Saturday, 1 July 2017

A Spirit Visit From Johnathon Cainer

Wow, this was a bolt out of the blue for me. It has been a high spirit energy day for me today, and
nothing prepared me for today's amazing surprise. I was conducting a reading for a client and was gob smacked to have Johnathon Cainer come through with a message for the client. The client knew Johnathon.

I could hear his loud laugh and see his beaming smile. I didn't know he was actually quite small. That was something that took me by surprise. He has a laughter in his voice when he speaks.
I felt that he was multi tasking at the time he popped in. He had his own family to attend to and a few other people that he was helping.

How wonderful is that, and he is a very busy man in spirit. Just because he is in spirit it doesn't mean he is taking it easy. No, he is still working and helping people. Good on him.

I wish to give you my blessings Johnathon, to you and all of your loved ones. On a personal note, I felt Freemasonry around Johnathon. I have no idea if he was one or not. If any one knows can you please comment on my face book page please.

Thank you Johnathon, it was a pleasure to meet you xxx