Tuesday, 12 December 2017

iBand+: EEG headband that helps you Sleep and Dream!

Can anyone see the danger here? I sure can, if this is not yet an other warning of the AI  (artificial intelligence) take over then I don't know what is. Your mind is private and is not meant to be messed with like this.

This is being aimed at the younger generations who will take to it like a duck to water. Not stopping to question how it works, what harm it can do etc.

If you have been reading up on AI then you will be aware of the possible dangers presented here.For years I have had a tight band  like feeling on my forehead which feels like being stretched and pulled outwards. It comes and goes, mostly at night time when I am trying to sleep. I know this is nothing to do with my higher-self because that comes from within.

I have told the being that are doing this to stop it, clearly this is not benevolent beings interacting with me. I feel their presence and it feels masculine energy. One supposed friend years ago told me it is spirit working with me.

 Well no it is not, it is inter-dimensional being/humanoids, and they have no problem violating cosmic law. I always tell them to stop what they are doing immediately and return any any energy that they have taken from me. I tell them they are violating my rights and sovereignty and I point out to them that I know they are deliberately violating my rights.

The feeling stops immediately, occasionally I hear a male voice saying, " we mean you no harm and we will leave you in peace". These beings will often pretend to be spirit beings but there is a subtle difference that one feels, to tell spirit from an inter-dimensional being using advanced technology way ahead of ours.

If you want to improve your sleep then meditate the proper way, take natural sleeping tablets or see your GP. If you want lucid dreams meditate, do not use technology that could possibly harm you.

Meditation strengthens your mind and also helps your intuitive abilities become stronger. I have pointed out in other posts the importance of only communicating with your higher-self. Do not be foolish and communicate with something that you cannot see.

The chances are it is not a benevolent being which does not have your interests at heart. I have also pointed out angels are NOT real, they are archons as are supposed " ascended masters "  and " master guides". If you have something like this speak to you stop what you are doing immediately.

Lucid dreaming comes natural and must not be forced, again relax and meditate to assist in lucid dreaming. There are no quick tricks to this. But head my warning stay right away from technology when working with the mind, body, spirit complex  or you will find yourself in danger.

You do not need gurus, they are just walking egos that one gives their personal power to, and money. Own your own personal power and respect it.

I am trying to teach people to be aware of the unseen worlds. I have nothing to gain from warning people of the dangers. It is my duty to warn people of possible dangers, and I take that duty of care seriously. That is why I have this blog and to share things to assist people.

For those that read my blog regular, take a look at the things that have happened in my house in relation to interdimensional. I do not want any one experiencing what my family has gone through and my neighbours. Some may not be able to cope with this, so take my warning on board.

Yes things have settled down in my house and so far the past couple of months are normal. I hope it stays that way. I would like to also say , my mediumship abilities were very tested by these beings. It was a struggle but as soon as I got rid of these "things" my mediumship was back to normal. A natural medium knows how they feel when functioning as a messenger from spirit. We feel "different" if something is blocking our abilities. It is a "knowing", that is the best way to describe it.

For those reading this and doubting what I say. Please read the entire Wes Penre Papers and the works of Anton Parks to get an understanding of what is going on. You will particularly find the eBook Synthetic super intelligence very informative.


At present this technology is in its infancy and presented to the public as a benign piece of equipment. In no way is this benign.  I feel this is an other by product of the TPP, and the baby brother of MK Ultra.

If you are interested please join the Wes Penre discussion board   http://wespenrepapers.proboards.com/ to see what people are saying on AI.

Please be aware though that the people posting are at all different levels of understanding. Just keep an open mind and stay flexible. I personally only join the discussions now and again due to work and life commitments.

This is a subject that I am trying to move away from, but every now and again something crops up. When I have been interacting on the WP forum/discussion board, that seems to activate these weird things in my home. So I am trying to keep away from this subject matter as much as I can.