Monday 29 July 2019

New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard: The Redheads (Must Watch!)
If you read books by Connor MacDari  and Ignatius Donnelly, you will find more information on the blond and red haired people of ancient times. They did not just live in New Zealand. They were all over the planet. Titans, Nephalim, Aryan or what ever name you want to give them, they did exist but have been erased by mainstream historians for a reason. Celts are of this gene stock also as are the ancient Atlantans. You will also find them in America, some off-shoot of these people had a double row of teeth and 6 digits and were over 8 foot tall. These were the cannibal ones that terrorised the lands, and are mentioned in ancient legends of America. Ancient Celts were also found to have visited America also and shared their language and culture as they did as they travelled through Europe and other lands.

Google the pdf file  of the book Atlantis, the antediluvian world, by Ignatius Donnelly. You will find this very old book very interesting reading. Bear in mind these authors were writing in the 1890's, so much more information has come out since then.

Now the world was not from the east to the west in its cultivation of humanity, it has been proven time and time again to have come from the west over hundreds and thousands of years with much documented evidence. All to hide the truth from humanity and we are seeing this happen again in our lifetimes as history is again being redacted.

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More interesting reading

The world's biggest grave robbery: Asia’s disappearing WWII shipwrecks

This is quite important and one must think outside the box as to the intentions and implications of such a discovery.

Not to mention there is no respect for the dead. This is something that I find highly offensive not to mention these vessels are the property of their county of origin. Shame on them and shame on the governments of these nations that allow this abomination to happen to their service men and the property of these nations. How do they think the families of these men feel? It is a slap in the face to them. I personally have a relative that died in a submarine in WW2, though not in this region.

Friday 26 July 2019

Meme: New 50 p coin to commemorate Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister

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Says' it all doesn't it! The jokes will last for years I am sure. BTW, Boris is related to the queen. How unusual, just like you cannot be President in the US unless you are related to the queen All sharing the same gene pool and no one changes the water, never mind Boris is not in the pool he is outside handing out the towels 😆😏

Thursday 25 July 2019

Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo - Cell Phone Radiation, Wifi, Depopulation

For those that live outside of Australia, Dr Teo is our top Neurosurgeon.

Please watch in YT mode and rad the comments too.

Spontaneous mediumship on the phone or in random situations

I have decided to write about spontaneous mediumship from my experiences. Sometimes I am just going about my daily life, whether it be when out shopping, socialising or answering a phone call which sometimes  may not have anything to do with my work.

One time though I had been talking on the phone to a psychic that I know up in Queensland that works with the police on cold cases. We were just having a conversation and suddenly a woman came through that was a murder victim. She told me to tell the other woman, the police must go back to where they were looking near a water trough for a horse in a paddock. I could see the woman's long hair as she spoke to me and had a movie playing in my head of where her body was buried.

That sort of thing is very unsettling and I do not want to get involved in cold cases. I have enough going on in my private life to deal with. Not all psychics, clairvoyants and mediums are cut out for doing police work. It will take it's toll on the person and unless you have the correct mind set, leave it alone.

The medium does not always know when mediumship is going to happen, it just does at random moments  from time to time. For example, I was talking to a couple of ladies in the neighbourhood that stopped to chat with me one summer evening. The didn't know me at all and we had never met before. During our little chat,  a young man came through in spirit and started talking to me.

It turned out, his mother was a friend of one of these women and he wanted to pass on a message. These ladies were stunned at what took place but quickly confirmed to me that this young mans was the son of a friend. It was quite an emotional moment for all of us. I am glad that he got his message through to pass on to him mum and put her mind at ease.

One very sad event was over the phone when a cold canvasser rang me and right away her sister came through. She passed away many years ago in a traffic accident. The poor young woman on the phone was in tears as I passed on the message to her. What amazed me was the girl in spirit told me the contents of the desk drawer that the young woman was sitting at. She confirmed this to be correct.

This was such a harrowing experience for the young woman that rang me and myself, just knowing how she died and she could not prevent herself from being killed, it was a split second event. Just so fast no one could have reacted fast enough. The young girl that died was just so happy to pass on her love to her sister and had waited many, many years for the chance to do so.

It always affects me deeply when such things happen, it is something that you never forget. When a medium is perfectly relaxed and not thinking of anything, this is the ideal time for mediumship to happen. The messages come through quite strongly. This is why a medium must not be put under any stress or pressure to perform. It will block the energy and you will not be able to get a message to come through. The frequency is a very fine and extremely delicate.

I have been put in that situation many a time to contact loved ones, and have to explain again and again to people that it is in-conducive to what they are hoping  to achieve. Not just that I am only picking up the message like answering the phone, I do not contact the deceased, it is them that make the contact with me or any medium.

One happy situation I had about 10 years ago or longer was, two delivery men came to deliver a new washing machine to me, and the grandmother of the youngest of the two popped in to say hello to him, just totally out of the blue. He was tickled pink.

A lady that worked with my husband rang me to book an appointment and as I answered the phone, her grandmother just started coming through with all sorts of information. That was a fantastic situation and very memorable indeed.

While hosting a  live on air radio show conducting Tarot readings on the US psychic radio station A1R, I had loved ones come through for clients to assist them in things going on in their lives such as a change of home or job. Spirit if it is trying to communicate will not be put off by electronic frequencies such as radio, they are eletro-magnetic energy themselves. As are we living in the physical world we are all made up of energy (frequency). So please do not be put of by readings done on the phone, email or Skype. This is a common mode of conducting readings world wide by thousands of psychics. If a person has mediumship abilities and uses them constantly then there should be no barrier to the communication.

Sadly I have had mothers that have miscarried many years ago have the child in spirit suddenly pop up to pass on a message. That is a highly emotional situation, and I have been there myself as I have blogged about in the past. This must be handled very carefully too, so as not to cause distress. The child could have passed 20 or even 30 years ago but wants to be acknowledged by their mother.

That child will show you how it looks currently and how it wants to be recognised including a name sometimes. If it is a small child in spirit it will ask  you to give it a name so that you know who that spirit is. I had this to do myself with a baby that I lost.

As you can imagine the emotions at such an event, it is highly charged and very teary.
The person in spirit will continue their life in the spirit world and grow up there with loved ones from our family/soul group until they return to the physical world. It is literally a carbon copy of the physical world. I do get some startling information about the spirit world from some brave spirits too. This information I generally do not put in blog posts as it is controversial to many peoples beliefs.

Should a person be genuinely seeking that sort of information I will talk to the individual about my knowledge, but I ask them to do their research as well so as they are forming a free will opinion and not just taking my word for it.

I will end in saying being a medium and clairvoyant comes with big responsibilities. It is not an easy care free life at all. Do not think for one minute it is at all glamorous like you see on TV, it is far from that and does have a lot of pain and heartache. Sure there are some that can turn on the charm, but they are far and few between.

There is a price to pay for everything on this earth and we must tread carefully, and take our responsibilities with dignity and compassion. 

© Copyright Alex Fulford 25 July 2019

Tarot card of the month : July, the King of Pentacles

Oooh Mr Money-bags!
This is a great card and funnily enough it ties in with the end of the financial year in Australia.
The King of Pentacles can be interpenetrated as a spiritual card as well as one of abundance.

The ruling planet is Mercury which stands for communication. The element represented is earth.
And of course the star sign Taurus, April 20 to  May 21

Starting with the yellow behind the king symbolising, joy, happiness, success, wisdom and spirituality.  Yellow is associated with the solar chakra too, which is grounding.

The king sits on a rather solid throne with four Bull's heads carved on it. The four cardinal points or encompassing the earth. The bull represents Taurus, strength, purpose, determination etc.

Having a look at his crown we see three red flowers which represent  power, passion and control. At the base of the crown is a laurel wreath meaning victory and clairvoyance. He is master of all he knowledge and skills.
The grapevine covering him suggests abundance, fertility. This was hard earned, not handed to him.
He is respected  for his wisdom, his benevolence,resourcefulness, flexibility and assisting others.

He can be focused on material things given he represents the element earth and holds a pentacle.
Notice the gold orb topped sceptre, this represents the world and his control and understanding of the world.

Behind him stands his castle, which is solid and stable, just like his throne, stability is the major foundation in his life. If you look down at his armour clad foot  you will see it rests on a bull with its horns removed. Meaning he has conquered the bull.

Meanings in a positive reading represent a man that is thoughtful, resourceful, wise, generous, spiritual, highly intelligent and powerful, but he uses his power wisely to assist others . He is flexible and  tolerant. Very much the kindly father or benefactor.

The reverse is a bully and a tyrant that will not hesitate to crush you. Greedy miserly and aggressive and gives no thought to others.

For the month of July this could mean money coming your way or help when you need it most. Perhaps it is you helping others less fortunate and it is very much appreciated. We hep others not to score brownie points, but because we know it is the right thing to do.

However this does not mean that you should be over generous to the point of being taken advantage of and being used as a fool. There is a line that should not be crossed, and if you do others may not be so kind at coming to your assistance.

Wednesday 17 July 2019

Is the spirit world controlled by AI?

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Many researchers are jumping on the AI bandwagon at present, and now posing the question is the spirit world an AI simulation. I have pondered the same thing for a while and to me it is highly possible.

Many researchers like myself (I am no expert mind you), feel this is an artificial and locked universe (frequency) and was constructed by beings millions of years ahead of us, but when we stop and think about this concept many more questions are raised without satisfactory answers or even no answers  at all.

I have sat in a controlled meditation circle and asked the question , "who built the universe?"  The reply came from a sterile sounding male voice, "You are not permitted to know that."  This was one of the last meditation circles that I took part in, as I became very wary of the entities that were communicating with myself and the others in the meditation circle. I also discovered the person controlling the circle was influenced by these beings and quickly dropped the individual.

This person was under the control of very dangerous beings that had all but ruined the persons life. That person no longer had free will and did not accept the fact that they were being controlled by dark beings. However this person did manipulate the other members of the circle's meditations and with the assistance of these beings was misleading the rest of us.

There are stereotype beings presented to humans as benevolent spirits such as American Indians, ancient Egyptians, Archangels, ascended master guides etc.
These beings are without a doubt archons, the prefix "arch" in archangel is a bit of a give away in itself. But what if these archons are actually synthetic intelligence?

How are we to know really? Even psychics like myself cannot always tell if the being is AI generated or real at times. I have seen some beings while in meditation, during consultation with clients and just being in random places where "spirit" has made itself known to me and others.

The ones that I would say are real generally are just regular people that have died. In some cases they have died at the hands of others. This situation when it occurs, usually gives me a strange sensation of  being detached from the reality that we live in. There is usually a warm tingling sensation, the room goes cold, or what I call a neutral vibration or atmosphere. When one feels that one just knows intuitively, or at least we feel the entity is genuine spirit due to the energy given off by the said spirit.

However when a meditation takes place it feels different, very surreal and images are projected into the psychic's mind. These are external forces, where usually we connect via our inner guidance or higher self.

The higher-self  is the real us we are told. It does not speak to us in words. It is intuitive or clairsentient. I still wonder at that though to be honest, could that too be an AI programme? We all have psychic abilities whether we use them or not, that is up to the individual. But how much do these abilities benefit our everyday lives also?

We must be very cautious when dealing with the unseen world because not all beings are what we believe them to be, and yes, some could quite well be AI (Artificial Intelligence) These beings may seem to think independently at times but are still part of a group mind (Cloud) complex.

One thing I can tell you is when I have experienced communication with some"spirit" beings there is definitely no warm tingling feeling. Just the manifestation through my third eye. The word interface would be more appropriate here.

The beings that I have communicated with in fact could well have been a computer generated simulation that seemed so real as far as spirit communication goes except for the one thing. There was no change in atmosphere in the room at any of these times. There was no warm tingling feeling going through or around my body either.

I look back at those events and now wonder what the hell was I dealing with. I can tell you it caused disharmony in my home. Thankfully most of these situations took place at other peoples homes and only certain ones happened at my home.

These beings can inflict pain and suffering on people, but it is done with technology. I have no doubt about that. I have written about them in other posts, where a friend was subjected to horrific pain from childhood up to current day. This was not done by spirit beings. It was done using technology that we have never heard of. These beings I am  certain are either dark Et's, Inter dimensional beings or again AI created beings. There was no warmth in the voices, but put the mediums that I was working with through hell emotionally, the suffering caused was not necessary unless it was needed for energy harvesting. 

Who and what these beings really are is still a mystery, to  us in our world/reality. They are not beneficial to humanity either. Just now we are seeing a rapid decline of wildlife and the environment and the push of the 5G technology which is killing the planet. A little research tells us that this is the death knell of our earth as we know it. But it can sustain AI life forms. It does appear that all of this is linked, not to forget the interest in storing human consciousness on a cloud.

Does that sound like universal consciousness as spouted in the spiritual community, hell yes. Is it just an upgrade to the final plan of an AI take over? Hence the talk in the past few decades of a cull or harvest of humanity. They only need a small population for what ever the plans are and the rest of the souls are moved off to a new earth to go through the whole cycle again and still trapped within the matrix.

Having said all this, I am now stepping right away from all of this and even pulled back from the majority of Wes Penre's work. Much as I like his stuff, one must not get in too deep when reading his work, just observe. This AI thing though is very deep and very dangerous as is the whole ET thing. It can cause serious emotional and mental health damage.

I am no longer posting any of Wes Penre's work on my blog either as I do not feel it is mentally healthy to dwell on this subject.

Video 164: VERY IMPORTANT! Another Slant on Forgiveness

Take note here and read the comments, I have never and will never forgive for this very reason. My intuition over many years told me do not accept the BS of forgiveness.

Tuesday 16 July 2019

No readings at present Alex is sick

On Saturday  morning I was in hospital with chest pains that started on Friday lunch time. So  me being  me I thought it is just stress.
As I am prone to pains in  my chest when stresses. This coming from four generations of Angina sufferers on my dad's side of the family too.

Long story short I have pleurisy. I have had a bad cold over the past three weeks that just wouldn't go. So now I find out what it has done.

Back to the quack tomorrow for more antibiotics tomorrow. Hopefully I will get back to normal by next week. I can't be missing out on any shenanigans. That just wouldn't do at all. 😀

Saturday 13 July 2019

Tricked by the Light:

Scroll down the front page of Tricked by the Light and click on the blue words. They take you into articles that are very interesting.

Thursday 11 July 2019

Darpa Programmers and sacred science

I think most intelligent people already know this unless they are wilfully ignorant.

It has been said that this is where the nano particles in our bodies come in 5 G will activate the Nano technology with in us. In truth they don't fully know though.

There is speculation it will happen gradually so that most people wont even notice. That is unless they are spiritually awake,  but even here one cannot be complacent. If this is so, you must keep your mind plastic and keep meditating, but not talking to "guides", they are synthetic intelligence and/ or demonic entities. So only communicate with your higher self by going with in. External communication is not to be trusted and can be very manipulative.

Life is going to take drastic changes from now on, so educate yourselves as best you can on the subject but do not think yourself in to a dark place. That is counter productive. Not to mention falling in to the hands of these nasty individuals.

The human race as we know it is on its knees now in the transition between being human, spiritual beings trapped in  bodies that we were never supposed to be in in the first place  and the final phase transferring into cybernetic beings where the soul fire will be suppressed to the point of being unable to evolve or even leave the vessel or tomb that it us encased in.  At that point humanity ceases to exist, its game over.  Wes Penre on Smart cities.

Please read though the comments here and keep an open mind on what is being said, read between the lines.