Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Space Lama's Or Just Et's


Finally someone, (Kenneth Grant), looking at the ET thing, and seeing Blavatsky as the evil creature she is. So many people think Blavatsky was something wonderful. I can literally feel her energy and see darkness and coldness. She was not a nice person nor honest.

What I find odd is, the comment in the link above that, Crowley thought Blavatsky was a fraud, but had spiritual realisation , recognised his own ilk more like. A questionable person lacks true spiritual realization or true spirituality in my opinion. Now having said that, when starting on a spiritual path, we learn and un learn, and learn constantly.

 Our opinions will change as we continue our journey. That's normal, but we need to be able to reflect on things and not follow like sheep. Question  everything presented to you. Just because someone of note says something, that does not make it correct or true to you or me.

 Being clairsentient , clairtangent, claircognisant and a clairempath, I feel the energy of a person or a situation. When someone tries to convince  me of something, and I know otherwise,  nothing will convince me they are correct. Honouring ones natural intuition is the key.

Keep an open mind and healthy dose of scepticism with anything that you read. Some people do have a vested interest in presenting information to the world, that may not be correct.

 I agree with Grant when he mentions  the ET involvement here. I have first hand experience with this myself, which has not been pleasant. That is one of the reasons that I tell people not to channel any entities. That also includes channelling ET's, you are courting great danger and will regret it later.

 When I became a vegetarian, for instance. I heard a very loud male voice saying,  " we do not eat animal flesh at the Lord's table". The voice sounded clinical and sounded as if spoken through a microphone. Then there was silence.

The feeling was very much just like switching something off. I have experienced this many times so I know the feeling quite well.

I knew who (what they were). I knew that I was being tricked. But I  did decide to go vegetarian that day (January 6th). But not for this reason. I did it because I believed it gives a better connection when working with spirit and because I love and respect animals. 

 People have no idea whom they are actually dealing with, when communicating with spirits or entities, not to mention the disguises employed in their deception, which usually involves the use of technology. 

A man that I know, was plagued by some evil ET's for many years. He had no idea who they were. These beings turned his life upside down and literally inflicted pain and marks on his body.
These beings, some of which are onto energetic beings (don't have a  physical or energetic body), feed us information that is presented as truth. They gain our trust and then take control of the individual.

Like I  say I have experience with this and have witnessed a  few startling things over the years. I have had people in the spiritual community tell me things that sent alarm bells ringing, and how easily they fell hook  line and sinker all because, it was channelled information.  You cannot always trust the source.

I must tell you that I am in no way trying to pass myself off, as an expert in anything.  No, I am just an honest individual. I am learning through many years of experience and research. Simply sharing what I know, as I feel a duty to my fellow human beings  to inform people and keep them safe.

One does not have to be highly educated, gone to the right spiritual schools etc, to be aware of the truth of anything mystical or spiritual. However,  one must be prepared to self educate, be open minded, honest, seeking  spiritual truth.

 Do not just accept anything that is spouted by a guru or expert, you must go within to find "your" spiritual truth, and  connect with your higher self only. Many so called teachers are very much flawed egos, so you are just as important and valid in your opinions as they are. Perhaps one day you may have more knowledge than them and will be able to guide others.

But truly one must go spiritually within oneself for ones own answers, you do not need anyone else. Claim and stand in your own power and never, ever give it away to anyone. That would be like giving your soul away and in some cases may actually be the case.


I am no longer a vegetarian since the lockdown in March 2020. It has made absolutely no difference  to my mediumship abilities, and I have had to revisit this post to correct this.  One thing that did make me go back to eating meat again, was to see if it made any difference to my energy levels and chronic pain with Fibromyalgia. Nope that is still the same.  So take it from me, if some one tells you that going vegetarian/vegan improves mediumship abilities, it is all in their imagination, and they could have no actual experience in the ability either. 

Hear say is not worth the paper it is written on, is the old adage that comes to mind, in regards to people offering advice on a subject that they have no real experience with. I was a strict vegetarian for 10 years too! Which means  absolutely no chicken or fish either. So it made not one bit of difference in my abilities.