Tuesday, 19 December 2017

ACT Police: Safety And Security' Animal Safety

Rules about dogs locked in hot cars in the ACT.


Please read this but also factor in the time, from the moment that you see the distressed dog. Note the time, follow these instructions but remember, it only takes a very short time for a dog to expire in a hot car.

How long will it actually take for the authorities to arrive? Is it going to be too late? What happens if you make that judgment call and break the car window? What will happen if you don't?

There is an epidemic of idiots leaving dogs and children in cars in Australia at present. This has to be addressed properly and fines issued to the people responsible.

You do not get a second chance with this. This week alone I have seen three dogs in three separate cars, with the windows open a mere crack in one car, and completely closed in an other.

There seems to be a lack of thinking going on, common-sense is nowhere to be seen these days.
Keep vigilant for children and or dogs locked in cars, and note the time, it is crucial.