Saturday, 29 January 2011

Thank You

Hi Everyone,

I have been looking at the stats over the past week and I would like to say thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, to read my blog. It is nothing special. but, I just wish to share my bits and pieces with everyone.
 I had no idea that so many people had stoped by for a look. I really appreciate all of you taking time out of your busy days to have a look. I do hope that there is food for thought, laughs to lift your hearts and warmth your souls.

Wishing you all peace, love and light. Thank you

Alex XXX

Aine Minogue - The Dove's Return

For The Love Of Mrs. Brown Sample

For The Love Of Mrs Brown Live DVD

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Clannad - Theme from Harry's Game - Ardán April 2007

Don't look back in anger, by Oasis (Cover) Alexandria & Keegan Shankland

This is my cousin's kids. I am so proud of them. I wish I had a singing voice. Must come from their Grad father's side of the family. My father's side are also quite musical. I missed out from sides of my family. But then none of them do what I do though. Still I am grateful for what I have, including being related to these two talented young people. Wonderful talent.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dr Turi's News Letter


Dear Reader;

“Turn off your TEL- LIE-VISION, and turn on your 3rd - EVIL- EYE-VISION!

Victimus Dritus Satanus


You bet reader it is, thus be prepared to be accurately informed, because Astrology, Magic Spells, Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo may be sought (like my work) as pseudoscience and totally ridiculous but the fact is the power coming from the underworld is as solid as the world you live on. In fact, I had a few “forced” occasions in my 60 years of metaphysical endeavors to thread on both side of the coin and “test” this awful power and the results scared the hell out of my enemies. Many came back for merci wondering about the dreadful channeled Plutonic energy poisoning their lives. But before explaining how the force of darkness (negative) can be channeled let me start by explaining how the forces of light (positive) do also work through white magic.

While I am a master in handling all forms of metaphysics I was born a true “light worker” and I refuse to teach Witchcraft to anyone and for good reasons…The reality is, we do attract people in the game of life that have a very specific karmic purpose just to cross our path. Some souls are real blessings sent by God to offer true help and further your unselfish aims in life, others are sent from the dark forces to stop your light and God’s purpose in any possible way. But in all, a very serious lesson has (and will) be learned from all parties involved while the drama is steadily unfolding…

Do you know anyone who never had to deal with enemies? Do you know anyone who has not been a victim of a con man or got lured into a situation where he/she becomes a victim of abusive greedy souls? Certainly not and while karma always takes his sweet time to show his ugly face to the perpetrators, some people have enough wisdom to handle the constructive power of light (positive/Dragon’s Head) or the super negative evil dark forces at their advantage.

So if you are doing something wrong, you do not need me to tell you about it, your very conscience (your safeguard) is trying hard to save your butt. And if you think you are safe from karma or the evil eye think twice because there is no time or distance in space and once launched the targets will experience uncomforting situations, a streak a bad luck, sleepless nights, cold sweat and in extreme case, even death. Some people do not have the option to STOP the evil eye and will begin detoriating from the inside out as soon as the spell is gone in the dark of the night carried away in the insidious Plutonic wind. One of the utmost metaphysical rule is very clear reader, shared knowledge mean also loss of power, unless you are Dr. Turi of course and know a little bit more than the common unwise mortal soul crossing my life.


But before going forward and explaining more about the Plutonic sinister world realize that life itself is based on two equal forces that could not exist without each other’s or its equal counterpart: i.e.

God – evil

Good – Bad

Day – Night

Yin and yang

Male – female

Front – back

Positive – negative

Astrologers – Astronomers

White Magic – Black Magic - etc.


As predicted a few days ago for January 19th “the beginning and ending of important phases of life” in my newsletter titled “Astrology Versus Astronomy“ Gabrielle Gifford made significant progress and was moved to a rehabilitation hospital in Houston. God thanks for this great news, but is God really the one making the miracle or is it the part of God inside every human doing the job? But as explained at, FEARS feeds Evil and the “accident” took place because, without Cosmic Consciousness, she used “Wicca” against her own self. However the doctors the scientific community and the world at large are clear, “Giffords’ progress ‘not normal’ so what really happened there? Is this magic? Yes reader it simply is real Magic at work.

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.”

But what Rep. Gifford magical recovery has to do with Magic Spells, Wicca, Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo? This is why it is important to avoid doing wrong things to people you do not know, because some people are set/gifted in areas that can “use” other thoughts forms to work for or against anyone. In my case I am dealing with hundreds of thousands of readers that are well wishing me on a daily base and when the public found out I had colon cancer, tons of “white light” pored at me and my doctors were also wondering how the hell after only a few weeks after my surgery I recovered so fast and the cancer is totally gone?


Thus if you throw a rock above your head chances are it will go right back down and hopefully you are smart enough to stay clear from it. This means as much as a person can be nice to others and give the world his best, the same person can “switch” and do the extract same opposite. Intensity, steadiness, pain and guilt are the perfect fuel to channel the power like a laser beam right to the target. Another word the more pain, wrong doing or guilt a person inflicts to others or generates for himself, the more hateful psychic “fuel” is available to launch the evil wind. Usually this telepathic hideous soup is cooked on a subconscious level and NOT directed willingly by the “novice” thus taking away a good chunk of power in the process. Do you feel lucky?

Some evil eye oriented souls, while interested in witchcraft may not necessarily have inherited the Plutonic UCI needed to handle the sinister force properly or possess enough of the deep “dark” knowledge to safely avoid the karmic repercussion. Indeed hurting someone from distance is dangerous for both the evil creator and the unlucky recipient. But there are vengeful situations so intense that true evil spirit do sell their soul to evil in order to become Voodoo Master dedicated to psychically destroy their enemies. And do you think these people are not busy fulfilling diabolic requests? Time to wake up reader and learn a few things from this yet, FREE Cosmnic Code newsletter sample.

Now remember someone like me who uses barrels of inck everyday (I am a proliferent writer yes?) and reach thousands of people daily, as soon as I expose one of my enemies wrong doing the very mass reading me generates thoughts too. And they act as a solid 4X4 piritual wake-up call that can do quite a lot of damage to my enemies. All this without using Wicca, now imagine if some people really pisses me up and I decide to use both? Let’s hope this never happen for these souls have absolutely no idea of the damage that can be done to their spirits and lives in general. So to summarize reader, Rep. Gifford and I including any other famous “talking heads” as public people we are loved and we are also hated, yes the human spirit has its imperfections alright,. Ultimately I used the examples of what happened to us, to show and prove to you that, black or white magic truly exist and can be manipulated for good or for worse that’s all…


Note this is a very sensitive but very real “witchcraft” topic that may easily offend or scare the uninformed or god fearing religious reader, however understanding the conscious or subconscious process involving witchcraft practices should be taken very seriously because its happening and its very real. Again this Cosmic Code newsletter sample can only do so much but if you are into deciphering the mechanics of Astropsychology, Magic Spells, Wicca, Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo my book “Beyond The Secret” is indeed a very good start. But while I offer the proof on how the creative/destructive forces of the subconscious and Supraconscious works, I do not teach how to channel the dark forces of black magic to no one. Hell what if this person get mad at me lolol

I keep this only for me and my enemies who thinks I can’t reach or hurt them from distance, blame it in my “Sicilian” legacy where revenge is better appreciated when totally cold. Yes I can heal and offer hope and love to people but never forget a razor blade has two sides reader, at least when it comes to Dr. Turi.

The right “Wicca/Astropsychology/metaphsyics” education is the key to power over others reader and this is why the Illuminati use, own an guard the mysterious black key secretively. Imagination play a very important part in directing the “evil” Plutonic energy and some well read black magic practitioners use or draw pictures and stab it repetitively at a very precise time. The power intensifies drastically when the “incantation” is performed after midnight and after a full moon on the day commanding the hidden Dragon of the intended victim. There is such a thing of being at the right/wrong time and the right/wrong place reader. As much as there are NO accidents in meeting certain people karmically set by the Godly and the Evil forces fighting each other’s since forever… Like a well oiled gearbox the Cosmic Code jurisdictions are impartial and knowing when and how to use those celestial gears can be used to drive the power to avoid or “create” what human call accidents. See 2011 Universal Dragon Dates

Again when write “Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil or do not feed evil” the reader must understand and acknowledge these words to their full extend… Would you trust a drunk or bran new pilot to fly you and your loved one across the US? Would you trust someone with legitimate wisdom to guide and help you (or the opposite?) All I have to say to the scientific community and skeptics alike is; beware because you are not informed on certain subjects does not mean the essence of these subjects are not real and only faithful time will prove me right….Now because our infantile science classify astrology, Magic Spells, Wicca, Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo as a joke does not mean it’s true, because scientists are well know to “retract” and constantly proving themselves wrong…


The location of Saturn “The Great Malefic” in a chart can also be used to pin point the weakest area of the body targeted. Thus channeling Wicca hrough this information; or like in my case if Saturn is in Virgo for example, the force of evil (my jealous enemies) subconsciously manipulated the evil eye for years and participated in “inducing” the colon cancer I suffered. Because Virgo rules the colon, the elimination principle and Snefarious aturn is in this sign, Astropsychology medical aspect dictates a natural weakness in the digestive track.

Mars “the Lord of War” is also perceived as a dangerous evil planet by the ancients and Rome witchcraft Master Astrologers practitioners did channel this planet devastating energy to successfully win in all battles.


Mars was surnamed “Gradivus”, which has been translated as “he who precedes the army in battle”. In the late 1st century B.C., the emperor Augustus erected the Temple of Mars Ultor (“Mars the Avenger”) in Rome, to give thanks to the god for his victory over the assassins of his adoptive father, Gaius Julius Caesar.

Raise your spirit to God’ manifestation and true celestial identity

“To Thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul: in Thee, O my God, I put my trust“

Thus in the hands of supreme wisdom the location of Mars by sign and house can be channeled to create an accident, break a leg or become the victim of a violent death.

Neptune “The Lord of Deception” can be used for poisoning and bringing infectious organism to the intended victim who ends up dying mysteriously.

Uranus can be used to create a freak accident and stimulate a nefarious group of ET to perform diabolically on abducted


If Mercury (driving) is badly affected in the victim’s chart with Mars (danger) then this celestial aspect can also be used and an “accident” takes place and the list goes on and on… But again unless the practitioners has your date of birth and owns the understanding of the housing system, planets, and aspects etc. the black magic side of Wicca astrology cannot be used as efficiently.

Again, one must be highly skilled on paganism, astrology, hypnotherapy and the medical aspect of Astropsychology to perform this type of evil work from distance. Great consideration must be taking place, especially in the avoidance of the returning residual karmic energy. Remote viewing is also a form of white witchcraft where the subconscious is used to psychically travel and spy on the enemy.


The immense power of the Hidden Dragon is indeed the utmost destructive conducting energy to use in black magic. Mostly because the hidden dragon is already stuck in the pool of negativity, fears, guilt, uncontrolled imagination etc. and that is where the soul must swim out or avoid it like the pest. So its location by house and sign is deadly and a vital information at the hand/spirit of your persecutor.

Thus using Astropsychology and armed with the date of birth there is a myriad of aspects/possibilities available to start the evil work and get rid of your enemies. And while I am offering the reader the “Wicca for Idiots” this practice is common in Africa, the US and many other places in this big world. The purpose of me explaining such dark forces is to make the reader aware that not only karma but the evil forces will always reach you if you do evil to anyone around you, period.

Again when I write “the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of EVIL or POSITIVE thoughts” I mean it…


For instance someone born with the dragon head or tail in Leo is very vulnerable on the heart area and the black flux can be channeled to produce a clog and a heart attack. The more skilled and focused the performer is, the more power will be generated, very much like a dynamo generating a slow but steady killing psychic electrical current. Being fully aware of the housing system and the sign ruling a particular house can also act as a “spiritual” dagger carefully channeled to hit the hidden target. Other evil souls stick needles into a puppet endlessly, subconsciously looking for the perfect celestial energy and the perfect timing. These evil souls obsessive mind set will stop channeling the power only when they are notified of their victim’s demise.

Remember reader there are NO accidents, heart attacks are not only coming from bad eating habits, lack of exercise or what sceince wants you to accept, heart attacks can also come to you because someone wishes you evil for what ever damage you did to that person…and you thought you won or it is all over? How wrong you really are! Thus let’s say you screwed someone of $2000 you now have to pay thousands in medical bills if you are lucky enough to escape with your life.

Life is NOT all about love and Light

I wish I could spare the reader and offer you only light and love but with me as a paying VIP, you will get only but the truth of what’s really going on behind your rose colored glasses. All I am doing is to give you a chance to accept another real world, the one where Dr. Turi shine and reign supreme and help you to correct your actions and avoid the Wicca’s horrific power to kick your sorry butt…

As incredible it may sound the most skeptical person happens to be the easier target to reach while others may take a bit longer to feel the hideous Plutonic power flowing through their doomed spirit. Most of the time the evil power thought form is practiced subconsciously by the people who suffered others wrongdoings . Usually it dissipate with time and finally fades away without true wisdom or the fixity of purpose. But when the wisdom and the will are applied precisely, steadily and timely the results are simply drastic and only a conscious thought reversal can stop the spiritual damage. Thus if you feel you have done something wrong to someone, and you feel somehow guilty, chances are you are already under this person’ conscious or subconscious spell.

Hello is this a evil or healing spirit reaching you?

Think for example of a person and, up a sudden the telephone ring, or think of someone and it appears in your dreams or in real life just around the corner. This happens all the time but are you really aware of it? This is anothing else than a benign form of witchcraft all human beings are able to generate (and handle) at a subconscious level. And because you are a Jew, a Christians or sold your soul to Neptune’s deceptive religious world you are NOT dealing with the “occult?” Are you joking? Do you think you local Minister or priest knows about the facts of life and will “sermon” you on how to understand the forces at work and avoid getting hurt from the underworld? Gee and this is where your donations goes? What about investing in the real thing for a change and see REAL changes taking place in this messed up world reader?


I am offering you the chances to learn so much more by please giving us a $50 donation reader, thus if you like more of this true mataphysical world join other spiritually advanced souls. Yes your $50 bucks can and will do much more for the world, the kids of the future and your own inner wisdom my friend. Join us show Dr. Turi you appreciate his work to educate the world outside of the Iluminati ‘s control who do not have your best interests at heart.

Please help me to produce my “Cosmic Code” reality show, some evil spirits block and poison wonderful people plans everyday and do manage to steal donations for their own selfish agenda.

Will this ever happen to me and alter my mission to serve this world? Indeed God and the Devil will become my friends as ONE single tremendeous black and white combined force energy to reach and punish these low souls. I hope not and I can still hope for your donations reader.

In time, demons, possession or karma will reach the perpetrators and these “alleged” practices will ultimately bring about depressions, dementia, panic attacks, schizophrenia even suicide if the Plutonic flux is not stopped in time. But luckily for many of you, the depth of your sin against a person is not deep enough to create such an evil or you never crossed and experienced the awful destructive power of a real witchcraft Master…So to all of the people that have offended and hurt you (and me) in the past, present and future take my words for what they are and be very aware of the serious karma you brought to yourself. And to some skeptics, you may laugh, just wait and see and if you happen to be a victim you know where to reach me…

White healing Moon Stone Positive


While I get paid to service my clients and patients with God’s healing white light I sometimes come upon some very peculiar requests. Once this gentleman called me from New York and asked me if I could do a *love spell on someone he fell in love with. While I do perform physical/spiritual cleansing / healing with a series of cabalistic and Indian tools I have also collected over the years tremendous amount of nefarious energy in a rare black crystal ball that can be safely used/channeled for *black magic purposes if needed. But how do you collect negative Plutonic energy you may ask? Well, in the last 45 years I had time to accumulate a few thousands healing sessions under my belt and before anything the person MUST hold on to a black ball *vacuum and empty his/her aura before *recharging the ethereal body with the white Moon Ball.

It’s pretty much like your telephone battery you must let it completely die before recharging it. This black ball gets its power under certain Plutonic astrological auspices, especially at night during a full moon while the white crystal ball recharge itself endlessly facing the full hot Arizona day Sun in my backyard. While I could make a conscious use of my accumulated *black powers against my enemies, and able to handle the karmic residue safely I would rather use love and understanding than to battle legally, and deal with jealousy, ignorance, envy abuses or stupidity. God’s power within the Cosmic Code is the only safe and reliable way to go and love is the answer. But in some cases I had to use my gift to make a point for what is any sum of money compare to your health, your fate or your sanity? Indeed time is the answer reader and as much as the Voodoo or Black magic practitioner try to control himself consciously the subconscious much more problematic and the subconscious witchcraft process is already gone and with time will reach the victims.

In this loving case, the telephone session was set for the next day where I advised this gentleman of a series of rituals he could perform to bring about his wish for love. Rituals can be used for money, career, health and protection against evil forces and like the majority of people he had no Cosmic Consciousness and no awareness of the Wicca power. Of course science and young souls can only deny or even laugh about this nonsensical witchcraft *stuff but rest assured in time and space no one is safe against the *force. Ask any voodoo or witchcraft (spared) victims for more explicit information if you want to know more about being the recipient of such a diabolic energy.

After explaining the basic rules of the constant battle between the white and black energy, the yin and yang, positive negative or god and evil daily forces at work he was ready for the information. I know imposing a selfish will upon another soul is risky but when love is concerned karma is nonexistent. I assured him, if he did perform as directed he would succeed in his request. There is “magic” ritual for absolutely anything and again, you are all subconsciously (or consciously) performing these rituals daily.

Thanks God, it is more on autopilot that the majority of people operates and practice witchcraft. I also explained to my client that forcing love spell is OK but building the seat of attraction would be my first choice. I suggested him how to improve his own *animal magnetism and attract her *naturally by drinking the Universal Blood Transfusion and using a love talisman. He was perplexed and interested in my “Wicca” expertise and even though I can perform both good and evil at will, I will always steer my client to a more safe approach. It’s more demanding, more time consuming but very much safer and with time the results are the same at the end.


It is of French and Old German origin, and the meaning of Louis is

“famous warrior“.

Many people instinctively realize or feel they are recipients of a nefarious evil wind, some are directed consciously or subconsciously at them by other gifted but often unaware souls *God thanks for that! But ultimately the results are dreadful where the soul endures a physical or spiritual hell bringing challenges and setbacks regardless of the will used to turn things around.


With the Dragon’s Tail moving soon in the US chart 12th subconscious house I predicted a wave of suicides will plague this country, especially if the yearly Dragon is in bad aspect to your own chart.

i.e. the nasty Dragon’s Tail was in the 2nd house of money and back in December 2007, on Coast To Coast I predicted a full restructure of the US economy…it happened as well as the end of this “WICCA” energy is set for March 2011. Thus the general population is now under the Universal Evil eye (Dragon’s Tail in Gemini) forcing a total restructure of the American spirit and general education. Read more at Many of you will fall for this nefarious power thus, on a personal or Universal level, willingly or unwillingly, conscious or not, if you feel you are victim of such evil forces, chances are you are!

First make amends and do the right thing ASAP to naturally STOP the evil force poisoning your life and your spirit, if not good luck to you!

Now if you trust me to bring an end to this hellish process you are also right. No one is doomed but the enemy is guilt, anger, fears and inaction against evil himself and the more you wait the worse the energy will become. So take a chance on my legitimate wisdom and handling of this dangerous craft, let me free your spirit and call Terania at 602-265-7667 to set your cleansing reading. In this call you will have to explain your feelings, your bad experiences and after talking to me for a few minutes I will know exactly where the Plutonic energy is afflicting you, how it affect you and how to clear if all off your body, mind and spirit. Indeed dealing with me is *dying and re birthing stronger, better, wiser and fully protected from any and all evil forces!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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The next twelve months “Universal and Personal transits” including the “Personal Elaborated Horoscope for all Signs” Be prepared you all for what to expect for the future. Learn how God speak to you, master the signs, understand and use the Cosmic Code rules. Be at the right time at the right place, be smart be aware and heed the signs. I did generate the full year “SOS To The World” deadly window dates soon asking you to either be extremely cautious, work around or totally avoid traveling during these upcoming windows.

God unbending will speaks through the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and let skeptics and ignorant alike become the future statistics. As you know there are NO accidents but circumstances that are yet to be uncovered by science and with me as a guide you are safe and in good hands. Remember being a VIP means you also vibrate at my spiritual level and concerned with the facts of life… Join the world and build your own Cosmic Consciousness with me.

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science, my message to them is; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with love, respects, peace and harmony.

Blessings to All

Dr. Turi


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Friday, 21 January 2011

Dr Turi Cosmic Code News Letter

This is from DT's myspace click on it and read it. What he says is true. This man is out to help you. He tells the truth. We create our own reality  by our thoughts. We also attract negative things into our lives by thinking about them constantly. It is the simple law of attraction.

Please, Please listen to me when I say there is no heaven and hell. Our mind created false images so that when we pass on we can end up in a place of our own imagining, but that is only a very rare and temporary state until the individual realises that it's coming from their imagination. I have first hand experience with spirits that are lost in this illusion. They do move on to the light and are quite safe and happy surrounded by love.
Let me point out again. It is very rare for a spirit to get lost, they are just confused.But by no means in any danger (other that in their own thoughts).

Most people when they pass on are met by loved ones and all goes smoothly.  This world will not come to an end. That is God's will. Church leaders are miss informed or deliberately trying to frighten people so that they will remain faithful to the church. All they are after is your money and control of your free will. That is against God and  these individuals will have to compensate many people in their next incarnations.
As I have said in the past we are entering a new age of Spiritual enlightenment in 2012. It will be a slow gradual change over many years. It is natural and the Earth has gone through this cycle many times before.
We are leaving the age of the Kali Yuga (age of darkness) .

Google Kali Yuga or even the ages of the Yuga's to help you understand, everything goes in cycles.  Maybe there will be more war but only for a short time. The new age is still going to come God will not allow anything ti stop that.

What the Church Inc fear, is that they wont get your money to live like kings after the truth comes out.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Spirit World and Psychic abilities

The mere mention of the Spirit World both frightens and intrigues people. Let me make one thing clear though, there is nothing to fear. Fear is just not understanding this non-physical world. In a modern age there is no need for educated people to hold on to ancient beliefs from Centuries ago. We live in a time of enlightenment. Everything has a rational explanation, even the Spirit world. I have lived with it all my life and have never come to any harm so why would anyone else.

Most of our fears are purely mind based, on old wife's tales, (no disrespect to any old wife that might be reading this). The rule of the Thumb when learning about the spirit world is keep it simple and; don't try to understand everything at once. Compare it to time travel if you like. How would you react to being , suddenly pushed into the next Century. Obviously everything would be different. One thing would stand out though. People are still people, no matter what period of time they live in or what world/ dimension they live in. Some spirits are loving and friendly others are not. They both have the right to exist.

We on the other hand have the right not to communicate with the not so friendly spirits. This is a complicated area for the average person to accept. There are rules and laws which govern the spirit world, just like our world. One needs to be aware of these rules when working with spirit. I must caution you, never mess about with things that you don't understand. This can have disastrous results,  if you don't know what you are doing or have no respect for the spirit beings. Forget about touching the Ouija board. That is a magnet for bad energies. People have had mental break downs from playing with this evil board. Stay right away from it please. The spirits of light do not want us using this device for that reason.

It is all about understanding and perception. Perception is the "big" thing here. Nothing is truly what it seems to be in this world, or any other world for that matter. You only know what you are told from the minute you are born. We are programmed by society to behave and think in a certain way. Who is to say what is correct or incorrect? The masses are not always correct.

We are free to challenge these perceptions nowadays unlike in medieval times. We no longer believe that the world is flat or that animals don't have a soul. We do have the technology to prove both facts nowadays. Getting down to the brass tacks as it were. The spirit world is very real and is all around us. It always has been and always will be. I don't need a Scientist to tell me this as I live with it every day, as do millions  of others around the world.

The Spirit world is made up of many layers or realms. They all work or vibrate on different frequencies. Some levels have a dense heavy frequency some are very high. None of which is visible to the naked eye. However there are many of us that can feel these worlds and see them. We don't use our physical eyes as such but our third eye. The third eye is actually the pineal gland. This gland expands as we progress in our psychic abilities. With the third eye we are able to detect other beings and feel them around us.

You may notice a warm tingling feeling around you when there is a spirit present. That is just the energy that they give off (Vibrations). When you feel this most of the time it is a loved on in spirit standing next to you. They are there because they love you. They are just popping by to say hello.
How many of us meet a person for the first time and either don't like them as they get bad vibes from that person ,or they like them very much even though they are strangers to them. They give off good vibes. That is your psychic perception working there. How many of you get out of bed in the morning and have a bad feeling about the day. You know that feeling of " I don't think its a good day today, something bad is going to happen".

Do you get in to the car or work and feel something is about to happen, and before you know it something has happened. Why do you think that is? It is our early warning system built into us, our psychic senses telling us to be careful. This is there for a good reason and it is important to listen to it. That little nagging voice in the back of your mind is exactly the same. It is telling you to slow down, there is a police car up ahead that will book you for being 20kms over the speed limit. Or you go to the mail box thinking " please God , don't let that be a bill in the mail". Sure enough it happens. Think about it, how did you know? That is a basic psychic experience that 90% of humans experience every day. But getting back to the world of spirit. Forget all that you see on TV. It is pure junk, I never watch this stuff. Talk about dis-information.

Meditation is the best way to tune into the spirit world. Meditation is not only used for de-stressing and relaxing. You are expanding your consciousness when meditating. The mind/brain is infinite and is so for a reason. We only use a small part of the brain but what is the rest of it used for? Not all of it is for physical world communication that's for sure. It is the same deal with our DNA. Scientists did think that some of our DNA is "Junk DNA". They are finding out otherwise now .Nothing is junk or useless in our bodies or minds .Everything has a purpose we just haven't got all the answers yet. All will come in time.

For further information have a look at   or                                                    

There is so much more to the world we live in and it is fun to explore. Don't forget the law of attraction. This is quite real, and can be good or bad as it is all controlled by our thoughts and actions. We manifest into our  lives what we think, whether it is negative thoughts or positive thoughts. Remember when that book and DVD The Secret came out and everyone rushed out to buy it. Not many understood it. The reason being it was something that was new to them. They didn't understand it. Just Keep life simple folk's and read a bit at a time when learning about the Metaphysical world. Too much info all at once puts people off, so take it a step at a time.

Just because you can't see spirit doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You go to church and pray to God. How do you know he exists either. Have any of you seen him. Don't write off what you don't understand.  I get offended by people that put  down  what I do, without knowing or understanding what I do. These people usually have a strong Roman Catholic back ground.  They don't want to know about the Spirit world, they don't understand it and are taught to fear it by the Church. Respect is missing from their values and true faith. People with a closed mind do not show respect to others but expect to be respected as their God given right.

Excuse me but didn't the Catholic church murder many innocent men, women and children in the name of God. No truly Spiritual person will ever kill or harm an other living being. We understand the  ramifications of such a violation of Spiritual/God's law. We respect other people's rights to believe in what they want to believe.

A Roman Catholic  lady that I know, laughed in my face and told me that praying to God is not easy.   Gee, why is it that these people, think that they and only they have exclusive rights to God? Why should praying be hard or anything of a spiritual/religious nature be difficult. The church tells them this and it is simply not true. When you pray it is the intention behind the prayer that make the prayer work. It must be for an unselfish purpose, asking for help or advice, praying for someone that is sick etc.
I have never been disappointed by prayer in my life. I can only put that down to me keeping it simple and asking Spirit/God to help someone in their hour of need.

This lady I have known for many years, has never once had a reading from me nor healing, nor Spirit messages. She would be at a loss to explain what is happening.  She is a highly intelligent lady too. I would however like to give her a reading one day, if she asked me. Just to help her open up to the possibility of expanding her spiritual self.  She may not be ready for this in this life time though and that must be respected.

On the other hand I have many clients that are Catholic and are highly intuitive. I tend to have a lot of Nuns, and Priests come through in Spirit. I must say, that  it is a pleasure to talk to them. They have the advantage of being at a higher state of awareness. Again that all depends on the individual soul's level of  advancement.

Each individual is unique and so is Spirit. Remember that please, Not all Clairvoyant /Psychic people are religious or  spiritual. I am a spiritual person, I pray every day to Spirit God. I ground and attune myself. I then put spiritual protection around my house, especially the room that I use for readings and healing.

I put in prayers to Spirit/ God for the clients that will visit me each day. I do not do this to gain Brownie/Girl Guide points or any other reason, other that asking Spirit/ God to watch over them and guide them on their  life's path.

I never pray to Spirit/ God to make me rich, I never ask for anything other than to be a servant of the "light" and to help do what Spirit/ God wants done on our Earth. I am not a person that wants fame or fortune. I am just an ordinary wife and mother. Money has no hold over me. I ask Spirit/ God to help keep me humble before him and to keep me guarded from anything that is not in accordance with serving Humanity and the Animal kingdom.

I am entitled to support my family using my abilities as a Tarot reader and Medium. However I do not accept payment for Healing as I am only a conduit for higher beings that provide the healing. It is not permitted  for me to accept payment for this service. It is Spirit/God's will.

On the subject of Spirit/ God, in the spirit world they call him/her/ "the great unknowable" He is not male nor female. He has no from, so to speak. He is all things and no thing.  Some refer to him as the great spirit, some refer to him as the Cosmic force, among other names. For us poor little Humans on Earth we need something to get our heads around. We for some reason assume that he is an old man. That is why some people in a near death experience say they saw God, and he was an old man. That is just our conditioning. it is a big and long subject to go into on my little blog. You can read up on this in other web sites or in books.

Trust me when I say, when the big day comes and you have to return home to the spirit world. You will know beyond all doubt that it is real. You will be on the other side of the veil of consciousness. There will be no frightening experience. There is nothing to fear. All you will find is pure and gentle love. As for judgement, we are the ones that judge ourselves. Remember to treat yourself with loving kindness.

It is important that people know and understand this. So many people are fearful of the spirit world. Rest assured you have guides that are there to help you. From go to woh, The are assigned to you to help you. No one will harm you. please  believe that. Everything is controlled by our thoughts. What ever you believe in your heart that is what you will manifest on the other side. There are lower levels in spirit. They are ranked in accordance to the level of the souls advancement . kind of like Kindy to University. There are infinite realms and dimensions. You don't need to worry about all that. by the time you have checked in so to speak and are au fait with every thing. Other parts of your spirit- self start to recall other things about who you are, and where you are. Kind of like unlocking  repressed memories. This is a good thing, as it helps the soul on its upward progress.

Most of us are welcomed home by our spouse, parents or grand parents. it is a truly loving experience. So please,  please don't every worry about "going back home".

Our life is all mapped out by ourselves prior to incarnating. We choose what we want to experience, strange but true. We also work out with other spirit beings who will take on the roles of  parents, siblings etc. We have a large soul group to choose from. Then the big event comes. We pass through the veil of consciousness into the physical world. Surprise, surprise we don't remember what has taken place. Unless you are psychic that is. Most psychic people call remember back to early childhood quite vividly. Ranging back to2, 3 or 4 years old. me I can re  call back to age 3.

Quite often babies and young children are seen talking to themselves. With babies the old saying is they are talking to the Angels. The truth is they are still in contact with the spirit world up to the age of 5 or there about. The soul has time to make up its mind if it is going to stay in the physical world or return up to that age. So they have to be in direct contact with their guides.

My brother got a shock years ago. He could hear his baby son babbling away in his cot. He went into the boys bed room. and said "who are you talking to?"  His 2 year old son said "Granny, but not Granny", he then pulled his legs in through the bars of his cot and said " No Sammy don't lick me".

Well, the hairs on my brother's neck stood up. Granny (my mum) died back in September 1999. Two years later  her grand son is chatting to her in his cot. Sammy the little dog that my mum had died in March 1999. Sammy went every where with her.

I have many tales to tell like this so I must get my act together and put them on my blog.
I love to see my spirit family and do so regular. Just in case you worry about you Granny watching you in private moments,  like being in the shower or toilet. They can't see your physical body. All they are doing is feeling the energy that you generate. After all we all are just electro-magnetic energy.

Blessings to all, Keep smiling and having fun. Remember your life is the manifestation of your thoughts.
So enjoy what you create, keep it simple and fun.

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2011

Friday, 14 January 2011

Boriska the boy from Mars
I read about this boy back in 2008 on Michael St Clair's web site. I haven't found any more news about Boriska though.  I hope all of you enjoy reading this. You could also try Project Camelot's website for more info.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Scottish Police Joke

A London lawyer runs a stop sign and gets pulled over by a Glasgow copper.

He thinks that he is smarter than the cop because he is a lawyer from LONDON

and is certain that he has a better education then any Jock cop. He decides
to prove this to himself and have some fun at the Glasgow cops expense!!

Glasgow cop says, ' Licence and registration, please.'

London Lawyer says, 'What for?'

Glasgow cop says, 'Ye didnae come to a complete stop at the stop sign.'

London Lawyer says, 'I slowed down, and no one was coming.'

Glasgow cop says, 'Ye still didnae come to a complete stop. Licence and registration, please.'

London Lawyer says, 'What's the difference?'

Glasgow cop says, 'The difference is, ye huvte come to complete stop,that's
the law, Licence and registration, please!'

London Lawyer says, 'If you can show me the legal difference between
slow down and stop, I'll give you my licence and registration; and you give me
the ticket. If not, you let me go and don't give me the ticket.'

Glasgow cop says, 'Sounds fair. Exit your vehicle, sir.'
The London Lawyer exits his vehicle.

The Glasgow cop takes out his baton and starts beating the life out of
the lawyer and says 'Dae ye want me to stop, or just slow doon?'

Thursday, 6 January 2011

HAARP and The New Madrid Faultline.

New Madrid Fault Line. a must listen and read comments. Keep an open mind please. A friend of mine  in the UK has told me about Earth tremors in the Lakes District and the North of England. The UK is not on a Fault line.

By the way there are grids all over this planet that are electro magnetic energy. Most churches are built on these lines. The common name of these lines is Ley lines.The ancient pagan religions of the world knew this and built their temples over these energy lines. So along came the Christian Churches and built on top of these temples. They knew exactly what they were doing by this. Humans are also electrical-magnetic, this is what we are using when working with spirit beings as in meduimship Reiki, Spiritual/Psychic healing etc. We are just retuning the energy.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Back to normal

Well here we are, the silly season is over. We all have to get back to normal now. Being in Australia , I am now looking at the garden and catching up with all the maintenance that needs to be done. January  and February are hot months. So gardening needs to be done early in the morning or late afternoon and evening.
It gives me so much pleasure just being out in my garden at any time of day. Sun, rain or hail I am champing at the bit to just get into my garden.

This summer I have added solar fairy lights to the garden. It looks so pretty at night time, and a nice cool evening, sitting out there is just wonderful. Now that the drought in Canberra has broken, we have nice lush green gardens to enjoy. It has been a long time since we have had lovely green grass in our city.

I have lived in Canberra for over 15 years now, I have a deep love of this city. The people here are so lovely. I would be so sad to move interstate and never return. Canberra has a special place in my heart.
it is not like other big cities that I have lived in like Glasgow, Edinburgh or Sydney. It is just a big lovely country town. To live here is such a privilege for me.

Australians are big gardeners by the way, the climate here gives us the opportunity to get outside and touch base with nature. As a gardener I just can't get outdoors enough to enjoy this place. We can grow just about any type of plant in Australia. So what ever theme you like, you can do it here. Me, I am in to country gardens that are ever green and lush, with deciduous  trees for winter. That being for extra sunlight into my yard and house. Good shade is important during summer, as it gets so hot in January and February.

I must admit, I am a winter person. I start to crave winter by the time March comes around.Today I started going over some of my plant pots and found bulbs that needed to be dried out. Yuk, I just hate finding soggy bulbs. So I have lifted them to dry out before I replant them. It is such a good feeling having all the garden tasks done and being able to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

No good deed goes unpunished

It could only happen inthe land of the free. I just pray to God that the case is chucked out of court.

Dr Turi News letter 1/1/2011

Yet another very inseresting news letter from the Doc.