Sunday, 1 October 2017

Card Of The Month: October 2017: 10 Of Cups

10 Of Cups is the card for October, As I look at the card I hear the word reconciliation.
As you can see from the image, this is a happy and joyous card. A happy family life with lots of love,  protection and joy. This family are feeling blessed and thankful for what they have in life.

This is not about the material things, it's the things you cannot buy or put a price on in this life.
This card reminds us not to take things for granted, less we lose them.
Life can be such a fleeting thing, and it is vital to remember to show those you love how you feel about them.
This does not have to be in a great dramatic way, sometimes simple things and being there to offer support in times of need or in times of loss is needed. Remember, no man is an island!
Do not isolate yourself from those you love.

That does not mean that you should put up with the negative stuff from people either. No no-one has the right to mistreat anyone.

This months card could be about reconciliation for some people,  reconnecting to someone or others that you have not seen for a while.Can you repair the fences or broken bridges? Is it possible? Is it wise to do so?  That is up to the individuals to decide.

You could be over the moon at hearing from someone that you lost contact with. Mixed blessings for some. Just remember to keep it simple and only take what you need in this life's journey. But remember what we borrow we must pay back. Keeping energy in balance and harmony. Put some love in to the earth.

I hope this is a very good month for everyone, blessings to all.