Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Chakras To Remove Them Or Not

Everyone is familiar with the term Chakras which means wheels in Sanskrit. They are non physical energy power centers within our bodies in various parts of the body not just the main 7 chakras or as I jokingly call them, traffic lights. They are also in the etheric bodies which surround the physical body.


I have actually heard mine making a whirring sound like a fan when doing a meditation one night at the spiritual church that I used to attend. I was quite amazed by this.

In eastern Vedic and new age teachings, we are told the chakras are very important for our well being. However many people today are now questioning this and there are some that say they are not needed and that they can be removed. What I do know is the chakra system is an anchor to keep us in the 3rd dimension.
This important subject is going to be quite a very controversial over the next 5 to 10 years with many people, and I totally understand where people are coming from  on both sides of the divide.

Let me just simplify this a little by saying that this comes down to not just  how spiritually aware the individual is, but a few other things too. Such as the changing realities of the individual, old paradigms are no longer valid and there for must go. The other thing is looking at intelligent design and the spiritual design, both are relevant and cannot be separated so easily because there is a direct link between them. whether we like it or not.

I have read through some of the reputable writers on the subject and have done enough research into metaphysical matters over the years to understand why the chakras should be removed and should never have been in our bodies in the first place.

Many people are removing their chakras and nothing bad has happened to them. You cannot remove someone else's chakras for some reason. This may be something to do with free will. However you can show others how to do it. That does not violate free will, and if the person is ready to remove their chakras then so be it. Call it spiritual evolution, and it sends out a clear message across the universe, the Multiverse, including  being stored on your akashic records and the halls of law and learning that this is a fully awakened and free soul.

Only those that are fully spiritually aware seem to be able to do this. I do not recommend that every one rushes to remove their chakras though. This should only be done when the individual is ready, and they would be receiving intuitive messages from their higher self or spirit guide, which sometimes is one and the same.

Before even starting the process you must ground yourself and gold light yourself. Do not waste time using white light it is not as powerful. Gold light as I often tell you is the highest of spiritual protection.


 please gold light the room that you are in also for extra protection


Please do your own research, and when in doubt do nothing, you are obviously not ready for this challenge. Many people say they feel a sense of clarity in their mind and feel more relaxed after the removal. The actual process is very simple. Now spiritually speaking nothing should ever be difficult when we are dealing with true spiritual matters. If it is complicated then trust me it is not truly spiritual nor in your best interest.


If you are a healer please keep in mind when healing a person that no longer has their chakras, you do must not involve chakra balancing when there is none there.