Sunday, 10 July 2011

Left handedness

How many readers of this blog are left handed, ambidextrous or corrected from using your left hand as a child? Are you ready for some more interesting facts?

Firstly the left hand side of your body is quite important from a spiritual perspective. The truth is, the left hand works like an antenna to receive energy from spirit/God. The corresponding parts of the brain also function in this way including the all important pineal gland. The left hand side of the body is female energy and the right hand side is male energy, kind of like Ying and Yang. When doing healing, we receive the energy in to our bodies via the left hand and give it out through the right hand. The religious establishment knows this fact, they do not want you to know it. They want to cut you off from God/Spirit, so that they can control Humanity.

Just the other day there I started to think about some cultures in the world where they must eat with the right hand, and the left hand is used for the toilet. The penny dropped so to speak, about that concept and how offensive and dark it is for a Human being being told to use that left hand in such a manner. That just seemed to me to be another way for the dark forces to have a shot at God and his divine children. Teaching them via controlled,  man made religions to do this. It struck me as an abomination and insult to good God fearing/loving people. Why was it done and by whom?   Well we know why, now don't we. But who started this off I wonder.

I know that many of my relatives are left handed. I, like my father's father am left handed, and was "corrected" as a child. Except for tasks that I automatically do with my left hand such as using the mouse on the computer, I write right handed. Most of the time my brain works left hand dominant.  One of my children is left handed, and my husband is left handed and of Celtic background too. I come from a family with psychic abilities on both sides

Do ya think that there might just be a link with that....hell yes.

It does my head in to try and do some tasks right handed. The computer is the main thing that I just can't get my head around using my right hand. Grrr! Folding sheets with my mum used to drive her nuts, as I would be going the opposite way to her. Ha ha, boy I would get the sheets tangled up.

But getting back to the left hand issue. If you notice now with the texting that is going on and console games we need to use both hands in tandem. Must bother the Religious fanatics. Having said that Ned Flanders, the God botherer on the Simpson's is left handed. Why did they make his character left handed to be at odds with his OTT belief system?

The Human body is an amazing piece of technology, and it is capable of many things that the average person is not aware of. Starting with our psychic abilities, our so called experts don't have a clue what half of our brain is used for let alone understand our gifts. To start with I have 5 psychic senses, they are  the same as the usual physical  senses, except they are used to pick up information from spirit beings. Not all psychics have all 5 Clairs. Some of us are able to " remote view"also called extra neuro sensing. Some people like me can see and communicate with beings in the non physical world.

The Leaders of our world have tried for centuries to stop this, but are unable to. They tell us that to be left handed is the work of the devil, a creation that these individuals created in the first place to control the masses.  Like everything that they tell us, the opposite is true. There is also the rhesus factor in our blood that is of great significance. My father has the O negative Rhesus blood. I am A + as are my kids, both of them are psychic also. My Celtic background goes back for hundreds of years too.

O rh negative is also called the royal blood. It is made famous due to the British royal family, however, this blood line is millions of years old. The royal family are merely just like the rest of the population that have this blood type; human hybrids.

This blood factor is not normal per say. It also has a link with psychic people of the world and our "true" origins. Do you ever wonder why we can't find the missing link. Scientists are NOT telling us the truth. How many of us could handle the truth if they were to tell you tomorrow?

The way the Human race has been kept in its infantile state, makes it hard for the masses to accept the truth. It isn't any quantum leap to come to the realization that we do not come from this planet originally, or at least in the (Hybrid) way that we are now.  Think test tube babies in the 1970's.
It ain't rocket science to come up with this theory folks. Thousands of us already believe something along these lines anyway. So be open minded and have a look at the following links that I have included here. There are many like them all over the net.

Interesting huh! Ok now for the next one. I know that the next one will be hard for some of you to take in, but hey. The truth is coming out now and you need to face that fact.
How you handle it is up to you. I don't really think it will make much a difference with most of us anyway as we are just going along with our normal every day lives. We will just know a bit more about our race that's all.

Bet you didn't expect that, lol.

Having the information from these other websites, it is my assumption that  none of these people are psychic, let alone have been able to channel the spirit world the way I or other psychics do. I  will not disclose what I see or do, as I feel that it may be too out there" for most readers.  I do think that these people are missing the spiritual aspect of what they are saying. That is only because the have no knowledge of this area. But the two do go hand in hand. I shall leave readers to ponder this on their own.

Those that are curious I suggest joining a Spiritual church or a psychic development group. You must be prepared to have an open mind and be non judgemental, or you will not develop your potential.
You do not need to have any qualifications or any sort of belief system. Just honest and come in peace. There is a whole world of knowledge on the net. However not all of it is accurate, truthful or as we spiritualists say " In the Light".

When we ask spirit a question, we ask for that knowledge to be 100% truth and in the light. We then say thank you, God Bless you. Which is polite and respectful to our beloved guides.

UPDATE: 25th May 2017

Since I wrote this blog, more information has come my way, I have found the information channeled on the Montague Keen website to be not what it is supposed to be.This is why I removed every post on my blog that I shared from the Montague Keen website. I feel whom ever is really communicating from the other side is an archon, due to some of the comments.This is one of the reasons why we must be very careful with messages from the other side .

I in no way want to offend Veronica, I am just able to feel the energy from the being/s, that is /are communicating and I do not like what I feel and see. Yes ,Montague Keen is still connecting with his wife, but something else is too, and for some this can be very difficult to detect and can take time to investigate.

I too have had Montague come through to me in spirit on two occasions. He actually warned me about a man in England; to stop communicating with, because he was a spy. Monty's actual words were, "For Christ sake he is a spy". He shouted this at me.

I almost fell off my chair, but I did tell Montague that I was aware of the fact. This is something that I have kept quiet up until today,  only two other people are aware of this just as a safety measure. However I won't  say anything further, other than to say this man in England found me via my blog and it was he that started the long term communication, which I terminated.

 I have read for Veronica too, not long after this blog was written and I did the reading for free.I still have the emails on record.

Also since this article was written I have become  aware of the Annunaki and how they directly hijacked humanity and added their DNA to ours. The rh negative blood group is Annunaki/Sirian blood. Am many people are now aware of. Thus the missing link is no longer missing.