Sunday, 24 May 2020


Not a fan of the Gnostic stuff, much of which is contradictory.  


I have never liked anything to do with Thoth, ancient Egypt or Alchemy.
It to me all feels evil and wrong, but so many have been attracted to evil over the centuries today being no exception. 

Even queen Elizabeth I and her cohorts, to name a few, John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon, Edward Kelly were steeped in this. Funnily enough I had a horrible nightmare about Elizabeth two nights ago. In the dream she had a few red haired women around her, I think three or four of them. One young woman though she was punishing. I saw her use a chisel to the womans head and was hammering the chisel in to her head and removing what may have been bits of the woman's skull. 

There was blood everywhere. Elizabeth told the woman and those with her this is what happens to those that betray her. I found this utterly revolting. 

Elizabeth then set about finding an other red haired young woman. She seemed to have burst into a room where the woman was and forced her to lie on a bed with a wooden disc shaped board embedded with nails being forced on  the back of her head as punishment. Again there was blood everywhere.

I am aware that Elizabeth was very deep into the occult, but I have no idea why the women were all red heads and what was the significance of this horrible punishment for disobedience or betrayal. 
I have no idea what the meaning of red haired women is, nor the blood and punishment. 

It is not the sort of thing that one finds in dream interpretations. I will have to do some rummaging on the internet for clues. I sure get some real weird ass dreams I can tell you. In the past week there has been non stop nightmare type dreams and I don't usually have nightmares. This felt occult related though.

History proves Elizabeth did have a mean streak in her not to mention she had porphyria. So I guess when she lost it she could have turned nasty. In those days a monarch could not show weakness but they sure took things to the limit when dishing out punishments.    

NOTE: I just clicked out of this screen and looked at the picture of Mary in Wes's article the woman has red hair, hmmmm.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Tarot card of the month: The Chariot. June 2020

This card represents firm control over current situations,. Whether it's COVID 19 or any other aspects of life for the month of June. I get a feeling that this will be a very busy month  in many respects , especially financially.  It will not be easy for many people dealing with the energy of this month.

People are now pushing the envelope now that lockdown is lifting in some places.  We need to be very careful and not over do things. Pent up frustrations could mean trouble with the authorities in some instances. Be warned and pull your head in. It is not worth getting into trouble.

This is not the time to be proud and mighty. We are still in a precarious situation and as I said finances will be in the spotlight. Do not spend what you don't have and do not go bananas as soon as you get the chance to shop. You could find yourself short of cash.

Many people are wanting to get out and have fun, be that as it may, one needs to be careful. This virus is still out there and more deaths are obviously still going to happen. Do not take risks, be careful of who you are associating with , we are not all fit and healthy and it only takes one person to cause an infection to spread. 

To me it feels like the half way mark, so I am being extra cautious. The man controlling the chariot reminds me of a person that wants to be in charge of the whole situation, I would say that sums up Donald Trump. 

In the northern hemisphere it could well be quite a very warm summer. However in the southern hemisphere, it may be a damp cold winter. Mainly for east coast Australia.  I get the feeling that over winter in Australia the out doors means lets go eat somewhere nice.  Food to nourish the soul.
Can't argue with that  one, lol. 

Stay safe and look after your loved ones and we will come through this, but do not forget the word of warning about finances. Yes we are heading for hard times. Keep that in mind, and don't spend what you don't have.  Most important don't dwell on the negative, just be aware and take precautions.



Joke: A Scottish Priest

Monday, 18 May 2020

High speed rail link back in the news

I was just thinking about this high speed rail link this afternoon. Funny now that Covid 19 is coming to an end, this pops up in the news. Several months after the bushfires have gone, but people have not forgotten all the talk.  People are still upset and that is understandable, some are still homeless  and waiting for payment to start life over again. There doesn’t seem to be much news about what is happening with the bushfire victims at present, other than the Rural  Fire Service court case about the money raised by Celeste Barber.

We seem to be left in the dark and the media are so focused on Covid 19.  Meanwhile the high speed rail link has been out of public attention until now. I am very interested in what is going on here, and where the rail link will be built, as in will it go through where the fires destroyed homes and bush land much needed by our wildlife. This rail link is still going to happen and link up to Brisbane no matter what the media say. Watching the path it takes will be what many people will be doing that’s for sur. Who’s pockets will be lined also.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Spitituality is not a marketing tool

Spirituality is not a marketing tool, but it sure gets treated as one as a means to make money, by those that have no real spirituality. But they manufacture what is deemed by the spirituality unaware as the real deal. This is a huge money maker world wide and it is not coming to an end any time soon.  Many genuine people are attracted to teaching spirituality however real and true spirituality comes from within, it cannot be taught.

Understanding what spirituality is hard unless one tunes in to their higher self, it comes in a clairsentient or claircognisant  form. The clue is in the first part of the word spirit - uality, as in non physical and not of this world. It can for some people be a difficult and often lonely path, as others may struggle to understand what an individual is experiencing. Many humans are not capable of making this journey, it is far easier to be fooled into following trendy unicorns and rainbows into dark empty nonsense of the Luciferan path which controls reality in this world. 

Sadly many are willing to pay their hard earned money to be deceived or sit in a religious building regularly to be misled in the wrong direction, going externally rather than internally connecting to the higher self. They will not accept anything other than deception and half truths of this world. They have absolutely no chance of true spiritual awakening which is really sad thanks to the programming they accept by organised religion and or those that peddle fake spirituality.  If you have to pay someone to tell you what spirituality is and how you should think and feel then you have no chance in this world of really spiritually awakening. All the books in the world will do nothing for you.

How can one person or an organisation have the answers to an individual's spirituality and what that soul and spirit needs without being in that person or souls body? The answer is they can’t. Only you the individual knows what is right for you and what your spirituality is. It is deep and personal experience and only for that individual, it is not of this world and as I said, it cannot be taught, it is felt or experienced  silently within . It sure as hell is not marketable as a product.

Many people are genuinely seeking spirituality at this point in time and it is perfectly understandable, we are living through so pretty difficult events right now, with no way of knowing how things will turn out. People are seeking clarity. They are vulnerable and there is no saviour but our higher selves to guide us.

One must be responsible for one's own spirituality and never allow someone to tell you how to be spiritual or how to do it right. External influences must be avoided, be your own guide and do not permit your personal spirituality to be compromised by others with a vested interest. Learn to just be. Listen to your true spiritual heart and be mindful of what you take on board.


Wes Penre, Gnosis part 2

I do hope Wes keeps these coming thick and fast. I am always waiting for the next instalment.

Wes Penre, Gnosis Introduction part 1

If you are interested in these posts that I am sharing of Wes’ you may want to sign up for his emails.

With his Wes Penre papers (WPP)  it is wise to read and reread them so that you can take in what he is saying. I still return to reading them when I feel the need. I am glad he has put the links in for people to read the Gnostic texts too. I intend to read them and no doubt will have to revisit them from time to time.

I find I need to do that a lot these days reading mythology for educational purposes, my memory is not what it used to be, lol. The joys of getting old.

Anyhoo, I do hope this is all useful information for people and I am glad to be able to share things with like minded people. 😍😊 Happy reading.

Friday, 15 May 2020

We are all in this together....No,we’re bloody not!

The continuous  COVID 19 advertising of the  “ We are all in this together “ is really irritating me . It is nothing more than propaganda programming complete with the Luciferan hand gesture of  “as above, so is below”. Two hands, one above the other, one facing down and one facing upwards.

The celebrities get in on the act with this occult spell /ritual sublimely programming the masses of the world with these adverts. I wonder how many celebs are members of the Luciferan ranks. I personally have no time nor respect for the people taking part in this propaganda or any occultism.

The hand gesture of  “as above, so is below” is a very old one, used in secret societies and in the occult/ New Age teachings. It is about polarities  or dualities. The spirit world and the physical world.

You may see this in banking adverts or financial and insurance adverts, some of which you will find on YouTube, including current COVID 19 adverts and infomercials. This is an in your face shot at the masses by those behind this great evil. It is not just China behind this as I have already commented on lightly in an other post. There are Western “interests” involved here from the get go.

I do not want to get involved in this other than to say all is not as it seems. And no we’re are not all in it together. The rich and powerful and celebrities have absolutely nothing in common with the rest of us. They are not doing it tough like us. It is downright naivety to believe this offensive nonsense they spout.

It must be wonderful to be self isolating in a multimillion dollar mansion on acreage, rather than a council flat without a garden. Imagine that if you have a young family and you are in lockdown. How on earth can these rich propagandists be able to sleep at night or look ordinary people in the eye , knowing full well, we have nothing in common with each other and never will.

Most of us are struggling through this world wide event and will suffer more with unemployment and the Depression induced to bring us down. This is no accidental Depression it is pre planned like all the others in human history. To believe otherwise is utterly stupid and naive.

UPDATE Just to show you how out of touch with the public the rich and entitled really are. Who in their right mind or has any sense of decency and compassion says such a thing?

It is best to keep your stupid mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot, than open it and prove you are an idiot.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

What It's Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You

This guy is so funny, I haven't watched his videos for ages. A good old school friend sent this to me for a laugh. Enjoy!

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Two thirds of cases are missed, app expert says

I am glad that I don’t live in the UK these days. The country seems to be run by either idiot savants or genocidal psychopaths. It can only be one or the other, no in between.

Australia is streets ahead of them in common sense and that is saying something, because our politicians are dithering and couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery.

They (UK) are only just shutting the borders for god’s sake. How stupid are these people in authority? Is this part of the population cull or just thick as shit people that are unfit to hold the positions they do?

Expect cover ups over this cluster f**k.

Let’s not forget Bill Gates involvement in the WHO and his love of depopulation. Take a look through the internet and it is right there. That creep just doesn’t give a shit he does what he wants because he can. Money talks and all that.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

A day out in the park

We took our dog Ruby out to the park today, we have not been out in months for a walk due to the heat in summer and the bushfire smoke. Then the Covid 19 struck, so I have basically not been out for any walks at all since December last year. Thankfully I have a decent size garden for Ruby to run around in. But  today we decided it will be safe to take Ruby out for a walk.

We went to Tuggeranong park. To my surprise there were a lot of people there, including a few people dog walking. It was so uplifting to be able to get out and just have a walk. I have only been to the doctors, the supermarket or the chemist since Christmas, or a bit before Christmas. I don't remember to be honest.

I am still not sure about the relaxing of the lockdown. I would have said give it to the end of May just to be sure. Canberra at this stage has no current cases of the virus I am happy to say. I pray we stay that way. There are a few new cases elsewhere so that makes me very cautious. If the government gets this wrong then its possibly back to square one and that will upset many people.

I am still going to be keeping my social distancing for a while and not take risks at all. It is not worth getting sick over. One must keep up with the sun light for vitamin D, (roughly speaking about 20 mins in the sun), and keep building up one's immune system. The longer you are indoors the higher the risk of having a weakened immune system. Add stress into the factor too, because stress will also play a part in weakening the immune system.

I would recommend googling the benefits of Magnesium, Zinc, B vitamin group, vitamin D and C, and how to build up your immune system. Inform your doctor of what you are taking of course, because you need to have the correct guidance when taking vitamin and mineral supplements as it may interact with medications. So better to play it safe and not put your health at risk.

Any how I am looking  forward to a new balance of daily walks with our fur baby and enjoying the Canberra sunshine. We have lovely autumns in Canberra. Blue skies and autumn colours which are a delight for the eyes in our bush capital. We are surrounded with bushland and a view of the Brindabella mountains in this old part of town and I would not swap it for anything. The views are spectacular just walking through the streets or going to Tuggeranong park and surrounding reserves etc.

The smells of winter are in the air and the slight coolness touches ones cheeks in the sunny afternoon. As we walk through the crunchy dried leaves in the park. Heading home after such a lovely outing  and feeling uplifted and invigorated. By 5 o'clock though it starts to get quite chilly and the smell of fire smoke from chimneys is welcoming.

I long for the winter days where we have lovely days in blue skies and wrapped up warm against the cold. Cozy comfort and a hot cup of milo as I watch the afternoon sun fade to a golden sunset, feeling I have the best of both worlds, surrounded by nature, what could be better than that?

Canberra to me is at its best in spring and autumn full of colour and a vibrant energy, kids playing, birds singing and golden sunshine every day. Sunrise and sunsets are spectacular and to me a little mystical. Surrounded by nature and a sense of peace far from the big cities is a luxury to me , one that cannot be replaced by anything. I love my garden and the privacy it gives me to enjoy the simple things in life. I have no need for the high life, give me birds and a garden and I am happy.

The peace and tranquility of my garden is like a meditation that I must have every day to get me through life. It warms my soul to be in my garden or strolling in the bush appreciating what nature provides.

Within two or three minutes from my front door I have parrots and all sorts of wonderful birds such as the eastern rosella, the crimson rosella, lorikeets, wattle birds and cockatoos that I have the pleasure of seeing when walking Ruby. Simple pleasures that one cannot put a price on right here in my suburb. It makes me very appreciative of what I have.

I don’t ask for much in life, I live a simple life and I am content with what I have and the joy of being surrounded with nature,  that is my paradise. If you have your health and nature around you to enjoy, then you are very fortunate.

UPDATE 4 May 2020  a new case of Covid 19 in Canberra today 😭

I thought it was too good to last. Oh dear is it back to the old drawing board again? I hope not, but it will be what it will be.

May the fourth be with you!

Lol, I am getting this in early for tomorrow