Saturday 28 October 2017

Printed FREE Booklet For Clients

Just printed off an other lot of handout booklets for clients 😁  This free booklet is for clients to assist in gaining some spiritual understanding, and shows how to protect yourself from negative energy including psychic attacks. Please remember it is the intention behind something that makes it powerful. Your spiritual empowerment is very important.😁

Note: I don't know why the text is looking like this. This is the second post with the white box behind the text. 

Friday 27 October 2017

Time keeps on slipping…Fleeting travels through time and space

This is fascinating reading here. I can relate to the khaki trousers. I had a brown trouser moment with an old Vietnam era medic pouch.

Merging timelines and dimensions, which also create the Mandela effect.

Anyhow please book mark this as a great website to read.

Flying Humanoid In Australia

Hmm, I wonder what is really going on here. Is this some hoax, new technology, a jet pack, or is it for real?
Suddenly a person just happens to have a camera at the ready to film this.

I don't think this is a Mothman, the shape looks different. Mothmen are often seen as a bad omen or harbinger of death and are found in America specifically. I can't say what this is on the video as it needs an expert to zoom in on this to examine the film. With today's technology it is so easy to fake anything, not forgetting project blue-beam.

Now this is only one person sighting this. I find that rather odd and hard to accept as legit. How many people actually look up at the sky these days and say hey look at the chem-trails, or gee those clouds do not look like normal clouds. So to suddenly out of the blue have a camera ready to film this does seem contrived.

I do not think Mothmen are involved in this flying  humanoid  video. Looking close a I can get, I see what looks at the back of the figure to be a heat source or flame as  you may see on a jet pack. The person is moving in a motion suggesting it is a jet pack.

Technology is taking massive leaps forward at present and will continue to do so. The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is not what comes to mind with this leap forward, more like the TTP (Technology Transfer Project) which has a hell of a lot more of a sinister intention.

Italian scientists are working on a flying robot as you can see from this September 7, 2017 article here.


Just the handy thing to fix the TV Ariel on your roof too, saves having a nasty accident.

If you have read the Wes Penre Papers you will recall him saying the Annunaki/Sirian Et's used Jetpacks of some sort to move around also. Ninmah in particular is known to use one to get around. A woman of dubious reputation, lol. There are tablets and cave art regarding flying machines in the ancient past which you can see on the internet.  Early UFO sightings in Australia.

Monday 23 October 2017

Mothmen Sightings In Chicago USA 2017

This is a real spooky phenomenon that is happening in Chicago in the US at present, starting in August 2017.  I have read about these creatures years ago in native American mythology, and I must admit to being curious wanting to know more about them. Lon Strickler is one of the people investigating this phenomenon  at present.

Tracie Austin is doing a show with Lon Strickler on Mothmen at present, with the intention of showing them for Halloween. So tune in and see what they have to say.

Mothmen are described as being about 7 foot tall and all black, with red eyes and black feathered wings on their backs.The red eyes remind me of the shadow people which I have seen and you do not forget the absolute terror they induce. I have no idea if the Mothmen have souls, shadow people don't. As far as I know they just feed off of your fear and terrorise you.
Some researchers are debating if these creatures are interdimensional beings, Aliens or subterranean beings that have always been on earth like Bigfoot.

Mothmen remind me of the  Batman character for some reason, but in a negative way. They do install terror in the people that see them as reflected in reports of sightings.  These creatures do not take flight like a bird does, they seem to spread their giant wings and lift off like levitation.

Some people feel they are an ill omen and harbingers of death. One thing to note, is the increase of UFO activity in the area where these creatures are sighted, including the infamous men in black.

The supposed home of the Mothmen legend is Point Pleasant in West Virginia. A sighting of a Mothman in 1966 by terrorised teenager Roger Scarberry and his friends was reported to Deputy Millard Halstead  at the Mason county courthouse on 15th November 1966.

You will find many websites commenting on the legend, and this year I feel will be a lot more information coming out to give us a better understanding of these strange creatures.

NOTE: Book mark this website and go through it, there is mention of Mothmen here as in they are reptilian beings.

Half way down this article you will see mention of reptilians called mothmen .I don't think many people have found this out.  None of the ET's mentioned on the website are benevolent beings. I don't care what anyone says, I know what I feel on a Clairvoyant level, from experiences that I have had and the reading that I do etc.

This website is very interesting reading, so do spend time reading through it.

Saturday 21 October 2017

Do I wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys Cover

This is another amazing song from my little cousin Alexandria Shankland and her band Ellis in Transit. What a voice she gives me Goosebumps listening to her.

Thursday 19 October 2017

Alex Fulford's Psychic Predictions for 2018

Starting with Australia, I feel Malcolm Turnbull starts 2018 on a high note. He sure does have plans up his sleeve. Do not expect him to reveal all just yet. March is when big announcements will be made.

 I do indeed feel that Malcolm will hand over the reins of power in 2018. I feel March will be a prominent month also, it may not be in a positive way, please bear in mind overseas issues will be affecting Australia at this time.

Julie  Bishop is caught up in the winds of change, and  has  major decisions to make in 2018. I feel she is dissatisfied with her career at present, due to some of the people that she works with.

She may decide to quit politics. Julie must take time to think this through. Thankfully Julie is a cool, level headed woman not given to making snap decisions.

I see a young dark haired man rising up through the Liberal party ranks.
This young man can come across as bright but brash. He has a warm deep voice. Like a bolt out of the blue, he is out to make a big impact. To me this feels like Zed Sesejla. Looking at his Photo I get a very strong feeling that one day he will be Prime Minister of Australia, however I feel that is several years away. I feel the strong spirit energy of Malcolm Fraser around Zed, as a mentor from the spirit world guiding him.

 Zed Sesejla

Many see the Greens as no longer a viable option in 2018.

For Australia, I see people in high places will have a fall in 2018. Justice will strike swift. This feels to me like an ongoing issue, a continuation of what happened in 2017.

In the USA, things are going downhill fast. Wall Street has a scandal yet again.

I am seeing an avalanche in a Northern mountainous country, This could be Switzerland.

Spirit is showing me an ambulance with a red cross pointing to London and another terrorist attack. As I am looking at the cards I hear the name Kings Cross. I do not know if it is Kings cross in London or Australia though, but I feel it is the railway station not the area.

Berlin has more protests against Angela Merkel. This is due to funding cuts and immigrants.

Renewable power is back in the spotlight, this time it is for being deliberately stalled for financial reasons. Due to corporations digging their heels in, to keep the old systems running and resisting change. I feel some western governments will introduce new rules or laws because of this. The government and these corporations will still drag the chain over the issue. So do not expect miracles here.

I see a scandal  around money hitting the world headlines, this will be an ongoing thing in the news all year.

North Korea will back down with the saber rattling to the rest of the world. Do not be surprised is Kim Jong Un is replaced.  North Korea does not have the money nor the ability to do what they say they will do. They are not popular among their peers.

The USA are trying to defend their position in the world and having a president that is unpopular at home and abroad is weakening the nations power. This is a dangerous thing. The president's position has been made unworkable by key individual people within the US and overseas. This is a very dangerous thing.

If the people of the US and the government are divided, this will spell the end of the USA as we know it.

In the UK there will be more privatsing of the health system in to the hands of corporations. This will also have health insurance funds putting up their prices.

Prince Harry has a public announcement in spring, no doubt his engagement. He will be in the spotlight quite a bit in 2018.

I do not see any real challenge to Theresa May, she will not be leaving Downing Street anytime soon. She knows there is no real opposition.

I  feel the Syrian government will fall or be overthrown in 2018.

Myanmar crisis will worsen and troops may be deployed from overseas to assist on humanitarian grounds. My heart goes out to all those suffering in the world at this time. There is just so much suffering, this will have a deep effect on the human psyche.  

NOTE: Please scroll down to read the items as they come up in the news. 

Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium 2017

UPDATE: Well things are already in motion here.

it is only a matter of time for Turnbull to fall from high.

Update: Switzerland, thank heavens it is not any worse.

Switzerland avalanche April 2018. Switzerland May 2018

August 208

People in high places. I don't want to comment one way or the other on this. All I can say is,  people in high places covers famous people too. I do feel more of this stuff is going to crop up in the media all year.

This one will have fallout, that is to be expected with this sort of thing.
Well, stupid is as stupid does.
Well the jokes keep coming with this guy 😂
Yet another high profile person, like I say it will go on all year.
Disgusting ! Canberra, a senior  Dept of Foreign affairs and trade staff member.


AND AN OTHER BANKER This one is a right plonker.

People in high places:  Former Australin of the Year done for corruption.  Greens candidate
 This is a traitor to Australia, and it is time Andrews was removed.  Dear oh dear the Liberal party are in a bad way still. Dec 2018 I did say this was going to last all year with people in high places.


This is unacceptable, I fear this is only the start of the expansion process . The civilians do not deserve this, only  more suffering can come from this.

 Liar liar pants on fire. Climate change is BS created as a money earner. Why else are our leading scientists hit with a gagging order? Simple so that the leftist commy bastards can take over, it's like taking candy from a baby.

UPDATE: Myanmar The Paris agreement is not binding! 😏

UPDATE: London Railway station.

Both on the same day, very sad.

UPDATE" Wall Street

UPDATE: Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop resigns from her post as foreign minister.
I actually was feeling unsure about my prediction for her, but I have surprised myself. As I said I felt unconfident of my predictions when I did them.

Still hanging in there, like I said she is cautious and will thing this through sensibly.

Update 30 August 2018  Open to job offers post politics  She is still in the game.

UPDATE: 2019 Julie Bishop. She has resigned. More info to come.

UPDATE: North Korea  26/4/2020

Some predictions can take a while to come up , this does not look good at all and I would say not good for the world in general. His eventual replacement will be more difficult and hard to predict for world leaders.

Alex's 2018 Predictions Are Ready

I will be emailing my 2018 psychic predictions to the IPA( International Psychics Association)  today. Which will be published in the magazine the Australian Psychics directory 2018.
Last night I was looking through the 2017 predictions most of them came up. Just one or two didn't that is not bad going.

This is not about probability as some may think. I see and hear the information. That is what clairvoyance and clairaudience are, seeing and hearing. Predictions are not something you just take a rough punt on.

Making predictions  is not easy, it is hard work. Sure some times there can be misses. It is free will and the person doing the predictions is tuning in to the universal consciousness of all humanity at that moment in time. Time is not a fixed thing and nothing is ever set in stone, hence a freewill universe.

I have no idea what is going to happen when I pick up my cards or out of the blue I have a vision. Sometimes I am in bed trying to sleep and things jump into my head.

The Bali bombing many years ago was one such thing at the moment it happened I was putting my child to bed, when suddenly I heard the words, "The truth and the American way", I saw a magenta coloured vision in my head and the US flag ( this later pointed to CIA involvement, which came out in the media much much later).

This was all in a split second and it was gone. You can't say to spirit, hey can you repeat that. Well when I ask it just goes blank, the message got through.

So you see that is an example of Clairvoyance and clairaudience, When I pick up my cards or an object to read from it this is what happens.


Saturday 14 October 2017

Thou shall Not Trade Souls

For those unaware of this Google it, A little hint is the powers that be used the Maritime laws to pull this stunt off. The birth canal specifically comes in handy as part of the con job.
You will find info plastered all over the internet about this and why, including YouTube videos.

Monday 9 October 2017

Alex Has Lost A Sterling Silver Booch

I lost my sterling silver heart shape Brooch in Bunnings Tuggeranong today. It is a one of a kind hand made brooch with a green Tourmaline stone. This was given to me by my husband for a birthday present in September. I know some woman ( short gey hair  medium build 60 ish), has this now. I lost it at 11.00am today and there were 4 or 5 women in the isle at the time.

Saturday 7 October 2017

20 Signs You Are With A "Covert" Narcissist

I wanted to share this video with everyone. It is very interesting information, many of us have come across narcissists in our lives, often times they are not fully aware of the person actually being the problem and feeling that they the victim are the problem.

These people drain you of your energy no different to a psychic vampire. Like Richard says some times the narcissist is also a victim of abuse too.  That does not give them the right to abuse others.

Richard is right on the money regarding the control techniques used. This needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as it is recognized. Take back your power when dealing with these people. You are not responsible for their behaviour, so do not play into their hands. Remove the person from your life before they destroy you. And they will because that is what they do.  If the top video interests you, try this one. He is not so theatrical.

Thursday 5 October 2017

Montalk: Dislodgging Negative Entity Attachments

This is an area that I have avoided dealing with for many years, but over the past year and a bit, I have had to come face to face with it in some very traumatic situations. If I can delegate the case on to someone else I will, but I have now had to step into this area, temporary.
There are many ways that you can help yourself though.

The first thing I must point out is, not all energy attachments are spirits. There are 5 groups of entities as I have pointed out in previous posts, the above and also in the link  states. I have dealt with them all and not out of choice either.

1. DO NOT mess with spirits
2. DO NOT try to communicate with them, unless you are a medium and know what you are doing      and using psychic protection for yourself and the room you are in.

Even here not all mediums may be fully aware of the five types  and should NEVER attempt to talk to them. That is an ego trip and very irresponsible to talk to these entities, they can attach to the medium very easily. I have seen this happen.  The person will go into denial about having an attachment also. Which is  the classic first reaction, followed by anger etc.

3. This is not an area for children, teenagers or young adults to mess with. Parents make sure you inform you children this is a very dangerous area and will result is very serious harm, which can include a mental break down or suicide attempts, self harm, depression etc.

4. You can remove the entities yourself in many cases. There are many ways to do, but firm intention is the key.

Not all so called "experts" at fixing the entity attachments are experts at all. Personally I will only recommend a couple of people that I know if I am unable to assist. As I said I do not like doing it.

No theatrical stuff is needed either, again that is an ego trip, this is a straightforward process followed by healing. You do not need to be standing in a particular place outdoors or indoors. You do not need crystals around you etc, that is theatrical.  I do not use anything other than my skills as a medium and a healer. I do not touch the body ever.

I ask for the correct spiritual beings to be present including the higher self of the person to watch over the process. Then I do what I do, followed by a healing.

If the aura of the person is weak and there are tears in the auric or energy field then obviously there will be more attachments. So a person needs to learn how to strengthen their aura, which is quite simple and can be done by positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle. Drugs and alcohol are major factors in some energy attachments, but easily taken care of by the individual.

Young people are usually the ones that entities will go after because they are open channels  and in some cases their chakras are wide open.

Please read through the link above to give yourself a bit more of an understanding of this situation.
I do not like Dion Fortune nor any of the other big names mentioned in the history of spiritualism.
I have my own reasons, that I will keep to myself. All I will say is I can read their energy from old photographs and even from things they have written.

Sure there may be some good information in their books, but err on the side of caution is all I will say on the matter. There are many banging on about how wonderful there writers were. They have never met them because these historical people passed away a long time ago. These people still held on to false beliefs of religion which means they could well have been under the influence of beings that were not what they said they were and these spiritualists  hung on every word. Not knowing of the dangers of trusting discarnate beings some of which are archons.

I know for a fact that archons are still involved in deceiving many trusting spiritual people. That is why I say never place your trust and your power in anything that you cannot see. I may be a clairvoyant-medium but I am not stupid. I am informed enough to know what goes on in the other worlds. Apart from humans in spirit, there are other beings, some of which are extra terrestrial beings that do or do not have a physical body, archons ar one of the non physical types.

Often archons are mistaken for angels. There is no such thing as an angel, it is a fabrication of religion to explain non physical beings. We live in a time where science can explain so much but, not quite everything yet.  With that in mind you can see how Ets were once called gods, angels were called gods helpers. In short off world  beings and not all in our dimension. These are countless dimensions which are for ever being created add to that the concept of beings that Nano travel.

That Nano travel has been going on for thousands of years, but it is new to us humans. You will start to read  and hear a lot more about Nano travel from now on in the media as this is the next thing in space travel.

Any way I will leave you to do your reading. I hope you get a lot of pleasure out of reading and learning like I do. Happy reading everyone and thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.



The Five Types Of Entities

 1.) Beloveds: a deceased human

2.) Shape-shifting demonic entities: tricky evolved demonic force which are earth bound so they do not come from a heaven or hell. Basically they are a pool of negative conscious energy that take on a life form of their own. So there is no soul. Think of everyone's negative thoughts, hate, anger,  jealously, revenge etc. Also Tulpas' or Gollums' which are made by human thought forms and if let to their own devices are dangerous. Do not ever dabble in this evil. There is no valid reason to create such a thing, nothing but an ego trip of irresponsible individuals and these Tulpas' will turn on them eventually.

3.)  Dark ET's: These are the ones that work with the military, governments, religious institutions and individuals. Think Pine Gap and area 51, the gray ET type etc. The small grays are hybrid hive mind beings. There are literately hundreds of different ones that the US government know of and work with in the TTP.

4.) Fallen angels or Nephalim: (Nephalim are associated with the Sumerian Anunnaki)

5.) Inter-dimensional entities , including dark ET types, demons, and fallen angels.The term "fallen",to me is a rather iffy one. I don't buy into that whole angelic thing.

Yes some entities exist without a soul, and they come from the dark side. There are some humans that are soulless (Soulless organic portals). They don't have compassion or even understand compassion and empathy. They can commit a crime and not bat an eyelid. Think of someone that is a psychopath or a sociopath.

Montalk: Faux Spirituality

He has hit the nail right on the head with the fake spirituality. I won't settle for anything other that the real deal, but I keep it simple and honest. Why complicate things or believe only part of the truth. You cannot ignore the facts of anything.

I have in the past argued the point with some people that refuse to see the whole picture, now I do not waste my time. I know where I am at and that is what I focus on. People need to do their research which often means a change of opinion.

I put things on my blog for people to read and then research. It is not for me to tell you what to believe, only present information that may be of use. I do not post things that I do not accept myself.
I do not want nor expect people to accept or agree with me 100%. Everyone has their own journey and their own truth, yes that truth and journey will change and that is free will and becoming more aware.

Let me also point out playing both sides is a dangerous thing to do. I will have no part of this, you cannot have it both ways, there will be a price to pay if you do.  I have seen this in colleagues that have done this and then hit the wall. It will most definitely lead to mental health problems and turn your life upside down. A truly spiritual person will not ever entertain the thought. 

This article is written by a person that is not psychic or clairvoyant. He is unable to see what I can and do see. I will not buy in to the second coming and the religious side of things. There is no Christ person coming to save anyone. That you must do yourself per individual.

The a new age has begun already, the age of  Aquarius. It is just an other cycle and a changing of the guard.
Please do not be fooled into thinking this is going to be a wonderful new world, this is the third dimension, an artificial reality just like the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions ( actually there is no boundary between these and we do flit in and out of them without realizing). What most people do not know is that you could be fooled into ascending (it is illusion) but you do not get to stay there, at some point you will be sent back here, unless you are truly spiritually awake and see through the whole game.

The age of Aquarius is not a wonderful age of peace and spirituality, and those pushing this do not have humanities best interests at heart. Keep in mind the AI push that is taking place at present, there is a link to this "  fake spirituality" that is being pushed by these individuals. This is a fatal trap if you fall for it.  If this sounds negative to you , then you have not done your homework.

Look at the state of the world at present, geared up for a world war. Do you actually think that someone is going to come along and wave a magic wand and make things all nice? That is utter naivety, there is no interest in world peace yet. That will only happen once the powers that be fool us all into becoming "ONE"  let me spell that out for you. A Luciferin New World Order.

They bang on about this in the media constantly. Literally brainwashing the masses, even tv chat shows are dropping it in to conversations casually. Most people are not even noticing that.
There is so much subliminal programming happening right now in all forms of media and in various issues that the masses don't notice.

It is all part of the same game. The new golden age is a con job  with a very slick presentation. Many people will fall for this. But as they say you can't con an honest man.

True spirituality is totally different and there is no hidden agenda. You are guided by your higher self, you do not need anyone or anything to guide you. You most certainly do not need a savoir, you are your own saviour. Keep it honest, keep it pure and keep it simple and listen with your heart to your higher self. I go within my heart to my pure core essence, nothing external is of true spiritual benefit.

I sure as hell will not be merging with any godhead crap either. That is New Age/New World Order evil. To think otherwise is a mistake. One merges with their higher self should they want to after  completing a life cycle. Some choose to go explore other worlds etc. You must do what is right for you.

Please read up on soul harvesting too for your own protection. Yesterday as I was tuning myself in for work. I was shown a little spiritual movie. A big white funnel like a vacuum cleaner and thousands of souls being sucked into this funnel. They could not avoid it. It was very symbolic of harvesting souls that have no idea of what was really happening. Basically following along like sheep without questioning what was going on. Let alone it should not be done in the first place.

Most people have no idea that this is wrong and have no concept of spiritual reality etc. They have no idea who they really are nor how special and powerful humans are. No they have no interest in knowing because they are still wilfully under the god spell imposed on all of humanity for millions of years, lifetime after life time until they reach the point of either awakening and fighting back or they have all their life force sucked right out of them and  die again.

That is on a spirit or soul level. Then there is nothing, that soul dies off and cannot be helped, the left over is just absorbed back into the cosmos. What a waste of a precious soul, the very life force destroyed.

Sunday 1 October 2017

Card Of The Month: October 2017: 10 Of Cups

10 Of Cups is the card for October, As I look at the card I hear the word reconciliation.
As you can see from the image, this is a happy and joyous card. A happy family life with lots of love,  protection and joy. This family are feeling blessed and thankful for what they have in life.

This is not about the material things, it's the things you cannot buy or put a price on in this life.
This card reminds us not to take things for granted, less we lose them.
Life can be such a fleeting thing, and it is vital to remember to show those you love how you feel about them.
This does not have to be in a great dramatic way, sometimes simple things and being there to offer support in times of need or in times of loss is needed. Remember, no man is an island!
Do not isolate yourself from those you love.

That does not mean that you should put up with the negative stuff from people either. No no-one has the right to mistreat anyone.

This months card could be about reconciliation for some people,  reconnecting to someone or others that you have not seen for a while.Can you repair the fences or broken bridges? Is it possible? Is it wise to do so?  That is up to the individuals to decide.

You could be over the moon at hearing from someone that you lost contact with. Mixed blessings for some. Just remember to keep it simple and only take what you need in this life's journey. But remember what we borrow we must pay back. Keeping energy in balance and harmony. Put some love in to the earth.

I hope this is a very good month for everyone, blessings to all.