Thursday, 6 August 2020

Bill Gates Thinks There are Too Many Africans/Calls for Population Control

This article is from October 2018. Think about that two years before this virus was released.
Who the hell made him god over peoples lives and in a foreign country how dare he. This guy is a monster and a eugenicist to boot.

Our world is changing and not for the better as we can see from events in this year alone. The groundwork was already in the pipeline.  

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Victoria state of disaster Melbourne curfew introduced Corronavirus stage 4 lockdown introduced

Took their bloody time on doing this. People just won’t do as they are told and now look what happens. Think of all those that were doing the right thing and all the old people that have been made ill, not to forget people with compromised immune systems.

Too many border jumpers and false declarations on border passes. These are selfish people and need to be punished with the full force of the law. 

I don’t give a damn if you think this is a hoax, people are dying due to selfish egotistical morons. They should be incarcerated and no parole. Parole is for snowflakes, man up and take the punishment. You morons have no consideration for the elderly or the ill, you feel it is your right to move around the community infecting others. As far as I am concerned, you are low life criminals and do not deserve any rights because you do not give a damn about the rights of others.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Depot Justice: Harvard University professor and two Chinese nationals charged in three separate China related cases

I didn’t see this in the news, I must have missed it. I had a person on my work Facebook page send me the news video of this last night. So I  jumped on to Google to search this and it actually came out in January 28, 2020. Right when our bush fires were happening so I would have missed this at the time.

I have commented about US hands on this COVID/Virus as well as China on my blog. What sort of person does such an evil thing? They should be charged with murder and bio-terrorism and given a life sentence, never to be released and the same for those that spread it deliberately. 

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Conspiracy theories that are absolutely bonkers  Don’t laugh, some people actually believe this and there is an other one about thermometers that scan your temperature damage the pineal gland.  Personally I prefer proper scientific research to new age and whacky out there bullshit. 

Never take what you read on Facebook as reputable information, use your brain and look things up on line rather than look stupid. 
As a clairvoyant I depend on my pineal gland to work, do you think that I am worried about getting my temperature taken? Nah, I can always get the vet to do it though 😂😂😂🐈 I just have to grab my ankles first and hope the thermometer is warm 😂😂😂

Fauci Rejects False COVID-19 'Cure' Again As Trump Renews Attacks On Him

Ok read this and then read the link below 

It is still not 100% safe though, we need to keep that in mind. There are side effects some of which are very harmful. I just hope that those that take this drug recover from their illness. I want people to be safe, but a realistic outlook is a must, before going down the treatment path.

There are factions on both sides that confuse the public and that helps no one.