Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Black Eyed Children


This is quite an  interesting phenomenon, very frightening, like shadow people.
it is my belief  that these black eyed kids are intent on taking the life force out of a person. Like the shadow people do, energy being a food source  to them. I do agree they need permission, which is also part of the alien abduction scenarios. This goes into the beyond life area with the alien abductions,where the abductee agrees to experience the " abduction" and what ever else that entails. However I  don't know if that is the case with the black eyed children. 

To me they seem inter dimensional, but there is some other  connection here, it could be alien or it could be low vibrational demonic beings using a human disguise. The whole thing is very creepy  and we are still learning about the phenomenon so like they say  there is not much to go on yet. I don't  think it is an entirely modern issue, there have been cases of strange beings through out history. 

One other thing  to ponder is many metaphysical researchers discuss is dimensions /time lines merging.  That is quite plausible when people are experiencing all sorts of bizarre things  such as the feeling of time standing still. Seeing into the future in sudden day dream like moment. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Human Sovereignty and Soul Contracts


This may be of interest to many people, so please share it with people that may benefit. This is one of the most important parts of awakening. Not new information, but new to some. It does have wide implications for all humanity. I leave it with my readers to do what they see fit. I am only passing this on to others and can claim no credit. Just helping to pay it forward as in service to others.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Mandela Effect, Wes Penre blog

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Gosh this is interesting. This morning I was reading something  on face book  about the Young Ones tv series, a hidden character is in the first series. The person posting tbe video mentioned  the Mandela effect. I had not heard of that. Next thing there is a new post by Wes Penre, so I  read that, only to discover the link was broken. So I  thought I will pop on to his website and see if it's  there. It wasn't, so I  just looked at his blog and chat page, lo and behold I  see the Mandela effect, Hmmm. It is interesting so I  thought I  will post the link here for people  to see. Do have a look through his topics for interacting with him and his readers.

Anthon Parks is really worth checking out too, especially if you read French. I know much of his work is being translated into English, I  just keep forgetting  to look at his web site though, lol.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Wes Penre Interviewed by Robert Stanley


You can download the pdf version here too.
This is a quick but very informative interview, it also spells out the time limit that humanity has left.
It must be very obvious to many people world wide now, what is going on and the danger we face.

I for one will always stand in my true spiritual power and never give away my personal power nor my human sovereignty to anyone. No one can make you do this remember that. The buck stops with the individual. What we do and do not allow. By 2045 at the out set this will be done. I wont be alive by that time but I fear for those that are and do not take the steps to protect themselves.

You are your own saviour and your own true spiritual divinity, we were created to be that way and NOT to merge with anything other than our higher-self, not  the God-head (which is En-Ki's spiritual entrapment from which you cannot leave). Anything that teaches other wise is a lie. If you read Wes's papers you will understand that. We all need to know this information but very few will take the time to learn and share this with humanity.

It is all fun to ridicule truth seekers and spiritually awake individuals, but it is no laughing matter when you have to live with the results of such ignorance. When you stop and think, Communism, Religion, New Age teachings, One World government, Singularity, Common Wealth and UN agenda 21 and agenda 30, (giving away your hard worked for money and assets to the entire world's poor etc),or anything that says all under the "ONE" rule/umbrella, it is all part of the Singularity trap.

I have removed several posts over the past two years from my blog because I realized that they were not in line with this new information. I have a duty to find the most truthful and up to date information to share with people so if you saw it on my blog a couple of years ago and it is no longer here you can be sure that I have found out that it was not credible information.

NOTE: Just remember there is NO New Golden age it is fake and all part of En-Ki's agenda. It is very important that people understand that fact.


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Thank You To All My International Readers

I just want to say thank you to all of my international readers, I am amazed at how diverse you all are. The USA, Canada, Russia and the UK are by far the largest amount of my readers. I even have a large amount from the Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France and the Netherlands, then places like Morocco, Lithuania, Sweden, India and other amazing places.

I want to thank all of you so much, for taking the time to read through my blog.  I am also so pleased that so many of you are reading  the Wes Penre stuff too. That's great to see. I try to find interesting things to share and hopefully it is beneficial to all of you . Please Google  Michael Tsarion too, he has really good ebooks to download from amazon books. His are not free but they are cheap and you can only get them from  Amazon.com, you will also find his lectures on YouTube too.

Happy reading peeps . xxx


I used to have different things of Michael Tsarion on here but took them off ages ago, but just save the link here and you will be able to follow him also on Facebook too. BTW the T is silent in Tsarion.
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