Friday 10 September 2010

September is going fast

Here we are in the second week of September already. Where has all the time gone. I have been head down bum up for the past few weeks, but don't seem to be getting anywhere. I expect everyone is feeling the same.
Soon it will be time for the silly season. I usually start my Christmas shopping at the end of October. Suddenly I feel that there isn't much time left. Back on that tread mill of preparing for that one day of the year. Utter madness, but every year we do the same old routine. I love Christmas, but I just can't take all the stress of shopping for gifts that people don't really need or want. It would be nice if we kept it all simple and just enjoy the good company and share a nice meal. Life is never that simple though is it. 

Any way, at least there is advanced warning, starting with the warm weather returning. Getting out of doors and spending time in the garden, or just getting out in the sunshine. Spring always makes me happy. I feel alive and bursting with energy. I already have the garden whipped into shape. No weed is safe in my yard.
As soon as I spot one I am on to it with a garden fork plucking it out. Not exactly Don Burke, but I do love my garden.

I hope all my readers enjoy the spring when it finally arrives. True Spring doesn't start until the Spring Equinox on 23rd of September. Then we can enjoy the delights of the season.

Don't forget Floriade 2010,  This years theme is "Imagination"  Opening on Sat 11th Sept and closing on Sunday  10th October. Check them out on Facebook too. I can't wait to go there. I love watching the people out enjoying themselves with smiles on their faces.