Saturday, 30 December 2017

Woman Sues Phone Psychic for Saying She’d Be Dead in Six Months

I am horrified by this. I do not allow others to read for me anymore, and if you have read through my blog you will see why. We have a duty of care to our dear and most respected clients, and I live by an even more strict moral code.

Yes I have worked on Rod Bradshaws' psychic phone line for a short time and my clients were able to confirm what I told them and were very happy. I have worked on radio and with the same happy results. Some US people that I read for on radio came back to me for readings again, despite me telling them it may be cheaper using a local person. I am of the opinion if you have a good reader local then use them. it is not about money. It is about the clairvoyant or psychic being of service to you, in order for you to make good life choices and be self empowered.

When you come to me  I will tell you the following,

Nothing is ever set in stone.

Readings are at the most 85% accurate and that is because of free will of all involved.

Time is not a fixed thing, it is always in a state of flux.

I cannot influence your free will , nor would I ever think of doing so.

I will not violate cosmic law.

You are the ruler of your own destiny.

You have the right to change your mind at any time. This includes soul contracts and agreements)

I will never give out negative or disturbing information.

I will not tell anyone they will die.

I warn my guides never to tell me negative information or I will not work with them.

Readings should be uplifting and empowering.

You should feel happy and uplifted by a reading.

Please remember if you are firmly holding on to a false belief it will affect the outcome of a reading. Such a belief like , you want a particular person in your life so much that, even though it is not going to happen it will sway the reading.

My advice is to be calm, relaxed and keep an open mind during the reading. That way you can ensure a good clear and concise reading. False beliefs do not help any one, they only cause pain and distress.

In the hand out that I give to every client there is a couple of good websites listed showing the meanings of tarot cards.  Each card has 4 meanings and 4 sub meanings. on top of that I see hear an feel things. I see a little video in my head also.  When spirit is present some clients do feel them and some actually are also able to hear them. Yes I read for other psychics too.

A good reader is very honest, compassionate and will do what they can to guide you. We are not perfect, we are not god. We tune in to your energy and into the cosmic consciousness of humanity.

This ability can be a gift as well as a curse for many of us. It  should  really be only the path of those that are genuinely in the service of humanity and the animals. However the dark side has their own people here also. Please be aware of that. It is foolish to ignore that.

You have the right to be empowered and you have the right to truth and justice. Uphold these important rights.

One more important thing I must tell you is, never let someone tell you that you have a curse on you and that they can remove it if you pay them. The money is usually a staggering amount. Walk out of the reading immediately and do not pay any money. This is wicked  and criminal behavior which must be reported to the police and if they person is a member of a psychic organization report them to the organization too.