Monday 23 October 2017

Mothmen Sightings In Chicago USA 2017

This is a real spooky phenomenon that is happening in Chicago in the US at present, starting in August 2017.  I have read about these creatures years ago in native American mythology, and I must admit to being curious wanting to know more about them. Lon Strickler is one of the people investigating this phenomenon  at present.

Tracie Austin is doing a show with Lon Strickler on Mothmen at present, with the intention of showing them for Halloween. So tune in and see what they have to say.

Mothmen are described as being about 7 foot tall and all black, with red eyes and black feathered wings on their backs.The red eyes remind me of the shadow people which I have seen and you do not forget the absolute terror they induce. I have no idea if the Mothmen have souls, shadow people don't. As far as I know they just feed off of your fear and terrorise you.
Some researchers are debating if these creatures are interdimensional beings, Aliens or subterranean beings that have always been on earth like Bigfoot.

Mothmen remind me of the  Batman character for some reason, but in a negative way. They do install terror in the people that see them as reflected in reports of sightings.  These creatures do not take flight like a bird does, they seem to spread their giant wings and lift off like levitation.

Some people feel they are an ill omen and harbingers of death. One thing to note, is the increase of UFO activity in the area where these creatures are sighted, including the infamous men in black.

The supposed home of the Mothmen legend is Point Pleasant in West Virginia. A sighting of a Mothman in 1966 by terrorised teenager Roger Scarberry and his friends was reported to Deputy Millard Halstead  at the Mason county courthouse on 15th November 1966.

You will find many websites commenting on the legend, and this year I feel will be a lot more information coming out to give us a better understanding of these strange creatures.

NOTE: Book mark this website and go through it, there is mention of Mothmen here as in they are reptilian beings.

Half way down this article you will see mention of reptilians called mothmen .I don't think many people have found this out.  None of the ET's mentioned on the website are benevolent beings. I don't care what anyone says, I know what I feel on a Clairvoyant level, from experiences that I have had and the reading that I do etc.

This website is very interesting reading, so do spend time reading through it.