Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Chakras To Remove Them Or Not

Everyone is familiar with the term Chakras which means wheels in Sanskrit. They are non physical energy power centers within our bodies in various parts of the body not just the main 7 chakras or as I jokingly call them, traffic lights. They are also in the etheric bodies which surround the physical body.


I have actually heard mine making a whirring sound like a fan when doing a meditation one night at the spiritual church that I used to attend. I was quite amazed by this.

In eastern Vedic and new age teachings, we are told the chakras are very important for our well being. However many people today are now questioning this and there are some that say they are not needed and that they can be removed. What I do know is the chakra system is an anchor to keep us in the 3rd dimension.
This important subject is going to be quite a very controversial over the next 5 to 10 years with many people, and I totally understand where people are coming from  on both sides of the divide.

Let me just simplify this a little by saying that this comes down to not just  how spiritually aware the individual is, but a few other things too. Such as the changing realities of the individual, old paradigms are no longer valid and there for must go. The other thing is looking at intelligent design and the spiritual design, both are relevant and cannot be separated so easily because there is a direct link between them. whether we like it or not.

I have read through some of the reputable writers on the subject and have done enough research into metaphysical matters over the years to understand why the chakras should be removed and should never have been in our bodies in the first place.

Many people are removing their chakras and nothing bad has happened to them. You cannot remove someone else's chakras for some reason. This may be something to do with free will. However you can show others how to do it. That does not violate free will, and if the person is ready to remove their chakras then so be it. Call it spiritual evolution, and it sends out a clear message across the universe, the Multiverse, including  being stored on your akashic records and the halls of law and learning that this is a fully awakened and free soul.

Only those that are fully spiritually aware seem to be able to do this. I do not recommend that every one rushes to remove their chakras though. This should only be done when the individual is ready, and they would be receiving intuitive messages from their higher self or spirit guide, which sometimes is one and the same.

Before even starting the process you must ground yourself and gold light yourself. Do not waste time using white light it is not as powerful. Gold light as I often tell you is the highest of spiritual protection.


 please gold light the room that you are in also for extra protection


Please do your own research, and when in doubt do nothing, you are obviously not ready for this challenge. Many people say they feel a sense of clarity in their mind and feel more relaxed after the removal. The actual process is very simple. Now spiritually speaking nothing should ever be difficult when we are dealing with true spiritual matters. If it is complicated then trust me it is not truly spiritual nor in your best interest.


If you are a healer please keep in mind when healing a person that no longer has their chakras, you do must not involve chakra balancing when there is none there.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Alex's Card Of The Day: 5 Of Swords

Today's card is the 5 of Swords from the minor arcana.
The clouds Are swiftly parting and the sea is calm. Victory is yours for the taking.

This could be interpreted as  your struggle is over and you can move on. But take a closer look at the card. The man seems to have won a battle he didn't think that he could win. He has triumphed over his opponents, who have laid down their swords and walked away. Knowing that they have been defeated.
Notice thought that the victor is holding 3 swords of his own. So may be he cheated, he certainly had an unfair advantage over the others. He watches smugly as his opponents walk away defeated.
This is a reminder and a warning about being complacent, grace, compassion and humility are missing here. It is not wise nor nice to gloat over others misfortune.

Circumstances may not be what people think.
Feeling bad about what you did.
Be mindful of your actions and how they affect others.
Care, Compassion and caution in all things.

On a personal level, a quiet confidence in the situation may be required rather than bragging.
Do not let others control you and wear you down, know when to say no.

Take the time to look after yourself if you are always on the go. Rest and get your energy back.
Inner conflict and conflict with others are also interpretations of this card. Thus it can be seen as a warning.

Prudence is wise, and remember therefore go I, but for the grace of God.


Friday, 23 June 2017

Alex's Card Of The Day, The Hermit

The hermit is card number 9 in the major arcana. Yet an other good little card.
Looking for answers to life's mysteries or something more closer to home. This card guarantees finding the answers that you seek, at this point in time.
You wont be satisfied until you get what your are looking for, be it a lost item, or should you take up study.

Use your inner light or wisdom to illuminate your path. Working with solid foundations such as reason, wisdom, insight and truth. Sometimes you may feel the need to be alone so as to retreat within yourself to think clearly. Now is not a time to let life's distractions get in the way of what you want. Perhaps it is a new job, good luck on your journey.

The number 9 on this card is the number of initiation, it is also the number for completeness, it is male energy, and also for conflict and communication. The number nine also corresponds to the Planet Mars in astrology.
Notice the white at the feet of the hermit. This stands for purity as does Virgo. The Hermit's lantern stands for the light of reason, his cloak for the protective mantle of self possession.
The staff that he holds connects him to the supreme being, but also the forces of nature,faith, strength and comfort. Thy rod and thy staff, the comfort me; Psalm 23.

Notice the black squiggle at his foot, this represents a snake, which is the sign of virility, but it can also represent spiritual energy (Kundalini). The Hermit card represents the astrological sign of Virgo.
A E Waite also has a lot of phallic symbology in his cards, I prefer to concentrate on the more spiritual aspects though.That's the Virgo in me coming out.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Alex's Tarot Card Of The Day: The Magician

 The Magician #1 in the major arcana.

This is a great card, very positive. It lets you know about your personal power and skills or creativity. When drawing this card in a reading you are guaranteed a successful outcome to the current situation. By using your wisdom and applying yourself diligently to the issue at hand. You have the necessary abilities within you to work things to your advantage.

The number one at the top of the card signifies the originator or primal force. This can also mean you as an individual, being original and making an impact as an innovator. Notice the yellow background, a positive and uplifting colour. This colour stands for spiritual energy also. The infinity symbol or lemniscate above the man's head stands for eternal life force. The snake belt around the man's waste is called an ouroboros which stands for the continuous time loop and connection of opposites. The magician's hands are indicating " as above so is below". In other words, as in spirit so on earth. But this is much deeper a subject with many layers of knowledge.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Alex's Tarot Card Of The Day: 5 Of Wands

Tarot card of the day Sunday 18th June 2017. 5 of Wands

This card signifies challenges to overcome whether they are negative, or indifferent challenges. It calls for thinking outside the box and working out the best options available to you.
This card is also a conflict card so be very careful in dealing with others, keep your cool and know when to back off or agree to disagree.
In health matters it signifies a hard struggle to overcome your situation. The same with money issues. 

Remember there are 4 meanings and 4 sub meanings to every card. However when working with the Tarot cards a Clairvoyant person also sees a layer of information on top of this. Sometimes we see a little movie in our mind's eye to inform the sitter or client. Nothing is ever set in stone. You have free will to change situations that you may be facing or find a way of dealing with the situation. Nothing in life is set in stone and nothing is ever guaranteed. We just have to make the best of life as we go along

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Fire brigade issue warning over flammable moisturising cream after 15 deaths


(Quote) Emollients containing paraffin and petroleum, such as some products made by E45, are used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

OMG I had no idea about this I have eczema and I am into natural products to treat my eczema.Please be very careful with the products you use on your skin, buy natural if you can.

Avoid any petrochemical products and especially anything with parabens and sulphates, they aggravate the condition. Have a look at the skin products in your local chemist/ pharmacy shop.
You will notice many of the products sold for people with skin conditions are filled with these dangerous chemicals.
Some people get on well with using PawPaw cream but for a small percentage of people, like myself it doesn't work at all.