Monday, 22 October 2018

Psychic Predictions For Australia In 2019

The coming year for Australia seems to be dominated with health and money issues.
First up I see legal issues for the government as they struggle with the balance of power.
Talk about shutting the gate when the horse has bolted.

There is an air of naivety in both the politicians minds and the public's minds. Avoidance of critical  issues and clearly the government is not up to the job.

I hear Scott Morrison's name  but I do not see him being Prime Minister for much longer. I still feel his days are numbered. He has hung on by default. I hear the words, the robes do not fit the man. He could quite easily give way to Josh Frydenberg.

Scott Morrison does not have what it takes to be PM either in reality as we already know he lacks bite.

Bill Shorten s only a gate keeper, and that is what most leaders are these days anyway.

Politics as we knew it is dead now, and it is now more obvious that it is a blend of corporate politics that we have; and it is here to stay. It will be openly stated that corporations control politics, and the reason being is that those in control don't really care now who knows it. This is very bad for Australians as the power slips through their fingers. The warning signs were there more than ten years ago and no one wanted to stop this.

I see two new political parties emerging, however they will not last nor will they be effective. As usual they will give their votes to the main parties, so much for having effect. Yet another smoke screen. With this though; I think many in the public will waken up to this  and voice their displeasure.

Kerryn Phelps will start her transition to federal politics in Canberra as an independent. Yes she will go for the Liberal party in the long run. She will stay an independent for a while until the time is right for her to move into Liberal ranks in reality she is a Liberal through and through.

Before you vote for Phelps take a look at this filth she comes out with in this video below. A leopard does not change its spots. I would not tolerate anyone in politics with views like this.  i am not anti gay as I have loved ones  and very good friends that are gay. This has nothing to do with being gay.

Retail is in the spot light this year with Coles supermarkets new management strategies. Wanting to be top dog. Coles will give Woolworths a major headache.

Consumerism will be a powerful political tool this year reaching out to the voters. They do not really care what the consumer want, they are telling you what you want. Remember it is control the food; and you control the people. I do feel a public backlash will happen due to the ousting of many household brands and the lack of real choice. The rumblings have already started.

I do feel this will worry the major Supermarkets and so it should. They have had total control for way too long. Remember this is about helping the Australian economy too. More Australian products are in demand.

Money scandals in the news again involving the ATO and the ACCC and large corporations.

Skills shortages in the news all year. This feels like something is being done to address the shortage.

Health wise our national health system is failing in basic standards yet again. This is an avoidable situation that was allowed to happen. Arrogance and incompetence in high places are part of the cause.

I do not see  a proper solution to this situation as there is not enough money being injected in to fix the problem. It is just going to be the usual band aid job.

Health funds  will put their prices up again this year. Meaning this service will be out of reach for more people.

China continues to be a thorn in the side of  the Australian government again. This situation cannot be avoided and our leaders clearly are incapable of understanding the strategies employed by the Chinese government.

Security and cyber security need to be tightened up because there is more potential for embarrassment for the federal government. The heads of government are not listening to advice so we end up in an embarrassing situation yet again.

My advice is not to have private contractors handling our sensitive government information. In reality they do it because it is cheap. It was made this way for situations to happen really. No intelligent leaders of note are so careless unless there is an ulterior motive. Think loose lips sink ships! We have already seen results of this and it is about to happen yet again this year.

I see tears in 2019 as a prominent male person suddenly passes away form a long illness. This man is connected in some way to finance.

John Howard will have a minor health scare, he will recover. John has a long life as longevity runs in his family.

Privacy issues will be back in the spotlight again.

Travelling overseas, please make sure all of your paperwork is in order or you will have a few upsets.
These are those little things such as forgetting to declare something, or not having a current up to date visa etc. Please also make sure you take out travel insurance, it is a must do, if you can afford to go overseas then you can afford to take out insurance, or it could be put you in a dire situation should you become ill or injured.

I do see the economy slowing a little, but I feel this is only temporary. It will be brought under control. It is vital the government slow down the money leaving our shores to keep us in the black.

They must start to invest in Australia again or we will become a backwater. Investing in our nation and the people will keep us strong.

Now the elections, boy this is a difficult one for me. I do feel the date will be called in the cool (autumn) weather. I see the numbers 6 and 1 as I look at the 8 of pentacles connected to the elections.

In the ALP  (Australian Labor Party) camp things are getting brutal and the knives are out. There are two people trying to topple Bill Shorten. One is a female and the other a male. They only team up to oust Bill Shorten but other than that they have no allegiance to each other. This is just business.

As I look at the cards I notice the three of pentacles, at the top of the card the brick work feels unstable. There are three big pentacles and a small pentacle, a rising star perhaps. Below that is a single pentacle. Indicating one will be pushed out. That I feel is Bill Shorten. We know from last years predictions he is on thin ice. I did say Malcolm Turnbull would fall and then Bill Shorten. This is it.

It is possible that Bill is ousted prior to the elections. Bill is fully aware of the score anyway, its just the way things are in politics.   Bill is also a toothless tiger the same as the NLP leader. This is  mere sign of the times.

Now with the new leader, there will be a baptism of fire to test their metal. He will be a pushy person, but his people behind him will put him in a nasty situation to see how he copes. How  he comes out of this will tell us what sort of person he is. Can he think on his feet?

The leader of the ALP will be male and the deputy/ vice  will be female. Now should the ALP win I do feel it will harm the economy. I do not do politics and have no interest in politics. I am only going by what I see in the cards.

The winner of the elections will be a dark haired man going bald. Boy that looks like Josh Frydenberg, Peter Dutton or whom ever is replacing Bill Shorten.

This dark haired man is comfortable on the world stage and will travel most of his life. He can be a smooth talker when he wants to be or be very blunt. He is very pro Australia. I feel this man already knows he will be prime minister. The reason that I say that is it is all stage managed.

The job is no walk in the park and I am sure he is walking into what he thinks is his hearts desire, but in reality it is anything but. He is in for a rude shock.

I do feel this election needs to be investigated due to corruption and the media interfering. I feel the government must get very tough on the media for interfering in politics because they are doing so much damage deliberately. This is criminal activity that must not be tolerated in Australia.

Australia is not going to be sitting in a good situation for the next ten to twenty years and it means a long recovery.

Here I have said the Australian Labor Party would win.

Copyright Alex Fulford 22 October 2018

UPDATE: China a Torn in Australia's side/

 Watch China freak over this.  You can bet your arse the Australian Labor Party will roll over for China when they win the elections. This is treason, but hey remember the change in law this year to protect sedition!

I will just leave that for people to think about. You are either for Australia or you are a traitor no in between folks.

Above China hacking.

UPDATE: China the torn in Australia's side


Even though this article is directed at the US , it also applies to people living in Australia should they travel to Chins. Stop and think about what this could mean to you and your family. You have been warned! You know the risks!




A passport is a legal document, you do not treat it disrespectfuly.  All legal documents must be kept in pristine condition. There is no excuse for this. Her parents should have explained this to her. This is a respect thing, no if's
or but's, it is a legal requirement to keep you passport and all legal documents clean, safe and legible.