure. That is the perfect model to attract  archonic and dark ET’s.

British Airman spirit in world war 2

I woke up early this morning after a very restless night, due to a heavy thunder storm and our fur baby Ruby being distressed all night. She was barking when the thunder was really bad and thus not getting enough sleep. It is not easy for dogs and cats coping with thunder storms and my heart goes out to those that live outdoors. They lack the comfort of a human that cares deeply about their comfort and well being.

Anyhow as I lay in bed I started to remember an event that happened to my mum as a child in war time Scotland. She slept in a room with a few of her sisters, as many people did back then. One particular night though she woke up and as she opened her eyes she froze in terror. In the doorway she saw a man in a British Airman's uniform.

 All around him was a golden glow, he just stood there looking at her. I can't remember if she said his arms were out stretched or am I mixing it up with a similar terrifying thing that happened to my gran in the same house in the 1980's. Anyway my mum was absolutely terrified, she couldn't even scream. She tried everything to waken her sister next to her to no avail though. 

This was often discussed in the house and what caused the spirit of the Airman to be there. My gran thought he might have been a guardian angel. But I am more inclined to think he was a crisis spirit. That is a newly crossed over person that does not know they are dead and or is lost as the cross over to the other side of life. The fact that he stood in the door way tells me that the door way acts as a portal. That is quite common in spiritual matters, doorways are considered as portals. Thankfully my mum never saw anything like that again. I am sure it would have scared the hell out of her.

Many years later however in that same house, my gran was in bed and woke up to see a woman in Victorian styled clothes half manifested and a dog with her, of which she could only see the front half of the dog. The woman stood there dressed in black with her arms outstretched. As my gran looked at her, she noticed there were no legs or bottom half of the woman.  My gran was frozen in fear at this unable to scream or move. Again the woman was standing in the doorway. I wonder if the house number has any bearing on attracting spirits or is my gran's house on a ley line. I have relatives still living in that house, but I have never actually thought of asking them if anything unusual has happened in recent years.  

As a child I often saw my grandpa in the house after he died in 1970, when I was about seven. I never mentioned it to anyone because it was years later that I realised what was happening. I doubt very much if I would have been believed and no doubt I would be dismissed as having a vivid imagination. But I could describe him perfectly. 

As I thought about this I realised my gran's door number adds up to the number 5 in numerology and so does mine, including the previous house that I lived in in Sydney which had an earthbound spirit of an old lady that owned the house before we did. Five is actually the number for humanity as in the image of Vitruvian man.  

I personally have felt that a number  five house is unlucky for me. But fate has had me live in two number five houses in a row. I don't recall all the house numbers growing up as I moved so often. I do remember living in a number ten house in Scotland at the age of six and I was very happy there and an other number ten house just prior to moving to Australia and I was quite happy there. 

Below:  Milton Black's website link to door number 5. I have so much respect for this guy's amazing work. 

Copyright Alex Fulford 23 November 2020

Sunday 22 November 2020

Tarot card of the month: December 2020, Judgment


Rebirth, Atonement, being noticed, answering a calling, Absolution,
Judgement, Salvation

Planet: the Moon
Number two Duality, Parenthood, Creativity, Imagination, Sensitivity (vibrates to the energy of the Moon) The zero at the end of the number two intensifies the energy.

This card is number 20 of the major arcana, interesting that it came up for the last month of 2020. 

An interesting card for the last month of 2020. Notice the letter G in the hair of Archangel Gabriel( the grim reaper). You could also say that the G is for Gnosticism but that is totally at odds with Salvationism. Salvationists are most definitely not spiritually awakened souls.

The English flag (St Georges Cross)  or is it the Templar flag.

The Archangel Gabriel is calling to the faithful to follow him. The trumpet is to herald in some news  or to summon the dead.  The sky behind Gabriel is blue as is the water in between the people standing in their coffins. Blue represents healing and water represents consciousness. Blue corelated to the heart chakra for healing. 

This is an interesting card for December this year in particular, as this has not been a normal year and life is changing all around us. A new age is here, that could be interpreted as a rebirth. I would normally say this is a good card but feeling the negative energy of it. I am more inclined to say this card depicts loneliness, sorrow  and heart ache. 

People are frustrated after this horrible year from hell. The northern hemisphere people are still experiencing lockdown. These people need to think before they act when the lockdown eases or they will cause more problems. The Southern hemisphere seems to be a lot better off ,at present. The frustration of this year and the adjusting to a new life is frustrating for many people we need to just roll with it.

Loneliness and despair is everywhere, but we must try to find something to keep our spirits up. People have survived much worse than this and have come through by being resilient. Think of those that lived through the first world war and straight into the great depression.  Then those survivors went straight into ww2.

So if you think this is tough just think about those people, they knew real hardship and poverty, with no welfare system. The current people in their late seventies and eighties went through this as children and grew up to  raise families still. Remember most people back then left school at 12 or 14 and had to work in appalling work conditions that are illegal today. Childhood was over and they worked much longer hours than the people of today.  They were not whiney wimps they got on with life.

Think of the men away at war, going through absolute hell, and on the home front women had to do their raising children alone with practically nothing and take on the fathers role for five years if the father was lucky to come home from the war.   

Today we are seeing the impact though of the current health crisis, many people do not have coping skills and are not in control of their emotions. This is not a good sign for humanity. 

Some will be able however to take advantage of the current situation and have a direction change in work. They may be inventive in the way they work as we see people working remotely from home, over the past eight months. 

Hospitality is as we see one of the winners here this month, by restructuring their services. I feel some economic change is attached to this month. That could be to do with retail as more shops move on line to save money. But there is one problem, the supply line is going to change so expect disruptions more often than not.

Christmas will be quieter in some respects, but is that a bad thing? Depending on a family's normal routine it might be a relief, but to others it can be very lonely.  Spare a thought for those on their own and those in nursing homes or homeless over the silly season. These are these ones that must be looked after. The homeless, those with no families, war veterans in crisis etc, oh and the animals in shelters or on the streets. 

Friday 20 November 2020

Wes Penre: Gnostics musings 11 the divine mind part 3

I posted this last night, 19th November. I had not read it yet, but I didn’t want to keep people from reading the article. I hope people read the comments, because they are always important for further information. 

I am fully aware of what is said in the comments and I no longer comment on the WP pages. I don’t want all of this energy in my life anymore. I pretty much live like a hermit over the past five years and intend to keep it that way. 

I don’t want the intrusion of the archonic psyche in my life. What the world is going through at present I want no part of. What I see is the masses losing their minds and this is not good on a spiritual level. 

As for the archons, the shit stains of the universe as I call them they are not new as in from the bible times. They would have to have been involved with all life on this  planet from the start or since humans first appeared on earth. They would certainly have been doing their usual deeds with other star races in the universe and then this is not the only universe, there are supposedly countless universes so it begs the question how many other universes are also infected and how much AI or cyborgs are out there in these other planets and universes? 

 It would be a damn near impossible task of eradicating them. As for the consummation of the ages, one must ask is that but an astrological cycle only or would it actually can these beings? If later is true then why has this not been done millions of years ago? As everything works in these astrological cycles both large and small as well as cycles within cycles.

I don’t think we will ever get the truth on this planet and most certainly not within this universe as it is heavily controlled by these beings. 

Wednesday 18 November 2020

NEWS.COM.AU: World could face hunger pandemic in 2021, world food program warns

COULD, that’s the trigger word. They have been telling us this for the past 12 months at least. This could be fear monger it or it could be real, I do know that next  12 months will not be pleasant for most of us. Months ago we were warned not to waste food. Oddly enough I mentioned this to my husband this morning. This afternoon I see this posted in the news. Of course the cost of food will go up, unemployment will go up, crime will go up, that is a given. We are in this for a few years to come. We will survive as best we can, and help each other. 

Pandemic is a disease outbreak affecting a whole country or the world, not shortage of food or resources, but a pandemic could cause a food shortage or famine but that would be localised really. This is generating fear, over something that these individuals are creating. The current health situation has nothing to do with it really. Sure it affects the world economy but this is deliberately being done. As an example both the UK/Eire, Europe and the US have handled the current situation very badly, partly  due to gross ignorance. 

Things were allowed to get this bad for a reason. That is fairly obvious to the average person. There is no excuse for this fiasco and the loss of lives, lets not forget ill people with health problems requiring hospital treatment that don't have covid, they are being deliberately pushed to the side and left to die. What about all the covid hospitals built in the UK and Australia? I can tell you right now the Canberra one, which cost millions, was never used;  people that could have had medical treatment for other illnesses were left untreated, public patients especially left waiting.

We are also being constantly told there are too many people on the planet to sustain everyone. That is an other lie, there is no need for poverty and sickness and homelessness, they are created by powerful people, and their grubby shareholders. What about powerful people such as the British Queen owning thousands of hectares of land all over the world. How many rich and powerful people own vast amounts of land and property and they do not share this? But they want the common person to give up what they have under agenda 30 of the UN charter (that is by the year 2030). These are the ones dictating to us who will live and who will die, but it is never them that gives up anything.  Notice the middle class are disappearing at present time. That is not just by chance is it? It is a carefully controlled situation.  

Many older people are wise to this and know the score. If you have lived through world wars and depression and unlucky enough to have lived in communist Eastern Europe, then I am pretty sure you smell the BS. Young people need to listen to their grand parents and make note of what they can tell them about life in their day. The reason being  history does repeat and lessons should be learned and learn how to read the warning signs. 

Shortage is being manufactured, just the same as the recession/depression, it is cause and effect, there is no such thing as an accident. Just sit back and watch the show unfold. But don’t say you weren’t warned, the media have made many general comments over the past few years, it is just the masses don’t pay attention. Weeks ago Australia was warned in the news that rice was going to be in short supply. For a start the drought is over but the government is selling our water to China. I wonder how that will turn out 🀣 

Europe has been well known for dumping food since the 1970’s.  Same with the UK and Australia, but in modern times in Australia we have food banks and an organisation called Oz Harvest that picks up day old food from clubs restaurants and shops and distributes it to those in need. People need to be allowed to grow their own fruit and vegetables without governments stopping them like parts of the US. The other problem is the cost of water. This planet cannot run out of water, to say so is utter rubbish and shows those that tell us this don’t know what they are talking about. We are being constantly lied to by the government and businesses because they have a vested interest in doing so.

It is not my place to inform every Tom, Dick and Harry on this , do your own reading and you will find the truth. Avoid the likes of little Greta telling you what to think, she is trained in leftist propaganda. If you believe in the climate change BS then clearly you have not done enough research, nor asked why so many scientists are gagged from speaking. Everything  works in astrological and spiritual cycles in this universe, nothing is new, everything repeats even life forms. 

You do recall the expression, everything old is new again or as above, so is below. Then there is; as is within and so is without, meaning within us and what is external influence, be it spiritual or temporal.  I leave it to you the reader to be informed with both sides of the situation, regardless or what situation you find yourself in or confronted with.

One final thing that most people are unaware of from a spiritual perspective are the non physical beings called archons just love harvesting our emotional energy or Loosh . Archons are the creation of the demiurge or false god. The demiurge is an unintended result of the goddess Sophia's thoughts being manifested into the physical world. The demiurge cannot co create, he can only make copies of the original.

So when he created the archons, he did so in ignorance, or without wisdom. They cannot harm us per say but they do affect our thoughts and if not controlled then affect our actions. They generate negativity in the minds of humans and then harvest the energy that humans create in anger, distress, jealousy and all negative emotions even immoral sexual behaviour. 

Humanity has never learned how to control our emotions and banish the archonic attachments that we were warned of thousands of years ago by the Gnostics or Telestai.  Everything that we do on this earth generates  emotional energy (Loosh) and we need to be more aware of that and how to prevent energy harvesting and psychic attacks. Public events of any sort are a playground for entities harvesting our energies. I recommend people look into this. Being able to control this is paramount to human society surviving, and being mentally stable. Fear is a very powerful tool and can be manipulated so easily.



Klaus Schwab

What a right charmer he is, but he is one of many. Eugenics is not new,  even before Hitler came along most rich westerns believed in it, especially in Victorian times.  I am sure there are many more that we don’t know exist. Powerful people and powerful bloodlines that are interconnected. But just be wise and aware of such things and not dwell on it.

Focus on your inner self and inner guidance at this point in time. I know it is hard , I struggle with it too.

Finding the time and being in the right frame of mind is the issue we usually have, but better doing this than watching tv. 

Oh and I recommend you go on to the UN website and look up agenda 21 as in the year 2021 and agenda 2030 as in the year, lovely surprise in there for the leftist mindset , no personal property, how are you liking it now?  The agenda is communist of course.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Frank get the door!


Aye Frank, I need a pie and black pudding on a roll for lunch, mind the tomato sauce.

Janey Godley, the Scottish comedian that impersonates the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. Check her out on YouTube.

Monday 16 November 2020

Birds visiting my garden

  The white throater gerygone


I love being surrounded in nature, and living in Canberra is the best of both worlds. We are a country town and a capital city, with a difference. We have a wonderful abundance of nature all around us. Even in the average suburban garden if one has sufficient plants and trees to attract birds and wildlife there is a joy in seeing our nature up close. Canberrans are very proud of their bush capital, and rightly so. 

I love waking up each morning with the sound of birds singing. I am not able to name very many bird types, but that doesn’t matter to me. I just love them coming into my garden every day. Today was a warm and humid day, so I had the front door open all day. I heard an amazing bird song near the front door and went to investigate. The bird was hard to see at first, but as I  scanned the garden from my front fly-screen door I noticed a tiny yellow bird up in the ornamental plumb tree. I stood listening to him for a while enchanted by the sound. 

I scurried off to find my pocket book of Canberra birds to see what it was. This little book is like gold (Field guide to the birds of the ACT  by McComas Taylor and Nicholas Day) to bird lovers and very popular. I found out this lovely little bird was a White Throated Gerygone. I shall be on the lookout for him again. All day long there are so many different birds visiting either the back garden or my front garden. I have a lot of small trees in my front yard, and a huge box elder tree, a Crab apple tree and an ornamental flowering apricot tree in my back yard, so the birds just flock to my garden.

My favourite bird is the crimson rosella and I never tire of them, I only saw them on the rare occasion where I lived in Sydney even though it is a very common bird. We have an abundance of parrots  in Canberra  all year round, including Lorikeets, Cockatoos, Galahs Gangangs. Cockatoos are very destructive though as well as very intelligent. God knows how often I have to pick up tree branches they the Cockatoos rip off from my Box Elder. The Cockatoos make a terrible mess.  Magpies, Peewees, Wattle birds are quite common in Canberra gardens, we have a wonderful variety just in our area alone. The best public places to see a variety would be visiting both the national parks, Namadgi and Tidbinbilla or the Australian Botanical Gardens, all of which are not far from my house.
The Magpie has a nice song,  but many people don’t like them because they can attack humans in spring time, as they try to protect their babies. Thankfully I have never had a problem with them. I have one that visits every day and I talk to him when watering the garden. One of my cats had a Magpie friend in the weeks before my cat dies. The Magpie was very old too and each morning he came up to the back door and tapped on it, asking if Tolstoy was coming out. So I opened the door and Tolstoy would sit on the step with his friend each day until Tolstoy was too sick and had to be put to sleep. 
I guess having only three legs and being old , he was no threat to the Magpie. For a week or more after Tolstoy died this Magpie came to the door to see his friend. Then sadly one day younger birds attacked him as he flew over the fence into the neighbours yard. It was very distressing and sadly I never saw the Magpie ever again. But I feel there was a special bond between him and our Tolly. 

One night last summer I thought I was imagining things, lying in bed reading late at night, and suddenly hearing a Cuckoo call. I had no idea Canberra actually has Cuckoos. I got on to google and  discovered that there are actually five different types of Cuckoos in Canberra. 

The area where Canberra is built is old farming land so we are lucky to have birds that have remained in the region as housing has expanded over the decades. I am living in the Tuggeranong valley which is not far from two big national parks. So there is a lot of wildlife all around us such as Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wombats, Echidna, Possums and foxes.  I have Possums living in my garden and the surrounding area. We often have foxes in the neighbourhood too. So there is a lot right on our doorstep so to speak. 

But getting back  to birds, I often sit in a reading chair at the window in my Family Room and watch birds as they weave in and out the bushes outside the window. If I am lucky I get to see Willie Wagtails or a Superb Fairy Wren, they are a real treat to see as are the Double Barred Finch and I think I have only been lucky enough once to see that finch then  honey eaters on some occasion oh, and the Falcon that attacked my Canary on the back veranda, that I will never forget.  Tiny little Silver Eyes or nectar eaters are always lurking in the bushes, as I have Chinese Lantern or Abutilon and Choisya bush at my back window. I could sit all day and watch them if I could, lol. But as usual I have things to do every day. I just feel so content with nature and could quite easily live the rest of my life away from humans as long as I have animals and birds around me. A garden or a nature reserve is a must for me to touch base with nature. 

As I write this post the birds are still singing, it is just so nice and much better than the sound of the TV. We have a couple of resident Blackbirds that visit every day and tonight Mr Blackbird was perched on the rooftop next door singing his little heart out. It was Mrs Blackbird that had her babies on our back veranda two years ago. The family are still visiting our garden, but I have no idea who is who with them. I just enjoy seeing them in the garden. Nature is just an absolute joy to behold.

  The Crimson Rosella

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Alex has a change of fees effective from Saturday 14 November 2020


I have decided that it is time to increase my service fees. I have been looking at other readers fees and I noticed the well known readers like myself are charging a much higher rate. This makes me feel under appreciated and undervalued. 

So after much umming and ahhing I have decided to increase my reading fees. I will still be a little cheaper than others and your usual quality and care is still there and always will be. I do need to keep up with the industry at my level and not be going out the door backwards financially speaking. Think about how much a designer hand bag is, you will find they are much more expensive than a reading from a high quality professional reader. 

So my fee for a one hour Tarot reading is now going to increase to $160 per hour, for a half hour reading the fee will be increased to $80. I do not think my fees will increase for many, years after this, as I still believe in being reasonable and good value for money. 


Day-cares in Finland built a backyard forest and it changed children’s immune systems

I love being in the garden and prefer forests to the beach. As a child I was always fascinated by forests and woodland areas. I have autoimmune diseases but never connected the lack of natural environment to that. I moved house a lot as a child and up to the age of 25. Some of that time l lived in apartments or town houses with no access to gardens and nature but that was from the ages of 10 up to the age of 25. 

Children don’t get a say in where they live and play as a general rule, that is dictated by parents and teachers to a large degree. Sometimes it is for the child’s safety. I really resented having no say in anything as a child. My life was governed by my parents very strictly, and if they wanted to move house, that was it.

I think it is wonderful that these children are given the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Humans are part of  the natural world but often remove themselves not understanding the importance of the natural world and our connection to it. Children need to explore nature and get the feel of the natural world to be more grounded. Now the current trend in the developed world is to move into smart cities, big mistake and a recipe for disaster and disease. Many people will not have the choice in this either because big corporations and the government are designing their world for them. And it is purely financially driven.

There is a price to pay for everything in this world, and the less money that you have the less say you have. The future generations will have to deal with the fallout of current decisions made by greedy individuals. Remember we are part of the natural world and we are spirit too, just manifested in the temporal world. If you start to change the natural order then expect disaster.

Schools must prepare for 50 per cent rise in students with disabilities: report

This is quite shocking, no wonder they hid it. I know many people with children on the spectrum. No one in authority will publicly admit what the elephant in the room is, but hey we already know the name of that elephant anyway. The bigger the population the bigger the risk of this particular disability too, keep that in mind.

This news article was sent to me from Canada, I couldn't see it back in September because of a paywall on the SMH website and I refuse to pay to read this. 

Tuesday 10 November 2020

News reporter Peter Overton opens up about Melanoma

This is one scary situation, please read this article and notice the description at the bottom of the article, on the description variations. Not all melanoma look the same. My husband’s melanoma looked scaly and red. He was very lucky because his was stage one in situ but it left a massive and deep 9 cm by 7 cm scar on his upper arm , which must be kept covered so the sun doesn’t get to it. His scar turns a bluey purple colour when the weather is cool.  It is not a scar that can be easily hidden.

Please keep that in mind when you are out in the sun. All the years you spend at the beach or lying in the hot sun put you at risk. My husband never did any of that. He worked in an office and it is assumed that he got his melanoma from driving every day and the sun coming in the car window.

Both hubby and I are winter people and avoid the heat, we always have. But that is no guarantee that you won’t get melanoma. Even walking to  and from school every day as a child can put you at risk. It is generally young skin that gets damaged. But shows up later in life. My father had a tiny melanoma cut out this year too. That was traced back to his military service days in the Far East in the 50’s, and he is in his eighties now. He never lay in the hot sun either. 

On eBay you can buy “cool sleeves/ UV sleeves” to protect your arms when driving, playing sport, or just for out doors. They are quite cheap and worth investing in to avoid surgery in the years to come, and that is if the cancer is picked up in time. Time is the major factor,  the longer you ignore any skin issues the worse it becomes. So the longer you wait, the risk of death increases, don’t take that risk.

I have known women over the years that had skin like leather from constantly being out in the sun, sure they looked good as teenagers, but your skin under the hot sun dries and ages you. The skin becomes tough and that causes more work to be necessary to be done by the surgeon. Removing the melanoma also requires healthy skin surrounding the cancer to be cut to minimise the cancer cells attacking the healthy skin surrounding the melanoma.  Then the follow up treatment that follows for a few years depending on how severe the condition is. You also have to have lymph node mapping done and then followed up from time to time. Now thanks to Covid, the wait to see a doctor may be longer than it normally is and that risks a deterioration of the condition. 

Heed the warnings and help educate your family especially the young ones. The more aware they are the better the chance of avoiding melanoma. Hats, parasols and long sleeves are a must in the heat, but can be uncomfortable. But isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? 

More phone hassles ......crap!

 Grrr I hate technology, please bear with me over the next day or so. I am sorting out a new phone as I had been borrowing my husband’s dual SIM card old phone, and I don’t like it one bit 🀣🀣 (picture cat in a hat here lol).

So at present over night recharging my crappy old one with the work SIM card and tomorrow sometime I will have to rush out and buy a new one. Pain in the arse 😳😳  I am never lucky with technology, it sucks! 

At least I haven’t thrown it through the window or flushed it πŸ’© got bloody close though. 

If 2020 was a drink what would it be?


Off the leash: Revenge of the Canines

Piss on it and walk away 🀣🀣 

Australia’s international borders set to remain closed to high risk countries signals pm

I have been telling clients during readings that flight travel will not be back to normal next year, and possibly from now on when traveling resumes, it will be in limited amounts and that will depend on where one wants to visit.

Monday 9 November 2020

Wes Penre: Q and A # 61

Interesting post this one, to me the animal one is most important. Just having lost my last kitty out of the four awesome little kitties 😻😻😻😻 and our beautiful dogs  Sparky and Gromit. I care very much about their spiritual well being. 

The time my family had with them and the other little fur, feathered scaled babies was never enough. Time goes too fast and we miss them dearly.

Sunday 8 November 2020

EMILYS LIST member Kamala Harris 

You all ok with late term abortions? Obviously you Democrat voters are, along with Kamala Harris. If you did a little research you would have uncovered this vile abomination, like I just did. You don’t get the financial backing from this feminist  Zionist organisation  unless you are ok with late term abortions. Think about that one! Don’t make any excuse for this, there is none. 

Australian women have joined in this vile act of evil too, especially those in politics. I have put the links on my blog to the Australian EMILYS list years ago. As long as these women get what they want, they will do anything to get to the top of the dung heap. 

Why don’t you look up the videos on late term abortions? It will make you sick. The unborn babies are not given pain killers either. Remember a baby can be born at eight months and survive. They are living sentient beings and do feel pain and react to emotional distress in the womb as well as physical pain. I know I have had three pregnancies. Ever heard of foetal distress? Of course a baby at the third trimester feels, thinks and reacts to stimulation. 

What sort of person could perform such a monstrous barbaric act? Forget religion, just focus on the actual act of late term abortions. It is horrendous and most women unfortunate enough to have to go through  late term abortion are distressed by what they and the babies suffer. They should never be put in such a horrible inhuman situation in the first place, nor should it be politicised. 

 It says so much about what sort of woman or human beings will do for power. But hey it’s just business. Have a look through the listing. 

I personally am not anti abortion, I just feel that it should not be done in the third trimester, as I feel the babies are fully developed sentient beings that feel and think. It is up to the individual women  to say what they want, as long as they have all the relevant information, including what can go wrong.  My heart goes out to any woman that has to have a pregnancy terminated. They should not be made to feel guilty or ashamed. None of us have the right to judge them. Every woman’s circumstances are different and they are entitled to privacy and respect. Please read through this for an understanding on the medical information. I have no religious or political interest in this subject only medical and the well-being of the women and unborn babies. Read this report please. Biden on record as anti abortion, Harris gets on his case about it. Yes this is a woman’s choice, it is a human right, to have safe access to a termination, however there needs to be a safe cut off point on medical grounds. I don’t feel the third trimester is safe. So why are they not making more effort to ensure that the termination is done before the end of the second trimester? It all comes down to money, politics and religion, the three evils of this earth.

Friday 6 November 2020

Wes Penre: The apocalypse and the consummation of the ages

I have posted this once before I am sure, but given the current political situation in the US I think it needs reposting. A reminder of what to expect with human behaviour. Being spiritually awake and aware is vital right now and for the decades to come. Please take time to read this and think about it. Gnosticism is hard going, I struggle with it too, but know that it is very important for myself and humanity. 

As for the consummation of the ages, I do not feel this is in our lifetime. No one actually knows when this will occur, it could be a thousand years from now. So please do not worry and stress over it.

When it happens, I do not think people will suffer or suddenly drop down dead. I would say it is more likely to be a gradual process as people die, for what ever reason their cause of death is. I do not believe in some supernatural forces suddenly striking people dead and removing souls and or spirits  en-mass. Many people die every day in the world of various causes, so I would logically assume it would be in the regular way, when your time is up, your time is up. 

I do recommend reading , Not in his image by John Lamb Lash, PDF file might be the quickest way to get hold of the book. But read it, if you think you are WOKE, think again. Not until you examine Gnosticism a little and you will need to go on to  and expect to be there a while, lol. It is heavy reading but as I say anything worthwhile takes effort. How much do you value your soul and your spirit? That is what all of this is about. It is your call!

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Daisy comes home

 Our beloved little Daisy came home today, longer than expected but we are just glad to have her home.

Daisy brought so much love and joy into our lives in her 17 years of life. She has such an inner strength with her, So I dubbed her the Empress Mouse Dolly. May you for ever live in our hearts Daisy, we love you so much.

Sunday 1 November 2020

Wes Penre: Simon Magus and Jesus Christ

An other interesting article from Wes, I have always had a bad feeling about Seth. I noticed in the comments someone also question Seth wondering if the Seth in the book by Jane Roberts is the Same person. I have read this book and got a horrible feeling from it. That Seth was evil and may not even be who he said he was. 

I for one do not trust anyone in the bible teaching, and I am also a little wary of the Gnostics. It is not that I don’t trust them, more like are they way too trusting in what they accept from the non physical world. As we know they tolerated other religions teachings, but the others treated the Gnostics with contempt and they showed no tolerance to the Gnostics. Trust can often be our folly. As I have found on many occasions. 

Listen with dental floss

 LOL, I must be losing the plot. In a hurry to set up for a reading this morning I picked up my dental floss, thinking that it was my air pods. I then picked up my phone and walked into the hallway and tried to connect my dental floss with my phone.πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ That just sets the trend for my day. I finally found my air pods in the bedroom where I left them last night. 

The dental floss is about the same size as my air pod container, however it is much lighter. You would think that would have tipped me off but nup. Just an other silly old fart moment. 😁