Wednesday 2 September 2020


Interesting reading, however one must remember apart from our  third dimensional world actually being hell (the under world) It is locked and we do not really have much freewill at all. I feel since Wes has got into Gnosticism he tends to forget or gloss over these vital facts.

I keep saying humanity is programmed only to evolve so far and then we crash and burn as a civilisation. Think of astrological cycles as an example. At present this crash and burn cycle is in progress.  There is also very little scope to awaken from this augmented reality. Very few people each cycle of thousands of years  will actually do this. This is vital in understanding our way out of this reality, we cannot waken others and it is not our place to do so. The individual must awaken and set a path of discovery through out their life. It is definitely not an easy task and that is why very few manage to exit.

Many spiritual guru's over the centuries had no real idea of what was happening or understood this is a controlled and closed matrix  (augmented reality) in the way that we can understand.  They believed what they were told, and the channelled information came from within this matrix construct by archonic beings with a vested interest in keeping us here and unaware. Never to know we were far more spiritually advanced than these beings.