Saturday 29 September 2018

Occam'S Razor
Occam's Razor, I cam across this on Wes Penre's YouTube post #73.
 I had not heard of this before so I Googled it and thought I would share it with everyone.
Perhaps you are way ahead of me on this , lol. Oh well some one has to be, lol.

Other useful terms of today unrelated but are heard in conversation and if you have a poor memory, book mark this to help you remember what they mean 😁 Schadenfreude or gas lighting  Schrodinger's cat
LOL, this one will mess with you.

The Emerald tablets Of Thoth Of Atlantean

Click on the link here and it will take you in to a PDF file of the free eBook.

Hermes three times  magnificent ( three being the important number, as in a spell. Three times for the charm)  What a real egotistical name, is it not.

Please be careful when reading these tablets, it may have a form of NLP that goes in to the sub conscious mind. Such things are not uncommon. Just read this as a learning tool to awaken and not to be fooled by all that seems mystical and cool. If it is deemed mystical then the odds are it is designed to appeal to the ego and control the mind and soul.
Nothing can tarnish that which is pure and clean spiritually. Just my humble opinion folks. Keep it simple, keep it pure, honest and keep it real in life. Simples!

Video 74: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Interpreted Part 2

As I started watching this video I have been taking notes stopping now and then to write my self note to add to this blog post. The first thing that I noticed was the mentioning of Archons, living but not living (AI?)  Nostradamus mentioned something existing without any senses and it dying.  That is what came to mind as I read the fist part of this video.

This was at 1.44 on the video. The 7 Lords of Light.

An awakened soul knows intuitively the right path and nothing will stop that. Yes, the path is hard and often times very lonely, so be it. Keep the heart and soul pure and clean.
This means do not fall for Cosmic Law BS. I used to up until very recently. I did not like it and thought it unfair . To me it was like legalese. One would have to be a bloody maverick Lawyer to learn how to circumnavigate the BS.

Of course it was created by the tricksters, who else would have created something so cunning and wickedly unfair?  It is to keep us trapped in a state of fear and control. It does not benefit humanity one bit.

My own moral compass is much stronger than Cosmic Law and much more strict, but fair . I will bow to nothing and give my power away to nothing and neither should anyone else. Claim and stand in your rightful spiritual power. These beings do not have the right nor authority to judge you nor I.

They will intimidate and use any means necessary to convince you though that the do have authority over you.

At 4.12 in the video, it is ringing alarm bells, Danger Will Robinson! This is where new age and Spiritual disinformation comes in. I will have no part of this. This is occult ritual magic I will have nothing to do with this stuff and I warn people stay right away from rituals, spells etc. It is BS to think there is good and bad magic. It is a ll the same poop don't try to justify it saying it is for good, you are fooling yourself. This is a very firm NO.

I am glad Wes has called it out too. NEVER ever, draw anything into your body. That is a huge mistake right there. You go from within and expel not drawing who knows what in through the body.

I can say yes, I used to because as I said, I was taught through the spiritual church and then thought; hey hang on this does not feel right. Parrot repetition is not education, I mean no disrespect to the Spiritual church or anyone else when I say this. I understand it is just the way of teaching, but it does not make it right.

Everything comes from within, everything we will ever need in life is within us. Please do not forget that. It is vital to survival and especially so when it comes to spiritual matters.

Notice at 8.46 it is different methods used to trap different souls. The awakened ones are vital targets, the jewel in the crown if you like.

Alan B'Stard sums it up for me.

Catching souls as they try to leave the matrix reminds me of the uncoordinated Olympics of Monty Python fame. Catch me if you can!

When reading the Emerald Tablets please use caution because they may have a hidden form of NLP about them. Neuro-linguistic programming which go in to the sub consciousness.

Video 73: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Interpreted Part 1

Notice the comment Wes makes about keeping a pure soul. This is something that I have always believed in and I tell my clients, that we must try our best to have a clean pure soul as best we can here on earth.

That is often easier said than done of course  but it can be done. It doesn't mean allow yourself to be a door mat either. Stand in your true spiritual power is what I say. Do not let evil dwell within you.
Yes life is made difficult for humanity here on earth with the cards stacked against us, but  you do not have to take part in evil.  it may mean a lonely life for some but rather that than the burden of an un-clean soul.

I am glad Wes has covered these Tablets, I must admit I have known of them for about 20 years but never had the time to read them,  I will shortly and I am making notes at present from the Celestial ship of the North. But will go right into reading these Tablets next. I always felt they were Satanic so I approach them with caution.

Remember nothing on this earth is ever what it is presented as. So be discerning with everything, it pays to be cautious when reading esoteric teachings as it is often double speak.

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Video 72: The Event (A MUST WATCH!!!)

Please watch in YouTube mode and read all the comments. The comments are very helpful too. So many very clever and informed people on here.

As for Q Anon, I get a very strong intuitive feeling of yet an other fake truther like Julian Assange. So do be very careful here. Like I always say this is a planet of lies. 

I tend to avoid many websites these days because there is so much disinformation out there. I go within, to find my answers. I find it works well for me.
Humans are programmed only to go so far then hit the wall so to speak. Very few can break the God spell as it is termed. Even there, New Agers and those that follow the Spiritual movement are still working from the controlled matrix. They will not be able to break free if they do not start now to question their beliefs and think outside the box.

That is very sad and quite distressing because like most of us, they are trying to be better people.
Sadly because of the programming they cannot break the God spell.

The basic rule of the thumb is trust nothing on this earth, it is a matrix controlled programming, and for some reason only a few are able to break out of the programming. Please try to be one of those people. Your very soul and your freedom are depending on that and you will not get an other chance here on earth. 

I do not wish to come across as a gloom and doom merchant, however the situation is very dire right now. If you are already reading this blog regular and reading Wes Penre, Cameron Day, John L Lash  articles etc then you are awake and know what to do. You do not need any one to help you, just be very firm in your intentions. Speak to nothing/ no one as you leave this life and get out through the holes in the grid. Even then keep your guard up.

Pay no attention to all the rubbish of ascension and living in other dimensions it is still part of the control system.  Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise, keep right away from because they are ill informed or part of the control system.

What ever you hear in the media about whistle-blowers such as Julian Assange is fake news  designed to keep you hooked. The man  Assange is a Freemason and owned by the system. You will find most truth seeker websites are very much disinfo agents. I have been through many of them and I have no time for them now. Sure they feed you some truth but peppered with lies to keep you under control.

Sunday 23 September 2018

Ambrosia: the startup harvesting the blood of the young

WTF?  If you do not think this is not Satanic then something is wrong with you. Satanists use the blood of traumatized children in blood rituals as they get a buzz from the Adrenalin which is infused after the child is being terrorized and traumatized.

This is what they do to keep youthful. Fear of death. Now just what is the possibility of missing children being used in this activity? Thousands go missing never to be found again all over the planet. So it is no leap of imagination to say that they could also be harvested.

Saturday 22 September 2018

Thursday 20 September 2018

Psychic Predictions For 2019 Australian Federal Elections

NOTE: If you have arrived here please be advised that my predictions are now transferred to my new blog.

Looking at the messy situation of Australian politics, the NLP are in disarray still and this is going to cost them dearly come election time. divisions within the NLP is a disgrace but will be around for a while. Do not expect loyalty nor solutions. Make no mistake this wedge was deliberately inserted by powerful business men as a control system. Breaking the party and pick over the bones to get what they want.

This has no place in politics but is a reality of life. Media backing and stoking the fires to install who they want. Julie Bishop still plays her cards close to her chest, and at this stage has only set herself finite timeline to stay. For some reason I pick up real estate connected to her as I write this. I don't know what that is about. I will leave it there though.

Scot Morrison is just a gate keeper and will do as he is told. He is a stubborn and proud man and prone to angry outbursts. I do not see him staying as Prime Minister. perhaps 18 months or so. Nothing is set in stone and certainly not in the world of politics. As I have said in other political readings this change of leadership is the standard of the day now like in the UK. Let this be a reminder to the voter that your vote is but a mere illusion, it does not count.
It is by passed by leadership coups. Democracy is a non existent illusion is the game.

I do feel Scot Morrison will get out of his depth, his views as we can already see are not welcomed by most people and is prone to rub the public up the wrong way. After being placed in this Prime Ministership the game is now to manipulate and ridicule him in the media. That is not a nice thing to do and it shows you our media are bought and paid for by very nasty people. No respect for any one.

Mr Morrison will be seen as the Australian Donald Trump, I feel he will step aside after the elections. Should he miraculously win then he will not be the PM for long.

As we know the NLP is a sinking ship and it will stay this way for a while. The loss of respect from the voters will take a long time to fix. I doubt Josh Frydenberg can do anything to fix this either, I do not feel he is the right man to be the leader of the NLP.

I see a younger man (could be Josh Frydenberg) taking the baton and running with it within the ranks of the NLP, the others do not stand a chance against him. His backing to too powerful. That worries me as this is an agenda which is very bad for Australia. This young man taking over the leader ship is the " what's in it for me" type of guy.  Careless mistakes will be made by this younger man.

Do keep your eye on Zed Seselja again, Zed like I said last year will become the Prime Minister one day, that could be within the next two elections, not the 2019 one though. But he needs to  be very careful whom he trusts. There is a small group of men around Zed are wanting him to do their bidding. They are not politicians and the harm will stick to Zed's name but not theirs, so please be very careful whom you trust Zed.

Too much money is being sent overseas and the public disapprove of this, as much is needed back home. I here the words "agreements written in blood", referring to the public monies being drained and much sent off shore. The ALP will not stop this either.

In fact they will over spend the public monies.  Watch out for Penny Wong in the ALP , she is not at this stage likely to be leader of the ALP or Prime Minister. I feel she is going to have a major run in with a male party member and it will get ugly. I do feel Penny is also more inclined to do the roles other than PM or Vice PM as it gives her some leeway and less likely to draw flack.

She is a very ambitious lady also. No, is not in her vocabulary.

Now down to the elections it is team Red versus team Blue. Both are trying to win over the voters but there is a lazy  apathetic feeling from the politicians. They do not seem to care much. Not like the old days. The public are not stupid and are better informed than ever before. I honestly do not like the way things are heading politically for Australia as a whole. Dark times are on the horizon because the politicians have gotten away with way too much. The Genie is out of the lamp and will not go back in.

This feels like an Empire on its way down, That is our little Aussie Empire of being true blue. I am very sad to see this. Sadly voters think they have the power, but they don't they have an illusion that is now turning dark.

So much energy has been wasted and lack of foresight by both the politicians and the public. There is a strong air of deception leading the voters up the garden path with fake promises, the voters will be very angry.

 I do not feel the ALP can save Australia, they are out to play a game of hearts and minds. Remember one thing here though. Many of the new comers to Australia are not stupid and will not fall for this. They have seen it all before. This will be yet an other dilemma.

Do not be surprised if there is a new female leader of the ALP, however she is not the real power. It is a male person with brown hair behind her that is the power. She is a mere puppet.

So much of the male energy in politics is either too weak or angry and vengeful. All parties need a good shake up but no one seems capable of doing this. No one has any real power as their hands are tied by business men and the media.

Some of these politicians would like to speak out but are too afraid, especially in the NLP right now.
The media have too much power and we are seeing what was done by Rupert Murdoch in the UK happening in Australia. This must be addressed as these individuals do not speak for the Australian voters. The public must demand this stops.

I am hearing the words " false victory"  and "closed off".  That sums up the way things are at present.

Bill Shorten ( sadly I feel a male passing to spirit around him, an older man) This election could be the end of his leadership.  May be that is not a bad thing, I do not feel he has the steel to be  Prime Minister.

There is a lot of animosity around Bill Shorten at present, he needs to move fast to thwart a leadership challenge, just like I saw in last prediction on him. It will become apparent the party want to replace him. This is a female gunning for him and she wont stop. I feel this is Penny Wong gunning for him to topple him. But I could be wrong I do not think she will be a leader. Many voters will not tolerate her harshness.

Her knives are out, but I feel it is just to assist in the coup. So watch out for this little shark in the tank. Politics will always be a male club it is the nature of the beast and male dominated energy on an astrological level that lasts thousands of years.

Now whom ever the new Prime Minister is I can tell you he is greedy for power. He will not listen to others, it is all about him. I feel the new Prime Minister will have light coloured hair (may be its gray, lol) He is not a strong man, just stubborn and this can bring him unstuck. I do not think he will last long. Now this could still be Scot Morrison. How ever if that is the case, then he could still be taken over by Josh Frydenberg ans Leader of the NLP.

You can bet your boots Zed Seselja will not like this and will up the steaks. In 5 to 10 years Zed will step in to the role of Prime Minister.

If the ALP play their cards right they could scoop up the elections, however they will drop the ball economically speaking and put us in deep debt. The ALP are aligned with China, so that is something people must think about too.

This will be yet an other nail biting down to the wire election. Young people will swing to Labor and the Greens yet again due to propaganda agents, and their youth does not afford them all wisdom. We all have to go through this it is only natural remember.

I do see snap changes at the poling booths. I see the ALP win hands down.

But will they stand up to China? I doubt it. This is also the dawning of very dark times for Australia. I see turmoil and open aggression within Australia and from overseas aimed at Australia.

Australia really must assert itself in the world or they will become history. After Christmas big changes are foot within Australia there are dangerous times ahead for all of us. We have our leaders to thank for this. Australia will not be the same again after this. This does not have to happen, but it will be made to happen. Make no mistake this is a very dark agenda. We will have a struggle to keep Australia in our own hands. Thanks to the politicians and business men that sold us out.

This is treachery and I am very very sad at this. Even though I was not born in Australia. This great nation has a massive piece of my heart and always will have.

I have lived here since 1973 off and on until 1983 due to my parents choices, but from 1983 on wards I had my own say and took out citizenship and this is where I will stay. As a loyal Australian citizen.

Copyright Alex Fulford 20 September 2018

UPDATE 7 November 2018

 posted in news on  7/11/18     Election could be in May.

Well I was right about Scott Morrison being treated like the Aussie Trump. But he won, because Bill Shorten screwed up an easy election, and now he is out. I did say he would be out. So not everything is wrong in the "prediction". They are not easy to get right and this was not an easy prediction like previous years.

So given Labor screwed up it will be interesting to see what happens next and there are still many changes to come through the year. Nothing is set in stone either as is often shown in recent times.
We can just wait and watch now.

Alternate Psychic Protection Using Your Own Body

I have used Gold Light protection for many years, and I feel at times it has let me down. I started to re-examine the  concept and thought what if this is part of the control system that we call the Matrix.

It did not stop inter-dimensional attacks at all. In fact it put me on the radar so to speak.
I am now no longer using Gold Light as of today. I have had this confirmed via Wes  Penre's You Tube Chanel that it is indeed part of the control Matrix the same as the Cabalah , Metatron's cube Sacred Geometry etc. However I never used those things as I knew intuitively not to trust them.

Most spiritual people have been taught Gold Light  is the most powerful and best way to protect yourself, your loved ones and homes etc. I have no idea where it originated, but this is what I was taught via a spiritual church many years ago. I was told it is the highest protection there is.

So instead I am using my own power and I think my readers might like to try using their own spiritual power from within.

You do not need and should not use anything external. I am sure many people have already arrived at this belief without me putting my 2 cents worth in long ago, lol. But for other people I will give you instructions on how I do it myself. You may find a better way though. That is good too, because it is your own spiritual power that resonates with you. It is your intention that makes it work. So please do what feels right for you.

Basically I go from my true hears center or my pure essence  and bringing it out through the layers of my entire aura and entire body, from my front and my back. Forming a big circle around my entire body and aura, from head to toe. I build up this energy to a high level and place a giant mirror ball around myself.

Here I warn all beings that do not have peaceful and honest intentions towards me to stay right away from me. They do not have my permission to attack me, take my energy or psychically attack or harm me in any way what so ever.

I say in my mind firmly I am a sovereign being and I am aware of my human as well as my true spiritual/divine sovereignty. I will not have this violated. I then inform all entities that I am not responsible for any harm that comes to them. I have given fair warning and I am protecting myself as is my right. What they do is their responsibility and what happens to them is their own fault for the actions they are responsible for.

I inform these beings my entire body and entire aura has a protective energy around it that is harmful to any one that tries to harm me. Anything  such as a psychic attack from them will be repelled back on to them 3 fold ( or 3 thousand fold) remember the number 3 is very important in cosmic law that is why it is used. Just like invocations, it carries a strong power or vibrational frequency with it.

I also warn the entity or person that if they persist they could be killed by their own negative energy returning to them. Most are well aware of this. People that work with the black arts are fully aware of this and usually try to countermand this.

That ain't going to fly when you are firm in your intentions and standing in your spiritual power. Do not step out side the laws of the Cosmos or you could come unstuck. Please stay safe and respect cosmic Law, no it is not always fair because those that created it did not do it for our benefit, but their own and are experts in spiritual manipulation, humans are not.

These are the beings that put us where humanity is today and for millions of years. So always stay honest and ethical in all things spiritual. Make no mistake about it these beings do not let up and are constantly trying to manipulate humanity.

May I recommend reading the book, Not in his image by John Lamb Lash. You will find some information in that book as well as on his website in regards to these trickster beings, that are the enemy of humanity. 

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Video 70: Transferring Brain and Consciousness between Bodies making Bet...

Watch on YouTube and read the comments please.

Why Western Christianity has a death wish

Perhaps it is also because many people have broken the God-Spell, I know I have. I am spiritually awake and will have nothing to do with the evil control system. Did you know the concept of God is coded into our DNA? No, it is not supposed to be there, Humanities DNA has been hijacked thousands of years ago by a parasitical narcissistic alien race. This is their doing to keep us trapped here in the swamp or sewer for them to control via the artificial frequencies we are locked into.

Many researchers are finally jumping on the band wagon to write about the fact. Not many of them are actually psychic and able to see these beings. Thankfully I can and do see these entities. I sure as hell do not tolerate them.

Organized religion has a vested interest in keeping the control system going, because they are the human minions ( if you can call them human) of these beings, but only those at the very top are fully aware and will die to preserve this truth. But look no further than the bible, religious documents and art work for the clues.  The author of the article is trying to make sure that you the reader stays in line and does not question the control system. No friend of humanity then is he? A shill for hire by god incorporated.

The control system is changing whether the minions like it or not! This is multi leveled and if you like time controlled situation. Now when I say time, think broad term. Linear time is not real it is an illusion. Think of astrological cycles and you are nearer to the mark.

One reason for this bilge called Christianity failing is also the sickening amount of child abuse that is going on. They lack of compassion for the victims and trying to shut the victims up. Jesuits hidden in important public jobs from politics to journalism, the police force, law makers, etc are trying to put the freighters on people to stand by this filth and abomination. Only the brain washed or a morally and truly spiritually bankrupt soul will stand by such a faith.

There is no such thing as religion in the "spirit world" either and I have had many clients loved ones in spirit say this over the years. But that spirit world that we interact with is nothing more that a high tech Faraday cage. These poor misguided souls have no idea of this because they have never been told the truth. Now outside of this controlled spirit world lies a supposed multiverse and the true spiritual freedom. None of humanity have been there, or at least have come back to tell us what is really there. Because if they do they could well be trapped again in this artificial creation.

Remember the "As above so is below" phrase? Well it is in all things both physical and non physical and the sooner humanity understands this very evil deceptions the better. You will never be free of anything otherwise. Most importantly your soul will never be free. In reality our souls have been kept trapped for  thousands or in some cases millions of years, and only a small percentage of human and non human souls will make it to some form of freedom. Memories intact if they avoid going into the light, which is the soul trap or Faraday cage, and that is only because at this point in human existence some have managed to awaken and break the God-Spell illusion and are exiting the matrix.

This is the most vital part of their awakened souls existence, if they can safely exit the matrix. But what if there is a matrix within a matrix? One must think very carefully if that is indeed the case and trust no one.

Some people are talking about our true spiritual home being in the Orion constellation. Me, I am cautious about accepting that. It comes from channeled beings and  as I have said in other posts, do not trust that what you cannot see. Even if you can see it there are shape shifting beings out there in the universe and multiverse. The reptilian beings are one of the most common type of shape-shifting beings.

Yes, I know you have heard David Icke bang on about Reptilians. I am not a fan of his and never will be. I work through my own experiences and reading many books on the subject dating back to the early 1900's  plus ancient information that was passed down from the likes of Plato etc.

What to do out in the void? Your guess is as good as mine. But trust nothing because like I said there is so much illusion and deception just like here on earth in the 3rd dimension.  You and I will have to rely on intuition and common sense.

Getting back to this article though, please remember, while on earth trust nothing here that comes from religion, the government, MSM or corporations because they are all part of the same evil control system. It is multi layered and the grip is very powerful. Make no mistake, this is about keeping humanity in a state of fear, control and suffering. Your emotions (energy in motion) are to be fed from to keep the evil in power alive.  It's your call though, how much are you willing to sacrifice your self (soul) for?

You ain't getting off this planet if you accept this bunkum called religion nor with the incoming  AI take over, unless you are awake and determined to get out of here. Add to that some individuals having implants in their bodies including electronic body parts or  reincarnation which will be restricted according to the needs of those in charge. We all have nano particles in our bodies now also which are re writing our DNA. They have been ingested, inhaled, injected  and right now  starting to be activated by 5G. Which will take all of this existence up to a new level of control. This is the ultimate death knell, a soul trapped in a vessel that it will never leave nor awaken. This is a crime against humanity and especially on a soul level. Most people that read my blog and other information on the internet are already awakened souls, and are determined not to suffer the fate of the many.

Those of us that are awake and aware know silence gives these people and or negatively orientated beings who control this world permission to do what they want when they want. If you have been watching developments in China that is a classic example of a controlled world and they are racing Pel Mel in to the AI take over. Do not think for one minute the top people running China will have this technology inserted in to their bodies, no they are not stupid. That is for the public and the leaders are the demi gods that  control all from the cradle to the grave or in the years to come no death just work, work, work.

Notice the ban on religion in China? That will come to the West when the time is right, carefully done in increments. Islam, as we have been repeatedly told by prophets such as Nostradamus will be the last religion. After that there will be no need because the control system will drop religion and move to high tech only. People will be integrated with the technology, that is happening right under our noses too.

I do not want to drone on about this stuff, however it is imperative that people are informed and can make a free will decision. You will not have the Churches, the media, governments or any one with a vested interest in control of humanity speaking out against all of this. Not even Elon Musk. He is playing mind games with people. I would not give him the remote for my TV.

Stay safe my friends and be informed. This is your life and it matters very much as does the real you, your soul. Never compromise on that or your beliefs, they are yours and yours alone.

Much love and respect


Tuesday 18 September 2018

British Medical Association Wants to Allow Doctors to Starve Mentally Disabled Patients to Death INTERNATIONAL DR. PETER SAUNDERS AUG 16, 2018 | 12:17PM LONDON, ENGLAND

How very 1984, in reality it has been going on for years. It will keep happening until the working classes get off their lazy arses and stop this. Don't think for one minute the rich and powerful will let this happen to their own kith and kin.

No, it doesn't work that way. Working class people are deemed useless eaters if they are unable to do a productive days work. The powers that be won't allow a woman to terminate an unborn baby or allow a cancer patient to end their life because they cannot tolerate living in excruciating pain but they are
champing at the bit to bring in state sanctioned murder.

I lost a loved one this way several years ago, I was powerless to stop it happening. Why because the person lived interstate.  I rang the hospital several times but was not able to speak to a doctor and no one returned my phone calls for 3 weeks. This loved one was not ill. Nor were they at the end of their life. You tell me why an elderly person with a good appetite and had means of support etc goes in to hospital for a check up and dies 3 weeks later. No investigation no nothing.

I was told to but out of the situation by other relatives, Cassandra  here knew what the hell was going on. But was disempowered by others.

If your elderly or disabled loved one goes in to hospital, keep a watchful eye on them. Better still put a hidden camera next to them with a fisheye lens to record everything. This can be monitored remotely from your PC. Hospitals and nursing homes are in the spotlight more and more for abuse so do not say you were not warned.

I have seen clients that have had loved ones abused in nursing homes. The vulnerable need your protection and vigilance. Therefor  go you too, but for the grace of god, remember that.

Recently there was a  incident that happened to an other loved one and I was there to watch over them. That indecent is currently under investigation.

Monday 17 September 2018

Canberra Hospital Train Wreck Woes And Monsters in Australian Government

I am well aware the train wreck called ACT Health system is in free fall, and this is having a serious effect on the community and the hard working staff.

We are paying for a substandard medical system and I for one will not stay quiet. To be fair, my family have over the years have had excellent medical care from the Canberra hospital, only two incidents have left us angry.

The nursing staff are wonderful and work very hard, My family and I have the utmost respect for  all of the hard working dedicated nurses, doctors and support staff. Sadly their plight falls on deaf ears, many are forced to stay silent and put up with the suffering and shortages, their hands are tied, mine are not and I will call it as  it see it thanks!

CT Scans sent interstate this is a disgrace, and the head of the hospital, the Minister of health and the Chief Minister (read useless waste of space) need to own this train wreck.  We do not have enough healthcare staff for the Territory and our population is booming.

In all the years that the Labor government have been in power the public health system has been in free fall. The mental health system is abysmal as can  be reflected in any media reports to date.
There are no books open for psychiatrists in the public system either. The public system is a mere band aide and very inadequate with long waiting times.

(Update 12/10/2018 This  suicide issue is part of the culture of ignorance by some doctors in the Canberra hospital too. Some are of the opinion men are wimps if they suffer from depression . They just need to suck it up and grow some proverbial's. What a shocking attitude form so called educated people. How about some re-education and some bloody compassion for these human beings that are suffering and their loved ones too)

In many cases Canberrans with any health problems head up to Sydney if they have the money to go private. My family have done so too last year in relation to cancer.  Please read this, The AMA are fighting tooth and nail to fix the problems but are finding the task very difficult.

SAFETY ISSUES IN A  AND E: THIS IS BEYOND A JOKE.  How the hell does a trained Police officer let this happen? Abysmal mental health care in the ACT health system. People have actually escaped from the secure mental health unit too, which in reality in not very secure. The mental health unit also has a shocking reputation.

While some doctors are asking for an investigation. Fitzharris is trying to prevent this, as are  the Communist lefty' outfit called the Greens. Why they hell do they want to prevent this ? What are they afraid of?

While on the subject of health and bringing politics in to the equation  I have been looking  again at the at the organization called EMILY'S LIST ( early money is like rises) That is what EMILY means.

Our ACT Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris is a member of EMILYS LIST as are many Female MP's . This is  monstrous organization who are pro late term abortions. Shame on them. Take a good look at these women and remember their names State and Territory MP'S Meegan Fitzharris

Now do you know about the late term abortions, that they are wanting you to be OK with? I didn't think so. Why would you unless you are one of these poor women that have suffered this.

These women are put through horrible pain and discomfort that they are not told about prior to the procedure. Perhaps if it is non life threatening situation they are in, they would change their minds. I would not wish this on any one, or the unborn child. Yes the baby feels the pain.  Read the Risks, Techniques and Recovery.  I will not post links to YouTube or and grisly websites, Most people are aware of the horrific procedure, I will leave that up to the individuals.

There is no way in hell these educated politicians do not know this. It is not happening to them, why would they care? I would be revolted to be seen associated with some one that supports this evil. I know some individuals that support this, and they are all Feminists and some are  Marxists.

Satanism at the very top of the tree in this organization, now some of the "individuals" may not be aware of this. But we are talking educated women here, highly educated women in positions of power and authority. They are not naive by any stretch of the imagination. They would obviously research this organization and not just go by word of mouth and someone's say so; to join. Looking on the website straight away it is also displaying occult symbology that is glaringly obvious to any one that is antiquated with such symbolism.

And in order for these MP's to be given money to further their political careers, they agree to pushing this agenda.  It does not affect them one way in the slightest. These women do not care about women seeking a late term termination. No it is all about Feminism and power, sheer bloody egotistical selfishness. Feminists never stand up for ordinary women like you and me. I know I have been there done that when I was young.

They are anti women and anti family, based on communist teachings or indoctrination. It is an evil elitist mentality of select women and I use the word women loosely here.  No decent woman has anything to do with this abhorrent mindset or organizations that are connected in any way to this anti family anti men and anti women abomination. Federam MP's Up Coming Elections Former MP's

An utter disgrace and abomination!  This gives you an idea of the power behind this evil.

Julia Gillard our former Prime Minister, she is also a Fabian, which are a Satanic cult if you don't know. You will find plenty on the internet about them linked to Satanism.

The founder of EMILYS list in Australia is former politician Joan Kirner just for the record.'s_List_Australia

Not mentioning  the nasty stuff in Wikipedia are they, they don't want you to know that. But you can find plenty on the internet about them.

I leave it in the individuals hands to do their own background research in to this subject matter.
I thank you for taking the time to read and reflect on this.

Saturday 15 September 2018

The Reality Of The Matrix Controllers

These are the beings that I have problems with. Remember the name the Igigi and my suspecting them to be nasty? Well they seem to be a faction of the Reptilians. 

The blue opalescent beings that I see all the time. OK, now we can see the bigger picture. And this is who interact with many psychics and other people posing as as angels, friendly ET's and many other disguises. These people are being tricked and manipulated by these nasty entities.

Blissfully unaware most of the time of what is really going on. A small percentage do know and are OK with the situation. They could well be affected by a heavy hypnotic influence and unable to break away from these beings. Therefore they would require help to break away, if that is what they want.
One has to be aware of the situation and the reality first though and there in lies the problem.

Denial is usually the first reaction to this information which is perfectly natural because it shakes a persons world, I know I have been there. One must keep an open mind in these matters and like it or not, this world is in the process of Alien disclosure, it is a carefully rolled out process. Which is on a multi layered system. As we are more educated and are living with advanced technology that was not around 20 years ago for the general public it is necessary to have our society prepared and moved on to the next stage of human affairs.

Alarm bells need to be ringing here, because what is not being told is the truth about these beings. We live on prime real-estate whether we like it of not. We are also a commodity to these beings please do not forget that and of the 250  star races that have been admitted to, non are benevolent.
People do not want to accept that fact.
Agree to nothing that is proposed to us on behalf of either them, world leaders or anyone.
Many of the high profile  UFO movers and shakers are shills bought and paid for make no mistake about that, and they do play good cop bad cop. They are bank rolled by the same villains at the top.

Like I say people DO NOT want to know the ugly truth.
 People  Do NOT LIKE the TRUTH.

I have seen these  above scumbags clairvoyantly too, but they are still the same Reptillians using a hologram to appear as someone different.
Ashtar command, the Galactic Federation of Light and many other disguises.l Sure go right ahead and hang out with them, if you think I am mistaken. They will suck the life force out of you. Don't say you were not warned. I am sick to death of having to tell some individuals the truth and they keep on going along with this evil. So be it. 

Mark my words these beings will destroy you when they are fed up with you. Nothing personal, well actually it is. They hate humans, we are but a food source to them in more that one way. 
These beings control everything on earth. Highly destructive evil beings. They do not do compassion at all.  They are also looking for some type of coding or hidden information in our DNA and so far they do not seem to have found what it is they are looking for. It has something to do with the divine fire or essence within every human being.

The New Agers as well as spiritualists are often  controlled by these beings in a slightly different way to organized religion. But it is all same poop just a different shovel.

Not many readers will accept this and that is due to the matrix control system and the artificial free will programming.

Now looking at the above picture add to this any large public gathering such as rock concerts, political gatherings, church gatherings, riots etc these are used to harvest our energy and emotions to feed from.  
The same deal with Psychic Fairs and Expo's, that is one of a few reasons why you will never see me at these events any more. Add also TV and Radio for energy harvesting. Because your consciousnesses is engaged with  electronic technology all the time you are watching or listening.

Make no mistake about that. And then you have the internet  and modern  phones that use WiFi to access your bodies frequencies and alters them. Now think of 5G and 4G  technology and add Nano technology. You are almost ready to be Borged ( becoming a Cybernetic organism ) by these bastards and your world leaders are on board with this and so is Elon Musk, Steven Greer et all. 

That makes us so easy to control and  we will be compliant for the next level. The AI take over and then merge with the Reptilian mind for ever on a huge computer cloud data base. Keep in mind their technology is thousands of years ahead of ours but we are catching up fast and this is being ramped up as we speak. We are giving away our personal power, our soul and our spiritual sovereignty like lambs to the slaughter.

Not only that with all of the turmoil world wide at present including the refugee crisis which is manufactured by psychopaths and we are willingly playing right into their hands.  We must stop playing the game. They are winning, we are loosing. 

Ascended masters/ Archons you want lies with that ? You can add John of God to the list too.

Just what does it take to make the masses waken up? Actually most wont waken up the programming is too deeply ingrained and the damage is done. There is nothing you can do about this.
It is their choice, please remember that. We must not take on the crimes, guilt or shame of an other person. That is very wrong and has been imposed on humanity in the soul trap or beyond life area for millions of years. There is so much manipulation of truth, soul splitting and many other things going on in the beyond life area that humanity needs to know.

Remember the name Anunnaki? This is them.
Same as the Celtic gods and Norse gods, and every other "Gods and Goddesses".

What a great scam on the gullible.

Most people are not paying attention to all the colour coding and symbology in government,  military, advertising, the media, the entertainment industry, Hollywood, etc. All sorts of symbology to go deep into your mind. Subliminal programming and neuro linguistic programming( NLP was invented by the CIA back in 1970s). This all comes from the one source and the receptive humans carry out the work. This guy makes my skin crawl and I feel a similar vibe to Aleister Crowley. Notice in the photo his choice of clothing and the colour. He is saying something right there. (Please read this and learn how to stay safe. Print it off to help yourself.)

 Look at adverts in magazines or your shop catalogs such as clothing, food and electrical goods like phones, fit bits, computers and all things IT and communication. Cloud and so many things to hook you right in. You see all the celebrities roped in and they are being massive amounts of money. But there is more many are involved in dark satanic cults and have sold their souls to the dark side.

This is a very big subject with multiple layers so you must do a lot of reading and researching.
Take the time and effort, this is about your personal well being and safety.

One further thing I want to say here is notice the amount of magic, spells and satanic stuff that is sweeping the planet at present, it is all related to these beings, and 4th dimensional/ inter dimensional and lower dimensional beings. That is one of the main reasons for the Large Hardon Collider in Switzerland, you can bet your ass that is on a ley  line. China is also going ahead to build their version. Some "experts" are saying this could open portals to other worlds and this is highly dangerous. They have no idea what they are getting into. Er, I think they do actually. 

UPDATE"  I just found this and the BS meter is swinging wild. I thought this might be relevant with all the stuff that is going on. I have no idea to be honest.

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Video 69: Elon Musk's Singularity

People just do not seem to be able to grasp the seriousness of this. Please share this with your friends. This does affect your soul. You will end up like the grays if you cannot grasp this.

Your soul is trapped and unable to grow, in short it will die.

The link above is about a dream which signifies the AI take over. Without a soul you are no longer human. With electronic implants you are no longer human, you are a cyborg. This is happening in our lifetime. I would not wish to become a soulless organic portal with no compassion or empathy.
This is were it gets real evil, putting a chip in the brain that can wipe out thoughts and memories. Anything can and will be down loaded to you instead and you have no control over this.

Now just think for a moment, just imagine a crime has been committed and that 'Borg' that used to be a human being is needed to give evidence to the police or a court.  What if someone wiped the memory (evidence) and replaced it with something completely different?

There is a very high risk of this being done with crime in high places. Just look at government cover ups and whistle blowers. That would be eliminated at the touch of a keyboard.

Any one that thinks Elon Musk is a good guy needs a reality check and should not be allowed out doors without a responsible adult to supervise them. The same deal goes with the other guy Michio Kaku. Let these guys be Borged and see how they like it. I can tell you now there is no way in hell they will do it. The are not stupid and they know full well what they are doing.

Update below, 21 September 2018

Chinese Spying Network In Australia

This is a major embarrassment to Australia and any one else that trades with China. Did you know many Chinese people studying in Australia are spying for China too and only too happy to spy for China too? I heard that from a Chinese national's mouth. He was a friend and I have the proof saved from messenger  saved to a data stick. He is no longer my friend and he wonders why.

This is an outrage. I am not a political person, however I am not stupid and I am outraged at this on going spying on Australia by a Communist country. They are not and never will be our friends. But get this, while  this is going on our Army is taking part in a military exercise in the south China seas with their little spying buddies.

Smile to your face and knife you in the back friendship. Remember their horrendous human rights abuses too. This is no way for a friend to act. The Australian Labor Party have always had strong ties with China, why is that you ask? Simple the ALP is a communist front as is the Green party. They target young and naive  people and rope them in and indoctrinate them. I have observed this in shopping centers near where I live, trolls nothing more than dirty evil trolls. How can an indoctrinated youth see through this? They can't. Now don't think that the other political parties are innocent ( Nationals and Liberals), they are not. It is all about money, money before peoples lives.

The ANU (Australian National University) in Canberra was  in the headlines too for being anti Western culture and has caused a major storm politically just months ago. How long are people supposed to sit back and see our good nation sold to China and our self respect too?

Make no mistake about it China has been spying on us for longer than our government will admit, decades in fact. In the reading I did for Peter Dutton, I said there is a possibility of his office being bugged. Now who do you think would be behind that? Using Australian citizens to commit high treason too of course. OK, so which MP's and Journalist's are traitors to Australia? Its like playing  " Where's Wally/Waldo?"

Communist nations make it their habit to destabilize other non communist nations. Most of the world's manufacturing is there also. Stop and think about that and what that means. Big corporations are involved in the whole thing too. Follow the money trail as they say.

Now it is not rocket science to see what is going to happen in the south China seas, and yes it is building up and it is well stage managed. Did you know China also has Freemasons infesting their country too? International Cabals and Freemasons are all working together to plot the destruction of the West, just take a look around your homeland and what do you see? Destabilization in many  forms, including political correctness and thought crimes. Who invented that? Also how can a communist nation have so many millionaires?

Google  who invented modern communism. Yes, it was a concept that was around hundreds and even thousand years ago. It is dark, it is evil and it is highly destructive. The men behind  this all were connected to cults.

They were intellectual men, but cults members too, no different to Freemasonry today. This is a long term goal plan, China is playing it's roll just as the equally corrupt leaders of the Western nations are. This is all about the New World order and anyone that is spiritually awake or well informed knows the agenda.

To make this effective, each person is only given the information they need to carry out their roll, they are not told what the other members are doing, for plausible denial.

This is to bring the whole human race under the misery of a one world government.
Think Common purpose in the UK. Think UN agenda 21 and 30 etc.

The buck stops with the people and understanding the difference between the sovereignty of a nation and a corporate entity. Which is also you and I  in the eyes of our government and big multinational corporations.  They are working with China make no mistake about that. Why else would Australia or any other nation allow China or anyone else for that matter buy up land, farms, assets, utilities and anything else they want?

Just think where did your mobile phone come from? Where are most electronics made these days? CHINA!

So what happens when it comes to Cyber warfare and actual war and you cannot be protected and all our infrastructure comes to a screeching halt, because the Chinese have major stakes or owner ship of  things within your country?

No access to banks, the internet, water,  gas, electricity (some energy companies are in part owned by China, a google search will confirm this) and many other things we take for granted.

Now  to bring great effect one must get in to the hearts and minds of a nations citizens to see their own government as the enemy too, which is a very old strategy and is used in every nation since the dawn of time.

An other simple way to control the people is divide them, control the food and you own the people. Henry Kissinger stated in 1973, He who controls the food controls the world. He wasn't referring to China though.

Think about that, and remember there is only 3 days in which time a supermarket will run out of food and then the people loose it and turn on each other. Do you think preppers are stupid now?  In some religions it is part of their belief to prep. You will find it common in the US, however if you live in a remote area and including being cut off from town by flood, snow etc then you need to prep. Common sense when you think about that.

When the people of a nation do nothing they become irrelevant, that is the reality in Australia at present. We are irrelevant unless we say NO.

This is of great concern to our security also. I leave this with readers to think for themselves.

Monday 10 September 2018

The Biophysics of Fluoride by Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse

Why are people so ignorant on this subject. There is no excuse for this ignorance, This was known in the 1930s. I have been aware of this for decades. It is banned in Europe for a reason. Any dentist that I know is in denial about this by choice. There is no excuse for this it is a criminal act.
I could say a lot more on this but it is a moot point.

Remember Hilter used this on the POW'S our soldiers because back then they knew it keeps people docile. Think about everyone on anti depressants, they are full of this toxin deliberately.

Fibromyalgia is also caused by this, I know I have it. It also damages the pineal gland, which one needs for psychic abilities. Now think about that, cutting us of from spirit. make no mistake this is deliberately. Blocking us from god and our higher-selves, all by design.

Sunday 9 September 2018

Heed My Warning

Whom ever is behind the psychic attacks. Let it be known the one you fear is on my side and he will take care of business. NO, silly I do not mean Satan, He is your controller of course. But you will fear he who will be making it clear to leave me and my family alone. We harm no one, we will harm no one.

A deeply spiritual soul does not indulge in harming others. That is not and never will be my way nor my families way.

However what you put out will return to you and it has nothing to do with me. I ask to be left in peace I am not harming any one and never will.

The serial provoker

More correctly called an overt narcissist. The solution is shut them down as soon as the open their mouth to start anything. Do not engage them in conversation, do not have anything to do with them.
These are soulless beings and they know full well what they are doing. They are deliberately attacking you to feed form you because they see you as weak. Also; don’t expect anyone to assist you when this attack happens, no they will not take your side or they will become a target too. 

All you can ever be to a person like this is a food source and slave. Do not be foolish enough to think they will change. They will not and cannot. How can a soulless organic portal be sorry or compassionate? That just does not compute, their survival depends on being a predator no different to a psychopath or a sociopath. Those witnessing the attack generally remain silent.

Think of trolls on the internet and there are more and more of both types on earth than ever before. Most people can not even perceive the drop in the vibrational frequencies on earth right now. 
To have so many dysfunctional beings on the planet, the planet's vibrational frequency has to be dropped, in line with the 2nd dimension of demonic beings. Surprised about this? 

Try reading the Wes Penre papers and watching his YouTube posts. I don't need to read and watch to understand even though I do read all his work and YT posts. I see this every day and know exactly what is going on. I have had things happen on a personal level over the past few weeks myself. 
I have also been assisting others in similar circumstances also.

At the end of the day though the individual must step up and keep right away from parasitic bullies. No one can make the target do it, they the target have to man up and help themselves. It is not other peoples position or responsibility to get you the target out of the abusive situation. The target themselves are dragging others into this train wreck and have no right to put this on to others . The target must own the issue and resolve it themselves. To expect others to solve the problem for the target is very selfish. 

I am speaking from experience and have walked away from two women that dragged me in to their toxic narcissistic relationships. They just expected me to solve their crap for them, without them lifting a finger. That in itself is abuse and I let them know it. I no longer speak to the individuals. And YES, they are still dealing with the train wrecks. Not my circus and not my monkeys. 

Heed the warning and take the responsible action needed, please do not drag other people into your issues that is selfish. I can tell you from trying to help these women, neither of them expressed any thanks, no,  they felt they were entitled to my help because of who I am, and being a fool that helps others in need, I obliged until I had had enough of them.  They don't care about their  issues interfering with my family and causing disruption, no they only care about what they want. But the kicker is when things are happening in my life the silence is deafening, no one asks can they help. 

Anyone reading my Facebook page over the past 24 hours can see that I have a family and have my own things to deal with, and no help either. I man up and get on with it.  Now as I already said the vibrational frequencies are dropping. So this sort of behaviour will become more common.

But You the individual can stop your vibrational frequency dropping by holding good, loving and honest thoughts and by conducting your self in the best possible behaviour, showing compassion, empathy and love. That does not mean be stupid and let others take advantage of you.

That shows the individual clearly does not truly understand what acting with compassion, love and empathy is about. No where does it mean allow yourself to be a doormat for others. If you allow that abuse, then the abusers and takers have no respect for you. They feel self entitled to take from you as if they own you. Please give some serious thought to what I have said.

There are no free rides unless you are foolish and allow it to happen. Good people tend to be the targets for abuse of this nature, the person that is a target of the abuse transfers it to the good person they rope in to help them ( read to do the dirty work because they refuse to). My advice is walk away  from this or the whole lot will come down on you.

Do not ever take ownership of that which does not belong to you.

Video 68: Evidence of a Feminine Universe Part 2: How the Overlords Trap...

Video 67: [IMPORTANT!!!] Evidence of a Feminine Universe Part 1: Importa...

  • Watch in YouTube and read comments

Friday 7 September 2018

Historic Burnima Homestead

Last Saturday hubby and I went down to Burnima homestead in Bombala NSW. It is about 2 hours south of Canberra and the road down their is a bit hairy I must admit.
 The house is of great historical significance and I would recommend the visit to anyone if they love historical things. It is an old Victorian mansion set on acreage.

I did expect some paranormal activity when I got there and I was not disappointed. The house has some sad history attached to it, but I will leave that for the current owner of the house to impart as part of his guided tour and instead tell you what I saw and felt.

Outside the house itself there are many old sheds, tractors and and other things to see as befitting a house of such standing out in the bush. as I looked around the sheds, I became aware of a little girl in a maroon dress. She looked as if she was from the early 20th century.

I heard her shout to a lady in formal dress, of what appeared to be Edwardian times. She shouted, "What's she doing here?" meaning me. The lady with her told her to be quiet and seemed to understand what was going on. I got the impression that she was telling the girl we can't see them, well except for me.  Young madam was not impressed as this was her garden and property.

We then went indoors to begin the tour. I told Steve Rickets, the owner of the house and our tour guide what I saw. He was most interested as no one had see the child before. I gave here age as around 10 to 12 years old, long light brown hair and blue eyes. Wearing a maroon dress that went down to her mid calf. I didn't pay much attention to her feet, I can only assume she was wearing boots of the time.
The lady was either her mother or a relative, dressed in a light coloured dress which I took to be cream lace. She was a slender lady with light coloured hair. I would put her age as in her early 30's.

I did not have the time or opportunity to further investigate as the tour only lasts an hour in duration.
When we went in to the house I did feel energy hot spots in many rooms, however being in a tour group I could not investigate this further. But that's fine, I was there to view the lovely old house.

The architecture was lovely and very befitting of its time. I had the distinct feeling of time standing still in Edwardian times. Even though it had some modern upgrades in the 1960's including the paintwork. The history lesson was great and I learned a few interesting tips of the era.

We went  all through the servants quarters and work stations and were given a rundown on how life was for them. We were then taken to the men's rooms including billiard room and sitting room, where they all sat to discuss business and talk politics etc. We then went in to the ladies lounge room and observed how they entertained themselves including the art of courtship.

When we went upstairs we looked at the old type bathrooms and bed rooms and the guest bed rooms.
In the main guest bedroom I was astonished to see a woman in labour on the bed. In spirit of course not in the physical world. She was a young dark haired woman, I noticed 3 other women with her and one seemed to be a maid that was assisting. I feel the lady was visiting the house and had gone into labour early. I felt she was married and this was just a thing that can happen to a married woman traveling a long distance in those days without the comfort of modern transport. Perhaps the journey brought on labour, who knows.

This is an example of looking through time lines, where people are going about their lives unaware of other beings occupying the same space as them, but in a different time and dimension. In reality this is just life and we are all separated by the illusion of time and space. I have had many experiences of seeing between time and space and it never ceases to amaze me. Not just from a psychic perspective, but historical  also and seeing people just doing what they are doing in their every day lives.

As a cat lover I had the pleasure of meeting Smudge the cat, who is as it would happen is a Norwegian Forrest cat, and identical to my late Tolstoy. My husband and I were so taken with Smudge and his strong likeness to our Tolly. It was hard to say goodbye to Mr Smudge.

He is definitely a daddies boy, and his dad is very lucky to have him. Weegies as they are fondly known are the most adorable felines that you can meet. Not that I am biased or anything, lol.
I so miss my baby, he is gone 5 years now and I still feel the loss.

 Mr Smudge


I highly recommend a trip to Bombala it makes a great day out and a history lesson too.
Bombala  almost became the capital of Australia, but for some dirty pool as they say.

It would most definitely have been a much cooler climate in summer which I can appreciate.
How ever money talks and all that, and hey presto it is Canberra that became the capital city. Don't get me started on that one, there is plenty that I can say but won't lol.

 Wikipedia post gives the blurb on this little town.