Sunday 29 March 2020

Boosting your immune system could help you survive the Coronavirus. Why isn’t the government talking about it?

Please read this, it is very important. I have blogged about Olive leaf extract a few years ago. Surprisingly many people just cannot be bothered about taking responsibility for their own health.
Do so at your own risk.

Vitamin C is also vital to our immune systems, it cannot be stored in the human body so we need to take it every day. I would also read upon the importance of zinc and magnesium as most people are actually deficient in these vital minerals.

My auto immune system is not good so I am being very careful to make sure that I stay healthy. I try hard to keep up with these vital vitamins and minerals. One of the first signs for me is the chronic fatigue and the aching arms and legs when I a low in magnesium.

Make sure that you take Olive leaf extract from the beginning of the flu season and right through early spring. Buy from your health food store and not supermarket stuff as the good quality Olive leaf extract will only be available in a health food shop or perhaps a chemist.

Note: I  am not a doctor nor a naturopath, so I do not intend this to be professional medical advice. However it is wise to be informed of things that help boost our health and immune system. 

Friday 27 March 2020

Universal income
I have been aware of this for a few years. I am rather sceptical of the real meaning. Because from the information that I have seen it is basically you will never work again and it is to keep us from revolting against the government and the 1% that rule this world.

It smells like a communist plot and seeing the unions and leftie communist nutters here pushing for it really just confirms to me that the scum at the top of the union movement are in bed with the 1% doing their bidding to subjugate the masses into accepting this piecemeal. Knowing they will never have the chance to escape poverty.  One world government or New World Order, it is the goal plan but there is also social credit coming too. Mmm mm, smell that communist take over already.

Sold out by those you put your trust in for $740 a week. Try saving to buy a house, a car or put your kids through school. Yeah right! It is a con job and enslavement of the masses, add the digital currency to this and a bigger picture is forming. I honestly cannot see this being successful either, because this is a lot of money to be paid out to everyone, it would be unsustainable for pay millions of people year after year. At present the government in the UK and Australia are trying to stop paying pensions and benefits to people, by making it very difficult to qualify for a payment so what the hell is going on?

If you have been reading the Wes Penre papers he also pointed this out and the AI push to remove people from the workforce. Do some research on this issue because it is not really for our benefit. When it is offered to us we need to examine what is really going on and think wisely. Not just going with the herd as the government wants, it is not in our real interest but for the 1%.

World economy for 2020 and beyond

I have been looking at the cards in regards to the economy and where it is going.
Things do not look good as most people are fully aware.
The Devil card next to the queen of wands tells me of a struggle along with an air of naivety with the public and some politicians. There is a hidden message that needs to be acknowledged here too.

The struggle between real life and illusion is indicated here, people need to have a reality check because there is open deception going on. With the presence of the queen of pentacles, we have to look at the reality of our situation with regards to employment and the economy.

Balance has gone out the window now and disaster is now imminent. I do not see any way round about this. We have been fooled into a very dark agenda, with regards to finances and the world economy.  It is very important for people to stay grounded and vigilant, this is no time to relax or have fun. The time for fun is over and we must be realistic, watching our spending because we are on the slippery slope to recession.

This cannot be halted, not even the stimulus packages can stop this, because it was already starting long before the Covid 19 struck. That virus let me tell you was a very convenient excuse to bring in draconian laws and the new digital currency.

Hard control to stop the economic disaster will be to no avail, but let me be frank about this. This is no accident, which implies no one is at fault. This is a case of cause and effect, economies are made to crash. At present this is the pretext to a new dictatorship that is being slowly put into place world wide. The warning signs have been there for a long time but many chose to ignore the facts.

Sadly we are now living in a world where intelligence in the working classes is being seen as negative and troublesome, even by other working people. Many prefer ignorance and avoiding responsibility. Classic predictive programming that has been silently installed in the masses over the past two decades.

A pinch of reality will hit the Northern hemisphere in summer and the Southern hemisphere in winter. Just when people think lockdown is over and start to live again the money situation starts to bite hard.

I get the feeling of distancing between the haves and the have nots and withholding of money. By this I mean  people not sharing and being charitable but instead become greedy miserly, where once they might help others in need, but now won't help.  Looking after number one mindset.

As I have often said nothing on this earth is new. We work in cycles, both large and small and cycles within cycles. This is a fact and a good astrologer can back up what I am saying the same as a good historian can. Except the historian may not grasp how the planets affect all life in our world, no matter!

We are now at the start of a long journey and it is going to be a rough journey. Which will gather pace by the end of the year. The Tower card indicates disaster and reality of the situation balanced with the justice (authority) card sitting next to it. World leaders will try to assure you that you must stay calm and everything will be alright because they are in control. This is clearly not the case, they (bankers, politicians and big business) are in control and accountable to all of us.

As I look at the journey ahead I see a hidden man behind the three of wands, this tells me that China has only just begun their world economic takeover attempt, with the willful co-operation of our world leaders. Yes it is a dog and pony magic trick being played on the world masses.

These evil people are fooling the world while systematically dismantling the western world as we know it, using systematic hard control. Where is the abundance of the west you may ask? Gone.
The west have been caught with their pants down so to speak.  Assets stripped and everything siphoned off by the greedy. Your tax money stolen while you have been partying and not paying attention.

Tough questions will be asked, but no real answers given by our leaders. Why is this, well it is because many of them (leaders of the world, bankers and big business) are involved in this mass swindle. Not to mention the removal of our rights which is slowly happening and has nothing to do with Covid 19 .

The world we knew is gone forever now, the Emperor card  and the Moon card show deception and dictatorship afoot, we have been lied to and manipulated into giving away our basic human rights. This will not be apparent until the end of the year either, and perhaps only some will start to see this before the alarm bells ring for everyone else.

Fear is used as part of this great conjuring trick, the elderly remember the hard times of yesteryear in their youth. Sadly when they try to warn the current youth, they do not listen, they know best. They are about to pay a high price for arrogance and stupidity.

The push back against authority at present is going to end, just give it a few months and watch the results. Materialism will come to an end and young people will not know how to cope with poverty because their parents did not prepare them for the harsh realities of life. Only a small percentage had those lessons installed due to coming from struggling families.

The takeaway message from the cards is this is a massive assets grabbing, By which I mean robbing nations of their assets and from the masses to give to the already super rich ( this in taxes and other things).  Please be wise and careful with the choices you make for yourselves and your families.

Do not spend what you don't have or you could end up on the street. Cut backs such as luxuries, some may give up health funds, Foxtel etc, it all adds up so think wisely, it is need over want. There is a big difference. Stay within your means and avoid credit card debt at all costs.

Be aware of the implications of the digital currency also, this is vital. You will no longer have paper money when the bankers pull the pin and they know how much you actually have in the bank. You will not be able to put cash under the mattress as was the plan all along.

Don't say you were not warned this has been in the news for several years already  as young people think oh this is great, they do not stop t think of the downside of this. No control over your life, when you can or can't eat. If the bank lines go down what will you buy food with or pay bills? Think about this because it is coming.
Update 21 June 2020

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Greetings Possums, Alex is still available for Phone and Skype readings

Greetings Possums, just letting you know that I am still available to do Phone and Skype readings.
As I work internationally that tells you that I do not need to have you face to face to do a reading.

I do not use any other platform other than Skype or phone. But you will still have the same lovely quality reading that face to face gives and from the comfort of your own home. How cozy is that?

  Image result for cat using the phone

30 min reading $75   Or $130 for 60  mins. If using Skype you can record your reading and if you want privacy you can just shield the camera.

Just click on the link and click on the white drop down box that says Phone/Skype readings, and follow the prompts. You will be taken into PayPal as a guest and it issues a receipt 😍  please read my testimonials too.

Wednesday 18 March 2020

The RoitACT : Australians advised not to travel

Well this seems to be a tad late. Why take so long?

Tarot Card of the month; April 2020, The Emperor

Star sign:  Aries
Planet: Mars and Venus, child in harmony
Animal: Owl and Ram
Plants :Tiger lily and Geranium 
Deities: Athene, Minerva, Mars 

Key words: Authority, Structure, Fathering, Regulation

Interesting card to pop up for April. It represents Authority, government, structure, religion etc. Which is interesting because Scott Morrison is a member of Hillsong.

The Emperor card represents a fatherly and authoritative figure, who is well meaning and wise. But he is no ones fool.
He tries to guide us in ways that he thinks are best for us. The Emperor has the years of wisdom and knowledge to back up what advice he gives us.

 The Emperor can be a religious person and this is seen by the symbols on the card. Such as the ankh held in his right hand (male energy) which is the ancient Egyptian symbol for life. In his left hand (female energy) he holds an orb which represents his royal dominion on earth.

Sometimes the Emperor holds a scepter with a fleur de lis on top which symbolises the flower of light or the heraldic lily, emblem of fire and royalty. The fleur de lis is also known as the crown of Nimrod.

 The ram's heads on the throne represent the first star sign Aries which is ruled by the planet Mars. 
The Emperor card is ruled by the number four (4) and the consort card is the Empress card which is ruled by the number three (3). The number four stands for solidity, earth and form, authority, government, regulation, suppression of hostility and rebellion.

Notice the throne on which the Emperor sits is very solid and heavy looking. Frim rulership on a firm platform, no ifs or but's. His feet firmly planted on the ground and he is wearing a suit of armor under his robes. No on will mess with him, is the message he is sending out. If push comes to shove he will settle things once and for all.

Do not be surprised if during the month of April there are very strict regulations enforced on the public to keep law and order.
We could see a stronger police presence or military presence if people are going to start fighting over food and other commodities. It would be very unwise to do anything stupid right now because the full force of the law will come down upon you.

More restrictions are coming because of the current situation,  But remember when it comes to Scott Morrison, love him or leave him, he is the prime minister,  but he is only as good as his advisors. 
If he is given poor quality information, he is the one the public turn on. Not the people that gave him the wrong or poor information.  So Mr Morrison may be best to fact check things for himself before making a public announcement, some factions within the ranks may try to make him look foolish and this is why I say he should fact check and trust no one. 

Basically we the Australian people need to listen up, shut up and follow the rules or it will bite us on the bum.  Keep things harmonious and help our fellow man. No trying to buck the system or deliberately not following orders. Ignorance is no excuse either. We have the news updates world wide at our finger tips. So no one on this planet cannot say they didn't know the score, that does not wash in the current situation. You have been warned and the times are changing fast. 

I would like to know when these tests were done. It just seems fishy to me.  Here we go, military now deployed to watch those supposed to be quarantined. If the idiots will not obey the rules then pay the price.

Enjoy paying the fines too.

Dr Vernon Coleman explains the hidden agenda behind the coronavirus hyst...

This man is a well respected doctor not some random! listen to what he says.

Sunday 15 March 2020

Honest Government Ad | Quiet Australians

That's about this size of it kids, but Labor are involved in this too not just the NLP, its all parties.

MILTON'S ASTRO VIEWPOINT: March 2020 Astrological Forecast

LOL, I have been hanging out for this post, so glad he posted it. I have great respect for Milton Black's work he is the only other person in my industry that I have faith in.

Any how please click on the above link and see what he says. It will help put your mind at ease with the whole Corona BS but keep you informed about the financial crisis that is looming.

Now look at my 2020 predictions for Australia and they were written in October 2019 and you will see that I also mention the coming economic problems.

Here I say Australia will not be sitting pretty for the next 10 to 20 years and that was in October 2018.

Saturday 14 March 2020

Coronavirus stockpiling could make you a target if you share on social media

Let me advise you  do not show people what you have at home. The simple reason is even after this "crisis" is over there are coming difficult times and some people will be putting themselves and their families at risk of home invasion over food or anything you have stockpiled.

This is an exercise in gross stupidity. Keep things private and protect your home and loved ones. By showing all your stockpile you have just made your home a target. It may not happen right away but you could end up on a data base somewhere and then if times get tough your home will be attacked.

Use common sense people and stay under the radar. Do you think that you can protect your home and loved ones from armed thugs, good luck with that, because you just sent them a postcard for an invite.

WES PENRE: Video 210: Two Types of Spirituality

I will be blunt and call it as I see it. I have no time for manufactured spirituality that New Agers crap on about . There is nothing pure in their beliefs it does not come from the heart it is learned by rote and suites the herd mindset.

True spirituality one is born with and is lived openly without seeking approval from peers. In fact I call it unclean to suppress out fears and traumas, which will eventually lead to mental health issues, or even suicide. That is not the way to go, all emotions are real and honest and we should not ignore them. It is a bad thing to suppress trauma. Also why the hell would a person submit to this psychological bullying by supposed spiritual people?

Thursday 12 March 2020

Charley cat says, wash your hands

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Charley says wash your hands, you dirty bastards o'

Corona Virus 19, what comes next?

There is much more to this Corona virus than we are being told. The minute the news broke back in December 2019 I knew they were not telling the truth and it was indeed created in a lab the same as SARS and all the other gnarly viruses in the past decade or two that "happened" to escape from the lab. The majority of people will follow the MSM official line and not research for themselves. They are too naive and gullible to accept anything other than the official line. 

The internet is being sweeped to remove any traces of the fact that this was released or it is being debunked, and it was no accident (cause and effect, accident implies it was no one's fault). Same deal with SARS if you recall. It followed the exact same story line. As did H1N1.

There are rumours going around the internet that the AIDS virus was in this Coronavirus. But I don't believe that. If it kills so soon in people with compromised immune systems what would be the point? Unless it is like a trojan horse to sit in healthier people to activate after the pandemic is over, that just seems too far fetched.  More people die with the flu each year, 30 to 40k and there is no lockdown keep that in mind.

 China now want to ban physical currency to stop the spread of the virus, that I will call Bullshit on. Yes viruses do spread on money, but most people are fully aware of the push to make us use electronic currency (funny money). This is a perfect excuse to bring that about. But what happens when the lines go down and you are stuck? You can't pay for your goods or food. You are under the control of the bankers, have you thought on that?

  This is an agenda  and it is real, such an agenda countries can go to war over too. I pray that never happens. But let's be realistic it is a possibility at some stage, a war with China is inevitable,( think about the string of pearls on going incident but keep in mind China is not quite ready arming themselves and our side are allowing them time to do this. Something is not right and tells me team A and team B are really on the same side, and that is against humanity why else allow China to financially dominate the world?).  Control the food and money and you control society!

Now think about that the panic buying of toilet roll/paper. Why that in particular?  Sure hand sanitisers, Vitamin C, Panadol and things that fight infection. To me this speaks of a trial run to see how the public react. I have seen items disappear from the supermarket shelves over the past 10 years and then suddenly they are back, no reason is ever given. I do not mean the company has stopped producing the items or repackaging,. Just it stops for weeks or months and then its back.
So what we are witnessing right now is a mass test run to see how the public will react.

Too bloody easy for the herd mind to lose their shit, it is a done deal. They know how the masses think and then beg for to be put in lock down. Problem, reaction, solution. People just do not seem to learn from all the other times and there was no panic or run on toilet roll. Why now? It is stage managed and the internet helps here too because people jump on line and tell everyone and then you have a mass hysteria.  

 Everything points to things getting worse from here on in, food shortages and perhaps medical shortages.  Do spare a thought for those on welfare and low fixed incomes though. They are not in the position to stockpile for a lock down, so what is going to happen to them? It will come mark my words, how long for, who knows? But we must be realistic, it could be a couple of weeks, a month , who knows.

  Selfish hoarders stop these people from their rightful entitlements. It is sickening to see here in Australia people acting like animals over toilet roll. I have never seem such animalistic behaviour in my life. Even during the recession in the 1980's with mass unemployment people did not act like this.
Times have changed drastically and people seem to be devolving like herd mind savages. This is a free will choice folks. You choose to act like this, so don't complain when the police arrest you for such appalling behaviour. None of this was present during the Australian bushfires either. No people were trying to help each other. Suddenly that changes in weeks to acting like savages.

To me it feels like part of the classic end of times scenario. No, I do not mean the end of the world. That is not going to happen. I mean social decline, the human race are astrologically programmed to only go so far and can not evolve any further in the third dimension. Society crashes and burns, so to speak through their own negative behaviour,  and a good astrologer or psychic can tell you this. By looking at the cycles in the astrology charts over centuries. After all the planets are connected to every living thing. 

 If you are smart keep right out of this, because once the virus has passed other things will take it's  place, it matters not what they are, they are but signs of the times we live in. New laws are being introduced at present world wide and they will not be discarded after this virus has long dissipated. They were brought in under false pretences to control society. 

 I personally would withdraw from society when things deteriorate. It is, I will say going to be gradual changes and then things will ramp up, on top of that it will be war (China), and economic crisis  perhaps combined with the rampant refugees fuelling this. I do not mean genuine refugees either. There are fifth column stooges; hidden like sleeper cells within the ranks do not be so foolish to not see this. 

Europe has been having problems for at least 10 years with these individuals, who do not respect the law. These are fearless individuals that work in a pack, on their own though they are cowards. In Australia the average person knows nothing about this, because it in not happening here, apart from small scale violence in Melbourne among the African community. So they don't worry about it. Nor do the masses bother to read the European news web sites to be informed. That is a big mistake, so be it, but when it comes close to home then what? 

Look at the date of when this was printed.

Some are actually saying the virus came from the US ( it supposedly has a US patent number) and released in several places in China. When the news story broke did report it came from a laboratory, exactly the same as the other viruses. So there are so many lies about the true origins of this virus release. We will no doubt never get the truth because there are politically vested interests on many sides of this virus. The fact is though it is man made and there are two strains.

As of today the Australian government has introduces a stimulus package to take effect from 31 March 2020, in hopes of staving off a recession. I think this is only a band aid job because what I read in the cards Australia is going to be going through harsh times for quite a while and this is only the start, as reflected in my Psychic predictions for 2020.

UPDATE:  I have had people send messages about what is going on behind the scenes with this "Virus", I did not really want to get involved in this stuff as I have my own issues going on. I do not have the time nor energy to get bogged down in this crap. 

Yes, something big is going down. There are all sorts of stories on the internet just now too. Including a young woman saying mortgages and student loans being paid out. I am very sceptical of her. Where is she getting her information from?   

It pays to be sceptical, so I will wait and watch. I am fully aware of agenda 21/30. As in the years 2021 and 2030. Something is going on and our lives will be for ever changed. Nothing will be what it was a few months ago. 

Food shortages in US
Google food shortages and you will see a massive amount of news articles on food shortages for 2021.
By design of course. Now look at the UN on food shortages it mainly talks about third world countries experiencing shortages, keeping in mind war lords and criminal gangs that always steal food and medicines in these countries, those things will never stop because no one is prepared to put the tooled up military in to stop this, no they look the other way while big corporations asset strip everything of value.
SNAFU in other words.