Friday, 14 February 2020

Wes Penre video 206

The latest Wes Penre video. I have said in other posts similar to what Wes has said here, what if the universe is a giant simulation as well as within another program. He is possibly correct that there could be infinite programs we could be involved in. Not just this lifetime but multiple life’s in other realities/ simulations happening throughout the constructed universe that we exist in and infinite universes/ simulations.

Just avoiding going into the light is only one thing we need to be aware of, but what we are doing within the limits of the universe. I have heard it said this is a locked universe in psychic circles years ago, which started my curiosity and that helped me to drift away from the path most psychics are on.

Keep an open mind and research because you are the only one that can set you free from this reincarnation cycle of abuse humanity is trapped in. One person at a time finds their way to freedom. We don’t compromise on our freedom.

Update Wes is answering questions on his Facebook page at present on this so if you are on Facebook please feel free to ask him questions. Also read the comments people have posted.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Investigation launched after 'koala massacre' uncovered in Victoria

Pure bloody evil, as if the bushfires were not bad enough. Willful killing of our Koalas all for profit.
I hope those responsible do some prison time but I highly doubt it. A fine is nothing to people like this and will not be enough to stop this happening again, prison time is needed.

I apologize for the distressing photos, but people need to face reality this is not something I take lightly. You should be angry and offended, but this is not a snowflake whine moment to be offended, it is a reality of life moment.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Max Igan on the current bushfires

Do your research people, keep an open mind with all this stuff and don't form a firm opinion. Just see it as a possibility. I do not endorse Max only sharing the videos as food for thought. There may well be some truth in this, I don't know 100 percent.

But I will say something is not right and my intuition tells me this and the same with the corona virus, I do not believe it is as harmful as they say. The media are useful idiots to scare people and willingly so. Look at the population of China, now of that small amount that have died we do not know their true age or medical background such as having very poor health to start with or are they elderly, that makes a significant difference.

Tarot Card of the month ' February 2020: Knight of Swords

Element : Air linked to intellect and instability

The Knight of Swords card is a swift moving card. It is a "tell us what you really think" card.
The key words are direct/blunt, authoritative/overbearing, incisive/cutting, knowledgeable/opinionated, logical/unfeeling.

As you can see this is a card that may make some people uncomfortable and given the current issues going on in the world at present it is understandable. We have left the Christmas and new year season behind us and now we face a serious road ahead.

This card shows us that questions are being asked about current events as people seek the truth over events like the Australian bushfires which are  still on going, the Trump impeachment fiasco, Brexit fiasco the Corona virus etc. Some of these event will drag on all year in one form or an other as we strive for answers. These answers will not come easy due to cover ups and corruption. Some though can see right to the heart of the matter.

Now looking at the card itself , notice the blue sky with clouds moving fast as there is a very strong wind blowing them. The knight charges into battle with his sword raised high , he is unafraid of the task ahead. The trees bend in the strong wind which the knight is riding straight into.

The knights'  horse running fast under the control of the knight, the poor horse looks rather worried.
You will notice the knights vizor is up and not covering his face as when in battle. His helmet has a red plume of feathers ( feathers represent air) matching his red cloak. Red being the colour of anger, passion, war, anger,  the house of York, this  itself goes back to the ancient Egyptian royal houses of upper and lower Egypt) Remember the Tarot deck includes ancient Egyptian symbology for a reason.

The horse is wearing a harness with butterflies, these butterflies represent spiritual transformation and souls.Notice this horse is white,  you could say a pale horse (beware a pale horse).
The clouds on the card can represent the psychic veil between both worlds being parted.
This card indicated high emotions too so we must be very careful this February.

The trees are Cypress trees from Greek mythology and are sacred to toe goddess Venus and represent emotions.

Yes emotions will run high and people need to think carefully before reacting. facts need to be correct before we speak or it will turn out very badly. We need to use our intuition and stay true to our beliefs, no wavering.

Australia is building ‘smart city’ infrastructure

This article is dated  12 May 2019

 Smart cities the plans for Australia's grim future with the roll out of 5G the masses are keen to ignore the dangerous realities and by the time they work it out it is too late. Sold to evil corporations.

But here is the kicker, transhumanism is part of this agenda make no mistake about it. it is a done deal because the masses are too busy watching sport or their stupid UNreality tv shows and too dumbed down to care or see the danger they face.

Roll on your thoughts stored on a cloud, to an new hive mind that will be heavily controlled and edited. Your are now under the permanent control of a corporate communism. Your government willingly sold you out. Still think cabals are not in charge?

You can't say you didn't know or you weren't warned. As part of the deal with cosmic law the cabal must  tell humanity what they are doing to negate this artificial karma and humanity wears the cost, bothe physically, morally and spiritually. The end game is now.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Australian police authorities buying up sound weapons Rachel Carbonell and Jeremy Story Carter
This article is from 2016. If people are rioting and carrying on like animals with what we see down in Melbourne the fair enough. But This was written four years ago and we have not see this stuff deployed in the streets yet that I know of.

The ABC is very left wing and prone to shit stirring so do not expect them to be truthful when reporting this sort of stuff. Hell if you are rioting then you bloody deserve this.

Take at a look at the protester tooled up in modern riots such as over in France, the USA or the extinction rebellion protesters. Some individuals in the crowds are geared up with weapons so don't be so naive as to think the protesters are all innocent.

Universities are also notorious for communist indoctrination and the students are bloody rabid in their thinking and actions. I would not ever entertain the thought of these idiots being peaceful protesters, if they don't get what they want they will create hell until they get what they want. and video evidence is all over the Internet to back up what I am saying.

Rent s thug are notoriously employed to cause maximum harm at protests also ( by so called controlled opposition). So the police have to do what they think is best. What about innocent peoples cars and property being burned to the ground and windows smashed by "protesters".  You will find plenty footage on the Internet showing thugs on a destructive rampage and the media never tell the truth, they spin things to whip the masses into a frenzy. Eventually the truth comes out though.

If you act like an animal then expect to be treated like one. Protest should never involve violence or physical harm in any way.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Charities slammed as bushfire victims await donated funds

This was our hard earned and taxed money that we, the Australian people gave to those that are in dire need after the bushfires. That money was invested. They have no right to sit on it.
I will wash my hands of charities unless it is a local animal charity or the Rural Fire Service.

That way I know the money is getting to the animals in need or people in need. I have never liked either the Red Cross nor the Salvation Army.
I have heard too many negative things about both from staff members and former staff members.

I have given clothes and household items to the Salvation Army for 30 years, but now I take things else where. You would be shocked to know that the staff of volunteers are treated poorly by the people at the top.

For instance I donate clothes and other goods to an other charity and these bastards won’t even get the air conditioner fixed they expect old ladies to work their bums off in appalling heat and of course no pay because they are volunteers. I would love to see the CIO of any shitty charity, work in the same work conditions year after year that the volunteers have to.

These CIO’s are on huge salaries and out of touch with the average person. There is a particular Australian religious charity that I refuse to have anything to do with. A so called Christian charity where these women are rude and stuck up. Christian values I hardly think so.

Be very sceptical about  any charity and think carefully about which ones to support. As I said I prefer local animal charities because I know for a fact the money goes directly to the care of the animals. I will of course help the Rural Fire Service and Military charities, that I know will hand over the money to those that need it.

I do not forgive nor forget those that do wrong by others deliberately. In Australia we have been very badly affected by everything that has happened over the past few months and it is going to take many, many years to recover from this.