Saturday, 30 December 2017

Urgent Post On Behalf Of Canberra Street Cat Alliance

With the permission of Canberra Street Cat Alliance I am sharing this urgently.
Can people in Canberra please put the word out for these lovely girls xxx TIA

MATURE FEMALES SEEKING REFUGE. Pepper and Shiva are two desirable single ladies, in unfortunate circumstances, who are looking for love and a quiet place to live.
Like all older woman they have a past….their last furparent moved and decided not to take them too. Sadly the love rat gave them no notice of the impending move so these middle aged BFFs have found themselves couch surfing with Crystal until they can get themselves settled in a new place.
They are true besties, and introverted Shiva (tortie) relies on Pepper to bring her out of her shell, so they want a place where two single gals can hang out happily together. They are sociable with other cats, once they have settled in, enjoying a gossip and snooze perched on a sunny windowsill.
Like any mature female these girls have so much love to give. They can handle kids as long as they know their place, mind their manners and are not too hands on. A bit like your Great Aunt Mary they have been known to bestow ‘the look’ on unruly children. They are well past the crazy kitten stage preferring instead to lounge around, stroll to the next napping spot and take genteel walks to their food. They are litter trained too.
These lovelies are about 8 years old and in their prime. They are both very healthy and have no medical issues. They both have had all their vet work done including micro-chipping and de-sexing.
The girls did manage to pack some belongings before the move so they will come with their scratching post, litter tray, food and water bowls, travel carriers and all of their paperwork.
If you can open your heart and home to two of the sweetest cats you will ever have the honour to meet please get in touch with Crystal on 0431157847.