Wednesday 11 November 2020

Alex has a change of fees effective from Saturday 14 November 2020


I have decided that it is time to increase my service fees. I have been looking at other readers fees and I noticed the well known readers like myself are charging a much higher rate. This makes me feel under appreciated and undervalued. 

So after much umming and ahhing I have decided to increase my reading fees. I will still be a little cheaper than others and your usual quality and care is still there and always will be. I do need to keep up with the industry at my level and not be going out the door backwards financially speaking. Think about how much a designer hand bag is, you will find they are much more expensive than a reading from a high quality professional reader. 

So my fee for a one hour Tarot reading is now going to increase to $160 per hour, for a half hour reading the fee will be increased to $80. I do not think my fees will increase for many, years after this, as I still believe in being reasonable and good value for money.