Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Dr Louis Turi's Newsletter 28/12/2010

Click the line above to read Dr Turi's astrology news letter. Please be aware that he is translating  his newsletter from his native French into English. If you notice any grammar issues it is down to the translation. Just improvise as you go. He has gone to enormous effort to bring this information to the world at large.

I personally have the utmost respect for this great man, please do him the courtesy of reading up on his web site and  his blog. I don't know of any other astrologer that will take the time and effort to help educate people in the intricacies of our every day lives. it may just even save someones life just by them reading and understanding what he is trying to say to the individual.

Please enjoy. XXX

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Santa Didn't Always Wear A Red Suit

Did you know that Santa's red suit wasn't always red? Traditional images of Santa were green or brown. However in the 1920's the Coca-Cola company started an advertising campaign to push the sale of their
drink all year round, the way we know it today.

Thomas Nast, a cartoonist came up with the concept of Santa in  1862, and then Haddon Sundblom in 1931, working for the Coca-Cola company for 35 years gave us the image that we have today. The power of advertising!

Too much money is spent at this time of year. People put themselves into debt for one day in the year is it really worth it? It is high time people started to go back to simpler ways of living. Sharing a nice meal with loved ones. A house gift of something consumable such as food to be shared. We don't need all the gifts that we feel obliged to go out and buy. The reason for this is the big business men are taking control of every day life, telling people to spend up big. Very few people can afford to do this in reality. We are moving into a time in history now, where people are getting fed up with all the hype. Much as I love Christmas, my Christmas tree and music. I can see at some point Christmas will eventually not be celebrated  the way we know it today. I think it will fade out of our lives in the next 50 to 100 years. Something else will come along and replace this tradition. Nothing stays the same for too long.

Perhaps to a deeper Spiritual  based celebration.
 Christianity and the concept of what we think Christmas is all about in modern times are fabrications. There is no proof that Jesus was born in December. However December 25th was picked to combine a Pagan celebration with the new Christianity in order to get more people to convert to the new faith.
It is still nice to have special days in the year for family holidays. People work so hard and deserve to have quality time to spend with loved ones. Celebrating life is very important and should never be  discouraged.

Please click on the link to read more on St Nicolas, Santa Clause and all.  Most importantly celebrate the way that you want to and have a wonderful time.

Blessings to all

copyright by Alex Fulford 2010

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Principle of astrology proven to be scientific: planetary position imprints biological clocks of mammals

Principle of astrology proven to be scientific: planetary position imprints biological clocks of mammals

Switzerland Considers Repealing Incest Laws


It is official the World has gone mad.

Premonition Yesterday Afternoon

Late yesterday afternoon, whilst hanging out some washing, I suddenly felt  a feeling of death.
It was a sickening feeling, just a knowing that something bad was about to happen. I knew that there was going to be a lot of deaths coming. Not where or when though. It was as if I was feeling it come through from the Universe. Telling me to keep alert to the world news.  I had the same feeling in November last year that something was going to happen in Australia. The morning of 1/11/2009 I heard the news at 6 AM. There had been an accident in Sydney Harbour, a young woman was killed. then I knew more was to come.All November  2009 was full of death.

Which brings me back to today. I read on Google news about the Bombing in Iran. Spirit guides tell me this is done by someone other than who is taking credit for the crime. Pretty sick if you ask me. God only knows what it must be like to live in full knowledge that you have killed in cold blood and not care one bit. Innocent souls that have done nothing wrong.How on Earth can someone not care about taking not just one innocent life, but many?

My heart goes out to all those poor souls that were murdered, the wounded and all their loved ones left to cope with their loss.

copyright by Alex Fulford 2011

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fun at the Australian War Memorial

Most folk visit the Australian War Memorial and don't have any strange experiences to speak of. Then there are others just like me. We pick up on the spirits that are there. I seem to be connected with the men from the Boer War and World War 1. No sooner do I set foot in the place, then it starts. Spirit just come up to me as if to say, hey want to buy a cheap watch.
I only go because my son loves the place. We do this visit 2 or 3 times a year, whether I like it or not.
 As I was saying I get into the main entrance, and lo and behold a soldier appears in spirit. The spirits are Earth bound and troubled souls. I wish I could move them all on to the light. But the simple fact is you can't make them go if they aren't ready or don't want to go. It is a sad, gut wrenching feeling just being in the  War Memorial for me.

I went with my husband and one of my sons about 2007. Both my husband and I had this overwhelming grief and hopelessness sweep over us. I felt like I was going to be sick. This was the soldiers collective pain and suffering. I have a very strong connection with WW 1 and always have. This was my last incarnation as I have  had this confirmed via deep spiritual meditation, which I will talk about later on.
While we were both there I had a young soldier of 17 in spirit come up to me. he took my hand and wanted me to meet the other spirits. He was a happy sort of young man. I could feel him so strongly. It felt like he was looking for a mother figure. I felt so sorry for him and wanted to help him. I could hear him say to other spirits in an excited voice , "Hey.. she can hear and see us".  I felt so useless as the place was full of visitors,
there was no way I would be able to communicate with them in a busy museum.

I noticed the spirits were sitting or standing in little groups talking to each other. It was like they flitted in between current time and WW 1. it is hard to explain in words.The other thing I noticed is the different war sections were divided into separate groups. As in the WW 1 guys didn't mix with the WW 2 troops etc. The reason being they are not in the same soul group. I don't pick up much from WW 2 for some reason either but I do in the Boer war, WW 1 and the modern stuff. The new section is a whole new story that I must  tell .
Walking into the new area for current day events is also quite upsetting for me, Even staff members are picking up the vibes there. One lady inn particular tries to avoid the area as much as possible. When she has to go in there she bolts through it.

I have picked up on at least 3 spirits in that area, one of which is a woman. I found her the most upsetting. I can say that experience has been the worst feeling that I have had in there. So much so that I would avoid it, if I could.

Please be aware that there is no need to be afraid of these spirit beings. They cannot and will not harm you. All they are doing is trying to communicate with the living (Physical world beings). I personally have the utmost respect  and compassion for these spirits. It is highly offensive to use spirits as a form of entertainment. So please have respect for these beings. They have the right to exist the same as we do.

The only difference between us is that we are living in a physical body. In the spirit world they don't need the physical body.

I won't go into all that technical information in this post. I shall write a post on that subject shortly.

Copyright by Alex Fulford  2010

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sending a soul to the light

A few weeks ago I was in a second hand shop with my husband. He likes a good rummage, by the way. During his searching for something of interest, he found an old Vietnam war medic's bag. He held it up and called out to me, "Hey look what I found". I walked over to him with a disturbing movie playing in my head.
I told him the owner of the bag is still attached to it. To which he said, " Yes, I can feel something and I don't like it".

The poor soul was Earth bound and quite distressed. This man was only about 25 years old when he passed on. I started to see him standing in a field waving his arms frantically at a Helicopter as it was taking off. He was yelling "Don't leave me here guys".  The feeling was sickening and very sad. I told him the others can't see him. I could see body bags being loaded on to the helicopter.  I had to explain to him that his physical body was on the helicopter, but his spirit ( the part of him that is alive) is standing on the ground watching the helicopter take off. I had to explain that he isn't in his body any more.

 I told him the date ( October 2010), and that the war has been over since 1975. I explained to him, he is in Canberra, Australia now. I told him that I can help him go to the light.

I must point out this is not the work that I normally do but I can do it. I have a moral obligation to assist souls that are trying to go to the light.

Any way on with the story, I couldn't do the clearance on the bag in the second hand shop. We bought the bag and took it home. I took the bag into the room that I work from. I sat the bag down on the table and called my guides. I lit a candle and some incense and said a prayer for  this man.
I explained all that was happening to him, and what he should do, most of all he needs to keep an open mind to the fact that he has spirit guides too . They were there to help him go home, to the light (Spirit world).

When the spirit being wants to go home it is a quick process. It only took a few minutes. I asked all the wonderful spirit beings that were present to assist this young man, return home. I explained to him, also on his arrival he will need to have healing done to help him adjust to the spirit world dimensions. When a person dies from an injury they especially need holistic healing. The reason for this is to prevent the injury  manifesting his next incarnation as a health problem in the area of the body that had been injured in the previous life.

All went well and when I handed the bag to my husband to see if he could feel anything , he said, no,  he couldn't feel anything. So I handed it to my son and told him what had happened, and if he felt anything to let me know.

There are many souls wandering the world lost, some don't know that they are dead, some souls are Earth bound  for a reason, such as to pass on a message to someone and won't go until they can pass on the message. There are many reasons for these souls being in this situation. A soul can't be forced to go to the light. It will only do so when it wants to. This is to do with the soul's free will.

I feel so sorry for that poor man being stuck in that state of suffering for all those years. It would have been a hellish form of Groundhog day. I wish him well on the other side.

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2010

UPDATE ON THIS: I have been doing a lot of reading over the past 18 months. in regards to "the light". What  made me research this was an article that I read in a magazine. It was saying is there such a thing as a "soul trap". Well I dismissed it for a while, but it started to nag at me.

What I have discovered is in fact a hell of a shock to me. I now have the moral issue of trying to inform people about my findings. Even other psychics and Clairvoyants will be divided on this matter. This is one of the reasons that I urge people to do some research, but also read the Wes Penre papers. They are free on line and can be downloaded as pdf files.

It is a real head spin for me. But now I am thinking what the hell am I to do. If I send a soul into the light, I am putting them back into the system, to be forced back down here to re incarnate instead of going out into the universe/multiverse to seek further spiritual growth, without their free will being manipulated by any tricksters or evil beings. I take my duty of care to people very seriously. I do not want to misinform or mislead any one.

I also worry about all our loved ones that are being pulled into the soul trap/the light. They can leave there at any time if they can find the way out. But and it is a big BUT! there will be loved ones trying to ask the soul or spirit to stay there. Also these entities that created the trap in the first place can shape shift and make the spirit think that they are their loved one begging them to stay. Free will must never be violated, that is why manipulation and downright lies are used. One must be wise to these tricks, but also ask the being, "Do you endorse the divine feminine. That should be a straight forward Yes/No answer. They cant try to rattle of a spiel of mumbo jumbo to confuse you at this point. There is the answer, in that case. If they have to bamboozle you, then you know right there and then it is a trap. Stand your ground and tell them to leave you alone. They must not interfere with a souls free will. It is against cosmic law. Now remember most souls do not know that they are being held in a trap. Their energy is being drained off to feed these evil beings that control humanity.

This has been going on for thousands of years. By the time the soul is allowed to leave this soul trap they are so drained of energy that most do not recover. Why are we never told this? Simple the people at the top of the food chain on this planet are involved in this too. Think about Satanic blood rituals and all that other weird stuff that goes on. Simple. I urge my readers to become better informed of spiritual matters.  I shall try my best to get an article on this subject with links on my blog ASAP.

Light is nothing without unconditional love too, that is very important to remember. When you use spiritual protection please add unconditional love to the exercise too. That added protection is important too.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Recommended reading for Tarot lovers

For those people out there that love Tarot cards, there are many excellent books worth reading.
There are as most of you will know, many hidden symbols and mystical meanings in the Tarot cards. The most intriguing deck are the Rider Waite Smith, this is the basis of all modern decks, and a must for those that wish to delve deeper into the cards. Psychology plays a major part also. I would recommend getting hold of  "Man and his symbols" by Carl J Jung for the psychology side of the tarot. Books by Mary Greer and Rachel Pollack are very good.

Look for books about the history of Tarot and the mythology behind Tarot. The more you delve into the subject the more addictive it becomes. The colours that are used in Tarot cards are as important as the images themselves. As are the numbers of each card. There is a spiritual vibration attached to each card also.

To a non-psychic person the reading the cards the interpretation of the cards is somewhat different but by no means less effective. It all depends on the purpose for the reading  the cards what sort of result or reading  you get. If the enquirer is after an answer to a question like "Will I get the job that I want?" the results are pretty easy to answer. However if the enquirer asks a deep and meaningful question about a situation in their personal life then, this is where a psychic person can see all sorts of issues going on.

When I am doing a reading there are times when it can be quite funny. Odd quirky little things can come up. I tend to say to my client , I am seeing such and such and the client roars with laughter and say , "Oh my God how did you know that or see that?".   It sure makes for a memorable time for both the client and myself.

So as you can see there are many things that can be done with these wonderful little cards. Many people own several decks of cards as there are so many beautiful Tarot decks around. I have a few, but I only use about 2 decks with my clients.

I have one deck in particular that has shadows and all sorts of wonderful little things that trigger my psychic abilities. The deck is called the Mystic Dreamer's tarot by Barbara Moore. I just love these cards so much. They have a nice feminine feel to them. The colours just speak to me they also match the Aquarian deck which are my standard reading deck.

Choosing a deck of tarot cards is a special experience. They seem to call out to you when you browse the cards in a book shop or metaphysical shop. Let your instincts guide you to the correct deck or decks for you.

Copyright by Alex Fulford

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Love my gardening

Now with the onset of summer, I am thrilled to bits to be back out  spending time in my garden. This is the place that I am the happiest. I just love to be close to nature. I am so grateful to have this deep love for nature and gardening in general. Pottering around plants, propagating things, just getting a kick out of watching something grow.

This year the garden is lush and green. We have come out of a long drought with a happy smile. Everything looks so good. Luckily i only planted things that can take the heat and drought.

Roses, Agapanthus, many types of Lavender, Erigeron daisies. Felicia, Hellebore's, Pelargoniums, Abutilon's, Choisia's, Azalea's and many more.

Once one gets the gardening bug that's it. A  wonderful new life opens up. All of my shrubs are ever-green .
My trees are mostly deciduous , except for a couple. The reason for this decision is, that during winter the garden can look stark and bear. So I opted for shrubs that are around the perimeter of the garden to be evergreen. To help with the look of the garden all year round. Trees make a great shade over the hot summer. Which in a Canberra summer is a must. When winter arrives we need the sunlight. I then get a good supply of natural mulch. Yay!

I wanted to create an old world, rambling garden. It has been an evolution over many years. So now it is taking shape just beautifully. Trial and error along the way. The garden has the most tranquil feel to it and people just enjoy being in my garden. That is always a good sign, isn't it. Hubby is quite glad to let me take over the gardening. It isn't his thing anyway. Lucky for me. The birds and Possum's visit all the time, thankfully nothing has been destroyed by the Possums.

I wish that I had a couple of acres of semi woodland surrounding my house. That would be heaven to me.  It is a big job keeping a garden up to speed, eradicating the weeds. Weeds are my pet hate so many have sprung up over the past 3 weeks thanks to all the rain that we have had. Here is hoping that I get it all back to normal before Christmas. I sure know how to make work for myself, between clients, 5 pets, the family and gardening.  Life is always busy for me. Just as well I might get up to mischief, lol.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

This is Sparky my baby dog and Velvet Boy

Educated people avoiding immunisations for children


Gee I wondered just how long it would take people to work this one out, lol.

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Well folks It's not long to go now. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I have all my Christmas cards written out and ready to post. I have started the Christmas shopping. The kids are older now so no big panic to buy toys these days.  I love Christmas, it brings out the big kid in me. This year though,  I am going to keep it simple. I am so over buying things that people may not want or need, A return to simple values at Christmas is well over due. The most important thing at this time of year to me is, being with loved ones and sharing a meal with them. It does not have to be relations, just people that matter to us.

Many people today cannot afford to have Christmas. It is like a return to pre WW2  on a financial level.   Why is it that at Christmas, people start to behave themselves, but go right back to their usual behavior when Christmas is over. It says something about us doesn't it?  Just like spoilt children.

This Christmas we could just keep it simple and just give small gifts to each other. Some people just cannot give expensive gifts as their money is needed to pay bills and feed themselves. The Banks and Retailers are just wanting to get their hands on our hard earned money. Do not fall into the credit card trap, it is going to cause serious problems in the weeks after Christmas. Be sensible and discuss with your loved ones the cost of all this nonsense. Gift vouchers are a good option, especially for young people.

A gift of a home made Christmas Hamper, with quality treats works out cheaper than buying one already made up. I find store bought ones are not value for money, often with things that some people don't eat. Knowing a persons likes and dislikes makes for better value. I make hampers up for older relatives quite often and they love them.

The things that I put into the hampers are usually, Twinings tea bags (10 pack) of 2 different flavours, Shortbread, some Christmas cake (store bought), Nuts and nibbles. Maybe a bottle of wine and a lovely candle. For people that are house bound you might want to put in a couple of magazines. The list is endless. It is knowing what the person likes and things that they don't normally buy for themselves.

Even hand creams, moisturisers, luxury soaps etc, are good   for women. These things don't break the bank and won't leave you broke, paying off the credit card for the rest of the year. Keep Christmas dinner simple too, You don't have to eat until you are feeling sick. Don't buy too much junk food either. buy fruit and some nuts, The fruit markets are cheaper than supermarkets for fruit and veg. It is also a good idea to put money aside each week or each month to put towards Christmas. Try and spend under $1000. Don't fall for all the advertising and marketing hype. These Retailers do not care about you and your family having no money. All they want is to make a big fat profit. Stay right away from credit cards as much as you can.

Just think back 40 years and beyond. How did other people manage. Simple the managed their money better. Of course they didn't have food and consumer goods that cost the Earth. Women knew how to make do and mend. Today we can't do that due to the cost of fabric being so high and cheap clothes that cannot be repaired. Everything is made in China in sweat shops owned by western businesses  people.

It all boils down to being strong enough to stick to a strict budget not just at Christmas, but all year round. If you can't buy it with cash stay away from it. We are all getting too greedy and want way too much. This is something that will come to a crashing halt. The market is not going to hold up much longer. We are coming to the end of a time where mass consumerism was forced on to us, we are being pushed back into a time of poverty and living simpler. This is going to last for many years, so get used to it. Stop wasting  money on things that you don't need. Wanting is not the same a needing . Learn the difference between a luxury and a necessity. Perfume is a luxury item as is jewellery, make up, designer name items such as clothes, handbags and shoes. You are making these people obscenely richer than they deserve. The rest of us have debt, and misery. We truly are creatures of our own making. No one forces us to be greedy, it is a negative quality that we can all be guilty of to some extent.

We do need a lesson on being humble and grateful for what we have. Spare a thought for the homeless and the poor when you do your Christmas shopping. What will they have this Christmas?

Please be sensible and buy responsibly. Even the domestic animals are suffering at this time of year. Some are neglected, unloved and unwanted. They have no voice, they can't say I am hungry, I am thirsty  or I don't feel well. Many pets become homeless at this time of year more than at any other time of year.

I am so glad to know that my hairy children will be safe, well fed and well loved.  We take good care of our little ones every day of their lives. They have more love and shelter than some Humans do.

Please spare a thought for those that are alone at Christmas also. This is a time of year for suicide and depression. Many people are so lonely and sad at this time of year. Check on people that you know are alone and make sure that they are all right. I myself, when I was a child have experienced the sadness of being away from my extended family in a new country. I missed them terribly, it was beyond my control as I was a child. Christmas was never the same for me after that. I am a family person at heart. It was hard on my parents too I musty admit. We did return to Scotland a few times over the years and I did have Christmas and other good times with my relatives. I have many fond memories of a Cold Scottish Christmas as well as hot Australian Christmases.

I am most grateful to have a family of my own now. I appreciate the value of family and friends, I enjoy good company all the time, but especially at Christmas. It is a basic Human right to be loved, to have food to eat and a safe roof over our heads and to have good health. But for some of us it seems to me, that we still have very little time or love for each other, not to mention our very loving and trusting hairy or furry companions on this Earth.

Here is hoping that all of us have a wonderful Christmas for 2010. Lets release the big kid in ourselves and share the magic and the love in our hearts.

Interesting News from the Past.


This is an interesting article. Must read for those of us that care about our fellow Human beings. There are so many people out there trying hard to waken up the people of this world.  Just think of all those Dentists out there shoving this down our throats. By the way are any of you aware that symptoms of Alzheimer's are showing up in people in their 40's now. Research this on the net if you wish.

We are living in enlightened times, I do believe that good will come out of all that is happening in our world.
it is all a matter of time. People must hold positive thoughts and feelings in their hearts, minds and soul's to make this world a better place.

Sunday, 31 October 2010



I used to love Halloween as a kid in Scotland. We do it different to the Americans. For those that don't know by the way, Halloween did not start off in America. It originated in the Celtic culture, but no one knows how far back it started.

Anyway as I was saying, in Scotland the children come around the doors after dark dressed up in their costumes. They carry a bag or sack to hold their goodies in, but instead of saying "Trick or Treat", in my day they used to recite a rhyme. Which ran thus, The sky is blue, the grass is green, please give me my Halloween.  Some children just said, Happy Halloween or such like. The person at the house would then invite the children indoors. The children then entertained the people in the house with a song, a joke, poetry , or what ever they wanted to show the household. The children were then given their treats.

Back in those days you would expect to be given an apple, some nuts in their shells (like peanuts), some little sweets, some sultanas and an orange. This was always quite a happy occasion for the children. They never were ungrateful or out to be mean and nasty to people that didn't participate in the event.
This also marks the start of our winter season in Scotland and Ireland.

I can recall being at Primary school and making Halloween craft items to hang up in the class and craft items to take home to show my parents. This was an exciting time of year for children. A few days later on the 5th of November was Guy Fawkes night. We children would be hoping that it wouldn't rain on the night so that we could see the fireworks.
For a week or two prior to Guy Fawkes night, young boys would be busy making a "Guy" effigy to burn on the big night. They would wheel the Guy around in a wheel barrow through the streets and shout "penny for the Guy". If they were lucky the local folk would give them some loose change to save for fireworks for the big night.
The atmosphere at this time of year is one of excitement and mystery. I have many fond memories of these days. Old traditions that I hold dear to this day. The other thing that made this event fun was the cold dark afternoons and nights. The ice on the footpaths and fog depending on the weather over the week. Most deffinatley after the 5th of November the weather began to get even colder. which brings more ice and then the snow.Not fun for adults but it sure is for kids.
Our Celtic culture is still strong to this day and we still pass on stories word of mouth to each generation in turn. Even when we have moved overseas there is still a part of us Celts that we bring with us to new lands.

It is all part of lifes rich tapestry my friends. We all love to hear stories of years gone by but how many of us stop to think where did it all start.

The link that I have added here may help to shed some light on that. I hope that you all find this interesting and entertaining.

Copyright by Alex Fulford  2010

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Astrology Info


This is a list of useful books & CD-ROM for those who wish to study Astrology.

These are recommended by  my friend Prof David Christensen PhD, Astrologer

Dr Liz Green Horoscope in manifestation psychology & prediction

ISBN 9781900869164 $37

Useful for knowledge of Jungian psychology

The only way to do Astrology series 1-5

By Marion March & Joan McEvers

ISBN 9780935127614 $28.99

Robert Hand

Horoscope Symbols $46

Planets & Symbols $38

Planets in Transit $58

These books are good for the technical knowledge

CD ROM Solar-Fire Verse 4 & 5

Astrology software $400 to $500 each

These come with research programme, printout of Charts etc. designed by Stephanie Johnson

Useful Stuff; my little hand out to clients

This is what I handout to clients that visit me for a reading.












Incense sticks to use in cleansing and protecting: Dragons blood, Sandalwood, White Sage, Nag Champa,Frankincense or a White Sage smudging stick. You can buy these in Health Food shops, New Age shops, The Hierophant at Griffith shops(Barker St Griffith) Even E-Bay. Remember that it is the intention behind what you are doing that makes it powerful. It must always be done for the higher good and with unconditional love.

For Crystals all you really need is Clear Quarts, Rose Quarts and Amethyst as your basics.

A good shop for these crystals is The Hierophant at Griffith shops, or The mystic Crystal at Gold Creek shops. As far as I know there aren’t any other place in Canberra to buy Crystals. The Gem show at

Exhibition Park is the other option, you need to keep an eye out for the next Gem show.

If you read the Tarot cards a Clear Quarts Crystal wand is good to cleanse the cards with after doing a reading. You may also be attracted to other Crystals for other reasons too. It is said that the Crystal chooses us. Remember to cleanse your Crystals regularly to get rid of bad energy that is stored on them.

Remember to Gold-light the room that you work in daily to cleanse the energy. You don’t want to have a buildup of bad energy. You should also ground and attune yourself and Gold light yourself too.

There are many books out on the market, basically to make money. You don't really need them. There is plenty info on the internet to learn from. The best advice one can get comes from within your own heart. You do not need a middle man. The only spirit beings one should communicate with are loved ones only. They are connected to you via your soul group. stay right away from so called ascended masters etc. They are not who you think they are. If you read the Wes Penre web site or read up on the Gnostics it is self explanatory.

For those interested in Astrology I recommend Linda Goodman books and; Suzanne White (suzannewhite.com) see the attached sheet on studying Astrology too. I would say if you are serious about this study, then you need to get in touch with Dr Louis Turi.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to look after your body. Your chakras are your energy centers in the body. I urge you to read up on them and have someone reputable check yours for you, if you are unsure how to do it yourself. There is no quick fix solution with this, but keeping them in tune prevents illness. We must all learn how to avoid creating the imbalances that occur in our bodies energy field.

That is easier said than done, but it all starts with the way we all think that creates the illness or imbalance in our bodies. 

Barbra Ann Brenan is a Scientist, turned healer. She used to work for NASA many years ago, now

She is a healer with many books to her credit. Get to know her on her website too.

A good book worth buying if you wish to learn about your Chakra’s is ,The complete idiots guide to the Chakras by Betsy Rippentrop and; Eve Adamson ISBN: 97815 92578986 $26.95.

Please check my blog from time to time. I try to put new stuff on it when I can. Having a busy home life though, I don’t always get to do what I would like to do on my blog.

PS:  Latley I just have been so busy, that I have not had time to re print this 6 page handout ,so I have put it  on my blog for people to sift thorough  and print off if they wish.

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2010

How to Gold Light a room

Say the following in your mind.

I am drawing down pure golden light from the Universe/Cosmos, down into this room.

I am flooding this room with pure golden light, from floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

I am now removing all dis-ease and negativity from this room. I am sending it with love

out into the Universe to be turned into pure golden light.

I am now drawing down more pure golden light from the Universe to replace all the

dis-ease and negativity that was in this room.

I am now placing a big protective bubble around this room . This bubble will hold in all

the pure golden light. This bubble will also allow more pure golden light from the universe to entre

this room. This bubble will repel all dis-ease and negativity lovingly back out into the

Universe to be turned into pure golden light.

Any dis-ease or negativity that is still in the room can now leave the room, guided by love

out into the Universe to be turned into pure golden light.

This room is now sealed and protected by the light.

By my will so may it be may it be.

Peace Love and Light

How to Ground and Attune Yourself

First sit quietly in a chair, with your back straight.

Close your eyes & empty your mind of all the goings on of the day.

Rest your hands on your lap, palms facing up the way.

This is the standard position to receive Spirit.

Now the next step is take 3 deep breaths in & out.

Next , visualize a little mini version of yourself sitting in the Lotus

Position inside your head & facing the front.

Say the following words in your mind.

Little mini –me sitting in the Central position inside my head & sitting in the

Lotus position facing the front. I am now moving my mini- me down the glass straw

(meridian core) inside my head down into the Head Chakra, from the Head Chakra,

I am moving my mini-me further down the glass straw down into the Throat Chakra.

From the Throat Chakra I am moving my mini-me down the glass straw to the Heart Chakra.

From the Heart Chakra I am moving my mini-me further down the glass straw, down into the

Solar Chakra, from the Solar Chakra I am now moving my mini-me down the glass straw to

The Sacral Chakra. From the Sacral Chakra I am moving my mini-me further down the glass

Straw to the Bass Chakra. From the Base Chakra I am moving my mini-me all the way down

The glass straw between my legs down to the Star Chakra, between my ankles. From the Star Chakra

I am now moving my mini-me down the glass straw deep into the Earth Chakra 30cm beneath my feet.

I am now drawing up into my mini-me, rainbow coloured, sparkly, Earth energy. Lots of Earth energy

Drawn up into my mini-me. I am now bringing my little mini-me back up the glass straw. All the way

Up into the Star Chakra between my ankles, & pausing for a moment. I am now moving my mini-me

All the way up the glass straw between my legs up to the Base Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw to the Sacral Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw again up to the Solar Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw up to the Heart Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw to the Throat Chakra, pausing for a moment.

I am now moving my mini-me up the glass straw to the head Chakra, pausing for a moment.

From the head Chakra I am moving my mini-me up through the central position & out through

The top of my head, cascading this rainbow coloured, sparkly Earth energy down and around my entire

Body & Aura. From head to toe, & in full circumference of my entire body & Aura.

(pause here a moment)

I am now drawing my mini-me back inside my head to the central position, & dissolving it. I am

Now grounded & attuned.

So may it be, Amen.

The more you do this grounding the better you will get at remembering it. Please remember it is

The intention behind what you are saying & doing that makes this powerful.

Have you ever wondered about Religious pictures, with the person holding their hands out

& their palms facing up. This is how you receive spirit. The left hand works like

an antenna to receive, the right hand is to give. We are all connected to each other & to God.

This cannot be broken ever. As we are all part of the Devine Spirit.

The power of prayer is very strong & should never be under estimated. Please remember

The Law of Cause & Effect also. It is very powerful also, with a 3 fold effect. Three is an important

number spiritually, as in the Trinity but it goes much deeper than that.

Do some work on the internet, keep an open mind & don’t accept everything at face value.

If not sure about something check out other sources until satisfied.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Change of colours going on

Hi Folks please be patient with the constant change of colours going on. I had a bit of a slip of the keys accident and am trying to put my colours and layout back to normal. I just can't remember how to do it, lol.
At the same time I am painting my bathroom and doing a million and one other things.

Thank you for understanding. I am technology challenged, lol.

Friday, 10 September 2010

September is going fast

Here we are in the second week of September already. Where has all the time gone. I have been head down bum up for the past few weeks, but don't seem to be getting anywhere. I expect everyone is feeling the same.
Soon it will be time for the silly season. I usually start my Christmas shopping at the end of October. Suddenly I feel that there isn't much time left. Back on that tread mill of preparing for that one day of the year. Utter madness, but every year we do the same old routine. I love Christmas, but I just can't take all the stress of shopping for gifts that people don't really need or want. It would be nice if we kept it all simple and just enjoy the good company and share a nice meal. Life is never that simple though is it. 

Any way, at least there is advanced warning, starting with the warm weather returning. Getting out of doors and spending time in the garden, or just getting out in the sunshine. Spring always makes me happy. I feel alive and bursting with energy. I already have the garden whipped into shape. No weed is safe in my yard.
As soon as I spot one I am on to it with a garden fork plucking it out. Not exactly Don Burke, but I do love my garden.

I hope all my readers enjoy the spring when it finally arrives. True Spring doesn't start until the Spring Equinox on 23rd of September. Then we can enjoy the delights of the season.

Don't forget Floriade 2010,  This years theme is "Imagination"  Opening on Sat 11th Sept and closing on Sunday  10th October. Check them out on Facebook too. I can't wait to go there. I love watching the people out enjoying themselves with smiles on their faces.

Monday, 19 July 2010


Trust is a gift, not just any gift it is a special gift, given by one individual to another. It is not a thing to give away lightly. Once you give it to someone you can't take it back again. If that other person doesn't value that trust then that is a betrayal of trust. Too many people abuse this gift every day without thinking of the cause and effect of the deed. Everything we do on this Earth has cause and effect attached to it. This is the law of the Universe.  It's just the way it is. We must think carefully before we take any action that we might later wish to retract. It makes no difference if it is a positive (good) action or a negative (bad) action. Some people believe that we choose or responses, however some situations only allow scope for limited response.
Both may be quite valid, knowing wisely which option is the trick.
Bear in mind that the other person may deliberately limit you scope for a response to suit their agenda. Therefor you are playing into their hands just as they planned all along.

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2010

The Irish Holocaust


This is something new to me. I had heard of the great potato famine in the 1840's. But today I was just trolling the net, as one does and came across Jim Corr's blog. So I went in and had a look. This story of the Irish needs to come out.

I just pray for a better world for all of us to share in love and peace. Never under estimate the power of prayer. It is very real, keep loving thoughts in your heart when you pray. Never allow a negative thought to enter your mind when praying. This energy is picked up in the spirit world. They understand the power of intention all too well. We create our own reality by the way we think. Negative or positive it  is all Spiritual energy. The Law of attraction is at work here. Like attracts like.

Every prayer is heard,(unlike some people believe). We are all connected to God and that link can never, ever be broken. Do not listen to anyone but yourself on this matter. A minister or priest has no more power than you do. That is a spiritual fact. When people are praying in church, they actually open the crown chakra,
this spiritual energy is amplified as there are many people in the building giving of this energy at the same time. That is a lot of spiritual power right there. The Church leaders are well aware of this fact. That is why it is important to them to keep the people enslaved by their rules. You do not need a priest or minister to act as the go-between, between you and God. We are all part of the Divine. The churches have taken from the people of this world something that they do not have the right to. Self empowerment is something that they fear in the general public.  The reason being they would be out of a job. So you see they have to keep up
with the game. You on the other hand don't, there is nothing they can do unless you give away your sovereign power as a child of the Divine.

There is a reason for the saying "Be careful what you wish for". There is always a price to pay for what we do on this Earth. Don't make it harder for yourself that it needs to be please.

By everyone praying for the truth to come out and asking for God's help good will come out of this. People need to heal from all this suffering. The dead want to have their say too. God created the Psychic abilities in all of us,to help bridge the gap between both worlds. These poor souls are not at rest, they need to have their story told, the truth. This will never heal until the dead are honoured.

Our world leaders both in Church and Politics know that time is running out, that is why things are more
turbulent. As we move into the new age, the spiritual power that God is sending to us will reveal all these evil doers for what they are. Trust me on this.

I wish to say thank you, to all the brave souls out in this world of ours for having the courage to fight for Humanity at this time. Please be aware that there definitely are what we call "Light-workers", thousands of them this very moment praying and channeling the higher spirits to help lift the vibrations on this planet. Negative energy cannot withstand the higher energies that are being channeled to us from the spirit world.
The energy frequency has to be an equal match for the heavier negative energy to continue to work its evil.

By lifting our thoughts and mental attitude to this fact we will overcome the difficulties that we are living with.
This understanding is a slow realisation on an individual basis, as each person makes this connection to the realities of what is happening on Earth. It is not a quick fix for all. But we all have to go through this Spiritual evolution sooner than later. It is the way God has made us.   

 May God bless you all, and keep you safe

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Rest in peace Sparky, our velvet boy.

On 19th May 2010, our beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Sparky was put to sleep. It was a very sad day for our family. Sparky was only 12 years old which is not old per say for a Jack Russell. Poor little Sparky had a heart condition that got progressivly worse over the past 2 months.He had been just diagnosed with the condition  two months ago. It happened suddenly, and he just went down hill so quickly in that two months. Sparky was the most loving little dog, so trusting, and a family member. We miss him so much.

Our Vet, Dr Chris Anderson at Wanniassa Hills Vet Clinic has been the most wonderful help and comfort to us in our time of need. I couldn't wish for a better Vet to take care of Sparky and all of our little ones. Chris was amazed at the strength that Sparky had in him right to the end. There was a mutual respect for each other.  Sparky, I must say, never had a days illness in his life up until this Heart condition was diagnosed. 
All of our cats, and our other dog are missing Sparky. They understand what is going on and offer us kisses, when we are sad.
I had the most amazing Spiritual experience at the time of Sparky's passing, But I wont disclose that here as it is a private matter for the family only. The reason I call Sparky my velvet boy, is because his ears are so soft like velvet and I always used to play with them. He didn't seem to mind me playing with his ears. 

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2010

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Number of the Beast

This is a quick note on the 666, number of the beast. Pay no attention to all the hog wash that you hear on the media about this. there is no such thing. As for 2012 being the end of the world according to some. It's the same deal. Remember 1999 and nothing happened. 2012 is the begining of a new age simple as that.
Back to the 666 rubbish, Crystalinks is a website that I have been a fan of from the beginning. What this lady doesn't know isn't worth knowing. I cant speak highly enough of her.


Also look at websites about Numerology too  and happy hunting :)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A word on Barbara A Brennan

Barbara Ann Brennan is a Psychotherapist, Healer and former research scientist for NASA.

She wrote a book called Hands of Light, Bantam New age Books 1987 (ISBN 0-553-34539-7). This book is a must have for anyone learning or practicing any healing modality. It is not cheap but it is well worth the money. You may be able to borrow it from your local library. The illustrations in her book are quite amazing.

Check out her website below.

Also have a look at the blurb on Wikipedia on her.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ciro Marchetti

Ciro Marchetti is an English artist  and designer of Tarot cards and Oracle cards. Born in England but now lives in the USA with a highly successful business. Some of his designs relate to Rider Waite Smith Tarot.

You realy must check out his website to see the amazing art work  that he creates. I have a deck of his Dream Cards on order. I can't wait for them to arrive.

His cards are highly sought after. A friend of mine bought a set of the first edition of the Dream cards. The last pack in the  first edition sold for $US480 on EBAY. What a nice little nest egg to own huh.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sudden Vision that I had

Last Thursday morning I was driving to the shops, when suddenly I had a vision. In a split second I saw a coffin draped with the Australian flag. It was gone in the blink of an eye. I shuddered and wondered what all that was about, as you do. Then to my shock a few days later I went to read my e-mails and read Google news.  I saw the news item of 2 Australian Pilots killed in Darwin at 10am on Monday at the RAAF base.
You can see this item on ABC news.com.au.

I don't get visions too often but when I do I make a note of the date and the time. I like to keep record of these things.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Butterflies or as I like to call them flying flowers, one of nature's most beautiful gifts to the world. They are not just pretty to look at they also have a spiritual meaning. Some people believe that they are the soul of a loved one that has come to say "Hello", after they have passed over.
More and more people are experiencing this nowadays and quite openly talk about it. I have started a collection of Butterfly brooches about 3 years ago. I just seem to be attracted to them and dragonfly brooches.
I am glad to see that there is a resurgence of costume jewellery. I just love to wear these pretty butterflies as often as I can. People often comment on them.

I tell people who are interested in knowing, the butterfly is a symbol of re-birth, renewal, transformation or transcendence. Other spiritual messengers are birds that may come to your window or door. You will know at the time by instinct when you have a visit from a loved one in spirit, no matter what form they choose to come and visit you. Just have faith that this little messenger  is who you think it is. The first person that comes to mind is the correct one. They are visiting you to let you know that they love you and to let you know that they are happy where they are surrounded by love.

Monday, 1 March 2010

The Green Man

The Green man is an ancient pagan deity of the seasons. Popular in Celtic culture as well as other cultures. Not a lot of information is found on the Green man. He is thought to be the rebirth of spring every year, where all new life begins. Buildings often have carvings of the Green man but no-one really knows the full reason for this deity to be carved on buildings other than as a blessing an protection.

In Britain there are spring festivals that have variations of the Green Man which vary a little in each region. He is also part of the May Queen celebrations. In recent times Pagans enjoy celebrating the ancient seasonal traditions.

The foliage around his face is usually Oak leaves and Acorns, Ivy, Mistletoe and Holly.
The meaning of the Oak tree in Celtic tradition is wisdom, strength, prophecy and divination.
Ivy is for eternal life, faith (fidelity) Ivy also represents female energy.
Mistletoe is for protection, love and visionary ability.
Holly is for dream magic, wisdom and courage and healing of subtle bodies. Holly also represents male energy.
The Green man is sometimes associated with Jack-in-the Green in English pagan festivals.

UPDATE:  It is a while since this blog post was written, but I have more information to share about the Green Man/Pan. The answer to who the Green Man/Pan really is, is something that I had no idea about at the time. After extensive reading and many authors later, I believe that this character is none other than En-Ki. It is just one of many names that he is disguised under all over the planet.  This is basically the same deal with all our mythical characters. It kind of detracts from the wonderful mythology stories when all is exposed by the light of truth. Nothing is ever what it seems to be on the surface. And that my friends is the whole story of human existence in a nut shell.

I strongly recommend that people read the  Wes Penre Papers, to get the full low down on all of out world history, and mythology. Do be prepared for startling revelations. I think the human race is long over due for the truth. After that we can create our own world and reality as per the individuals desires. You are what you think you are, as we are all creating our own reality as we think, speak and act.  We are all mature enough as a species to move forward and proclaim our human sovereignty.
That is something that we have never been told about nor taught. It is now time to do so. There is much on the internet about Human Sovereignty and what it means. You must ask the question why were we not told about this and whom does it benefit,for us to be kept in the dark about our basic rights and as the custodians of mother earth and our own being?

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Noetic Science

I expect that many people are reading the new Dan Brown novel. I have just read it. Dan talks about Noetic Science in this book. Like many people I had never heard of this. So like an eager beaver, I "googled" it only to find this website. You can click on it here to learn all about this wonderful subject. http://www.noetic.org/index.cfm. Being psychic I don't need proof of the spirit world's existence as I live with it. Many people though are skeptical of the spirit world's existence. Some have a fear of leaving this world, believing that when we die that we just cease to exist. Nothing can be further from the truth. Thanks to these dedicated scientists proof is at hand for those who do not accept the spirit world is real. They have the technology to pick up the energy exchange whilst a healer is giving healing to a patient. They can also measure our bodies electromagnetic field (aura).
Put aside any pre-conceived ideas that you may have and keep an open mind.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Saint Kentigern also known as St Mungo

St Kentigern or St Mungo is yet another Saint venerated by the Scots. Bishop, founder of the See of Glasgow, b. about 518; d. at Glasgow, 13 January, 603. His mother Thenaw was daughter of a British prince, Lothus (from whom the province of Lothian was called); his father's name is unknown. According to Jocelyn's life of Kentigern, the saint was born at Culross in Fife, and brought up until manhood by St. Serf (or Servanus) at his monastery there; but Skene shows that this connection between the two saints involves an anachronism, as St. Serf really belongs to the following century. At the age of twenty-five we find Kentigern (the name means "head chief", but he was popularly known as Mungo — in Cymric, Mwyn-gu, or "dear one"), beginning his missionary labours at Cathures, on the Clyde, the site of modern Glasgow. The Christian King of Strathclyde, Roderick Hael, welcomed the saint, and procured his consecration as bishop, which took place about 540. For some thirteen years he laboured in the district, living a most austere life in a cell at the confluence of the Clyde and the Molendinar, and making many converts by his holy example and his preaching. A large community grew up around him, became known as "Clasgu" (meaning the "dear family") and ultimately grew into the town and city of Glasgow. About 553 a strong anti-Christian movement in Strathclyde compelled Kentigern to leave the district, and he retired to Wales, staying for a time with St. David at Menevia, and afterwards founding a large monastery at Llanelwy, now St. Asaph's, of which he appointed the holy monk Asaph superior in succession to himself. In 573 the battle of Arthuret secured the triumph of the Christian cause in Cumbria, and Kentigern, at the earnest appeal of King Roderick, returned thither, accompanied by many of his Welsh disciples. For eight years he fixed his see at Hoddam in Dumfriesshire, evangelizing thence the districts of Galloway and Cumberland. About 581 he finally returned to Glasgow, and here, a year or two later, he was visited by St. Columba, who was at that time labouring in Strathtay. The two saints embraced, held long converse, and exchanged their pastoral staves. Kentigern was buried on the spot where now stands the beautiful cathedral dedicated in his honour. His remains are said still to rest in the crypt. His festival is kept throughout Scotland on 13 January. The Bollandists have printed a special mass for this feast, dating from the thirteenth century.

Saint Ninian

From Catholic Encyclopedia


Bishop and confessor; date of birth unknown; died about 432; the first Apostle of Christianity in Scotland. The earliest account of him is in Bede (Hist. Eccles., III, 4): "the southern Picts received the true faith by the preaching of Bishop Ninias, a most reverend and holy man of the British nation, who had been regularly instructed at Rome in the faith and mysteries of the truth; whose episcopal see, named after St. Martin the Bishop, and famous for a church dedicated to him (wherein Ninias himself and many other saints rest in the body), is now in the possession of the English nation. The place belongs to the province of the Bernicians and is commonly called the White House [Candida Casa], because he there built a church of stone, which was not usual amongst the Britons". The facts given in this passage form practically all we know of St. Ninian's life and work.

The most important later life, compiled in the twelfth century by St. Ælred, professes to give a detailed account founded on Bede and also on a "liber de vita et miraculis eius" (sc. Niniani) "barbarice scriptus", but the legendary element is largely evident. He states, however, that while engaged in building his church at Candida Casa, Ninian heard of the death of St. Martin and decided to dedicate the building to him. Now St. Martin died about 397, so that the mission of Ninian to the southern Picts must have begun towards the end of the fourth century. St. Ninian founded at Whithorn a monastery which became famous as a school of monasticism within a century of his death; his work among the southern Picts seems to have had but a short lived success. St. Patrick, in his epistle to Coroticus, terms the Picts "apostates", and references to Ninian's converts having abandoned Christianity are found in Sts. Columba and Kentigern. The body of St. Ninian was buried in the church at Whithorn (Wigtownshire), but no relics are now known to exist. The "Clogrinny", or bell of St. Ringan, of very rough workmanship, is in the Antiquarian Museum at Edinburgh

Saint Columba

St Columba is another Scottish & Irish Saint.Below is the blurb on him from the Catholic Encyclopedea.

Abbot of Iona, b. at Garten, County Donegal, Ireland, 7 December, 521; d. 9 June, 597. He belonged to the Clan O'Donnell, and was of royal descent. His father's name was Fedhlimdh and that of his mother Eithne. On his father's side he was great-great-grandson of Niall of the Nine Hostages, an Irish king of the fourth century. His baptismal name was Colum, which signifies a dove, hence the latinized form Columba. It assumes another form in Colum-cille, the suffix meaning "of the Churches". He was baptized at Tulach-Dubhglaise, now Temple-Douglas, by a priest named Cruithnechan, who afterwards became his tutor or foster-father. When sufficiently advanced in letters he entered the monastic school of Moville under St. Finnian who had studied at St. Ninian's "Magnum Monasterium" on the shores of Galloway. Columba at Moville monastic life and received the diaconate. In the same place his sanctity first manifested itself by miracles. By his prayers, tradition says, he converted water into wine for the Holy Sacrifice (Adam., II, i). Having completed his training at Moville, he travelled southwards into Leinster, where he became a pupil of an aged bard named Gemman. On leaving him, Columba entered the monastery of Clonard, governed at that time by Finnian, a remarkable, like his namesake of Moville, for sanctity and learning. Here he imbibed the traditions of the Welsh Church, for Finnian had been trained in the schools of St. David. Here also he became one those twelve Clonard disciples known in subsequent history as the Twelve Apostles of Ireland. About this same time he was promoted to the priesthood by Bishop Etchen of Clonfad. The story that St. Finnian wished Columba to be consecrated bishop, but through a mistake only priest's orders were conferred, is regarded by competent authorities as the invention of a later age (Reeves, Adam., 226). Another preceptor of Columba was St. Mobhi, whose monastery at Glasnevin was frequented by such famous men as St. Canice, St. Comgall, and St. Ciaran. A pestilence which devastated Ireland in 544 caused the dispersion of Mobhi's disciples, and Columba returned to Ulster, the land of his kindred. The following years were marked by the foundation of several important monasteries, Derry, Durrow, and Kells. Derry and Durrow were always specially dear to Columba. While at Derry it is said that he planned a pilgrimage to Rome and Jerusalem, but did not proceed farther than Tours. Thence he brought a copy of those gospels that had lain on the bosom of St. Martin for the space of 100 years. This relic was deposited in Derry (Skene, Celtic Scotland, II, 483). Columba left Ireland and passed over into Scotland in 563. The motives for this migration have been frequently discussed. Bede simply says: "Venit de Hibernia . . . praedicaturus verbum Dei" (H. E., III, iv); Adarnnan: "pro Christo perigrinari volens enavigavit" (Praef., II). Later writers state that his departure was due to the fact that he had induced the clan Neill to rise and engage in battle against King Diarmait at Cooldrevny in 561. The reasons alleged for this action of Columba are: (1) The king's violation of the right of sanctuary belonging to Columba's person as a monk on the occasion of the murder of Prince Curnan, the saint's kinsman; (2) Diarmait's adverse judgment concerning the copy Columba had secretly made of St. Finnian's psalter. Columba is said to have supported by his prayers the men of the North who were fighting while Finnian did the same for Diarmait's men. The latter were defeated with a loss of three thousand. Columba's conscience smote him, and he had recourse to his confessor, St. Molaise, who imposed this severe penance: to leave Ireland and preach the Gospel so as to gain as many souls to Christ as lives lost at Cooldrevny, and never more to look upon his native land. Some writers hold that these are legends invented by the bards and romancers of a later age, because there is no mention of them by the earliest authorities (O'Hanlon, Lives of the Ir. Saints, VI, 353). Cardinal Moran accepts no other motive than that assigned by Adamnan, "a desire to carry the Gospel to a pagan nation and to win souls to God". (Lives of Irish Saints in Great Britain, 67). Archbishop Healy, on the contrary, considers that the saint did incite to battle, and exclaims: "O felix culpa . . . which produced so much good both for Erin and Alba (Schools and Scholars, 311). Iona Columba was in his forty-fourth year when he departed from Ireland. He and his twelve companions crossed the sea in a currach of wickerwork covered with hides. They landed at Iona on the eve of Pentecost, 12 May, 563. The island, according to Irish authorities, was granted to the monastic colonists by King Conall of Dalriada, Columba's kinsman. Bede attributes the gift to the Picts (Fowler, p. lxv). It was a convenient situation, being midway between his countrymen along the western coast and the Picts of Caledonia. He and his brethren proceeded at once to erect their humble dwellings, consisting of a church, refectory, and cells, constructed of wattles and rough planks. After spending some years among the Scots of Dalriada, Columba began the great work of his life, the conversion of the Northern Picts. Together with St. Comgall and St. Canice (Kenneth) he visited King Brude in his royal residence near Inverness. Admittance was refused to the missionaries, and the gates were closed and bolted, but before the sign of the cross the bolts flew back, the doors stood open, and the monks entered the castle. Awe-struck by so evident a miracle, the king listened to Columba with reverence; and was baptized. The people soon followed the example set them, and thus was inaugurated a movement that extended itself to the whole of Caledonia. Opposition was not wanting, and it came chiefly from the Druids, who officially represented the paganism of the nation. The thirty-two remaining years of Columba's life were mainly spent in preaching the Christian Faith to the inhabitants of the glens and wooded straths of Northern Scotland. His steps can be followed not only through the Great Glen, but eastwards also, into Aberdeenshire. The "Book of Deer" (p. 91) tells us how he and Drostan came, as God had shown them to Aberdour in Buchan, and how Bede, a Pict, who was high steward of Buchan, gave them the town in freedom forever. The preaching of the saint was confirmed by many miracles, and he provided for the instruction of his converts by the erection of numerous churches and monasteries. One of his journeys brought him to Glasgow, where he met St. Mungo, the apostle of Strathclyde. He frequently visited Ireland; in 570 he attended the synod of Drumceatt, in company with the Scottish King Aidan, whom shortly before he had inaugurated successor of Conall of Dalriada. When not engaged in missionary journeys, he always resided at Iona. Numerous strangers sought him there, and they received help for soul and body. From Iona he governed those numerous communities in Ireland and Caledonia, which regarded him as their father and founder. This accounts for the unique position occupied by the successors of Columba, who governed the entire province of the Northern Picts although they had received priest's orders only. It was considered unbecoming that any successor in the office of Abbot of Iona should possess a dignity higher than of the founder. The bishops were regarded as being of a superior order, but subject nevertheless to the jurisdiction of the abbot. At Lindisfarne the monks reverted to the ordinary law and were subject to a bishop (Bede, H.E., xxvii). Columba is said never to have spent an hour without study, prayer, or similar occupations. When at home he was frequently engaged in transcribing. On the eve of his death he was engaged in the work of transcription. It is stated that he wrote 300 books with his own hand, two of which, "The Book of Durrow" and the psalter called "The Cathach", have been preserved to the present time. The psalter enclosed in a shrine, was originally carried into battle by the O'Donnells as a pledge of victory. Several of his compositions in Latin and Irish have come down to us, the best known being the poem "Altus Prosator", published in the "Liber Hymnorum", and also in another form by the late Marquess of Bute. There is not sufficient evidence to prove that the rule attributed to him was really his work. In the spring of 597 he knew that his end was approaching. On Saturday, 8 June, he ascended the hill overlooking his monastery and blessed for the last time the home so dear to him. That afternoon he was present at Vespers, and later, when the bell summoned the community to the midnight service, he forestalled the others and entered the church without assistance. But he sank before the altar, and in that place breathed forth his soul to God, surrounded by his disciples. This happened a little after midnight between the 8th and 9th of June, 597. He was in the seventy-seventh year of his age. The monks buried him within the monastic enclosure. After the lapse of a century or more his bones were disinterred and placed within a suitable shrine. But as Northmen and Danes more than once invaded the island, the relics of St. Columba were carried for purposes of safety into Ireland and deposited in the church of Downpatrick. Since the twelfth century history is silent regarding them. His books and garments were held in veneration at Iona, they were exposed and carried in procession, and were the means of working miracles (Adam., II, xlv). His feast is kept in Scotland and Ireland on the 9th of June. In the Scottish Province of st Andrews and Edinburgh there is a Mass and Office proper to the festival, which ranks as a double of the second class with an octave. He is patron of two Scottish dioceses Argyle and the Isles and Dunkeld. According to tradition St. Columba was tall and of dignified mien. Adamnan says: "He was angelic in appearance, graceful in speech, holy in work" (Praef., II). His voice was strong, sweet, and sonorous capable at times of being heard at a great distance. He inherited the ardent temperament and strong passions of his race. It has been sometimes said that he was of an angry and vindictive spirit not only because of his supposed part in the battle of Cooldrevny but also because of irritant related by Adamnan (II, xxiii sq.) But the deeds that roused his indignation were wrongs done to others, and the retribution that overtook the perpetrators was rather predicted than actually invoked. Whatever faults were inherent in his nature he overcame and he stands before the world conspicuous for humility and charity not only towards has brethren, but towards strangers also. He was generous and warm-hearted, tender and kind even to dumb creatures. He was ever ready to sympathize with the joys and sorrows of others. His fasts and vigils were carried to a great extent. The stone pillow on which he slept is said to be still preserved in Iona. His chastity of body and purity of mind are extolled by all his biographers. Notwithstanding his wonderful austerities, Adamnan assures us he was beloved by all, "for a holy joyousness that ever beamed from his countenance revealed the gladness with which the Holy Spirit filled his soul". (Praef., II.) Influence, and attitude towards Rome He was not only a great missionary saint who won a whole kingdom to Christ, but he was a statesman, a scholar, a poet, and the founder of numerous churches and monasteries. His name is dear to Scotsmen and Irishmen alike. And because of his great and noble work even non-Catholics hold his memory in veneration. For the purposes of controversy it has been maintained some that St. Columba ignored papal supremacy, because he entered upon his mission without the pope's authorization. Adamnan is silent on the subject; but his work is neither exhaustive as to Columba's life, nor does it pretend to catalogue the implicit and explicit belief of his patron. Indeed, in those days a mandate from the pope was not deemed essential for the work which St. Columba undertook. This may be gathered from the words of St. Gregory the Great, relative to the neglect of the British clergy towards the pagan Saxons (Haddan and Stubbs, III, 10). Columba was a son of the Irish Church, which taught from the days of St. Patrick that matters of greater moment should be referred to the Holy See for settlement. St. Columbanus, Columba's fellow-countryman and fellow-churchman, asked for papal judgment (judicium) on the Easter question; so did the bishops and abbots of Ireland. There is not the slightest evidence to prove that St. Columba differed on this point from his fellow-countrymen. Moreover, the Stowe Missal, which, according to the best authority, represents the Mass of the Celtic Church during the early part of the seventh century, contains in its Canon prayers for the pope more emphatic than even those of the Roman Liturgy. To the further objection as to the supposed absence of the cultus of Our Lady, it may be pointed out that the same Stowe Missal contains before its Canon the invocation "Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis", which epitomizes all Catholic devotion to the Blessed Virgin. As to the Easter difficulty Bede thus sums up the reasons for the discrepancy: "He [Columba] left successors distinguished for great charity, Divine love, and strict attention to the rules of discipline following indeed uncertain cycles in the computation of the great festival of Easter, because, far away as they were out of the world, no one had supplied them with the synodal decrees relating to the Paschal observance" (H.E., III, iv). As far as can be ascertained no proper symbolical representation of St. Columba exists. The few attempts that have been made are for the most part mistaken. A suitable pictorial representation would exhibit him, clothed in the habit and cowl usually worn by the Basilian or Benedictine monks, with Celtic tonsure and crosier. His identity could be best determined by showing him standing near the shell-strewn shore, with currach hard by, and the Celtic cross and ruins of Iona in the background.