Sunday, 2 June 2019

Tarot Card Of The Month: June 2019 Ace Of Wands

Ah the Ace of Wands, a nice card to start winter here in the Southern hemisphere.  Aces are always positive, standing for new beginnings. Notice the gray in the background which is spiritual. The hand of fate or God bursting through the clouds offering you some hope and options . Positive inspiration just at the right time.

The wand is brimming with fertile thoughts, creation, ideas and high energy. Offering all sorts of possibilities to you. It is up to you the individual whether you grasp the moment or not.

The water in the card is important too, pay attention to the direction the water is flowing because that relates ti the circumstances in your life and the direction your thoughts and actions are taking you.

Remember water caries a vibrational frequency the same as we do and we are 70% water in out composition. Water affects our consciousness, and what we think we create.

Notice the fertile green grass and trees in the forefront of the card, it is a win win situation with such a nice card. In the near distance there is a castle which is the near future  a rest and in comfortable surroundings due to you taking the right direction in life. The mountains is in the distant future means overcoming obstacles. They are not high mountains either so reaching your goal is easier than you thought.

All will be OK so please don't worry, is one interpretation of the card.

Now is a good time to start a new project, relationship, job etc.

The seeds which you planted (metaphorically) will now bear fruit.

You are on the right track so keep going, but listen to your intuition.

Fate is lending you a hand, take the help that is offered.

Wisdom, Inspiration, Clarity, Insight and Illumination.

Reversed of course has the opposite meaning, however I tend to avoid reverse readings. If a message of warning is to be given it will come through regardless.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Goodbye Miss Mopsey Tousel

With a heavy heart we said goodbye to our lovely little Guinea pig Miss Mopsey Tousel. She was 10 years old which is very very old for a Guinea pig. She took ill suddenly and I had to take her to the vet this afternoon.

She had a good life and was very well loved. We now have this sudden gap in our lives out of the blue. After 10 years she has gone. Fly free little princess and take our love with you.

Much love to you Miss Mopsey xxxx

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Brainless Tourists Slaughter 5,000-Year-Old Sacred Scottish Tree

The Fortingall Yew sits in the corner of the churchyard and is surrounded by a wall and railings, which are there to protect it. (Maigheach-gheal / CC BY-SA 2.0)

This makes my blood boil, so many stupid ignorant people these days just do not stop to think of the harm they do. It is all service to self and to hell with the damage they do. All the New Ager and Pagan wanna be's that are aware of the occult meaning and uses of the Yew tree will no doubt be the main culprits. It makes me sick to see how stupid and selfish some humans are.

I have said for a couple of years now humanity is devolving, here is more proof. It does not have to be this way. This is a choice, and selfishness at the heart of the matter. Just an other day on planet earth as it races to the reset button.

Stand well back to avoid being dragged along in the stampede folks. I suspect a friend of mine in the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh will be involved in the supervision of this tree's care, a hard working and extremely dedicated woman.  Let's hope the tree can be saved.

By the way Australia also has some very old trees, I am not sure of the exact ages or locations though. I have seen on such tree here in the National Australian Botanical garden in Canberra which has a big cage around it too. It was brought down to Canberra from Sydney many years ago for protection.  This is it 😁

  The Fortingall Yew in June 2011, comparing you can clearly see its downfall. (Paul Hermans / CC BY-SA 3.0)

I found this doing a quick Google search for the oldest tree in Australia. The oldest tree in Canberra

MEME: Festivals

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I couldn't resist this one, lol. Ka Ching!