Sunday, 24 July 2011

Can Cold Water Clean Dishes?

Can Cold Water Clean  Dishes?

This is for all the germ conscious  folks that  worry about using cold water to  clean.
John went  to visit his 90 year old grandfather in a  very secluded, rural area of                     Saskatchewan.                                 .
After  spending a great evening chatting the night  away, the  next morning John's grandfather              prepared breakfast  of bacon, eggs and toast.                                  

However,   John noticed a film like substance on his plate, and  questioned his grandfather          asking,
'Are  these plates clean?'
His  grandfather replied,
'They're  as clean as cold water can get  'em.
Just  you go ahead and finish your meal,  Sonny!'

For  lunch the old man made hamburgers.
Again, John was concerned about the  plates,
as his appeared to have tiny specks around the  edge that looked like dried egg and                                 asked, 'Are  you sure these plates are clean?'
Without looking up the old man said,
'I told you before, Sonny, those dishes are as clean  as cold water can get them. Now don't               you fret, I don't want to hear another word about  it!'
Later that afternoon, John was on his way to a nearby town and as he was leaving, his grandfather's     dog started  to growl, and wouldn't let him pass.
John  yelled and said, 'Grandfather, your dog won't let me get to my car'.

Without diverting his attention from the football game he was watching on TV, the old man                 shouted! 'Coldwater, go lay down now, yah hear  me!'

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Bity Shady : Parasols

I found this wonderful web site last night. Ladies you will love it. The most beautiful parasols, ever.
I just purchased the Empress parasol in Floss (Pink) for summer, as it is so hot in Australia.
This company is a small Australian based company, they have been around for a few years.
They hopefully will be around for many more. They are popular with Wedding Parasols.

Many styles and colours to choose from, plenty for Goth girls too. You won't be disapointed.

Mobicosa: Arthritis Treatment, Follow Up

Well I have been seeing some results from these tablets already. It is not a dramatic change, but there is definitely a positive change taking place. The pain has eased around my neck, base of my skull and elbows. My fingers are still aching, but not as bad. I can get a decent sleep at night now. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate the pain as a five or maybe a four.

The first 10 days of taking this stuff is to put a dose into your body to kick start the treatment. After that, the idea is to reduce it to a comfortable dose. I do notice the pain returning as the night time dose is due.
Especially after doing anything strenuous. I am happy with the results and shall keep going with the smelly little tablets. Lol, Boy do they stink.  The smell when I open the bottle is disgusting ( very appealing to cats I must add). I try not to dry heave as I take the tablets, I then swallow some tea to mask the taste. I must admit it is a small price to pay for pain relief. 

I shall give an other progress report in about a week or so. Sitting at the key board is not a good thing to do for a long period of time. It does aggravate the condition. So If you are like me, small doses at the Computer. Yes, I know it is hard as we all love to play with our PC's. We just need to take it  a bit at a time. For me Computer/PC withdrawal is tough going. Little miss have- a-chat.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Optimize your sun exposure without sunscreen

It's a no brainer really, just like the cosmetics and beauty industry telling women to buy their
products. Would you put this stuff on your skin if they said, "Hey, Petro-chemicals are just great for your body and your health".

Corporations don't want you to think for yourself. What about all the testing on animals too. They don't need to do that anymore either, but hey they get off on this kind of evil. There are natural alternatives to the chemical products. People with sensitive skin are turning to the natural products in droves. However do watch out for products containing Parabens and Sulphates are they do upset sensitive skin.

Women that are worried about their skin can do a few things to avoid the sun drying out their skin. Wear a wide brimmed hat, one that is trendy and not frumpy looking, or even use a parasol/umbrella.
There are fancy little parasoles on E-Bay these days, so a lady can avoid flat hair, from wearing a sun hat. Wear sun-glasses that don't block the UVA and UVB rays. Also choose what time you go out in the sun.

No body wants to look like a dried up prune at 35 or 40. Learn to be sun smart and beauty smart. It isn't cool to lie in the sun for hours to see how dark you can get. I know girls that I went to school with in the 1970's and worked with in the 1980's that look a lot older than me now. They wouldn't stay out of the sun. They also used baby oil to help fry their skin. Young women just aren't getting the message. I feel that the media have to shoulder some of the blame for the way they shamelessly promote their products with golden tanned women.

At least we can still enjoy the sun and stay healthy and safe. People have worked and lived out doors for thousands of years. It is only in the past 30 years that all this has become a drama. Moderation is the key word to everything that we do in life.

Clear acne with green smoothies

Eewww!, Just don't put Brussel Sprouts in.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Top 5 Foods For Beating Depression

This website is a wonderful source of knowledge. I use this one quite a lot. I recommend it to all my clients.
You can subscribe to it for newsletters too and join them on facebook.

Cast your mind back prior to the 1980's, Do you know anyone that was suffering from this disorder back then? I don't, I seems like a bolt out of the blue. Suddenly everyone has it. I wonder why this is. Poor nutrition sure does cause depression, any doctor or nutritionist can tell you that. So the next thing to look at is our food habits. Then the quality of the crops that we grow, which are sprayed with chemicals.In some countries, the soil is also depleted of nutrition, in which the crops need to grow. Well all this and junk food all adds up to the health that we all have now. The Agricultural industry chiefs are out to make a huge profit at the expense of our health and come out with all these chemicals to spray our food supply. Then we wonder why we are all sick, and why our children are suffering from horrible illnesses. This is all preventable.    

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

MOBICOSA for Arthritis Treatment

Hi readers,

Just letting you know that my Mobicosa tablets from Natural Mobility arrived this morning.I have just started the treatment, I shall give you an update on how I am going as soon as I feel any changes. Please remember it is NOT a complete cure. I honestly don't know if there is a complete cure for this condition. We just have to use what we can afford to buy and try to live as comfortable as possible.

The manufacturers of this Mobicosa state that their product is the strongest on the market of all the greenlipped mussel therapies. So wish me luck and I shall deffinatley keep you all advised on my progress.

Peace and Light to all :)

Fluoride consumption leads to brain damage, says study

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Native Wisdom Dedicated to All Native American People

Very sad stuff. This is what Christianity via the Vatican has done to good and innocent people. One day this great wrong will be put right.

Monday, 11 July 2011


Google, sterilization of South American Women.

Who is Baphomet?

Please keep an open mind when reading this stuff. Spiritual people included.Let me also go even deeper and say other than the character Lucifer. If you are reading the Wes Penre literature then you will see that Lucifer is non other than En-Ki. You may read many articles over the years, regarding this subject, some of it is mythology, however as we know mythology has truthful facts  

time no longer

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Rhesus Negative

Please read this as well as the post that I have just wrote.

What confuses me is I fit the profile, lol But I am A+. WTF? My father is O rh neg- !

I am sensitive to sun light, heat,psychic abilities, I have very cool skin. What they say about eye colour is not correct. According to iridologists, there are only two eye colours Blue and Brown, anything else indicates a health problem/issue. I don't know if I have the extra vertebra, there should be 33 of them. I have a very crooked spine from birth as do my kids.
 I have posted about my dreams with UFO's and other stuff. I do not post everything as I keep some things private.I have all 5 clairs, most psychics have 2 or 3, even in my family.

 Extra vertebra.
¨ Higher than average IQ
¨ More sensitive vision and other senses.
¨ Lower body temperature
¨ Higher blood pressure
¨ Increased occurrence of psychic/intuitive abilities
¨ Predominantly blue, green, or Hazel eyes
¨ Red or reddish hair
¨ Has increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight
¨ Cannot be cloned
¨ Alien Abduction and other unexplained phenomenon

There is more to this stuff than they know. Nuff said LMAO. May be I am  just a circus freak  LOL. 

Left handedness

How many readers of this blog are left handed, ambidextrous or corrected from using your left hand as a child? Are you ready for some more interesting facts?

Firstly the left hand side of your body is quite important from a spiritual perspective. The truth is, the left hand works like an antenna to receive energy from spirit/God. The corresponding parts of the brain also function in this way including the all important pineal gland. The left hand side of the body is female energy and the right hand side is male energy, kind of like Ying and Yang. When doing healing, we receive the energy in to our bodies via the left hand and give it out through the right hand. The religious establishment knows this fact, they do not want you to know it. They want to cut you off from God/Spirit, so that they can control Humanity.

Just the other day there I started to think about some cultures in the world where they must eat with the right hand, and the left hand is used for the toilet. The penny dropped so to speak, about that concept and how offensive and dark it is for a Human being being told to use that left hand in such a manner. That just seemed to me to be another way for the dark forces to have a shot at God and his divine children. Teaching them via controlled,  man made religions to do this. It struck me as an abomination and insult to good God fearing/loving people. Why was it done and by whom?   Well we know why, now don't we. But who started this off I wonder.

I know that many of my relatives are left handed. I, like my father's father am left handed, and was "corrected" as a child. Except for tasks that I automatically do with my left hand such as using the mouse on the computer, I write right handed. Most of the time my brain works left hand dominant.  One of my children is left handed, and my husband is left handed and of Celtic background too. I come from a family with psychic abilities on both sides

Do ya think that there might just be a link with that....hell yes.

It does my head in to try and do some tasks right handed. The computer is the main thing that I just can't get my head around using my right hand. Grrr! Folding sheets with my mum used to drive her nuts, as I would be going the opposite way to her. Ha ha, boy I would get the sheets tangled up.

But getting back to the left hand issue. If you notice now with the texting that is going on and console games we need to use both hands in tandem. Must bother the Religious fanatics. Having said that Ned Flanders, the God botherer on the Simpson's is left handed. Why did they make his character left handed to be at odds with his OTT belief system?

The Human body is an amazing piece of technology, and it is capable of many things that the average person is not aware of. Starting with our psychic abilities, our so called experts don't have a clue what half of our brain is used for let alone understand our gifts. To start with I have 5 psychic senses, they are  the same as the usual physical  senses, except they are used to pick up information from spirit beings. Not all psychics have all 5 Clairs. Some of us are able to " remote view"also called extra neuro sensing. Some people like me can see and communicate with beings in the non physical world.

The Leaders of our world have tried for centuries to stop this, but are unable to. They tell us that to be left handed is the work of the devil, a creation that these individuals created in the first place to control the masses.  Like everything that they tell us, the opposite is true. There is also the rhesus factor in our blood that is of great significance. My father has the O negative Rhesus blood. I am A + as are my kids, both of them are psychic also. My Celtic background goes back for hundreds of years too.

O rh negative is also called the royal blood. It is made famous due to the British royal family, however, this blood line is millions of years old. The royal family are merely just like the rest of the population that have this blood type; human hybrids.

This blood factor is not normal per say. It also has a link with psychic people of the world and our "true" origins. Do you ever wonder why we can't find the missing link. Scientists are NOT telling us the truth. How many of us could handle the truth if they were to tell you tomorrow?

The way the Human race has been kept in its infantile state, makes it hard for the masses to accept the truth. It isn't any quantum leap to come to the realization that we do not come from this planet originally, or at least in the (Hybrid) way that we are now.  Think test tube babies in the 1970's.
It ain't rocket science to come up with this theory folks. Thousands of us already believe something along these lines anyway. So be open minded and have a look at the following links that I have included here. There are many like them all over the net.

Interesting huh! Ok now for the next one. I know that the next one will be hard for some of you to take in, but hey. The truth is coming out now and you need to face that fact.
How you handle it is up to you. I don't really think it will make much a difference with most of us anyway as we are just going along with our normal every day lives. We will just know a bit more about our race that's all.

Bet you didn't expect that, lol.

Having the information from these other websites, it is my assumption that  none of these people are psychic, let alone have been able to channel the spirit world the way I or other psychics do. I  will not disclose what I see or do, as I feel that it may be too out there" for most readers.  I do think that these people are missing the spiritual aspect of what they are saying. That is only because the have no knowledge of this area. But the two do go hand in hand. I shall leave readers to ponder this on their own.

Those that are curious I suggest joining a Spiritual church or a psychic development group. You must be prepared to have an open mind and be non judgemental, or you will not develop your potential.
You do not need to have any qualifications or any sort of belief system. Just honest and come in peace. There is a whole world of knowledge on the net. However not all of it is accurate, truthful or as we spiritualists say " In the Light".

When we ask spirit a question, we ask for that knowledge to be 100% truth and in the light. We then say thank you, God Bless you. Which is polite and respectful to our beloved guides.

UPDATE: 25th May 2017

Since I wrote this blog, more information has come my way, I have found the information channeled on the Montague Keen website to be not what it is supposed to be.This is why I removed every post on my blog that I shared from the Montague Keen website. I feel whom ever is really communicating from the other side is an archon, due to some of the comments.This is one of the reasons why we must be very careful with messages from the other side .

I in no way want to offend Veronica, I am just able to feel the energy from the being/s, that is /are communicating and I do not like what I feel and see. Yes ,Montague Keen is still connecting with his wife, but something else is too, and for some this can be very difficult to detect and can take time to investigate.

I too have had Montague come through to me in spirit on two occasions. He actually warned me about a man in England; to stop communicating with, because he was a spy. Monty's actual words were, "For Christ sake he is a spy". He shouted this at me.

I almost fell off my chair, but I did tell Montague that I was aware of the fact. This is something that I have kept quiet up until today,  only two other people are aware of this just as a safety measure. However I won't  say anything further, other than to say this man in England found me via my blog and it was he that started the long term communication, which I terminated.

 I have read for Veronica too, not long after this blog was written and I did the reading for free.I still have the emails on record.

Also since this article was written I have become  aware of the Annunaki and how they directly hijacked humanity and added their DNA to ours. The rh negative blood group is Annunaki/Sirian blood. Am many people are now aware of. Thus the missing link is no longer missing.

Head Wear in Church or Covering the Crown Chakra

Have you ever wondered why people wear a hat of a scarf in church? Especially women,  well then the following information may just shock you.

Most people are aware that we have Chakras running through our body. The main ones run through what is called the Meridian Core. They are as follows, crown chakra, head chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar chakra, sacral chakra and base chakra. Some include the star chakra between the ankles.
These are very important to the function of the Human body, keeping it in tune as it were.

The crown chakra, has a direct link to the spirit world/God/the Universal energies that are all part of God's creation. Now this is the bit that some people will find difficult to accept. Way,way back long before we had any monotheistic religions, there was  God and The Goddess that people prayed to. All this is well documented through historical documents. Now as we pray we give off and receive spiritual energy through the crown chakra which is at the top of our heads. Everyone was aware of this fact back in these days.

Then along came these man made religions,via war against the true spiritual knowledge. Thousands of people were murdered because they would not submit to these male dominated new religions. Many women priestesses were murdered during these times. This by the way is the birth of Misogyny in the patriarchal society that has dominated our world for thousands of years.

This was all done deliberately to cut Humanity off from our true spiritual heritage, as children of God, our divine father and and the Goddess our divine mother. In the process the people responsible for this destroyed a lot of the evidence of the Goddess in our spiritual knowledge. When we think of the trinity we are told that it is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is wrong. It should be Father, Mother, Child or Holy Spirit.  We are talking about co-creation here. As God gave us the ability to be co-creators in his world.
Now, Spirit is a dual being, being both male and female in essence. When we incarnate on this Earth plane we must split our duality to experience either side of our duality and negative/positive experiences. This is how we learn and grow spiritually. It cannot be done any other way. It is Spirit/Cosmic or Universal Law.

Now bringing the subject back on track to the issue of covering of the head. This is done to prevent us connecting with God directly or connecting with our higher selves, as we all have 3 levels of consciousness.
The number 3 is of vital importance by the way, think of the trinity again. But this is a deeper subject than what I am going to explain here today. Basically the churches are null and void if people start to waken up to our own divinity that was taken away from us thousands of years ago. This is a big issue too. I am talking about a cold , calculated plan to keep Humanity in the dark about who and what we are. Gods in awakening.

First  step  is to  portrait women as untrustworthy and  if you like and lower in status than men. A blatant and downright  offensive lie. Mary Magdalene was branded a prostitute when she was in fact a noble woman. And according to some texts a Priestess in her own right. The men of the time didn't want to have a women in any form of authority so they had to defile women any way they could for their plan to work. Anyone that opposed this was removed. Now these powerful men knew also that they must convince people to cover their heads to stop "Satan" from influencing them. So that by covering their heads this would block evil thoughts. What they really meant is not to talk to God directly,but only through a priest.

Next step is to edit the bible to suit there needs.We have enough ancient texts that have survived to back up what I am saying including what is left of the Nag Hammadi Scrolls. But don't you think that it is rather strange that the Catholic church holds most of the ancient texts? Who gave them the right to keep these texts. They were not theirs to begin with. But alas with the power brokers anything is made possible.

No one ever stops to think about what has gone on through the centuries for fear of what "trouble" it might cause them if they ask pertinent questions or heaven forbid object to anything. This is carefully put in place by the powerful leaders of our world down through the ages. Heresy is a powerful tool  to use on the uneducated masses in any point  in time, and it still works extremely well today as it did two thousand years ago.

Do you honestly think that they will stop using this any time soon, lol I don't think so. Hell it works so well that the masses will keep themselves happily enslaved for as long as they want. Or it could stop today. It is all down to each individual to use that gray matter for once and put an end to  their own enslavement. But that means not being the same as everyone else. Most people won't do that. Why, because of the heard or hive mind syndrome. It is alive and well in Humanity this very day.

Well I have news for you. The choice is being removed from Humanity, by God/Cosmic Consciousness or what ever name you wish to use. We are already in the process of a new spiritual age, that cannot and will not be stopped by any one on this Earth. This is a good thing and nothing to fear, that is unless you are opposed to unconditional love for Humanity. The Goddess energy or ray that was removed is entering this wonderful new age and is here to stay. Reuniting all of Humanity and restoring us to the glory that once was ours and was stolen from us.

Gone over the years to come will be violence, war, and racial and religious intolerance. We will rise above the abysmal beings that we are in this age. It is not an over night transformation as there is no such thing. So don't expect miracles of such proportions. We all have work to do. This is NOT negotiable either.

This is all part of the reason why the forces of darkness on our planet are causing all these wars, food shortages, Religious trouble, draconian laws to take away your Sovereign rights, that wars have been fought over. All the mayhem that we are seeing is a smoke screen to hide the fact that the hold over humanity is failing rapidly. So in a desperate act of defiance these evil doers are ramping up as much chaos as they can.
Mean while the docile masses tune into their  TV's, and believe all the lies. Lies that are being exposed by brave souls in the independent media for the lies that they are. Even Congress in the USA is starting to reel from the revelations.
All you have to fear is, the fear from yourselves and your own inaction to stand up for your rights and not back down.Now don't you think that is rather infantile, and wondering what others think of you for having independent thought that is your God given right.

One more thing I have to say in relation to Christianity is, Is  some sections of Christianity say that they do not eat with those who don't sit at the Lords table. This is an error on behalf of the clergy that preach this form of religious discrimination. Firstly, let me point out  none of us have ever earned the right to eat at the Lord's table, because of our religious beliefs. That is most audacious to make such a comment.

Let me start by saying God DOES NOT discriminate against any o f his Children. Get that straight for a start. Second ,those that eat animal flesh do not sit at the Lords table either. That is a Spiritual fact. Me ,being a mere Medium, have been told by spirit that I must not eat animal flesh, if I want to help in any way shape or form with spirit beings that are part of the spirit council. Let alone be allowed to sit at the Lord's table. I have not touched Meat since January 2011. I do not miss it in the slightest. I am how ever permitted to eat fish. Remember Jesus and the fish?

I am no one special, (None of us are), I am just a humble ordinary Human being, But I am a child of God/the Light. I only serve the light. I am not perfect and neither is anyone on this Earth. There is not one of us better than the next person. So don't ever make the mistake of playing holier than though with your fellow man. It is quite against God our heavenly Father. We get brought down to Earth with  a bump if we do.It is our Ego's that play this trick on us, all of us.

Sure we are all Human and we all make mistakes, These mistakes are NOT bad they are lessons that we are here to undertake. It is as simple as that. Religious bigotry, which we are all capable of is  part of our psyche while on this Earth and is still intact with some beings on the lower levels of astral , including the two levels of astral above where we are now.   As for being a sinner, that is a tool created by those that control and enslave Humanity. I would never permit anyone to call me that nor would I ever call anyone else such an offensive name. How would you feel if you were called a sinner, infidel, unworthy, etc? Think about that please. Do not do to others what you don't want done to you. Now that is a conundrum isn't it?

Makes you just want a cup of tea and think about stuff. Don't be to hard on yourselves, nor your fellow Human beings. Do treat animals with great love and respect too. They put up with misery from us Humans, that think we know it all. In truth what we know and understand in this world you could write on a postage stamp.
Just keep life simple folks and don't go upsetting anyone and we will all  get through life much easier. No sharp objects like our tongues and nobody gets hurt.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Arthritis medication Mobicosa (greenlipped mussle)

A Few days ago my father told me about this Arthritis natural therapy treatment that he is using. He said it has improved his pain dramatically. I have only just this week been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my neck, spine and major joints in my body. at the age of 47.   My father and I were in a serious car accident back in 1984. that left us with long term injury. This injury was what triggered off both our Osteoarthritis many years later.

On the sunny side though, is this greenlipped mussel, sold under the name of Mobicosa.Available at the website above. There are many brands on the market, from what my father tells me this is the "Rolls Royce" of them all. I just placed my order today and it shall be on my doorstep in a couple of days. I shall keep you posted on how it works for me. Remember that with any medications, they affect different people in different ways. 

It may be beneficial to some of you reading this blog. So I wish you all the best should you decide to give it a try. By the way did you know that natural medicines from a health food store are not as powerful as the medications given to you by a Naturopath/Natural Therapist? It is important to know that, prior to buying these products. Natural therapists are highly trained and that is why they have a licence to sell the stronger more potent medications rather than the over the counter treatments. You need to weigh up the cost both financially and on a health level before parting with your hard earned money.

Like the old saying you get out of life what you put in to it. You can not neglect your health and well being especially in today's financially difficult times. Less junk food and more healthy meat and veg, grains, nuts and  fruit. Tinned food is not as good as the fresh stuff either, due to the chemicals and preservatives.

Time to say goodbye - Andrea Bocelli & Sara Brightman

What a great song and what a great duo.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011