Thursday 3 September 2020

Dreaming of painting and interrogation

I had the most freaky dream last night. In this dream  I was in some large building with lots of people. The people looked as if they had lost all hope and were just accepting their lot. They looked drab and nondescript as a whole, no individuality. Even their clothing was rather ordinary and drab.  The building looked like an old high school, and I was aware that we were all standing looking from balconies down into an outdoor court yard. The place was very dimly lit and felt cold. The atmosphere was chilling and people were scared to speak to each other. They just kept on doing what ever tasks they were doing.              

It felt like we were in some form of totalitarian controlled system. The strange thing is we were made to do  some art work. But this artwork was symbolic, many of us were using very dark colours  as we painted  our art work. We were painting some weird sort of art like school kids. I started to paint using gold paint, and some shade of deep blue, like what one seen in medieval art. I noticed my art work was embossed with little symbols. I had also divided my paper into 4 sections, by having a cross in the middle of the thing I was painting, which was made by folding the paper into four squares.  I then noticed that I was also painting over the top of what I had just done, as we all were, talk about in a trance. Just repetition over and over again.

 I then mentioned to the man next to me something about the symbolism in the Monas hieroglyphica, by John Dee, as I pointed to what I had painted. I have no idea how that ties in to this weird dream though. Other than symbols, colours and shapes and their meanings. I noticed a guard come up to us at this point to as both the men either side of me started to copy what I was doing in my painting. One man was removed by these guards.   

There was a slight spiritual feeling to what I was painting, and I am in no way artistic, lol. I  then became aware of people being taken one by one into a room to be tortured and interrogated. The guards actually left the door open, so that we could see what was going on. That was very disturbing, being aware that anyone of us could be next.

I noticed a woman being taken in to the room and put on a table. Her long blond curls hanging over the table as they started to torture her. Meanwhile everyone with me just ignored what was happening. It was as if it was normal and they knew they would be next. This scared the hell out of me for two reasons, A) everyone just accepted it. and B) no one put up a fight.

The people doing the interrogation and torture all seemed like cold and unfeeling members of some strange organisation. They were not actually in a uniform  or anything that I could recognise as a uniform.

For some reason they would not touch me though, as if just trying to psych me out by doing the abuse to everyone else but me to make, perhaps to make me comply or because they were not allowed to touch me, I have no idea. Later I walked past one of the interrogators, and said hello. He just ignored me and walked on by. No emotion on his face just like a robot.  

It just reminds me of what society seems to be doing right now, the I'm alright Jack and no one wants to stop the dreadful changes that are being brought into existence at present. Everyone just looks the other way .

I looked up the meaning of dark blue paint and it suggests  well being in family life and work. I can’t see anything on any dream interpretation websites that can explain the rest of this. However I think it speaks for itself, when observing suffering and the feeling of helplessness in a totalitarian state. 

This has been sitting in draft for a few weeks, I had forgotten all about it.....oops šŸ¤£