Sunday, 29 November 2020

The need for cats!

 It has been just over a month since we said good bye to Daisy. I am feeling the loneliness of  not having a cat in the house. I always joke and say, when you have cats you never go back 😻😻😻 it is so true in my case. I am pining for a cat. 

The problem is how will our Jack Russell, Ruby react. Not all dogs accept a cat in the house, especially if they have been used to being cat free. Ruby did grow up with four cats in the house, and one by one they died.  I know she needs time to be an only fur child, but I just need a kitty again. Hubby is a bit reticent about a new kitty or two. He did say if we got more cats we should get two kittens. Ding, I retained that thought, lol.

I had a cat phobia when I was young, but fed stray cats. I mean cats are very cute, so I just had to feed the dear little strays. But I was never able to pick up a cat, as I was terrified of being scratched. I was 29 when I first got a cat. And later when moving to Canberra a good friend had two beautiful Siamese cats that were elderly. I just fell in love with them and I think that was the moment I realised that my feline phobia  was gone. Eventually having four cats at the one time. On top of two terriers. And hence Le club hairy boy was born 🤣🤣🤣

Roll on November 2020 and I feel the acute loss of all of my kitties.  I have had so many dreams of my kitties that have passed away and miss them terribly. I think I must be driving hubby nuts because he gets a bit grumpy when I mention kittens. He is just worried about how Ruby will react and if she would hurt the kittens. 

It did take our last Jack Russell two weeks to get used to Slinky when he arrived as a 10 month old from the RSPCA. He did take time adjusting to each cat that came to live with us, but he did get used to them.

Gromit, his brother was never a problem with cats, but he was a Silky cross border terrier. He was pretty good with cats, he played with them and slept on our bed with them. Ruby is very much like Gromit except she is very territorial over the parental bed. She sees it as her bed and won’t tolerate cats on the bed, and thus I have a problem. I like to sleep with cats and dogs on my bed and so does hubby. We were used to musical beds, as in we never knew what fur babies we would wake up next to, lol. They all took it in shifts every night. I miss those days very much. So now what to do after Christmas, I was wanting to get two kittens but no doubt Ruby may refuse to let them in the bedroom. Boy it does my head in as I desperately want more cats.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Climate lockdown wtf? World business council for sustainable development. KA CHING  KA CHING 💰💵💵

This looks like the next scare story folks. I do not believe in climate change!

Now remember the control the food and control the people game from the early 1970’s? Henry Kissinger came up with that one, it’s all long term plans. This planet will not run out of water, that is impossible. Running out of food that is man made deliberately. Like killing off live stock to create food loss. Remember they have already told us to expect this. Did you know how very little farmers survive without being part of a controlled group?

Trade as we know it is being radically changed and not for our benefit. Humanity is but a blip in the universe when it comes down to it. Scientific data will show this to be the case and not the BS that the media and those with an interest in enslaving humanity are trying to convince us with. Why the cover ups and gagging? Agenda, of course! 

But you get the world that you deserve when you allow yourself to be indoctrinated. I prefer truth thanks, and will not be intimidated. It just goes to show though how many are involved in this when the media are on board with the lies and deception, it is what they do best after all. 

If you use FaceTime change your password regularly

 Just a heads up. I will never call you unless it is a pre arrangement. I prefer to use Skype or phone.

I am not a fan of FaceTime, Zoom or most social media platforms due to their poor security. I have had people asking me to use both. So far I have only done a handful of FaceTime calls. However I need to let you know, that I will not call anyone unsolicited. I will only contact a client because we have an appointment scheduled, which is confirmed by email and either one of us can call the other at that appointed time. Not after!

I have had two unsolicited FaceTime calls one on 17 November 2020 and one today 25 November, I tried to answer but the person started typing , “who are you?” they were understandably upset.

I responded by email address and on FaceTime by text stating that it was them that called me on both occasions. I told them, I suspected they were hacked. That has nothing to do with me. I suggested they change their password regularly. I am not the sort of person that tolerates hackers or people with negative intentions either. 

I am now advising everyone to keep changing their passwords for all social media on a regular basis. It is a no brainer honestly. Especially when you know that someone is probably trying to hack you. Never tell your loved ones your passwords for anything, because  nine times out of ten it is someone close to you doing this.

Stay safe and stay protected, also invest in security for your devices, and if this is a domestic problem tell the police.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Wes Penre: video 236 Q and A session 62

I can’t say that I agree with Wes’ s comments on Seth, being a clairvoyant I am picking up negative energy from Seth and I feel Jane Roberts was very naive in communicating with this entity. I am very very against channeling, and I used to be a channel. If you have read through Wes’s papers even he warns people against channeling.

This poor woman suffered as a result of her channeling. A google search will reveal this and I also have covered this on my blog not too long ago. I also noticed Wes seems to contradict himself a lot over the past 12 months. Yes, Wes has discovered more information but I do feel he is a little misdirected.

I appreciate the fact that he means well and has done amazing work over many years. There is no disputing that. I strongly advise against channeling on mental health grounds and the danger of entity attachments. These channeled entities are known for lying, and causing mayhem. To indulge in this caper is an ego trip that results in danger. Like people who foolishly believe in Ashtar command etc, it is all highly dangerous rubbish and should be avoided. There is no Galactic Federation it is all a con, some of it is actually military intelligence behind this and the other end is dark ET’s but do so at your own risk and end up in a psych ward. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 

Obviously people that insist on this path are deeply lacking any true concept of true spirituality and are insecure. That is the perfect model to attract  archonic and dark ET’s.

British Airman spirit in world war 2

I woke up early this morning after a very restless night, due to a heavy thunder storm and our fur baby Ruby being distressed all night. She was barking when the thunder was really bad and thus not getting enough sleep. It is not easy for dogs and cats coping with thunder storms and my heart goes out to those that live outdoors. They lack the comfort of a human that cares deeply about their comfort and well being.

Anyhow as I lay in bed I started to remember an event that happened to my mum as a child in war time Scotland. She slept in a room with a few of her sisters, as many people did back then. One particular night though she woke up and as she opened her eyes she froze in terror. In the doorway she saw a man in a British Airman's uniform.

 All around him was a golden glow, he just stood there looking at her. I can't remember if she said his arms were out stretched or am I mixing it up with a similar terrifying thing that happened to my gran in the same house in the 1980's. Anyway my mum was absolutely terrified, she couldn't even scream. She tried everything to waken her sister next to her to no avail though. 

This was often discussed in the house and what caused the spirit of the Airman to be there. My gran thought he might have been a guardian angel. But I am more inclined to think he was a crisis spirit. That is a newly crossed over person that does not know they are dead and or is lost as the cross over to the other side of life. The fact that he stood in the door way tells me that the door way acts as a portal. That is quite common in spiritual matters, doorways are considered as portals. Thankfully my mum never saw anything like that again. I am sure it would have scared the hell out of her.

Many years later however in that same house, my gran was in bed and woke up to see a woman in Victorian styled clothes half manifested and a dog with her, of which she could only see the front half of the dog. The woman stood there dressed in black with her arms outstretched. As my gran looked at her, she noticed there were no legs or bottom half of the woman.  My gran was frozen in fear at this unable to scream or move. Again the woman was standing in the doorway. I wonder if the house number has any bearing on attracting spirits or is my gran's house on a ley line. I have relatives still living in that house, but I have never actually thought of asking them if anything unusual has happened in recent years.  

As a child I often saw my grandpa in the house after he died in 1970, when I was about seven. I never mentioned it to anyone because it was years later that I realised what was happening. I doubt very much if I would have been believed and no doubt I would be dismissed as having a vivid imagination. But I could describe him perfectly. 

As I thought about this I realised my gran's door number adds up to the number 5 in numerology and so does mine, including the previous house that I lived in in Sydney which had an earthbound spirit of an old lady that owned the house before we did. Five is actually the number for humanity as in the image of Vitruvian man.  

I personally have felt that a number  five house is unlucky for me. But fate has had me live in two number five houses in a row. I don't recall all the house numbers growing up as I moved so often. I do remember living in a number ten house in Scotland at the age of six and I was very happy there and an other number ten house just prior to moving to Australia and I was quite happy there. 

Below:  Milton Black's website link to door number 5. I have so much respect for this guy's amazing work. 

Copyright Alex Fulford 23 November 2020