Wednesday 2 September 2020

Neil Oliver: There is a pervasive atmosphere in Scotland over people being frightened into silence

I have a lot of respect for this guy, I have been an avid reader of his books and watch all of his historical tv shows. He is a common sense man and calls it as he sees it, very much like myself. I have to agree with what he says here.

It has become very clear to many people, we are heading headlong into a dystopian society world wide if this isn’t held in check. It’s not just what is taking place in Scotland, dangerous changes are taking place world wide.  Have you noticed how much self censoring people are doing over the past few years? 

 This year it is way over the top, and it is not going to slow down or even stop. People are afraid to speak their mind publicly these days. How did that happen in the western world?  Yes, we must have a middle ground of rational and we need it now.  

 People are afraid, to admit who they vote for just as Neil is saying. A classic example is what is happening in the US at present. Even in Australia Liberal voters  keep their heads down. I would hardly call this democratic. Common sense must prevail surely.

When  it comes to a person’s political opinion, we have the right to cherry pick what we want, as Neil says. Who the hell has the right to tell us what we should believe or accept politically, culturally spiritually or in our medical beliefs ? That is not democracy is it? 

Politicians are here to work for us remember? They must be held accountable to the voters, not treat us with distain as they often do. Voting is not compulsory in Scotland, it never has been. So many people avoiding the voting process, does give us a false view of the national mind set, but add to that people being unable to speak their mind. 

As a Scott, I am well aware of our culture, and even though we are a race of live and let live, under the surface there are still religious bigotry  issues.   Unlike some countries, names in Scotland or Ireland tell people what religion you are. Both the given or Christian name as well as the surname. That still has an affect when trying to get along with each other, even down to getting a job, your religion plays a part, I as a young woman  of 19 had experienced that first hand from a religious bigoted man at a job interview. That is something I can’t accept. 

I would be mistaken for a Protestant in Scotland today, however I do not have a religion at all. I was never christened or baptised. I do not want to be tarnished by the toxic energy of religion.

Scottish People can be very opinionated when they are talking to each other, no different to many other countries I am sure. We are a strong and passionate race.  So now this shift is taking place people are afraid to speak out. These are dark days indeed, but only if they are permitted. It looks almost like going back to the days of the reformation and that was horrendous. I would not wish such horror on anyone.

However this is not just about freedom of speech, there is so much more going on and it is world wide, C   O V    I D. is just a convenient vehicle to push the changes. Have you noticed the split in society yet? Pay attention to this, we are emerging into two different worlds right now. 

As I have said in older blog posts, these things are a multi pronged attacks on humanity and our rights, sovereignty within our own nations. That word SOVEREIGNTY, is being used as a weapon by those that seek to take away our freedom. If you can’t see that then you have a problem. The media are branding it communist, leftist, and at the same time it is mentioned in government documents with regards to a nations and its people. So it can be very confusing for some people trying to understand what sovereignty actually means and to whom. 

 The use of the wording “sovereign citizens “ is not as in the meaning of the people protected by the law of the country. No, this sovereign citizens as in the way used by protestors is actually communist or leftist. It has no legal bearing at all and if you google the origins of this sovereignty issue you will see that. This is very wrong and very dangerous, playing into the hands of people that are a threat to our way of life. It’s just not on!  (scroll down to the bottom and click on the other things such as straw man etc, just don’t get involved in this BS, just read it for an understanding only)

Neil is so right on the money when he mentioned religion and politics as being swept under the carpet in Scotland. Scotland has always been a political country, just read our history. It is passionate and bloody. This is just within Christianity too. The royals and the church  set the ball rolling hundreds of years ago, fighting amongst themselves over Catholicism and Protestantism. These were often extremely violent situations and still within our living history and memories. But this issue is not just about Scotland. No this is just the litmus test to spread worldwide.

Australia has a similar hate crime laws, which are under review at present. I think it is still going through parliament. These laws could open up a can of worms if not done sensibly. I somehow doubt sensibility comes into the equation though.