Friday 31 July 2020

Dept Justice: Harvard University professor and two Chinese nationals charged in three separate China related cases

I didn’t see this in the news, I must have missed it. I had a person on my work Facebook page send me the news video of this last night. So I  jumped on to Google to search this and it actually came out in January 28, 2020. Right when our bush fires were happening so I would have missed this at the time.

Thursday 30 July 2020

Conspiracy theories that are absolutely bonkers  Don’t laugh, some people actually believe this and there is an other one about thermometers that scan your temperature damage the pineal gland.  Personally I prefer proper scientific research to new age and whacky out there bullshit. 

Never take what you read on Facebook as reputable information, use your brain and look things up on line rather than look stupid. 
As a clairvoyant I depend on my pineal gland to work, do you think that I am worried about getting my temperature taken? Nah, I can always get the vet to do it though 😂😂😂🐈 I just have to grab my ankles first and hope the thermometer is warm 😂😂😂

Fauci Rejects False COVID-19 'Cure' Again As Trump Renews Attacks On Him

Ok read this and then read the link below 

It is still not 100% safe though, we need to keep that in mind. There are side effects some of which are very harmful. I just hope that those that take this drug recover from their illness. I want people to be safe, but a realistic outlook is a must, before going down the treatment path.

There are factions on both sides that confuse the public and that helps no one.


While people are arguing for and against the use of this drug being used to treat COVID 19, please look into the side effects. We need to weigh up the pro's and con's of it. I am not against it but I am very cautious.  We need to be careful and how long does one take it for if one has COVID? Of course it would be under strict medical supervision in a hospital.

List of side effects. 

Do not resuscitate

On point Smudge 😆

Using the Defibrillator

Phase one again!

I am thinking of getting this on my car whaddya think?

Milton Black: Astrologer, August 2020 Astrological Forecast

I always wait with bated breath on Milton Black's predictions, I take my hat off to him. 
There is some much hoped for comfort here in the long term forecast for Australia economically.

I just had to share this with people and let them see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have so much faith in Milton Black, he never disappoints  with his forecasts. Much respect to this amazing man.

While I am aware of the hard times, I am very comforted to know out "lucky Country" will be back on top
in manufacturing etc. That does my heart good to read this.

Spiritual healing (joke)

Went to see a spiritual healer last night,.....what a load of rubbish,
even the guy in the wheelchair got up and walked out.


Tuesday 28 July 2020

All over bar the shouting 😳

Well yesterday was the day I fInally got that back tooth from hell pulled out. Twilight sedation and all that. I got in the chair and chatted to the dental nurses and cracked the odd joke. In came the dental surgeon, who by the way is as funny as hell. That’s great for putting people at ease because they should forget the fears and be uplifted knowing this guy is good and cares about the patient.

So as we are jabbering away, he put the cannula in my arm and the nurse puts the blood pressure band on my other arm. Next I am wondering when will he yank the tooth out. But Lo and behold, I turn my head to talk to a nurse and she says , you can get up now  and rest in the recovery room.

I said hang on he hasn’t pulled the tooth yet. To my surprise she said , it’s all done.
I was amazed, touching my face and could feel the packing. I smiled and said I was amazed because it was like a blink of an eye.  
So after that it was home to rest and take pain killers, boy when the pain kicked in, it’s pretty bad. I didn’t sleep very well. Over night I kept having to take pain killers every four hours. The good thing is they make me drowsy. I have slept most of today too. Ruby my Jack Russell by my side too. 

The swelling hasn’t really started yet but it will. Hamster meets the godfather 😂😂 So now it’s rest up and plenty liquid, ice cream, jelly and custard. 

I hope to be back to doing readings by Monday next week. Remember I no longer do face to face readings. Just a Phone and Skype. It is all about energy, so I don’t need the person to be present. Which is good for you because you can be relaxed at home in your pyjamas or what ever having a cuppa ( cup of tea or coffee) in cozy comfort 🥳👍

I am kinda old school, regardless of phone or Skype I still get my makeup on and dressed for work as usual.  I hope that all my readers have a great week and take care.

Alex and fur babies 


Sunday 26 July 2020

Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist Movement?

Does a bear poop in the woods? Is the pope a catholic?  Typically the employment of gullible people to push the agenda. Then kick them to the kerb when the object of the exercise is complete. 

People react first, then  think after the fact and this is something these individuals are very aware of and take advantage of for their agenda. It’s so easy to manipulate the gullible. Yes, people are hopping on line now to read more and become better informed, but more people need to be doing so, to help stop this movement in its tracks.

I am all for helping those in need regardless of ethnicity, race or religion. All  those in need, need a hand up, should be part of every culture,  in order to have a better world.  But being used by the hands of evil, hell no! 

I also find this organization  offensive to intelligent people regardless of their racial background. I commend African Americans that have called them out for the trouble makers they are. Look at the horrible things that happened in the US burning, killing, looting and generally acting like animals. This leads to the wilful destruction of society, which is a common communist trick. Communism is a disease of the soul and needs to be stopped. 

I would not call my self politically aware, but I know bullshit when I smell it. People are entitled to know the full background of all of these people, that are  running this organisation and who their controllers are, there is no bloody way they don’t have a controller or handler. Yes there is video evidence of these people admitting to being trained Marxists, but no where will they say so on BLM  social media, why is that I wonder?  That is dishonest and withholding important and relevant information from the masses that they want to gain influence over.  

This article in the link has links for further information, if you are interested in doing further reading. Also click on the blue highlighted words in the body of the article. 

Thursday 23 July 2020


I still maintain it is not wise to take this as 100% truth and  suggest that people read the entire Wes Penre Papers and other writers work on the soul trap and the truth of human origins. I still feel the Sophia is still not to be trusted. Anything that is received here in the third dimension is usually lies and half truths. 

Not worth the paper it is written on. We have no real proof as no one can come back to tell us once they reach the Pleroma or the 8th heaven/ dimension. Err on the side of caution! I feel there is a vested interest in gaining our trust. Trust is often pure folly. 

Tuesday 21 July 2020

The science that shows why masks fail against COVID-19

For those that prefer a scientific perspective 😀 

Now remember what I said in Tarot card of the month for August, lies and deception. I leave it in your hands.

Tarot card of the month: Three of swords , August 2020

Betrayal, Heartbreak, deception, loneliness  

Three of swords is not a happy little card and it indicates things are not going well. Gee there is a surprise....not! We are not sitting in a good position at present and it is looking to get worse.

Many people are aware that things in the world are not as we are being told. This card highlights that and much more. It looks like the wool is pulled down further over our eyes as time goes on. This is clearly not a good sign. It is for want of a better term, blind comfort to some that choose not to see what is happening around them. This can be on a personal level and well as on a world wide level.

I am intending this as a world wide issue though.  Reality is hitting home to many but so is anger and fear of the unknown. People do not know who to trust or who to turn to. This is due to the lies and manipulation of fats in the political world and how it flows on to the population in issues such as COVID 19, BLM, Unemployment,  the financial situation world wide and its flow on effect to the ordinary person trying to find work, pay bills, rent or mortgage etc.

We have the outright deception of world leaders and the US election looming which generated more lies and deception from both sides. We have the Epstein case  that is causing more smokescreens and deception. 

In between this are the ordinary people struggling to survive, the vulnerable and the poor, disabled the homeless etc. Their world is a frightening place and they see no hope in sight. One must be realistic here and not sugar coast any of this, because there is a message here for all of humanity. All is NOT right and never was. It is now coming to light and we are in a very bad situation that is only going to get worse from here on in.

This was allowed to happen, this is not accidental, none of this needed to happen. It was made to happen. This affects every person on the planet one way or an other.

now looking at the number three, that is an important number in numerology and for humanity on a spiritual level. Three stands for  idealism, higher education,foreign travel, mind, body & spirit  Trinity, expansion and movement It vibrates to the planet Jupiter.

Now as we can see COVID 19 has affected Education, especially higher education and overseas students , movement (travel to and from work, visiting people,/family overseas travel, transport import export etc.)

The three of swords covers the Autumn/fall in the Northern hemisphere    and Spring in the Southern hemisphere. The Three of swords covers 3 October to 12 October, so expect news then as the weather changes. I do not get a very good feeling with this. I feel a build up of tension in the Northern hemisphere and anger. That may be due to the US elections getting closer and nasty things will be happening in the media and in the streets. My advice is keep right away from it.

This seems like a game changer event so anything can happen. I get the feeling of violence erupting again and feel it comes from the Democrat team to sway the voters. Voters will not be swayed by anyone, they know who they want as president. I do feel Trump needs to boost his security with the lead up to the election day. He must not play it cool and brave or he may be in for a nasty shock.

He thinks he knows the score but he doesn't, I do feel there is a strong element of danger too his person and staff. He must beef up security, I would start it now if I were him.

I see Australians being rather worried about money, job security and when this COVID is going to go away. That virus is not going to go away. I feel it will just be lurking around and from time to time people will become infected just like the flu season. We just have to live with it.

People in Australia seem to have a different mood than the Northern hemisphere people, perhaps it is because we have more sunshine but they seem to give off a different vibe.

August though will be chilly in Australia as we hit the last month of winter and people will be glad when spring comes. on the other side of the planet that spells gloom. Winter is about to start and people head back indoors shortly. I feel a last minute of frolicking in the sun will be a must for many people. England especially, they really crave the warmth and sunshine as many do not get enough sunshine, which is not good for the human body.

Watch out for Boris Johnson making some flabbergasting statements. The public either laugh and think, " is he for real" or they become very angry, depending on the comments he makes.  One thing is for sure, he comes from the same gene pool as Trump, Oh dear!

Sunday 19 July 2020

The 11th Commandment

Looking like a Hamster

Well this week has been a world of pain for me. Last Thursday morning, I went to the dentist to get a back tooth pulled, it was long over due. I thought it would be a piece of cake, pardon the pun.  I got in the chair and had three injections to kill the pain, but everything went south from that.

I was is so much pain the dentist had to stop the extraction , the tooth had only budged a smidgen but that pain OMG . I have massive roots in my teeth and this one is a hum dinger. 

I was told I will need a dental surgeon, as this is risky. So I rang the surgeon for an emergency appointment, which I was lucky to get one at Thursday lunchtime. I was booked in for the removal on 27th July. In the mean time the side of my face is swollen, and I look like a Hamster
I have antibiotics and very strong painkillers to help until next Monday.  

So I am unable to do readings and have a list of clients waiting for me to recover. What a bummer huh!

Back into lock down

Well here we go again. I just found out today from my father that his nursing home is back to hard lock-down for the past few days.They were only allowed visitors four weeks ago and now back in hard lock-down. Thanks to all the selfish bastards that would not follow the rules in Victoria and spread this COVID around Sydney's south west and country areas nearby.

As you know I have been only able to see my dad twice this year, at new year, and then two weeks ago,  now this again. I have no idea as to when I can see him again. I just had a " knowing" this was going to happen before I saw him two weeks ago. 

It is only a matter of time until Canberra gets more COVID cases, as this virus has now been spread from Victoria  to the NSW South coast, which is very popular with Canberrans. It is as they say, SNAFU (situation normal all F**ked up) So it is just siting and waiting for this news to be announced.

Is it my imagination or are people deliberately allowed to slip under the radar or are the authorities that careless? It is just astounding. I do not think we will eradicate this virus at all, because humans are way too unpredictable and will still pass this to others one way or another, not to forget mutating versions as time goes on. I honestly do not think a reliable vaccine will be found, and I sure as hell would not trust anything the government says is safe. They cannot cure the common cold so I don't see them solving this one. 

Let those government officials and those that made the current new vaccine  take it  and then we can see how safe it is. Bet your arse they won't take it.


60 people from Canberra were down the coast, let’s hope they obey the rules and self isolate. There are many immune vulnerable people in the community that will be quite fearful of catching this virus.

Saturday 18 July 2020

Victoria records 217 new infections, hours after state’s worst daily increase

Make sure you read the comments. Make no mistake this is here to stay. I am flabbergasted at the amount of infections in nursing homes. That is no accident it’s careless and laziness. 

Now during this COVID-19 pandemic, can you believe people are asking me for a face to face reading?
What planet are these individuals on? Planet stupid or planet selfish, it is one or the other. 
I stopped face to face readings back in December 2019. For security reasons and then health reasons due to my husband being ill. I won’t be returning to face to face. 

The funny thing is people ask can I actually do phone readings, lol. Psychic phone readings have been around for decades, HELLO! 

Listen to the words this is the new world order. Look at the date 15 July 2020.

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Poor little Miss Daisy is sick

It never rains but it pours, poor Miss Daisy our elderly Russian Blue has been sneezing blood.
We have had her at the vet and she has had two weeks worth of antibiotics, and still she keeps sneezing blood. It is not as severe but there is still a very fine mist of pink fresh blood.

I am glad to say there is no tumour or anything like that or it would be a hell of a lot worse. She is now on week three of a new stronger type of antibiotics. Daisy or Empress Mouse-Dolly still has an appetite and even thought she is not a big eater these days she is looking good as she will be 17 years old in September, so she is still sprightly and can hold her own against her little fur sister Miss Ruby and often gives her the rounds of the kitchen when she deserves it.

Daisy can still orbit the house in the small hours of the morning or present herself at my bedroom door early in the morning to insist that mummy gets out of bed and wait on her. We now can stop worrying after this weeks vet check. as Daisy has gained some weight and her blood pressure is back to normal in the past week. Having hyperthyroidism she needs constant checking and her medication has been increased. Sadly she has early stage kidney disease , not that this slows her down at all. She seems to be a robust little girl and bounces back from any ailment. That's not bad considering her advanced age. 


Pulp Fiction with a Cat

Aww just like my late Tolstoy. I miss him so much.

Monday 13 July 2020

Wes Penre: VIDEO 228: Q&A SESSION #54

I do not accept the crap called Indigo, crystal and rainbow children. I used to believe in Indigo children many years ago, but only from reading stupid new age books and the spiritual community.  Just think of the fortune rolling in from these books, Ka-Ching. Everybody starts to hang on every word from so called experts, that have no spirituality at all, no they are experts on marketing a product. This I find sickening and unacceptable.

I realised, as I read up on it more, it was all rubbish.  Not to mention the " wanna be" parents, tag their children as these so-called special children, most of them are spoiled little brats with self important parents with an ego screaming out, look at me.

I accept very little in so called spiritual teachings as most of it is made up, to serve an agenda, and to make money, enslave people to a way of thinking.

My spirituality is not for others, it is my personal beliefs only. I do not mix with others these days, for one simple reason. I find humanity is going insane and unpredictably violent.

I also do not accept the so called seven heavens, they are part of an evil construct that still enslave all beings. Not just that we have absolutely no proof that spiritually awakened humans that have come here  from higher realities do not have their minds erased and reprogrammed, like the rest of us here. Trusting anyone that tells you they are an awakened soul is like trusting a used car salesman. A being put into our dimension still has an ego, as do the beings all the way up to the pleroma, otherwise they would not be creators.

I have no desire to be a creator of other lives, what the hell right do I or anyone else have to do this? Not to mention the created beings going through suffering. I will not participate in such a thing. I would rather be destroyed, of my own volition.

How do we really know if Sophia can be trusted?  From what I have read, she may be an imperfect being herself, and possesses an ego. Is it not an ego that caused her to create without her so called consort?

How do we know she is not insane like her evil and imperfect son; the demiurge? We only have the word of  long departed people, that cannot prove one way or the other, any of what is written in ancient texts. For example just take a look at how often the bible was rewritten and information removed. Up to the king James version, and he called the shots on his spin on things. Thanks but no thanks, I will rely on my own soul and spirit to guide me, I need no other "expert Gnostic"  or any other human or non physical being telling me anything.

I can only say the benefit of knowing about the soul trap and the entire matrix control system is the only thing that was  important and unknown information to me. But from early childhood; I was aware this is my last time here and have stuck to that intention all my life, just from a clairsentient or claircognisant level alone.

Keep it simple, keep it honest and listen to my soul and spirit, is my own personal rule to live by. I do not trust the Orion or 8th and 9th realms thanks. I feel they are not what we think they are. It pays to be very wary and cautious in these things, listen to your own intuition.  As Wes says, do not just take his word for truth either. 

I would never have the audacity to claim that I am an expert on anything. I can only say I am aware of something, or that I have experienced something. Nothing more and I try to be very careful with what I say. I am not perfect, but I try to live a peaceful and honest life.

Merging with Sophia, it makes me wonder; if all human thoughts were to merge with Sophia, would this make her mind be affected due to all our trauma? Billions of minds absorbed into one.

I have to sit on the fence on merging with Sophia, only in spirit can I understand, but there, how long that takes for this knowledge to return is the big question. I am  rather concerned that Wes tells us the soul stays in Orion and the spirit goes to the pleroma.

What does that do if a soul no longer has spirit attached?  We have no way of knowing, Is it not best for the soul to be dissolved? After all it is artificial too and has an ego, but more to the point what sort of behaviour and mind set will that be for all of those souls existing in Orion? Are they a group mind complex or do they have individual thoughts and their own autonomy? 

In the realms below this they from my understanding don't have free will and we do not have free will. We seem to be programmed and act accordingly. But may be I misunderstand this. It does pay to be cautious and not accept anything that is presented as truth straight away. We humans do have epiphanies and sometimes they arrive late, so it pays to be reserved.


Sunday 12 July 2020

And the COVID 19 Shit storm continues

Back to homeschool, pass the valium please!

We know it has crossed the border you moron, we have several people in Canberra that are infected, Thanks for the screw up and sending us backwards. 

Yet again a mad rush to get over the border with infections, I have a friend on the border that says it is business as usual with shoppers not social distancing, but it is exactly the same in Canberra. People just won't do as they are told. So lay the smack down on them and give them much higher fines. Get the message through to these people, to toe the line or else!

They are just refusing to obey the law so perhaps they need the jackboot of authority, to make them comply.  I don't have a problem with that, I have a very ill husband with very poor immunity. You spread that virus to him and the bloody gloves are off!

Our leaders seem to be incompetent to follow uniform laws both at federal and state/territory level. People are slipping under the radar and avoiding being tested getting off aircraft or what ever transport they have used. Just take a look through the news on line and you will see this.

No, it is not a bloody hoax that virus is real, and vulnerable people are dying. Yes results have been deliberately muddied for a political agenda. But the virus is real and is mutating.

It is not going to go away, especially if morons do not observe civilised hygiene practices and social distancing. How bloody hard is it to wash yourself, wash hands after going to the toilet? Touching  objects in shops or public places spreads infection. 

Cough into your arm and not on to people or objects. Hand sanitiser is widely available so there is no bloody excuse. There are plenty face masks in the shops too, they are single use only for a reason, so bloody learn how to use them. Home made masks are not effective as bacteria is measured in microns that penetrate home made masks. Google  what the microns are and how a mask actually works.

People are just filthy pigs. I am sick of it and worrying if my husband catches something, my own immune system is not the best either. I am just so sick of selfish people, it is all about them, and no thoughts given to others.    

Now with the schools in  Victoria having to go back to online teaching, this will cause more hardship for families. A parent needs to be home from work to care for the children. That means loss of income again. What about these families paying mortgages or rent? This will cause the families more financial hardship because they won’t be able to keep up loan repayments etc. This is really selfish of those that refuse to obey the law and self isolate when infected. They should be charged by the police and the health department for spreading the virus. 

Sure some people may not know they have the virus, but as is human nature, there are selfish people that just don’t care and will deliberately spread this virus. Now just watch the big rush at the borders again by the usual idiots again.

I only got to see my father in his nursing home last Tuesday, I could only get 30 minutes with him, because we had a long interstate drive, and he is exhausted after a few minutes of talking. He had still to have lunch and so we left him to make sure he got his lunch at 12.00 as usual. Then the long drive home. I had not been able to see my dad for months due to the bushfires and then he was in hard lockdown and still is. 
So when this carry on with COVID-19 starting to return to what it was, you can bet your ass that I am angry. I don’t know when I can see my dad again. At almost 84, it is down to luck if he survives all of this bullshit, and I have to make appointments to see him, hoping  that it won’t be cancelled. The nursing home are currently debating stopping visiting. 

So yes I am very upset, I have no other family and to lose my dad will be unbearable for me. Not to mention a sick husband that I am trying to keep COVID free and waiting for urgent surgery. A waiting list that we have no idea how long it is and are very aware that many people are awaiting vital and urgent surgery. This is quite a stress on us, and so far it has been six months of a wait. 

UPDATE: It is now found the virus that was detected in Casula in Western Sydney has now been found in Picton in country NSW, this is not far from my father’s nursing home. You bet I am worried.


Face coverings

Janey Godley doing her impersonation of Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Comedy clubs

Read the funny comments. Must admit I am no fan of the Scottish nationalists.

Wednesday 8 July 2020

NSW coronavirus breach as passengers from Melbourne not screened 

Here we go again. WHY? Someone’s head should roll for this.

Cultural Revolution U.S.A. - Matt Presti (Truth Warrior LIVE)

I watched this as it came out and it just confirmed what I already knew. 

Listen right here at the 47.02 mins, right here she says  Alicia Garza and herself are trained organizers and TRAINED MARXISTS!!

Now you tell me that you have not been used as useful idiots.
How the hell is this helping the good people of America, black and white? I am horrified at the loss of life over there.
No human being should live that way or be murdered. It's not ok, full stop. It is not ok to destroy property either.

Communism will take over in the long run unless there is a war to prevent it. But I feel the game was lost from the get go. It makes no difference who you vote for. Democracy yeah right. So how is it working for you all? Vote Democrat get communism, vote Republican get softer version. Same poop different shovel. 

I still do not trust anyone full stop. There are truths, half truths etc everywhere, and especially in the truth movement and older people have lived through many events to remember the real facts to fall for much of the BS. Trust no one is the golden rule. This video will be removed soon because of what she said. I was on Wikipedia last week and  went back on it just now and they have edited Alicia Garza"s page. It did say she was a Marxist last week up in the top paragraph. I should have taken a screenshot. No doubt others will have a screenshot of it. But here it is straight from her own mouth. Let's face it, Wikipedia is well known as being unreliable and often edited by randoms. Wikipedia is like hear say, not worth the paper it is written on/

She has nothing in common with ordinary people. How dare she come out and play wicked games with people's lives, she won't pack up and live in a communist country of course not, don't be stupid. Communists do not want equality, they dictate and destroy cultures and societies to fit their agenda. 

They will dictate to us from their entitled ivory towers like Stalin did.
Did you ever look into his assets? Rolls Royces and all the best cars in the world and he had several several of them. How does that work when the masses are starving?? 

Oh Communism... such a generous concept ....not.  Ask the Uighurs in China what it's like. More to the point ask Alicia what she thinks about that and all the communist crimes against humanity. A  bullet in the head for us, that don't work until we drop. I have met a few communists and their sympathisers in the past few years. Rabid and so proud of themselves and they do not give a damn about anything but the core values. It is like a disease of the soul. They can only repeat the official narrative and nothing else, but then why the hell would you stand and listen to the crap coming out of their stupid mouths?

But funnily enough they wont live in a communist country either, funny that. Cowards that delight in the suffering of others for the cause but don't have the balls to live under the jack boot themselves. Liars and cowards the lot of them and an unbalanced mindset that is drummed into them (Veganism anyone 😂). Universities are the training grounds for young minds to be programmed or more to the point deprogrammed.

What about forced abortions for women and sometimes at gunpoint, let that sink in when you think of communism. Back in the 1980's I watched documentaries from Russia on women of all ages having forced abortions. Some as many as 13 abortions. Just imagine what that does to a woman's body.  Not to mention no state of the art medical facilities like in the US or the western world. China  still has a forced abortion policy to remember, you ok with that?

 Even today Russia is not up to our level in hospital care, and that is evident from the horror stories from early COVID 19 cases in Russia when people were escaping from hospital, oh and even though they say they are no longer communist, why are doctors in the middle of a meeting with staff suddenly flying out of windows to their deaths?  Freedom of speech?? 

Just read Russian,  Eastern European, Chinese, Vietnamese, South American  or African history. Right now China is in Africa, they ain't leaving and the Chinese are on record through this COVID 19 with abuse of black people in China, remember that on tv a few weeks back?. Do You think African lives matter? Hell Yes , but not to a communist.

" All animals are equal, but some animals are more that equal than others". Orwell.  NON Violent?? What the hell did I see happening on my tv screen then?

This is distressing and just reminds me again of why I prefer my fur babies over humans, there is nothing as dangerous as a human that does not live peacefully and inflicts harm and abuse on others.

This world is in a shocking state, but it was allowed to get this way, we the public have an obligation to hold our leaders accountable and also, people that break the law must be held accountable too. 

I don't care who you are, living a violent life should not be tolerated. We should not make excuses for anyone acting violently towards others or violating other people's civil liberties and freedom. 

Stop the excuses!! Stop the blame game! Stop using race as an excuse! Every life matters, human and non human. Don't blame your family hardship  and low education for that. My parents and grandparents generation left school at age 12 to 14 on average.     

They worked hard. No one gave them anything for free. The men were drafted into the services too, up until 1956, it was hard but they did it.They were children during the Great Depression and WW2. They did not stoop to gutter level or make piss weak excuses for violently attacking innocent people in the street.

The UK and Australia were still on rations up until then too. Australia was still in great difficulty as a small nation and life here only got better in the 1970's I know, because I came over from Scotland then to what seemed two or three decades behind what we had up until then, in living standards and in the workplace and work conditions for the people with shocking  work conditions the unions were not very well organised at that stage to protect the workers either. Life was bloody tough.

People were better behaved and had respect back then. They knew that value of life and millions of them had lost parents, siblings and grand parents through war, illness, poverty and starvation. but they did not act like bloody animals with a sense of entitlement. BUT HEY, it is pay back and we are now going to see how you whiney bitches cope with a real Depression and man up. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Already we see the brats in the streets knifing each other and destroying their lives with drugs and alcohol. But blame it on others, no one put a gun to their thick heads and made them commit crimes, that was a free will ego trip that did that. The spirit world keeps track of all of that too, Ahashic records for the dummies.

You will be under the jack boot of corporate communism soon enough, and you will have no right to speak out, no right to protest, no right to anything.  Oh, that just sounds so sweet to my ears. I just love to see a leftie idiot scream and whine and play victim.  Oh yeah!


Three COVID-19 cases emerge in ACT linked to Victoria 

Pffft  we have a compliance plan yeah right. You couldn't run a chook raffle.

Explain why people were allowed so long to get over the border from Victoria, yet again to infect others interstate again in NSW and now the ACT.

Explain why 11 people last week flew from Melbourne to Sydney and were not put into quarantine!   and this week, this crap.

Passengers flying from Melbourne to Sydney on a Jetstar flight on Tuesday night were able to disembark without a health screening.

Now watch the bullshit fly! 
Also the ANU now wants to bring in more overseas students this month too, WHY? Follow the money trail as usual. Never mind infecting the community when money is at steak.

Fear is a very powerful tool, which has been uses on us since time began, but right now world wide this is the biggest fear tool. Just google or check social media platforms to see how many medical experts are speaking out about this virus and also the erosion of our rights at present. When this virus ends there will be a new world as they, the WHO/UN, and the world Cabal keep telling us. 

 Minister  Hazzard saying a" NEW WORLD ORDER".

The Sovereign Solution - Dallas Hills (Truth Warrior LIVE)

Yesterday I just happened to say to my husband the Truther stuff seems to be full of BS, These people tell you what to do if you have to go to court or are in trouble with the police. You end up in more trouble when you start spouting all this sovereignty stuff and Straw man BS.

Here in this video that I am listening to today, Dallas Hills says this too and why. Now in my predictions for 2020, I mentioned beware of the Truth Seekers giving false information.

I trust nothing and I am only sharing this only as food for thought. Now Australia has a constitution too but seems to be in the same situation as Canada. both are British Commonwealth nations. 

I am no expert on any of this and do not pretend to be, I am only sharing this, nothing more. But I have no trust or faith in anyone other than myself. 

Thursday 2 July 2020


I have not had a chance to read this yet myself but just wanted to share it anyway.
Happy reading.

As I start to read this today 3/7/20 this little part makes me think.

In order to explain the emergence of imperfection from perfection, darkness from light, matter from spirit, etc., the Gnostic myth of origins recounts a complex narrative about a process of decline that started somewhere in the environment of the Supreme God and ended up in the demonically ruled sublunary world. (This means the pleroma).

 Now I look at that little bit and think to myself, how is this possible? Is this actually saying the pleroma is not perfect? Is it saying the demiurge is a clone, AI or what?  It also sounds to me that ego still exists within the pleroma.

It makes me sceptical of anything written by humans or worse channelled by humans. We will never know the real truth in this world anyway. It pays to be very cautious of anything in the unseen world as I have said before in other posts.

Much as I believe in pure spirit, and only pure spirit, I am extremely cautious as I have seen a lot in my life and also read and been exposed to many untruths spiritually, so I trust nothing completely. I guess I am a jaded product of the Spiritual school of hard knocks, lol.  To take everything as truth is foolish!

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Australia ditches iconic kangaroo national logo

NO! Just no, what was  the possible valid reason for changing a perfectly good and well recognised logo world wide and at great cost, in a bloody recession? Wasting $10 million of public money and we the public had no say in this. This came into being last night our time, 30 June, which is the last day of the financial year.

Funny that it was not announced on 1st September as that is national Wattle day. The ninth month is important in numerology because the Wattle is connected to the number 9 and the planet Mars which can represent war, male energy,  aggression, soul enslavement to name a few.

It sure does look like the COVID-19 symbol. Symbols have multi layered meanings depending on who is conveying a message and to whom. 

A symbol to you and I may mean one thing, but to others in the know ( those that created this particular logo) it is entirely different. That is the way symbology has worked for thousands of years.

Gold is a spiritual colour and can be either positive or negative (as do all numbers, colours, planets, star signs etc), generally it is seen as a positive thing and aligning to higher levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. 

The wattle stands for unity and the spirit of the Australian people. The Australian Federal Government is conveying a message here to both Australians and the world. Here we go with the “we are all one / we are all in this together crap. No we are not, neither aligned with these individuals spiritually, morally or ethically. I sure as hell am not and never will be. 

The yellow Wattle (acacia) is symbolising the following message 
Rebirth, regeneration, the sun (think solar cults to be precise solar death cults.. yes they are real think of the murky Egyptian / Babylonian death cults, which are still around today in various forms)
Transcendence, spirit, eternal lifeforce.

When I mention life force or spirit there are two vastly different forms of spiritual transcendence humanity is dealing with when we pass on. One is the false light of Lucifer as can be seen on things that I share on my blog and the other is the higher purer spirituality of Gnosis to take spirited humans home to the pleroma.  So we need to learn the symbols and what they tell us and work out what they really mean and whom do they really serve. 

Yellow as a colour represents joy, happiness, spirituality, life force,  the mind, consciousness, transcendence and as mentioned above rebirth. Think of the Tarot card the Sun. Negatively it can mean cowardice, sickness I would assume this depends on the shade of yellow, the darker a colour the more negative it is. Mental health is also associated with yellow, of course the realm of the mind is also connected to spirit so that makes sense. It is non physical like spirit.

The colour green represents nature of course as well as healing, the heart chakra, growth, renewal, balance, harmony, nature, growth and regrowth, ( very much what the Australian bush does after a bushfire). This year already we have a lot of regrowth that cannot happen unless we have bush fires to sprout new seeds.  
Negatively, jealousy, greed, sickness , finance (money) naievityagain the shade of the colour is important as in negative or positive.  So while there can be negative aspects to the symbology there is good too.

After reading the article in Building Beautiful Souls I myself learned Wattle is used in rituals, spells and funerals. I am well aware that the aboriginal elders use different plants, herbs and trees for different cleansing ceremonies, healing and men's /women's ceremonies.  I have witnessed it both in the physical and in spirit. The spiritual ones blew my mind both at Uluru and here in Canberra. 

I am by no means well read on this subject and I do not have time to delve into all of this, nor do I want to. I tend to not get into anything to do with spells, rituals etc.  People can google this sort of thing for themselves and learn if they are so inclined.  in this article is says Wattle comes from the Teutonic and old English, to weave or interweave, (come together as one if you like as in we are all in it together, we are all one, etc. Think also out side the box it may sound odd, but communism, every one is equal are all one.  But you get the message, lumping humanity in one lump, no individuality. Spirit in new age teaching says we all join up to the godhead. That is Lucifer and not the Pleroma, big difference and not what spirited humanity should be doing at all. This lady has done her homework, I take my hat off to her as her amazing website was one of the first things that popped up when I started looking for meaning of the golden Wattle, which by the way smells lovely but is a highly allergic tree flower. My next-door neighbour has one in his yard and I love the sweet fragrance.

Anyway, regards to the new logo, I still feel this was unnecessary, there was nothing wrong with the original one. The colours are still there and so is the colour meanings. Some things just should not be messed with. I notice Malcolm Turnbull is the main one to initiate this change, I take this as his parting dig at Australians. We won't forget this one mate!  

Notice the pyramid (triangle) shape of this logo, Freemasonry symbology just a little reminder of who is controlling the show.  I recall the introduction of the Kangaroo logo back in 1986 and it is one that is easily recognised world wide.