Thursday, 15 October 2020

Miss Daisy is very ill

 Our beloved little Russian Blue kitty,Daisy has just been diagnosed with cancer. She has been sneezing blood for a few months. Finally after having her at the vet two weeks ago for rhinoscopy, the results came back yesterday as we had feared. A nasty carcinoma in her nose, which has eaten away at the bone in her nose.

She is refusing to eat for the past few days and being a tiny cat there is not much of her. Somehow I feel she won’t be with us much longer. As she is only having water, kitten milk or a kitty melting soup and only the liquid from the soup. 

So at present it is palliative care every day with pain relief and TLC. Daisy, or the Empress Mouse Dolly as we lovingly call her, is 17 years old and has had a very good life with lots of love.

We just can’t bear to be without her. This time last year we lost her brother Garfield so I guess it is just part of life. But it is still painful knowing that her time with us is very limited.

Her poor sister Ruby, won’t understand what is happening and that one day she will be the only fur baby left. I do not expect Daisy to be with us by Christmas sadly.

The nose bleeds are still happening even though she had the carcinoma removed, she sneezes violently all day with discharge of mucus and blood.  Gosh it is heartbreaking watching this happening to our dear little girl.

UPDATE: Daisy took a bad turn and we had to rush her to the vet this afternoon. She has been put to sleep.
RIP our beautiful little Empress Mouse Dolly 19 October 2020.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

The Sovereignty thing, yeah nah!

We are seeing many people getting caught up in the whole sovereignty thing at present, some members of the media have called it out as communist crap. I decided to google this and, yes I agree there is a strong communist element to this, and people are being manipulated. These people naively many not even think this has any communistic connection, they perhaps are thinking they are being honest, they may think this is an excuse to cause a stir, they often mistakenly, think the law of the land does not apply to them. Oh yes it does, you have been deceived I am sorry to say. 

I started looking into this last night, and one website with an interesting article is the Stanford Encyclopaedia of philosophy. 

It’s a long read but I feel it’s important and reminds us to be careful of what the spin doctors are peddling. Hey I too have fallen for some of this on a spiritual level, though I don’t for a minute accept the BS these people believe, and this year has been a big wake up for me. Until I read this Stanford article, I only believe in my own form of human spiritual sovereignty,  as in protecting oneself in the afterlife. But if it is man made, then it is toxic. 

 I keep my beliefs simple and as flexible as possible, so as not to be trapped in a belief system that is not spiritually positive and beneficial to my soul and spirit. It is up to the individual what they choose to accept and believe, but just try to be flexible in your beliefs and it may save you from a whole world of pain, and remember out there ideology such as sovereign citizen BS can cost you friends, no if’s or buts.

I personally believe in the sovereignty of a nation. I see that as a positive and protective law or belief in a nation protecting itself from harm and abuse from a foreign foe. Protecting the citizens of the nation is part of what a nation’s laws do in a civilised society.

You do not want to get hoodwinked by this  sovereign citizens nonsense though. Stay right away from the conspiracy crap, it is a divide and conquer trap. Sure there can be small elements of truth to pull you in, but most of it is a commy rant. Who knows, it could even be a deep state agitator from who knows where or  group of powerful individuals that bank roll these cowboys, I honestly don’t know. There sure as hell needs to be a proper investigation into this stuff. I am aware of a vast number of so called truth seekers,  infesting the Internet in the past two years especially. Where do they get their information from? Much of it seems to be taken from other well known conspiracy “experts “. 

However the ramping up of the sovereign citizen movement is dangerous and misleading. For example  I have watched a few YouTube videos of people not showing their drivers license to police, which is the law. You must by law show your ID and or driver’s license to a police officer when asked to do so. These silly people that refuse to show ID are delusional and have been fed disinformation.

Why the hell would you put yourself in such a situation? Who benefits from this? Absolutely not the silly fool that pulls the sovereign citizen card. How much are you out of pocket from legal fees and a police record? Not to mention the expense of having to get a new window for your car after the police are forced to smash it, because you were stupid enough to refuse to show your license or ID. How embarrassing to be in such a preventable situation. 

Most people never even come in contact with police and have no reason to, unless it is a random roadside check for drink drivers etc.  But  with the ones that do, it is usually because they have done something they shouldn’t have, like not having a drivers license, no  current registration for their car etc. That is preventable and their own fault. These individuals are usually selfish people that don’t stop to think of what happens if they are involved in a car accident. How that affects the other party, and loved ones affected by this individual’s poor choices. 

I think the time has come for the authorities to stamp out this stupid and dangerous activity. Things are getting way out of hand, the boundaries of common sense are being blurred and many young people are ignorant of the laws. Leading to arrest for stupidity and not learning what the real laws of their country are. Accountability folks, is part of being an adult and dealing with the choices you make.

Most nations have human rights laws to protect their citizens, so there is absolutely no need for this stupidity. Laws of course vary state to state and county to county. Look up the laws of where you live, you will find they are generally set out to benefit you. Too many people these days mistakenly think US constitutional laws protect them, even though they don’t live in the US. How on earth they come to this conclusion is beyond me, lol. 

Too much time spent in la la land watching cop shows on tv perhaps. Protesters are not usually interested in learning the proper laws unless they are out to challenge them. Thus can sucker people in to following blindly, without knowing all the facts and intentions, which can turn out to be a very costly experience in more than one way.  This is where teenagers can fall into this trap and parents need to be aware of what their children are involved with or taking an interest in. The last thing one needs is your children being indoctrinated with dangerous beliefs. The school of common sense must prevail. 

Scott Morrison doubles down on criticism of Victoria's handling of coronavirus crisis

Notice in the article the comment on this man being allowed to go overseas to Spain and The UK. He recovered from the virus  in April and then allowed to travel overseas, April to August and was covid positive on returning home. 🤔 Australians were not allowed to by April.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

2021 Psychic predictions for the world

 Whoa this looks like a crap year ahead. The world is in a bad shape, as well we know, but this is only it starting to have a financial bite on everyone.

In the UK, I see a security scare in Buckingham Palace. A possible breech of security at the gates. The palace also need to recheck their general security procedures or a major embarrassment is on the cards.

There are more on going struggles with health around the world as expected, especially in the UK. People are fearful and angry. 

I see more health agreements being made and including the USA, Trump will have to stand his ground here.  

I feel there will be false results in a cure for Covid, this can be very dangerous, not all is going well with the research for a cure. I feel there is a lot of deception involved here. Be very wary and do not rush into getting the vaccine or you will be sorry. 

Home life is affected for many people in the UK, the government seems to be encroaching on their privacy due to covid. This raises privacy issues with the public. But remember if you are following the rules you wont have a problem, simples!

UK, USA , Canada: People are feeling the balance of civil liberties and lifestyle is out of kilter. This is leading to more civil unrest and demonstrations.  The government may also underestimate the backlash from the public as they try to get things under control. 

World governments clearly do not have this covid spreading under control. New ideas need to be presented and uniform world wide. 

Wales and England, have more unrest with protestors, this may also include racial tension. As there will be African youths involved in antisocial behaviour. Where are the parents of these youths?

Hardship and homelessness problems over the winter months in the UK.  I see some form of homeless centres, but they are not like the usual ones. The solutions offered are way too slow and ineffective which leads to more deaths over winter. Government being unaccountable yet again.

The cost of heating homes in the UK goes up meaning many cannot afford to heat their homes.  Some will resort to theft/crime to help make ends meet because the government has let them down.

Italy: Sudden political upheaval in parliament, this is due to recent changes. However the politicians seem confused as to what they should be doing and they may need to close parliament briefly to work out the issues. How embarrassing! The situation becomes an absolute shambles 

LONDON: I see a red double decker bus, I would say symbolises London's public transport system. This looks like  cutting services and thus causing industrial action. No winners here.

2021 looks to be yet an other year of uncertainty as summer rolls around in the northern hemisphere, more changes are implemented.

I see an increase of police and military on the streets of Europe. People seem to be on edge and have had enough of the suffering of 2020, as it drags on into 2021. Not an easy time for anyone as hard economic times are starting to affect more and more people.    

Home security will be the most important concern for many people world wide in 2021, and rightly so. Up goes the crime rate along with unemployment.

There is a heavy darkness covering the world in 2021 and people are frightened, the times are getting desperate and this is the vibe that is in the air. Please try to stay calm and do not put yourself in harms way. Take this message onboard for your own safety!

India: More flooding, the cricket though is the thing that will get peoples backs up. I feel there is something going on here, possible cheating, corruption and questionable deals/contracts/agreements.


Canada: I see J Trudeau in the spotlight, it feels like his term in office wont be for much longer. Something is happening and I do not see him staying in office, he will hand over to someone else.

Celebrities' helping the poor, however not all are doing this for true humanitarian purposes. It is good publicity for some.

UPDATE: 4 October 2020

This was written on October 1st but has been in draft, the red bus thing was in the news this morning 😳 I am going to be working on finishing my predictions today or tomorrow at the latest. I am very busy at present so this page will get updated within 24 hours hopefully. Work takes me away from this often so please be patient. 😻

 UPDATE: 8 October 2020 2.15pm

I had an other pot shot at the cards today, not easy. As I have not really been in the mood to do this, but hey it's been a crap year, lol.

Trump is in for more distress next year, he needs to come down hard on the lefties. He is trying to help the US to get back on its feet. However others are making the job difficult. Mr Trump needs to be battle ready in 2021 things are set to ramp up against him and the American way of life. 

I feel the US courts need a shake up as there are political factions that do not hold the country's core values at heart. Trumps selection for the high court as you would have already guessed will be seen as offensive to the democrats, Wah wah, talk about cry babies when they don't get wat they want. How un democratic are these people? This is why the US is screwed.

This is not going to be an easy task because it is deep rooted and many take a generation or two to fix.

It is a good year for car manufacturing in the US and other nations will look to the US for guidance to bring back or introduce car manufacturing. This is the new electric cars.

I see Mr Trump being wild with rage next year. Something or someone is deliberately pushing his buttons. Expect fireworks as he is ready to kick some ass. I feel this is a domestic issue.

Looks like many countries around the world trying to get along better next year. However I feel what is seen to be a truce is nothing but a smoke screen on China's part to avoid further scrutiny.

The western media and some non western media in the spotlight because people have rightfully lost trust in them. Mainly USA/ Canada, UK/ Eire, Europe. People want factual information!

World leaders, especially the European, UK, Ireland and US/Canada are struggling to cope with the public distrust and protests with the current health crisis. The WHO are also in the spotlight as people no longer trust them either, add Bill Gates and his toxic foundation to that list. This does not phase Gates one bit. He will just keep on pushing his agenda. But, here we are seeing more nations distrusting him after his African fiasco. 

Expect the WHO to step up its game  in the face of public opposition. Things will turn very ugly and we will see the military and police being deployed to the streets world wide more often to combat unrest. People cannot cope with more lockdowns and the governments need to heed the warnings.

Boris Johnson must take care as his popularity is on the wane.  He will struggle for popularity and control next year up to summer time. His actions may come back to bite him.

With the Brexit situation, this seems like people getting a raw deal. The people of Ulster (Northern Ireland) are terrified of a return to the dark days. They want this situation fixed. I do not see a satisfactory outcome from this. This is all about money and not human lives sadly.

I see soccer back in the news again, however there is ongoing financial downturn that needs to be looked at. This will be due to not enough people going to the matches or they are not permitted to attend the matches being played. This will affect the income for the players. 

As we all expected it is a year of confusion for everyone and economic downturn including sporting and public events. But we all knew this was happening, we just have to live with it.

I still feel an air of deception world wide and it will be hard work controlling world events, and world leaders will resort to drastic measures to keep control.

Stay right away from protests if you know what is good for you. It is going to turn nasty.


Copyright  Alex Fulford  1st to 8th October 2020