Saturday, 19 September 2020

Springtime flowers one way or another

 So much is different this springtime, the ACT government in Canberra has had to change the plans for Floriade. this year for the first time. The event normally runs from the third week of September to the third week of October.

Sadly all our spring shows have been postponed and we have alternative arrangements  happening. The Floriade team have decided to share the flowers throughout town and place colourful displays in major areas sharing the floral delights. 

Personally I think all the town parks would have been a better choice, but perhaps because they are not locked at night it poses a risk of vandalism. However that could still happen in the streets too.

I just think people enjoy a walk in the park with loved ones and our town parks are big enough for social distancing anyway. Not to mention the beautiful man made lakes in each park. People don’t get the time to look at the flowers in the small beds in a suburban shopping centre or on a roadside but in a park setting they do.

People are in a hurry going about their daily business to have the time to stop and look at the flowers unlike in a park. Parks are more peaceful and make us slow down to appreciate what is there. Therefore a much better setting to do annually. The event has become way too commercial over the years and overwhelming when just held in Commonwealth park in the city.

The flower beds are amazing to look at and so beautiful. My favourite place for spring flowers displays is Tulip Tops garden, which is just outside Canberra heading towards Sydney. Sadly it is not open this year either due to the current pandemic.

So this year for me it is taking comfort in my garden, enjoying my own bulbs and planting some drought tolerant flowers to add a splash of colour. I bought some  Gazania to plant in full sun yesterday. These plants can take over if one is not vigilant. They will just about grow in concrete.

I know that I am taking a risk with them. However with the cost of watering the garden skyrocketing these days, it is a viable solution for colour. They can work in with my Osteospermum daisies and Agapanthus as they will tolerate hot dry conditions. The house across from me has a nice swarm of Gazania and Osteospermum, so it will look nice to have a colourful display opposite. 

There is nothing like the joy of gardening, it is so relaxing and rewarding. I didn’t get into gardening until 1995. It has been a mainstay in my life, to touch base with nature ever since. I would love an English county garden but in the extremely hot summers in Canberra that is a lot of water and time. So one must be creative in making a desirable equivalent that won’t shrivel up in the hot sun. So that’s where flowers such as Cosmos, Seaside daisies, Scabiosa, Agapanthus, Gazania, Osteospermum, roses and native flowers come in handy. 

Lol, there are times when a scorched earth policy has come to mind when the garden has become unruly. But it is just a case of pulling out the ones you don’t want and  careful choice of replacements. I have a massive problem with Ivy at present. I love the stuff, but it is now a banned plant in Canberra because it is so invasive and destructive. I am trying everything to kill mine off and it’s not as easy as one thinks.

Take it from me, don’t even think of putting it in the ground as a ground cover. It is also a hiding place for spiders too. The other no no is planting things like mint, that is another one that is invasive. Much easier to eradicate though. I might need a napalm strike on the Ivy to get rid of it.

I have a never ending battle with runners from Crepe Myrtle that the previous owner planted, grrr, it keeps resurfacing every few months and the roots must be everywhere in the front yard. The original was near the mailbox several meters away from my door, so heaven knows how long the runners really are. I am not a fan of that plant I can tell you 不不  

The things we learn along the way with gardening. I should write a book on how not to screw up 不 god only knows how much money I have spent on making a nice garden over the past twenty odd years. Now much as I love going into the garden section at the hardware store I have to restrain myself. I am trying to keep it real and not be a slave to the garden. Just enough time to enjoy my garden  and as little maintenance as possible is my dream. 

We nearly bought some more chickens but thankfully thought better of that. It would mean extra work and less garden. Much as I love chooks, they eat everything and I don’t want to go back to mucking out their house again and losing garden space. 

It would be lovely to have a garden set up like in the movie the secret garden. I just love that movie, watching the garden blossom in the hands of the children. How divine to have a garden that is so perfect and dreamy all year round. In an Australian climate that is possible, but it comes at a price, be it in time, money or water. But it is still worth the effort for the pleasure and joy that a garden brings, and not just to us humans. The birds, and insects need our gardens for survival in suburbia. Not to mention our deal beloved fur babies enjoy the delights of the garden too.

Two Rosella in the grass in the bottom photo 

Patent with smoke and mirrors

Did I not say the Americans were involved in this shit ♀♀ If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s outright lies and deception. This world is made of lies and the sooner people understand that, then they can change this world 

Yes it is a conspiracy, against humanity. What else would you call it? But don’t expect anyone to be held accountable for this. That just ain’t going to happen because no one is wanting to be bumped off for try to get those responsible arrested. Interesting how I just did the October card of the month and then find this via a friend.

Time for me to put this all to bed though. I want to get back to family stuff and not get dragged down in all of this. I need my happy place, and not having my mind distracted.

I am itching to do my predictions and have no idea what I will find in the cards for next year. I expect it is going to be messy and full of uncertainty for many of us. I wish it wasn’t.

I wish we could go back to  simple times in a  nice way. But we know that is impossible. We must make do with what we have.

Tarot card of the month: 8 of Swords October 2020


Restriction, Confusion, Powerlessness
The card relates to the month of May and dates 21 to 30

Not a happy card, we are not happy campers, and you guessed it we're not in Kansas anymore Toto.
The year just keeps turning to poop as each month goes by. Is it the beginning of the end? It could well be.   
The lady in the card is out of her depth or comfort zone. She has swords almost all around her, except right in front of her. But because she is wearing a blindfold she is unable to see the road ahead. She is bound tightly and unable to do anything. Her home is behind her in the distance. Which indicates the past.  If she could free herself things would be better, however she can't free herself, other than in her mind.
 Now the mind is something that  cannot be easily controlled by others. That depends on if you share your opinions, feelings etc. Sometimes we need to hide those things from others, because it cant be folly to trust others. Right now is a classic example of that, as many of us feel powerless and severely restricted. 

Everyone is affected in some way by the worlds circumstances but how each individual handles it is different. People feel beaten and down trodden with the changes that are taking place. The new normal, is not a walk in the park and many are slowly coming to realise this fact. 

They ignored the warning signs for so long and now they find themselves trapped.  The question is though, is it their own fault? Is this a betrayal of public trust?  Did they allow this to happen? If so how do the public get themselves out of this mess?

They may not be able to, and need to think about that. This card is ruled by Saturn which tells me that evil is loose, once out it cannot be put back in it's box. The individual must free themselves from the situation. That is no easy task, and must be done carefully and wisely.
A mass revolt is not the answer that some may think. it could well be playing into the hands of evil. This would result in harsher punishment and a crack down on freedom as witnessed in Melbourne. 

There are those in powerful positions that could do something, but chose not to for very selfish reasons. The service to self type, they will only do what is good for them. This year's US election is the clincher also. I feel it will result in a harsh repercussion for the American people. 
So be it, they allowed this to happen, by allowing evil to take control.

To be blunt I do not see a way out of this for America, things have gone way too far, through arrogance, corruption, laziness and giving in to those against American values within the country.  

For the rest of the world I see people trapped by the restrictions that are ongoing and not letting up. Financial and food security in Europe as winter advances  and trade issues cause more restrictions. If only the people would demand the end of the EU dictatorship, but sadly many have been fooled and still think it is a good thing. They cannot see the financial disaster and the social disaster this creates. It does not benefit anyone but those in power and big business as per design. Shall I say it is all in the numbers, literally?

The number 8 in Tarot
It can be positive or it can be negative, but I feel the time to be positive is gone and it is naive to think otherwise . You won't be seeing a positive change for many years to come.

Meanings: Wisdom, learning experience,stability, patience, responsibility caution financial security.

Restriction, self-discipline and self control. The number 8 vibrates to the energy of Saturn. Saturn rules agriculture, civilisation, social order, restrictions. You guessed it, the time is now for forcing the new world order down our throats.  Notice I mentioned food problems in Europe for winter, this could be the start of things and also, not much grown in winter and if restrictions on importing are in place guess what is going to happen? Not enough food.  This is not accidental, NO, not by a long shot and those that are keeping a watchful eye on world events are fully aware of this fact. Cause and effect, this is deliberate so pay attention and  wise up fast or you will regret it.

There is no turning back from this. No dress rehearsal, well actually there was but most people were asleep at the wheel, this is it right now for a few years. You will notice the change in diet, which you have very little control over. Travel well that is never going to be the same with the influence of Saturn travel will be restricted, I honestly cannot say how long for at this stage. 

PS: I recommend people look up the astrological meanings and cycles of Saturn and Jupiter. I am not an astrologer so I do not want to give any misleading information. Also you would be advised to look up the numbers relating to the planets and the star signs . It is all connected as the Tarot cards themselves are infused with these sciences.  

Friday, 18 September 2020

Skyhooks, Horror movie its the 6.30 news

I grew up listening to these guys, from when I first came to Australia in 1973, aged 10. They were such an iconic band and still are. I remember Shirl being on a kids tv show called Shirl’s neighbourhood.

In later years he was on a DIY  tv show and then in 2001, he was killed in a helicopter crash. A very sad day for Aussie music. Then we had the loss of  Peter  Starkie  on September 16, 2020, he fell from a ladder aged 72.

Red Symons had a close call not so long ago , which is in the ABC link below, under related stories.

You can watch Skyhooks videos on YouTube, and hopefully become a fan. Australia was an awesome place growing up in the 70s.