Monday, 11 November 2019

The Myer window display in Melbourne has opened

This is a tradition that Australians love. This year it is the Gumnut Babies Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

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The window display is on from 7 am to 11 pm every day now until 5th January 2020.
 Location 12 to 336 Bourke St  Melbourne.

Look on YouTube for previous years displays. (news also have video footage of this 2019 display.

So exciting for all us gumnuts out there.

Remembrance day 11 November 2019

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When we pause to honour the fallen soldiers, nurses and all those who lost their lives, please think of the brave animal friends. Horses, camels, donkies, dogs, cats and pigeons etc. They too paid the ultimate price.

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; 
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
We will remember them."  Lest we forget.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Garfield comes home

My precious darling kitty boy has come home today. Last night I was dreaming about a ginger mummy cat at my maternal grandmother’s house. The mummy cat was in a cardboard box in my grandmother's shed with her kittens.

I insisted on seeing them all, and I noticed a male tabby cat there too. The daddy cat, he was out and about and looked like our late Slinky. It was a rather strange dream, because my gran didn’t like cats much. She had a bad experience as a child that affected her. So it was odd that she was the one showing me the kittens, but she seemed reluctant at first.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

ANU research, read money grab for the family home

Let’s hope they do not do this. These days the family home usually has to be sold to put parents into nursing homes for the care they need, that money pays for their upkeep.That is not a luxury. Many times both parents are in care,(speaking from experience here). What right has the government to do this to anyone? These people have worked bloody hard all their lives, paid tax and many did military service too, like my father and father in law.

This is normal suburban family homes remember not mansions of the rich and powerful. Prices have been artificially inflated over the years to get money out of people, and trap them into debt to the banks.

These banks and other big businesses control our governments. Also keep in mind women have had to go out to work full time again because of the bankers and big business pushing this in the 60s and 70s. This was dressed up as women’s lib and empowering. In reality it is a thing but empowering, it is enslavement, financial enslavement.

The children miss out on a parents love while in daycare and then moved off into preschool and then into big school. All part of the production of dismantling the family unit and reprogramming the minds of the masses in  a social engineering program that is running for almost 60 years now. That is something people need to research.

Over the decades the masses think this is normal and that everyone does it. Err, NO, it is not normal, and we don’t all do this. Some individuals are very aware of this agenda and opt out of the sausage factory production called modern life.

The pressure is on everyone now and people are at breaking point, they do not really have quality time or quality of life. They are struggling to pay bills and keep the roof over the family’s heads.
Some sadly loose everything and end up homeless, because they simply cannot keep up with the pressure and earning less money than is needed to survive. Especially those that work in retail or hospitality jobs.

Whatever you do, don’t get ill or you are on the skids. So how fair is it to save up and buy a home only for the government to pull a wickedly evil stunt like this. Let me tell you knowing people that lived in communist countries, it ain’t pleasant. So if the government does decide to do this, there will be hell to pay. For us not them, it does not touch them, and these bastards have money tucked away, pay very little tax and know all the loopholes that allows the, to keep their money, their assets and their family home. They don’t need an age pension, which is a basic human right , NOT a privilege.

Now the elite want more money from people to waste on crap or war. The time is coming where the UN agendas 21/ 30 will be activated, and the masses will allow this abuse of the hard workers who managed to save money during their years of being a wage slave. Now the punishment will come and it is all taken away from them to be shared with the poor. Do you see the filthy rich doing this? Don’t be silly they are untouchable.

As I have pointed out before corporate Marxism it coming in, and there is nothing you and I can do to stop this. China for example is expanding its corporate interests at present (ever wondered how a communist nation can be wealthy or citizen can be a millionaire if the wealth is shared, lol it doesn't happen). Australia has lost a lot of property, land and businesses to China. Our government has been set up to facilitate this a few years ago. Nobody batted an eyelid for years, but now people are starting to worry, too little too late.

Our future is in the hands of rich and greedy sociopaths, the idiots they have indoctrinated in Universities such as the ANU are brainwashed minions that push the communist agenda to the masses. Just take a look at the young people that are in favour of “sharing” the wealth.

Most are non contributors to society and expect hard workers to cave in to communist demands being pushed by special interest groups such as the climate idiots, extinction rebellion etc.

Let’s see how they like it when it affects these maggots when they cannot do anything without permission from big brother. Oh, and why not open up your home to strangers, share what you have with them too. Then when you are old and sick you can be kicked to the gutter too and have no assets to pay for your nursing home or medical needs. Oh but it will be a shitty government run shit hole with poor care, abuse and poor quality food. Then on top of that you will be kept medicated because you are a nuisance to the staff because you are breathing. It sucks to be you! But the final kicker is they will euthanize you because you are a useless eater. Feels good doesn't it!

Optus roll out 5Gin Australia

This is not good, TPG backed off because of public outcry, so why is this accepted?
This is highly dangerous technology and people are champing at the bit for it. Hell it is obvious they are not looking into the danger or the fact this is banned in a few countries already. Not just that, medical experts are warning of the danger involved.
 Click on the link and read some of the comments. Astounding to say the least. Please Google the dangers of 5G and read Facebook pages etc to understand the implications.

First survey of Boyne uncovers Neolithic log boats

First survey of Boyne uncovers Neolithic log boats: They are focused on the river bed where it runs through the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site and are part of a project to look at the role of the Boyne.

Did you know the battle of the Boyne was actually a Freemason ritual based on Astrology? It was a handover of power with an elaborate ceremony which when I was at high school we were told was an actual battle. My parents were also taught that in high school too.

Someone in government with a vested interest in keeping sectarian violence going to divide and conquer. Never mind the historical fact that no bullets, bodies or signs of a battle were ever found. But if you look up to the night sky it plays out astrologically.

Ireland is sacred ground of the Aryan people, whose origins are in Atlantas. This is one reason to keep the public distracted.  Luckily with the internet you can find a wealth of information on the subject.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Joke: Murder at Coles Supermarket

Tired of constantly being broke and stuck in an unhappy marriage, a young husband decided to solve both problems by taking out a large insurance policy on his wife with himself as the beneficiary and then arranging to have her killed.
A 'friend of a friend' put him in touch with a nefarious dark-side underworld figure who went by the name of 'Artie.' Artie explained to the husband that his going price for snuffing out a spouse was $10,000.
The husband said he was willing to pay that amount but that he wouldn't have any cash on hand until he could collect his wife's insurance money. Artie insisted on being paid at least something up front, so the man opened his wallet, displaying the single dollar coin that rested inside. Artie sighed, rolled his eyes and reluctantly agreed to accept the dollar as down payment for the dirty deed.
A few days later, Artie followed the man's wife to the local Coles supermarket. There, he surprised her in the produce department and proceeded to strangle her with his gloved hands. As the poor unsuspecting woman drew her last breath and slumped to the floor, the manager of the produce department stumbled unexpectedly onto the murder scene. Unwilling to leave any living witnesses behind, Artie had no choice but to strangle the produce manager as well.
However, unknown to Artie, the entire proceedings were captured by the hidden security cameras and observed by the shop's security guard, who immediately called the police. Artie was caught and arrested before he could even leave the premises.
Under intense questioning at the police station, Artie revealed the whole sordid plan, including his unusual financial arrangements with the hapless husband who was also quickly arrested.
The next day in the newspaper, the headline declared...
(You're going to hate me for this...)
'ARTIE CHOKES 2 for $1.00 @ Coles

Image result for artie chokes 2 for a dollar

Video 190 More on Freewill and the Lack Thereof

This is quite important, however I do not agree with going to Orion, that is just going from the pot into the fire so to speak. This Orion queen as far as I am concerned has much blood on her hands like the rest of them. I would be rather reluctant to have anything to do with that reptilian creature.

As for what Wes says about Tiamat, it was just another  experiment. Lab rats in a controlled environment. Is it worth the risk to follow others or think for yourself on exiting the grid? I also question the "source" of this information because I can see Wes, has good intentions, but the "source" may not and I do not like the feel of some of the information. I feel Wes is being manipulated. That means picking a side. Big mistake, taking sides is a fatal mistake, we must not take sides with these beings, neither have good intentions towards humanity. Remember duality or team a or team B? Both belong to the same coin as far as I can tell and I just will not put my trust or faith in what I feel may be yet an other trap.

I will do my own thing thank you. Firstly rest and heal and then work out where you will be safe from any harm. Do you create a world for yourself or do you investigate other worlds that are peaceful? The choice is yours, what ever you feel is right at the time, but you can go where and when you want now because you are free.

As for what Wes is saying about AI, yes he is right but the deal is done, this world is also looking at a corporate marxism on top of that and it is painfully obvious by the day.

No one is stopping this, why, because those with any power are colluding. The masses could not run a bath let alone stand up to this. Every day we are seeing horrific crimes and the criminals do not actually have a punishment to fit the crime. Because this is needed to create the hoax called problem, reaction, solution.

We will start to see a change with the laws very soon bringing in hard line punishment, because the public have asked for this. But they have not realised that it is their further enslavement that is coming.
That is the whole idea of problem, reaction, solution, the concept has been around since the dawn of time as history shows us.

As Wes says the rush is on now to fast track all the AI. Do not think for one minute you can save other people from this. One, it is not you the individual's call. Two, you will only get the back up of those you try to save and the ridicule from them. Three, the illusion of free will, that humanity has must not be violated, because then you enact the artificial trap called Karma upon yourself.

Focus your intention of an exit plan when your life ends, that is your goal. Let the others be responsible for themselves. They are not helping you are they? No quite the opposite, they look out for number one. Do not fall for the guilt trip that comes with this, that is there to confuse you and detract from your mission to exit safely.

You will only get one chance at this! Your other soul fragments in other timelines should in theory all be pulled out as you exit, if they don't please do not worry as long as the current and conscious you gets out, after that you will know what to do. Keep it simple and do not over think this, hold your intentions firm and do not allow distractions as you exit.

PS As a side note, just take a look at all the Hollywood film logo's Orion is one of them. That right there is a clue as far as I am concerned, not to trust the Orion beings they do not have freedom either.
I believe Wes actually said that in a comment on one of his video clips. I should have made a not of it to link it here.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Charleston Chasers - Wabash Blues (1927)

I dedicate this to my beloved Garfield. We always call 20’s Jazz music dancing cat music, lol.❤️🐈🐈❤️

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Goodbye Garfield our beautiful boy

This afternoon I had to rush Garfield to the vet, he has been ill for a while but fought it all the way.  I have spent several weeks nursing him and trying to make his life as comfortable as possible. He had such a strong will to live which did not help him in the end. Such a wonderful loving little soul, he was just the most loving and adorable little chap  and always a pleasure to be around.

Tonight we are nursing broken hearts without him. Even our vet was very upset at saying goodbye to Chiffy as we call him most of the time.

Garfield will live on in our hearts and watch over us until we meet again. If there is such a thing as a pure soul animals are mo st definatley pure souls.

The pure and unconditional love from animals is beyond compare. Thank you Chiffy for choosing daddy and I for your human parents. Xxx

Friday, 25 October 2019

Psychic predictions for the world in 2020

I am currently working on the world predictions, doing a bit at a time. Due to health issues I feel exhausted and have chronic pain issues as I am working on my predictions. Hopefully it won't affect the quality of the predictions.

As I opened the cards I heard the word or name Goliath, what a profound experience. I feel this is an awakening of something big, something has been unleashed in the world. This could be the masses starting to take back their power, if so they must be very careful or it could backfire.

I feel many have put their trust in "talking heads"  or disinfo agents. This is very harmful as they could be given incorrect information or only part of the story.

This can have people turning on each other just like the Extinction Rebellion situation. Caution is the key here. By the way Gerta T will go to ground after this years experience. I feel she has been used by very evil people and she is now suffering because of this. I would advise her to keep away from the political stuff and heal herself.

Now looking at the UK, it is not exactly clear if Brexit will happen. I do not feel it will take place on 31 October. I feel it will be delayed yet again. Now I am writing this part on October 24th.

I can tell you many already have worked out, there is so much deception around Brexit, but also there are other hidden things with Brexit, it is not just about pulling out of the EU. Its a combination of sovereignty, money, power and some other hidden item.

It is the hidden reason that attracts me. I have no idea what it is, I just feel there is something else that is hidden from the public.

I feel there  is a situation in London, I am shown a Union Jack painted Taxi, which has stopped in the middle of an intersection. This could be due to protesters or a terror attack. It is possible that it is a symbol for Britain at a stand still or junction and is about to have a major change. Brexit could be that change.

I do feel big changes are coming to Britain and other nations including Germany, Italy and the USA.

I do see new business agreements being signed into place.

25 October 2019 continuing the predictions.

I feel there will be shake ups in education in the UK and Europe, students will travel to get  better education in other countries. Hopefully not at the expense of the children of host nations. Education is a valuable commodity even in state schools, so out of area schools that offer better education will attract new students.

Health reform in Europe.

More civil unrest to be expected in Europe (Germany and France in particular), it is a current trend these days. But how long before the military are pulled in to this?

The more I look at the cards I do not feel Brexit will be allowed to happen, big money is involved here. So much money leaves the UK and goes into a black hole it does not benefit the people of the UK one bit.

As Boris Johnson tries to push through Brexit, powerful forces are at work to prevent this. The public are claiming this as a victory, but it s anything but. things will become more difficult for the average person, price hikes with the cost of living.
Some want the immigrants to go home but this is not going to happen, they are there to stay.

I see the river Thames and British parliament some event is taking place in january or February. Something drastic is taking place and I see a line of black cars.

I hear the word Jubilant and there is some sort of news of great importance that it leads to a change/. This could involve the royal family.

Possible fuel shortages in the UK and Europe. Not accidental it is being deliberately withheld as a political stunt.

Canada will have a shake up of the justice system and will also strengthen ties with the US.

This morning when I woke up the first thing I saw was the American flag. My eyes weren't even open yet. This is a bad omen for the US sadly. The last time I saw the flag, I heard the words "the truth and the American way". That was the Bali bombing which now  most are aware had the US deep state behind that. This is not the American way at all, it is the way of evil that is deep rooted hidden within the ranks of government. I feel something bad is on it's way for the USA.

Next year feels like a year of more political mayhem in the US , but it is an election year too so god only knows what will happen. Trump is up against the wall right now and cannot trust anyone.

No he will not be impeached that is a smokescreen, those that are behind this are traitors to the US.

I can not say if Trump will serve a other term in office at this stage.

This is all I am doing prediction wise this year due to my health. This does take its toll on me.

Blessings to everyone, before I go I just want to say 2020 marks the beginning of change around the world. I feel in a very serious way.


Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Psychic predictions for Australia in 2020

Here I am with the predictions for Australia for 2020. There doesn't seem to be much really going on
next year. We still have the Brexit issue that affects us very much.

There year starts with a bit of turmoil over Brexit and I feel the government has to act quickly. I also feel there is an immigration or refugee issue happening at the same time. That has the potential to be used as a political football by the lefties.

Detention centres are still in the spotlight, cue the leftie brigade to wind up the masses that have no real idea of the facts, but never mind 😋

I see the government looking overseas for guidance and support on important matters such as homeland security, guarding the borders, trade agreements and signing agreements with five eyes nations.

I do feel the government will be caught up in some sort of deception involving immigration and this must be handled very carefully especially with the media.

I do feel one of the deals the government sign up for turns out to be an embarrassment,  the government has been sold a pup, oh my!

I hear the words "Changing of the guard" I am not sure what that is actually about but it is important politically world wide. It could mean the soft approach with criminals may be about to end and with it, those in power that enable this to be removed. I won't hold my breath over that though until I see it.

I also feel a sudden burst of energy linked to changes at Buckingham palace which has a flow on to commonwealth nations. I do not feel this is the Queen passing though, I feel she has a few more years left to rule.

Australia seems to have an image problem and the government is keen to change that. I see firm control is taken with the situation. Australia has changed and it is no longer the land of the BBQ and throw another prawn on the barbie of the 1980's. It is much more politicised and people are watching what they say and think. What is Australia morphing into? Watch and see, we are the creators of what we think.

The rug is being pulled from under our feet in 2020 so watch out, we will suddenly taken by surprise over something, hardship is afoot also. The government will need to act swiftly on economic problems.

Political upheavals are back in the news for Australian politics, yawn. It looks like the government backing down and having to cut deals with minor parties like the greens etc. Foolish move an shows lack of strength and foresight.

China is still a thorn in the side of the government, watch the NLP bow down yet again, Labor would do the same so don't be fooled.

The immigration issue hots up again due to Syria, refugees and ISIS.The hot potato being ISIS brides, watch the left go to town on this one.

A new direction for the NLP leadership yet again, they seem to be rethinking where they are going and what the probable outcome will be. They do not really have a choice because they are stuck and must pull together or there will be a split and possible crossing the floor on some important issues.

Changes afoot in business and it feels linked to Brexit again. I feel the five eyes nations will have deals ready to be signed into action as soon as they get the word Brexit is a goer. This is new partnerships and agreements . To be honest this Brexit is very difficult to predict.

My heart tells me it won't happen but I am not sure. I have no fixed opinion one way or the other really. But I can tell you there is evil afoot to make Brexit fail. The loss of Billions of Euros is the thing the elite can't bear to lose.

Anyway back to the predictions, I see a long highway with dirt on either side of the road, there is no sign of trees or grass. Just bone dry dirt. This could symbolise Australia has a very long and  tedious journey ahead to prosperity or it could mean opening up the highways, for new infrastructure and developing regional areas. That itself is a long journey and takes years to build.

I see new trade agreements, Scot Morrison has his eyes on bringing more business into Australia, especially from the US and the UK. Australia needs these business links to help our economy grow.
Times are changing fast and we need to be ready for change.

I see lush green grass as I look at the top row of cards I feel this is more assistance for our farmers at long last. People have been demanding this for years and now it looks like they government are doing something. Too little too late for many good farming families.

Water will be in the spotlight again this year in many ways. Expect the cost to rise and restrictions.
There will be focus on how to use water wisely and irrigation issues in the news.

Travel is in the news for Aussie tourists going overseas. I see political unrest and riots in an Asian country, not Hong Kong. This feels more like Indonesia or the Philippines. Stay right away from any political riots or you will be trapped there and possibly locked up.

Keep checking with DEFAT for hot spots to avoid. Make sure like I predicted last year that your visas and passports are up to date and DO get travel insurance and check where it covers and for what.

I do feel many will opt for a traditional holiday back home in OZ which helps our economy. That is a good thing to do  we must help our local small businesses.

I see school choices in the following year. Which school is a) The safest for your children, b) Which school provides a better education for my children? c) private v's public or d) Home schooling.

Factor in school bullying, what are they doing to protect your children.

More choice in shopping and the way we shop. On line or traditional  shopping. also more bang for the buck and this is having an effect on retail,especially clothing, electrical, household items, but oddly enough I don't see it affecting the price of furniture.

Children voicing their worries over the climate, and how it is having an affect on their mental health is a major issue. This affects mostly younger children under 13, and parents  are voicing their anger over this.

Stop bringing political issues into schools and to children's attention they are way too young and impressionable. They are being used by evil people for a political agenda and it must stop now! Let children be children.

The buck stops with parents on this by telling the education department to butt out of their children's lives. Our children cannot vote, they are not mature enough to work out lies from truth or political agendas. A school is not the place for this political indoctrination  nonsense and schools must never be politicised that is communist mentality and must not be tolerated.

I see a ferry on a harbour,  it looks like Sydney, however this feels like the ferry being caught up in a storm. I see this in cooler or winter weather.

The climate change activists are at it again and they are being more brazen. I see the police being called in to break up the unrest. People have had a gut full of  protesters getting out of hand and causing mass disruption to the public. This I feel will spark new laws regarding protests. Reminds me of the old tactic problem reaction,, solution. That feels exactly what this is all about.

Did you know Australians have fewer rights than many developed nations?

The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) are looking into suspicious bank accounts in 2020. Not regular Joe Public's bank accounts though. This is targeting money laundering criminal ill gotten gains and big business. Well there is a surprise, lol.

Sadly a spate of road accidents involving young children crossing roads comes up. Please teach your children road safety and perhaps a supervised training session with mum or dad, so you know they get the hang of it.

More safety campaigns are needed to target kids using a phone while crossing the road or other distractions. Wait until the bus drives off before you cross the road because the bus blocks the view of oncoming traffic.

Hospitals are back in the news again due to overcrowding again in city hospitals. This may lead to
patients that are able to be moved being sent to regional hospitals to free up beds in the public city hospitals.  However this could spark upset with people that have no way of getting to visit their loved ones especially the elderly.

The government will need to work hard to come up with a better plan. Overflow happens  from time to time but it is usually filtering through near by hospitals.
As our population is going to expand enormously in the next few years we need better infrastructure and more hospitals which means more staff to cope with the changes.

Sydney is a dogs breakfast when it comes to infrastructure and as most people there are already aware, any disaster that occurred would become a nightmare to cope with. It is an out of date and highly problematic city which lacks foresight for civil disasters.

Update:Australia in new partnership deal but it includes China. Guess who will bow down to China 🤣

Monday, 21 October 2019

Psychic predictions for 2020 are underway

Heads up. I am working on world and Australian psychic predictions for 2020, they are done a bit at a time then I post them so stay tuned peeps. I always like to have them posted in October of the year before so that I have time to relax after and tend to other stuff.

Saturday, 19 October 2019


Losing, pffft it has always been a world of hive mind but it is so subtle and it falls into many groups.

Think of your political beliefs, your moral beliefs, your spiritual beliefs oh and lets not forget the bullshit one called universal consciousness.  Err no such thing folks it is a form of hive mind complex.

The reality we live in is also going through an upgrade as we know it and it will be so slow that most wont even notice the switch, literally.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Explosive 7.30 investigation exposes brutal slaughter of thousands of healthy racehorses

OK, The Melbourne cup is coming up and the dummies of this world just can't get enough of it and all the other horse races into the bargain, justify this to me then! Take a good look at the article and then do you think you are a decent human being? I don't fucking think so!

You are aiding and abetting this evil, feel good about yourselves now do you?

It is not just the horse owners, it is not just the jockeys and all those that are invested in the industry. It is also you the punter,  you have blood on your hands too.  How can anyone that loves horses or animals have anything to do with the industry let alone participate by going to the races ?

There is no need for this. Muppets bang on about fake bloody climate change and the BS Extinction rebellion which are communist bloody stunts that the thick as poop masses can not be arsed investigating, but will happily invest their money on horses only for them to end up like this.

That speaks volumes about many of the human race today. Dumbed down , dumb as dog shit masses following the pied piper. Shame on all of you. While I am at it where the fuck are those commy bastards PETA? Oh yeah following the indoctrination from their masters and handlers. They only rant and rave at what they are told to ....WHY, because they are all part of the commy agenda  and only follow orders like the knuckle draggers they truly are.

We are supposed to be a civilized society, really then take a look around you and tell me what the hell is civilized! Mind controlled dummies with their heads in their phones with no guts to demand an end to this. This is something that has gone on for years, don't say you didn't bloody know, you did. It has been in the media many times.

Race lovers I leave you to your "moral values". Enjoy shopping for your new clothes to celebrate animal cruelty you shallow monsters.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

The Rune Symbol Dagaz and Extinction Rebellion

I noticed the symbol for the group Extinction Rebellion and smiled to myself. It is in fact the Rune symbol Dagaz  from Tyr's aett, it represents the number 24 and the letter D in the English language alphabet. Dagaz means day, it is pronounced as Dah Gahz. It is also a symbol of clear vision and enlightenment.

Dagaz relates to the daylight hours (enlightenment) and to tie it to a specific time, noon.  Dagaz also alludes to Thor the god (Lucifer the light bearer?) of lightening and inspires inspiration, awakening and transformation.

It is also used in magic rituals to invoke change. Hmmm casting a spell on the masses perhaps. This symbol can be worn as a symbol or an amulet for protection.

So I wonder if this rune symbol is used say, as in the mass events such as Extinction Rebellion could it also be a magic ritual to sway mass consciousness?  An awakening but to who's benefit? Mass events are well known to be used for energy harvesting too, as they reach their pinnacle at the designated meeting area.

I am always rather wary when I see signs and symbols used in this way, as it speaks of the people behind the event are trained in the occult/esoteric arts  and they are fully aware of what they are doing and it is not for our benefit, quite the opposite in fact.

Most people attending mass events have good intentions and care very much about nature and our environment, however people can be misinformed of any purpose or agenda regardless of what the issue is. I feel this is something to take a closer look behind  this movement and what it is really about.

Now lets take a look at the positive interpretation of this symbol. It is generally a positive sign to have in a reading, if life has been in a rut, it lets one know that a change for the better is afoot.  A time for waiting is now over and a major event or turning point is around the corner.

Dagaz  also lets one know that if we work hard we will move forward. This symbol can represent protection in new situations  or when new people  come into your life. Generally a happy sign.

Dagaz is also a good sign for good health, prosperity and completion can't argue with that.

One interesting meaning for Dagaz is it can reveal secrets, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation. On a negative meaning it can show blockages  or prevention of you succeeding in something.

Other negative interpretations  of Dagaz are you are drawing problems to yourself by thinking too much about them. That is basic law of attraction, what you think of most you will create.  So it is wise to be very careful of what thoughts and intentions we hold, lets we create them.

But other than that it is generally a good symbol.

Now looking at other parts of the symbol or logo (word)  There is the circle around it and the colours green and black. All of which have dualistic meanings.
As I said before, what are the real intentions of the top individuals behind this movement?

The meaning of the circle has so many meanings, so here are some, Revolution as in both meanings of the word.

womb, unity, inclusion, spirit, egg, the sun, the moon, seed of life, mobility, cycle of life, beginning, mobility,  renewal, community , initiation, birth, the sacred.

The colour green meanings both positive and negative meanings and psychological meanings.

Psychological meaning:

The balance between the heart and the head.


love, peace, harmony, joy, community, family,  nature, life, life affirming, the heart chakra,

compassion, renewal, vitality, life force, social cohesion, expansion, to be part of a group.

Negative meanings:

Envy, greed, jealousy, aggression, power, devious with money,
possessive, devious.

The meaning of the colour black, both positive and negative and the psychological meaning.

Psychological meaning :

Withholding of information deliberately, intimidating controlling

Positive meaning :

Protection from negative forces,

Negative meaning:

Hidden, secretive, authority ,seductive,  intimidation, darkness, evil, black can block communication because of the intimidation and negativity is generates, unapproachable because of the intimidation it creates.

Black is also a colour of seduction and wealth, luxury, think of evening wear and the little black dress or a black tie event.

The clergy also wear black  for spirituality, but it is also an absorbing colour, think of absorbing energy such as emotions (energy harvesting ).

Whether intentional or unintentional. We must never take an other person or an other beings energy, that is very wrong.
Black conceals or covers where white reveals or uncovers such as the truth of a matter.

Black is used for wealth and many retail stores insist their staff wear black, now remember black is an intimidating colour, it can be seen as unfriendly too. Whether the company owners are aware of this or not nak3s no difference, it still works.

I would say there would be many in positions of power that are fully aware and of the importance of colours and why they choose particular colours for the energy they convey along with the message.

Now looking back at this Extinction rebellion you can see a subtle message forming. This is a well thought out method of communication, and a form of mass control.

It fits right in to the UN agenda 30 plot. Keep an eye on this movement for further social changes instigated by them or the government. This has all the hall marks of more loss of freedom for the masses yet no one is picking up on the reality of this.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Video 184: Should we Open, Close, or Remove our Chakras?

Please watch this in YouTube mode and read the comments too. In a nut shell we cannot remove our chakras. They are part of us to anchor us into this 3D reality and they dissolve when we are back in spirit.

People need to have firm boundaries in their everyday life and on their spiritual side too. Stay grounded and be realistic in your intentions and what you want out of life. When in doubt go within to ask yourself and again keep it real.

I noticed a person mentioning Tulpas in the comments section. I am not in favour of these things because they can get out of control and become very harmful. Please do not try this; as there are many soulless beings in astral that can turn nasty and I feel Tulpas can fall into this category if left to their own devices. I feel this is highly irresponsible and very dangerous.

There is no way of knowing how many created thought forms are hanging around in astral but these beings can and do become more powerful when left to just roam  the astral planes. I do not feel they can be reasoned with either if the person that created a Tulpa just lets it be or is not able to recall it and dissolve it.

As you can see from the Wikipedia link thes danger posed . Dion Fortune also had a bad experience doing this too. It is something that is to be avoided, for your own welfare and that of others. Think of the possible mental health issues that can come from this.

Much of what the Theosophists in the late Victorian and early 20th century believed in and took part in his highly dangerous, and some did come to a sticky end.

Today there is too much unhealthy interest in magic and creating Tulpas etc. It is a dangerous path and it will lead to harm. Leave well alone please.

"Virtual Crash Billboard" Terrifies People Crossing Street Against Red L...

This video was sent to me by a friend, it is quite a powerful message and I feel it is needed to waken people up to the dangers of inattention while crossing the road, especially when occupied with our phones.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Tarot Card of the month, October 2019, The King of Pentacles

Element: Earth, Planet, Mercury  Zodiac Taurus

This is quite a fruitful card for October when read in the upright position. Notice the ruling planet is Mercury which is the planet for communication. It is funny this card pops up again so soon. It came up in July also. That would be a reminder to stay on track. You can read the other notes here on the symbols on the card.

Starting with the background, the sky is a golden yellow, which is very fortunate. It represents joy, happiness, success, intellect the solar chakra . So that is a good start. Next we look at the castle, which tells us he is a self made man and has good stable foundations, as does the lush and fertile foliage behind him. The water represents consciousness, Next we see the stone wall behind him (battlement) his boundaries are secure.

The throne has four bulls heads, the four cardinal points as well as the constellation of Taurus and the star sign of Taurus. I wonder if it also represents the Apis bull of  Memphis in ancient Egypt too? You will note the horns are blunted on the bull heads showing he is tamed or subdued by the king.

The king wits on his throne wearing many symbolic symbols, starting with his crown. Which bears roses and lilies, the colours of which are also important, Red and white. They allude to upper Egypt and lower Egypt's ancient royal houses and also the House of Lancaster and the house of York.
 The red roses represent power, passion and control. The white lilies represent spiritual purity, truth, virtue, etc. It is also the flower for the month of May. Spring time rebirth and renewal.  Isn't it interesting that white lilies are often used in marriage ceremonies and funerals , signifying rebirth and renewal or transformation.

Below the crown is a wreath of laurels representing wisdom,victory and clairvoyance. Next we notice the grape vines all over the kings tunic, this is a symbol of alchemy, transferring grapes into wine or the physical into spirit. Alcohol is also known as spirits. The vines are also symbolic of fertility.

The king is wearing a suit of amour showing he is more than capable to go into battle either spiritually speaking or actual physical battle, however he prefers to use his intellect.
In his right hand is the sceptre representing his rule over the temporal world, the right hand side of the body represents masculine power or energy and the left hand side represents the feminine power and energy, these are both spiritual and temporal (physical).

The pentacle represents both money and humanity, the round shape (the circle around the pentacle) represents spirit.  You could even say encapsulates man, or even traps him into the temporal world until he learns his spiritual wisdom and truth.

Looking at the left foot resting on a crocodile or alligator, which is an ancient Egyptian symbol for Sobek the Egyptian god associated with the river Nile. 

There are so many deeper symbology meaning that are attached to the individual Tarot cards that only people in the know will only ever know. But it makes for great study in myths and symbology anyway.

Now for the month of October this in an upright interpretation suggests all is well and on track for the nation and the individual. Hard work is put in to make sure  a successful outcome is guaranteed.
We must keep plugging away in order to be in control of our daily lives and not rest on our laurels half way through.

This is a positive card to help us reflect on what is happening in our lives at present. Reversed it implies things are out of control and our behaviour is ego based and must be curtailed.
One must be benevolent to those that need us, but not to be taken advantage of either. Middle ground
and common sense must prevail.

Monday, 23 September 2019

TPG says community health fears stopped its 5G rollout in Australia – as experts blame disinformation campaigns on social media

This is interesting, I wonder what is happening next. Are there others that will continue the roll out?
We must keep an eye on this.

One thing I noticed in this article off subject; that angers Scots, Northern Irish and Welsh people is, people thinking these countries are not in the UK, (United Kingdom, may be this reporter needs to go back to school and learn British/ UK history).

The same mentality that keeps calling the UK England which is highly offensive to us Scots,  Northern Irish and Welsh people. There is no English government or queen of England it is Britain!

Hence a united kingdom of which king James the VI of Scotland was James I of the United kingdom.
Education is wasted on some people! ZzzzzzHrer Dr Charlie Teo speaks out on the danger of 5G
 Brussels halts 5G,12814

Friday, 13 September 2019

Project Camelot: Jordan Maxwell interview

This is a rather interesting item to read. I used to read a lot on both Project Camelot and Jordan Maxwell stuff including YouTube posts.

I am not really a fan of proj Cam,  though some things are common knowledge these days.  I am skeptical with some of the stuff they get into.

I shall just leave this here for others to ponder.   I have read a lot on the Iraq Stargate from several sources, which could perhaps be part of soft disclosure.

We wont know for sure until events happen where the governments of the world decide to let us know what is going on. Personally I wont lose any sleep over it.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Meaning of being spiritually unclean

The term spiritually unclean  (disease of the soul) is not often heard these days, and is sometimes associated with religious zealots. However it is in fact a reality of our third dimensional world whether you are religious, spiritual or what ever. This is a low dark vibrational density or world (duality) that we live in.

Examples of an unclean soul or spirit are constantly around us every day, we cannot avoid this. But we can choose not to follow these spiritually unclean people, some of which are famous people or just individuals that we know in our every day life. It is their actions and mindset that make them "unclean" spiritually, through immoral behaviour , violent behaviour etc.

I, myself do not have a religion, but I have very strong spiritual beliefs and values. You do not have to be like me. I am not telling anyone what they should or should not do, other than be the best person that you can be, lets you fall in to the trap of negative behaviour and live that way. Yes entity attachments can also affect our behaviour and are also in the classification of being unclean spiritually, but this can be fixed by an energy clearance being done on the individual, not to be confused with mental health issues. That is a different matter entirely.

That is basically what an unclean soul is.They can change if they want to, but that is up to the individual, it is their choice. It is our individual choice not to associate with them lets we become like them.

Tarot card of the month, September: The Star

 Element:  Air      Zodiac: Aquarius   Planet: Neptune

The Star is the 17th card in the major  arcana. You will notice the 8 stars are all eight pointed stars also. The card stands for serenity, Inspiration, generosity and hope. But be ware this card has a flip side that challenges our perception of reality. Be careful not to be tricked or fooled by what you think is happening. This could turn out to be a mind game. All of the tarot cards have positive and negative meanings.

Notice the water in the forefront, representing the mind and intuition. The lady is holding two jugs or pitchers and pouring out the water equally, creating balance and harmony. There are five little streams of water on the ground as she pours the water on to the ground representing the five physical world senses.

The left hand side of her body represents the female and psychic side of her (subconscious), the right represents male energy (conscious).

Interesting that is is for the month of September which is ruled by the zodiac sign Libra and the planet Venus.  Which are symbols of love, harmony and balance.

The naked lady represents spiritual purity and innocence, she has one foot on land and one foot in the water, indicating she has a foot in both worlds. She is loving and benevolent in her care and duties to others but she is vulnerable.

Notice the tree in the background has three branches and an Ibis on top ( personally I do not like the symbol of the Ibis, I feel it has negative vibrations and I do not like the Egyptian occult symbology as I find it very dark). The tree alludes to the tree of life. The mountain in the background is obstacles to be overcome.
Notice the bright blue sky representing joy and knowing there are better days ahead.

Now for the number eight, which is similar to the lemniscate or infinity symbol which is also similar to the DNA chain.,representing%20the%20concept%20of%20infinity.

The number eight is about balance and harmony above all else in its meaning. It is creative as well as destructive in its force. Number eight can bring abundance, but always remember its flip side.

Notice the number eight is shown by the card number (adding the 1 and the seven) Then st stars with eight points in each. Adding all that up it comes to 72 which breaks down to the number 9 in numerology.

Nine is the male energy and the number for communication also. Nine can be aggressive or compassionate and cares for others, so it is pretty good to see the positive energy of the number nine  tying in with  the energy of this card, and for the month of September.

What this card tells me is for the month of September keep your hopes up if you are looking for change in your life. Keep thinking positive, nothing lasts for ever if you are going through a downturn. Know it is at an end soon. Keep your expectations realistic.

You may experience some act of generosity or may be the one being generous to others in need.
Follow your intuition with important matters this month and remember spring time has nice new energy after the deep winter slumber.   New life means new hope so enjoy this month on  personal level and stay hopeful.

Blessings Alex

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Heads up: My correct phone number is on my website

Just a heads up on my online advertising, there are adverts on the Internet with my old phone number,
which ends in 672. I have not used that number for about 4 years and those adverts are there without my permission.  I tried to have them removed to no avail. The correct number is on my website

The correct number to call is 0474 286 636.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Ever heard of Moloch And The cremation Of Care?

Currently in Belconnen, one of the major shopping suburbs of Canberra we have a giant owl on display, Moloch the owl for Satanic worship no less. The most famous statue to Moloch/ Molech of course is in the US at Bohemian Grove.  Hidden from sight and any questioning public.,758331,758331

In Canberra there Satanic symbols dotted around town.
Giant cubes representing Saturn worship, signs in purple or dirty orange  (the sodomite gateway colour) such as the "Monarch" butterfly in Tuggeranong as in project Monarch. While some people just look and think, hey that's cool or  that's ugly and how much did all this cost us. Next to which is an orange bridge, that could perhaps be interpenetrated as a gateway  between worlds.

Canberra is built on ley lines, well those ley lines are vital for working magic especially black magic. Locals jokingly refer to the north side of town as in Belconnen as the dark side. Yes the place does have dark energy or they would not give it that name. We are a divided city to between the north and the south. A duality if you like I myself try not to get caught up in the goings on, I  am merely pointing out what is right on our doorstep.

The name Belconnen has the evil god Ba'al in it. Some times his name is spelled Bel depending on the country and culture.

I have mentioned in an other post we have a very occult looking building for our parliament, a pyramid shape, with sharp male energy  in its structure, coincidence, not a chance and military buildings on its north side (where evil resides).

But getting back to Big Bird why is he there? What purpose does he serve? Well perhaps we would have to look at what buildings are near by to help explain that one.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Tarot card of the month: August 2019, 5 of Pentacles

Element: Earth, Grounding  
Planet: Mercury, Communication , Wisdom
Zodiac: Leo   which is the fith star sign in the zodiac 

An interesting card of the month this time, the five of Pentacles. Not a good card for some people.
This is an interesting mixed bag for many of us.

In readings this card can show health aspects, relationship or finances. In a health layout it would mean a  slow recovery from illness or injury, but recovery no less. In finances it shows low income, poverty and suffering hardship. This card also signifies pilgrimage which is either  an internal journey of the soul or an actual pilgrimage of some sort, not necessarily religious though.

Relationship wise, rejection, being used like a door mat or on the outer. This also means friendships not just romantic relationships.

The symbols in the card are interesting in their own right starting with the stained glass window of what could be a church.

The design looks very similar to the Cabalah tree of life, there are 5 pentacles and the Roman numeral V for 5 which adds up to ten. 1 and the zero, 1 for primary source (god)  and zero is the force of god/spiritual energy to add more power to the number 1. There are ten sephiroth to the tree of life and thus  two 5's  depicted in the window on the 5 of pentacles add up to 10.

The number five in tarot cards always stands for the human spirit and human being. The head arms and limbs add up to 5 which is the human template. Also 5 toes and 5 fingers on hands and feet not to forget the 5 physical senses.

 At the top corners there is what looks like two castles or houses, stability

This window is part of a church where the couple may have been seeking alms.  They continue on their journey to safety and possible success.

It is winter time in the picture as the couple are walking through snow. Notice the lady is bare foot and the man is only wearing one shoe. His other foot is bandaged, as is his head. He still struggles on with the aid of crutches through the snow. He struggles to catch up to the woman. Why is she not helping him?  Perhaps he is to proud to ask for help.

If you look closer you will see both of them are wearing blue tops, her's is mostly hidden under her warm shawl. Blue is a healing colour and ties in with the throat chakra.

The snow underfoot can be read as purifying or an  isolating influence from others.

For the month of August it may be a difficult time for some people, just have faith in yourself that things will turn out better in the end. Nothing stays the same for ever.

You may have to take matters into your own hands to solve your own problems, do not rely on others. They may not want to help even if they can.

If you have gotten on the wrong side of others this is a time when it will come back to bite you. So you may well be on the outer.

Make careful and sensible choices and do not expect others to bail you out of any trouble that you may have gotten yourself into, especially financially. Do not borrow money if you can avoid it.

For Australia as a whole this could be a slight recession starting to bite, just know it wont last long.
Australia may be taking an unpopular stand on the world stage, however our government must do what it feels is right for Australians first. We should not wade into things that will make people upset, and provoke unwanted repercussions.

Roll on spring time for some cleansing energy, I think we need it.

Blessings to all



Friday, 2 August 2019


This guy was a big star back in his time but sadly dies at the age of 27. I came across his music by chance a few years ago. I bought a double CD from the ABC shop and was so impressed by his music.

I am aware he has a massive following still especially in the US where he came from. There are Facebook pages dedicated to him too, such as the Bix Beiderbecke society.

Check out the YouTube clip here, at Vintage JukeBox

Monday, 29 July 2019

New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard: The Redheads (Must Watch!)
If you read books by Connor MacDari  and Ignatius Donnelly, you will find more information on the blond and red haired people of ancient times. They did not just live in New Zealand. They were all over the planet. Titans, Nephalim, Aryan or what ever name you want to give them, they did exist but have been erased by mainstream historians for a reason. Celts are of this gene stock also as are the ancient Atlantans. You will also find them in America, some off-shoot of these people had a double row of teeth and 6 digits and were over 8 foot tall. These were the cannibal ones that terrorised the lands, and are mentioned in ancient legends of America. Ancient Celts were also found to have visited America also and shared their language and culture as they did as they travelled through Europe and other lands.

Google the pdf file  of the book Atlantis, the antediluvian world, by Ignatius Donnelly. You will find this very old book very interesting reading. Bear in mind these authors were writing in the 1890's, so much more information has come out since then.

Now the world was not from the east to the west in its cultivation of humanity, it has been proven time and time again to have come from the west over hundreds and thousands of years with much documented evidence. All to hide the truth from humanity and we are seeing this happen again in our lifetimes as history is again being redacted.

Image result for red haired maori
More interesting reading

The world's biggest grave robbery: Asia’s disappearing WWII shipwrecks

This is quite important and one must think outside the box as to the intentions and implications of such a discovery.

Not to mention there is no respect for the dead. This is something that I find highly offensive not to mention these vessels are the property of their county of origin. Shame on them and shame on the governments of these nations that allow this abomination to happen to their service men and the property of these nations. How do they think the families of these men feel? It is a slap in the face to them. I personally have a relative that died in a submarine in WW2, though not in this region.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Meme: New 50 p coin to commemorate Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister

Image may contain: text

Says' it all doesn't it! The jokes will last for years I am sure. BTW, Boris is related to the queen. How unusual, just like you cannot be President in the US unless you are related to the queen All sharing the same gene pool and no one changes the water, never mind Boris is not in the pool he is outside handing out the towels 😆😏

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo - Cell Phone Radiation, Wifi, Depopulation

For those that live outside of Australia, Dr Teo is our top Neurosurgeon.

Please watch in YT mode and rad the comments too.

Spontaneous mediumship on the phone or in random situations

I have decided to write about spontaneous mediumship from my experiences. Sometimes I am just going about my daily life, whether it be when out shopping, socialising or answering a phone call which sometimes  may not have anything to do with my work.

One time though I had been talking on the phone to a psychic that I know up in Queensland that works with the police on cold cases. We were just having a conversation and suddenly a woman came through that was a murder victim. She told me to tell the other woman, the police must go back to where they were looking near a water trough for a horse in a paddock. I could see the woman's long hair as she spoke to me and had a movie playing in my head of where her body was buried.

That sort of thing is very unsettling and I do not want to get involved in cold cases. I have enough going on in my private life to deal with. Not all psychics, clairvoyants and mediums are cut out for doing police work. It will take it's toll on the person and unless you have the correct mind set, leave it alone.

The medium does not always know when mediumship is going to happen, it just does at random moments  from time to time. For example, I was talking to a couple of ladies in the neighbourhood that stopped to chat with me one summer evening. The didn't know me at all and we had never met before. During our little chat,  a young man came through in spirit and started talking to me.

It turned out, his mother was a friend of one of these women and he wanted to pass on a message. These ladies were stunned at what took place but quickly confirmed to me that this young mans was the son of a friend. It was quite an emotional moment for all of us. I am glad that he got his message through to pass on to him mum and put her mind at ease.

One very sad event was over the phone when a cold canvasser rang me and right away her sister came through. She passed away many years ago in a traffic accident. The poor young woman on the phone was in tears as I passed on the message to her. What amazed me was the girl in spirit told me the contents of the desk drawer that the young woman was sitting at. She confirmed this to be correct.

This was such a harrowing experience for the young woman that rang me and myself, just knowing how she died and she could not prevent herself from being killed, it was a split second event. Just so fast no one could have reacted fast enough. The young girl that died was just so happy to pass on her love to her sister and had waited many, many years for the chance to do so.

It always affects me deeply when such things happen, it is something that you never forget. When a medium is perfectly relaxed and not thinking of anything, this is the ideal time for mediumship to happen. The messages come through quite strongly. This is why a medium must not be put under any stress or pressure to perform. It will block the energy and you will not be able to get a message to come through. The frequency is a very fine and extremely delicate.

I have been put in that situation many a time to contact loved ones, and have to explain again and again to people that it is in-conducive to what they are hoping  to achieve. Not just that I am only picking up the message like answering the phone, I do not contact the deceased, it is them that make the contact with me or any medium.

One happy situation I had about 10 years ago or longer was, two delivery men came to deliver a new washing machine to me, and the grandmother of the youngest of the two popped in to say hello to him, just totally out of the blue. He was tickled pink.

A lady that worked with my husband rang me to book an appointment and as I answered the phone, her grandmother just started coming through with all sorts of information. That was a fantastic situation and very memorable indeed.

While hosting a  live on air radio show conducting Tarot readings on the US psychic radio station A1R, I had loved ones come through for clients to assist them in things going on in their lives such as a change of home or job. Spirit if it is trying to communicate will not be put off by electronic frequencies such as radio, they are eletro-magnetic energy themselves. As are we living in the physical world we are all made up of energy (frequency). So please do not be put of by readings done on the phone, email or Skype. This is a common mode of conducting readings world wide by thousands of psychics. If a person has mediumship abilities and uses them constantly then there should be no barrier to the communication.

Sadly I have had mothers that have miscarried many years ago have the child in spirit suddenly pop up to pass on a message. That is a highly emotional situation, and I have been there myself as I have blogged about in the past. This must be handled very carefully too, so as not to cause distress. The child could have passed 20 or even 30 years ago but wants to be acknowledged by their mother.

That child will show you how it looks currently and how it wants to be recognised including a name sometimes. If it is a small child in spirit it will ask  you to give it a name so that you know who that spirit is. I had this to do myself with a baby that I lost.

As you can imagine the emotions at such an event, it is highly charged and very teary.
The person in spirit will continue their life in the spirit world and grow up there with loved ones from our family/soul group until they return to the physical world. It is literally a carbon copy of the physical world. I do get some startling information about the spirit world from some brave spirits too. This information I generally do not put in blog posts as it is controversial to many peoples beliefs.

Should a person be genuinely seeking that sort of information I will talk to the individual about my knowledge, but I ask them to do their research as well so as they are forming a free will opinion and not just taking my word for it.

I will end in saying being a medium and clairvoyant comes with big responsibilities. It is not an easy care free life at all. Do not think for one minute it is at all glamorous like you see on TV, it is far from that and does have a lot of pain and heartache. Sure there are some that can turn on the charm, but they are far and few between.

There is a price to pay for everything on this earth and we must tread carefully, and take our responsibilities with dignity and compassion. 

© Copyright Alex Fulford 25 July 2019