Monday, 21 January 2019

Lost Land Of The Lizard People

Very interesting reading. I have never read any David Icke stuff for the record.
But I am very aware of the reptilian ET's as would most people that read my blog.

I am just not into banging on about them, yes they exist as to many other ET races, including us.  All I am saying is read and keep an open mind.

What you are reading is not anything new. There is nothing new on this earth, it only is coming back into public knowledge because it is time. What was common knowledge 5 thousand years ago is only just resurfacing. 

Everything old is new again, because the planet works on cycles or ages, Astrological cycles.  This age though is taking us a giant step forward.

Trump is pushing the military to get ready to fight in space, but the US Army is worried about fighting underground CHRISTOPHER WOODY AUG 10, 2018, 6:47 AM

OK, This is just freaky. What are the implications here?  I have read some really weird shit on the internet about this sort of warfare  and military men that have been on black Op's  ending up homeless and with mental health issues.

Something dark is going on but I won't get into that. People can do their own Googling and find things out for themselves.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Exposing Earth's Covert Controllers: The Archons by R M Stanley

I posted this link right at the end of the last post, however some people will have read the post before I found this. I have a similar blog article else where on the blog relating to mental health and entities.  This is from 216

Saturday, 19 January 2019

A Word of warning

There are people advocating a mass meditation this weekend an 20th and 21st, 2019.
I strongly feel this can be quite harmful, and any one that reads my blog should be very well aware that mass events are used by dark entities, such as dark ET's and their human counterparts on earth in the physical world for energy harvesting.

These individuals need your permission and consent to do this and at the same time keep the masses ignorant to the true intentions. Cosmic law dictates that the truth should be given to everyone in order to agree or disagree, and these are the entities that created cosmic law in this universe. They also built or constructed this fake universe from the true spiritual multiverse). As I have often stated there is nothing in cosmic law that says that the information cannot be obscured in any way.

Mass events on this planet of any sort, are always used for energy harvesting( yes even yellow vest rally's and any sort of protest), and the dates of the events have a vibrational frequency that has to be used in order to optimise the energy being harvested. This is where you need to know a little bit bout numerology. That opens up so much more information on the subject. The final assembly point is always a significant place too, such as a prominent public building. People need to research why this is done in order to understand the importance and real significance behind the event and where it is to start and finish. This is a very important part of energy harvesting for dark purposes. There are always people in hidden positions of power that dictate the events details that the general coordinators are not informed about. It is a need to know basis to protect the real purpose.

If people are unaware of such things, then the should not be doing this, let alone meditating. Not everything in the unseen world is good and anything that is close to the 3rd dimension is certainly not good or have pure and loving intentions. They sure as hell are not spiritually clean either.

For the record the dates 20 to 27 January are used for black magic, think about that! Why were those dates picked? It is not for humanities benefit.

Just click on the link and read this. Spiritually uneducated people ( I do not intend to be condescending or insulting here, No, I mean the individual does not know what they need to know to make them spiritually aware and truly self empowered on a spiritual level), tend to accept things at face value. That is a fatal mistake that is all too often made.

This can be very dangerous. I know people that follow blindly all the stuff that is spouted by their so called guru's that have little to no spiritual education nor moral compass. It is all energy harvesting to feed narcissist's egos and keep others hanging on, out of fear and the feeling of they are inadequate individuals. But the reality is the so called teacher, guru or what ever tag you give them is the one that is inadequate, especially spiritually and ethically.

You do not need any one to guide you, only your heart and your moral compass, nothing else other than a good sense  of self, not to be confused with the ego. I am talking about a strong and clean aura,
or energy field that strengthens the mind, body and spirit.

You do not need a guide or any one else. So ditch them, they need you and your money.
The golden rule with meditation is avoid groups. I have seen too many times the entities that hang around these groups and manipulate the people. They harvest their energy and replace it with dirty energy which leave the person euphoric for a very short time but then wears off and they feel empty or drained.

That my dears is how it works. But these beings are cunning they will also use disguises, which can be anything from an American Indian or a noble Chinese wise man, a benevolent ET. They use all sorts of tricks. I had a so called guide that presented as a Roman soldier many years ago until I suddenly realized what was going on and said NO. The unaware person automatically trusts the so called spirit guide and then finds themselves giving away their free will to the being.  Big mistake and it can cost you your sanity, your reputation or even your life.

Please Google the date 20th January 2019, you will see a list of websites endorsing the Full Moon Meditation. Do your self a favour and avoid this evil abuse of humanity.

Never, ever talk to anything in a meditation other than your higher-self and go in through your true heart centre. Never ever go externally as you are then into the Matrix and will be led astray. The true spiritual universe is within us and one must go through the heart and also via our higher self. Never , ever any other way.

Again I kindly ask you to read the works of Wes Penre on this ( PDF here is slightly out from what I have written here but you will see the reason,  the 5G is a much needed tool to link us by our minds in to the wrong spiritual  path). Remember Wes is not psychic, he cannot see these entities like I do.  I would also ask you to re read if you have already done so.

This is where we are at right now, and whether we like it or not that 5G also links us to the matrix through our minds. So even when meditating, some individuals could get side tracked into the matrix without even realizing.  I want people to stay safe, stay self empowered and in control of their mind, body spirits.

Please click on this link and read about archons and human energy harvesting. Now do you see why I am warning not to get involved in any mass event?
 Of course you have free will, it is up to you to do what you want but always remember there is a price for every thing we do. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Mind Control in Australia BY DAVID THRUSSELL

I hate to say it but he us correct. I find these days I cannot even have an intelligent conversation with people about what is going on in Australia or the world. Everyone ha their mind on sport, booze or both. Ask a political question and it's all about the ALP (the Australian Labor Party) no one  is game to publicly discuss real issues tgat affect all of us , for example our health service in deliberate freefall or our aging infrastructure, which is occasionally repaired very poorly by contractors from overseas.

I could go on, but I am sure you get the message. The Western world is in a programmed freefall and no one wants to stop that either. No one is held accountable either, but Joe Public is too lazy yo fight for their freedom or their rights. So be it, humanity is degenerating by free will.