Saturday, 19 September 2020

Springtime flowers one way or another

 So much is different this springtime, the ACT government in Canberra has had to change the plans for Floriade. this year for the first time. The event normally runs from the third week of September to the third week of October.

Sadly all our spring shows have been postponed and we have alternative arrangements  happening. The Floriade team have decided to share the flowers throughout town and place colourful displays in major areas sharing the floral delights. 

Personally I think all the town parks would have been a better choice, but perhaps because they are not locked at night it poses a risk of vandalism. However that could still happen in the streets too.

I just think people enjoy a walk in the park with loved ones and our town parks are big enough for social distancing anyway. Not to mention the beautiful man made lakes in each park. People don’t get the time to look at the flowers in the small beds in a suburban shopping centre or on a roadside but in a park setting they do.

People are in a hurry going about their daily business to have the time to stop and look at the flowers unlike in a park. Parks are more peaceful and make us slow down to appreciate what is there. Therefore a much better setting to do annually. The event has become way too commercial over the years and overwhelming when just held in Commonwealth park in the city.

The flower beds are amazing to look at and so beautiful. My favourite place for spring flowers displays is Tulip Tops garden, which is just outside Canberra heading towards Sydney. Sadly it is not open this year either due to the current pandemic.

So this year for me it is taking comfort in my garden, enjoying my own bulbs and planting some drought tolerant flowers to add a splash of colour. I bought some  Gazania to plant in full sun yesterday. These plants can take over if one is not vigilant. They will just about grow in concrete.

I know that I am taking a risk with them. However with the cost of watering the garden skyrocketing these days, it is a viable solution for colour. They can work in with my Osteospermum daisies and Agapanthus as they will tolerate hot dry conditions. The house across from me has a nice swarm of Gazania and Osteospermum, so it will look nice to have a colourful display opposite. 

There is nothing like the joy of gardening, it is so relaxing and rewarding. I didn’t get into gardening until 1995. It has been a mainstay in my life, to touch base with nature ever since. I would love an English county garden but in the extremely hot summers in Canberra that is a lot of water and time. So one must be creative in making a desirable equivalent that won’t shrivel up in the hot sun. So that’s where flowers such as Cosmos, Seaside daisies, Scabiosa, Agapanthus, Gazania, Osteospermum, roses and native flowers come in handy. 

Lol, there are times when a scorched earth policy has come to mind when the garden has become unruly. But it is just a case of pulling out the ones you don’t want and  careful choice of replacements. I have a massive problem with Ivy at present. I love the stuff, but it is now a banned plant in Canberra because it is so invasive and destructive. I am trying everything to kill mine off and it’s not as easy as one thinks.

Take it from me, don’t even think of putting it in the ground as a ground cover. It is also a hiding place for spiders too. The other no no is planting things like mint, that is another one that is invasive. Much easier to eradicate though. I might need a napalm strike on the Ivy to get rid of it.

I have a never ending battle with runners from Crepe Myrtle that the previous owner planted, grrr, it keeps resurfacing every few months and the roots must be everywhere in the front yard. The original was near the mailbox several meters away from my door, so heaven knows how long the runners really are. I am not a fan of that plant I can tell you 不不  

The things we learn along the way with gardening. I should write a book on how not to screw up 不 god only knows how much money I have spent on making a nice garden over the past twenty odd years. Now much as I love going into the garden section at the hardware store I have to restrain myself. I am trying to keep it real and not be a slave to the garden. Just enough time to enjoy my garden  and as little maintenance as possible is my dream. 

We nearly bought some more chickens but thankfully thought better of that. It would mean extra work and less garden. Much as I love chooks, they eat everything and I don’t want to go back to mucking out their house again and losing garden space. 

It would be lovely to have a garden set up like in the movie the secret garden. I just love that movie, watching the garden blossom in the hands of the children. How divine to have a garden that is so perfect and dreamy all year round. In an Australian climate that is possible, but it comes at a price, be it in time, money or water. But it is still worth the effort for the pleasure and joy that a garden brings, and not just to us humans. The birds, and insects need our gardens for survival in suburbia. Not to mention our deal beloved fur babies enjoy the delights of the garden too.

Two Rosella in the grass in the bottom photo 

Patent with smoke and mirrors

Did I not say the Americans were involved in this shit ♀♀ If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s outright lies and deception. This world is made of lies and the sooner people understand that, then they can change this world 

Yes it is a conspiracy, against humanity. What else would you call it? But don’t expect anyone to be held accountable for this. That just ain’t going to happen because no one is wanting to be bumped off for try to get those responsible arrested. Interesting how I just did the October card of the month and then find this via a friend.

Time for me to put this all to bed though. I want to get back to family stuff and not get dragged down in all of this. I need my happy place, and not having my mind distracted.

I am itching to do my predictions and have no idea what I will find in the cards for next year. I expect it is going to be messy and full of uncertainty for many of us. I wish it wasn’t.

I wish we could go back to  simple times in a  nice way. But we know that is impossible. We must make do with what we have.

Tarot card of the month: 8 of Swords October 2020


Restriction, Confusion, Powerlessness
The card relates to the month of May and dates 21 to 30

Not a happy card, we are not happy campers, and you guessed it we're not in Kansas anymore Toto.
The year just keeps turning to poop as each month goes by. Is it the beginning of the end? It could well be.   
The lady in the card is out of her depth or comfort zone. She has swords almost all around her, except right in front of her. But because she is wearing a blindfold she is unable to see the road ahead. She is bound tightly and unable to do anything. Her home is behind her in the distance. Which indicates the past.  If she could free herself things would be better, however she can't free herself, other than in her mind.
 Now the mind is something that  cannot be easily controlled by others. That depends on if you share your opinions, feelings etc. Sometimes we need to hide those things from others, because it cant be folly to trust others. Right now is a classic example of that, as many of us feel powerless and severely restricted. 

Everyone is affected in some way by the worlds circumstances but how each individual handles it is different. People feel beaten and down trodden with the changes that are taking place. The new normal, is not a walk in the park and many are slowly coming to realise this fact. 

They ignored the warning signs for so long and now they find themselves trapped.  The question is though, is it their own fault? Is this a betrayal of public trust?  Did they allow this to happen? If so how do the public get themselves out of this mess?

They may not be able to, and need to think about that. This card is ruled by Saturn which tells me that evil is loose, once out it cannot be put back in it's box. The individual must free themselves from the situation. That is no easy task, and must be done carefully and wisely.
A mass revolt is not the answer that some may think. it could well be playing into the hands of evil. This would result in harsher punishment and a crack down on freedom as witnessed in Melbourne. 

There are those in powerful positions that could do something, but chose not to for very selfish reasons. The service to self type, they will only do what is good for them. This year's US election is the clincher also. I feel it will result in a harsh repercussion for the American people. 
So be it, they allowed this to happen, by allowing evil to take control.

To be blunt I do not see a way out of this for America, things have gone way too far, through arrogance, corruption, laziness and giving in to those against American values within the country.  

For the rest of the world I see people trapped by the restrictions that are ongoing and not letting up. Financial and food security in Europe as winter advances  and trade issues cause more restrictions. If only the people would demand the end of the EU dictatorship, but sadly many have been fooled and still think it is a good thing. They cannot see the financial disaster and the social disaster this creates. It does not benefit anyone but those in power and big business as per design. Shall I say it is all in the numbers, literally?

The number 8 in Tarot
It can be positive or it can be negative, but I feel the time to be positive is gone and it is naive to think otherwise . You won't be seeing a positive change for many years to come.

Meanings: Wisdom, learning experience,stability, patience, responsibility caution financial security.

Restriction, self-discipline and self control. The number 8 vibrates to the energy of Saturn. Saturn rules agriculture, civilisation, social order, restrictions. You guessed it, the time is now for forcing the new world order down our throats.  Notice I mentioned food problems in Europe for winter, this could be the start of things and also, not much grown in winter and if restrictions on importing are in place guess what is going to happen? Not enough food.  This is not accidental, NO, not by a long shot and those that are keeping a watchful eye on world events are fully aware of this fact. Cause and effect, this is deliberate so pay attention and  wise up fast or you will regret it.

There is no turning back from this. No dress rehearsal, well actually there was but most people were asleep at the wheel, this is it right now for a few years. You will notice the change in diet, which you have very little control over. Travel well that is never going to be the same with the influence of Saturn travel will be restricted, I honestly cannot say how long for at this stage. 

PS: I recommend people look up the astrological meanings and cycles of Saturn and Jupiter. I am not an astrologer so I do not want to give any misleading information. Also you would be advised to look up the numbers relating to the planets and the star signs . It is all connected as the Tarot cards themselves are infused with these sciences.  

Friday, 18 September 2020

Skyhooks, Horror movie its the 6.30 news

I grew up listening to these guys, from when I first came to Australia in 1973, aged 10. They were such an iconic band and still are. I remember Shirl being on a kids tv show called Shirl’s neighbourhood.

In later years he was on a DIY  tv show and then in 2001, he was killed in a helicopter crash. A very sad day for Aussie music. Then we had the loss of  Peter  Starkie  on September 16, 2020, he fell from a ladder aged 72.

Red Symons had a close call not so long ago , which is in the ABC link below, under related stories.

You can watch Skyhooks videos on YouTube, and hopefully become a fan. Australia was an awesome place growing up in the 70s. 


Lol, too good not to post  不不

Melania Trump: hideous statue of First Lady unveiled in Slovenia

Oh dear, this looks like something a child made. Only Mr Bean can carry this off! 

Melbourne curfew, the real reason

This is going to be a very interesting test case, and many top lawyers are studying this at present. The premier was the one that made the call on this, not the police. It has now come out, that it was done to make life easier for the police and has no actual bearing on the current situation. read this first.

Monday, 14 September 2020

The Coronavirus (Retention of Fingerprints and DNA Profiles in the Interests of National Security) (No. 2) Regulations 2020

I am generally sceptical of things posted on Facebook, but tonight someone shared this from the UK.

What on earth would the government want to do with the general public’s DNA and finger prints? 

It does sound rather scary, doesn’t it. I am stunned by this.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Coronavirus: Chinese defector claims COVID-19 came from military lab

Yawn!  We know this already ffs. Remember the department of justice in the US arrested one Harvard university professor and two Chinese nationals. The media just love messing with people to keep the momentum going. August 2019, Wuhan ring a bell? Military exercise with several countries involved.

Lies the Vatican told

Coronavirus bullshit

This has been sitting in draft lol, this was in draft since early August along with the post I just posted.

Plandemic Dr Judy Mikovits
 In draft from 9 July oops. I am scrolling through items that are sitting in draft. I don’t always post them. Sometimes I just put them there so I can read them myself and not lose them.

Thursday, 10 September 2020

My Spirit or power animal is Freddo Frog

 With all the posts on line about your spirit or power animal, I have decided mine is Freddo frog, can't get better than that. Well hell yes you can, a flaming big bag of Freddo's 

Hottest 2020 Halloween Costume


Wes Penre: VIDEO 231: Q&A SESSION #57

Here are some more Q and A for you to enjoy. I finally got around to buying Not in his Image by John Lamb Lash. and finally making time to get my poor old head in to Gnosticism. I feel it will take me a while to remember things these days, lol. I used to be able to absorb a lot of information but not these days. Still I am not in a hurry.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

More than half of government environmental scientists say their work has been suppressed: report

This is not new information, I have mentioned this gaging of scientists years ago, with the link to the article. This has nothing to do with the climate either, it is about humans destroying the animals habitats for development or mining etc. The climate change bs is a separate issue as well as a scam.

 Follow the money trail as usual to the usual gangsters, money is always behind the problems.

Melbourne's COVID-19 curfew an enforcement aid, Andrews confirms

It’s all about control darlings So in theory this stunt can be pulled whenever they want it.

Look both ways



Lol, That’s up there with, who left the lid off the jar of idiots 不不不



The only  exercise I advocate 不不不 

Government faces test on Australian sovereignty over Port of Darwin Liberal senator warns

Talk about a national embarrassment omfg. What sort of leaders or idiots do we have? This is only one situation of what our leaders are doing. They have no respect for the people of Australia nor any self respect that much is obvious and we are going to have major problems rectifying this insanity. 

The shear cheek of Labor MP’s pointing the finger at the Liberals. Remind them Labor morons that it was their party that sold us out every time they were in power from the early 1970’s. Older people remember this and are not stupid like the snowflake generation. Remember the older generations fought to keep our land free. 

Oh yeah and we want our water and farms back too!

Monday, 7 September 2020

Political correctness training NSW bureaucrats warned not to use husband and wife

Agenda to go, lol. How about NO! People are getting real sick of this bloody agenda. If you have been paying attention to the increments, this is removal of gender, removal of self, removal of everything we know as society. This is to prepare the masses for transhumanism. You snooze you loose, you let it happen you loose.

People power only works if it is approved by the powers that be, don’t forget that. We only get tidbits of winning against the powers that be, just enough to keep us from revolting. 

By the way most readers and the general public don’t  even see the colour purple as a coded message along with this. If you want to know why that colour is used then read through my blog, the answer is there.

You can bet your arse this does not fly when dealing with high ranking officials and dignity. No bloody way it is only for the worker drones, we are just insignificant to the bastards that came up with this big brother stick to bash us with. You can get stuffed, I will not be addressed as anything other than Mrs not Ms and I have a husband not a bloody partner. I have never tolerated this shit when I was a public servant many years ago and I am offended by this rubbish. It is classic communism, all be it corporate communism  and make no mistake about that.

Alert: In a curious government backed appeal for Westpac rescue helicopter funding why are New Zealand farmers being asked full details of all stock food available?

At present there are government adverts telling us not to waste food, even the Chinese government is pushing this. For the past few weeks we have been bombarded with this on the internet, I can’t tell you if this is happening on tv as well because I don’t watch much tv. Unless it is a selective show that I watch.

I can tell you that there is most definitely a link in this Uncensored article and the government telling us not to waste food. I have been aware for about 15 years, I knew this was coming. I recall a girl that used to visit our house, telling me her very intuitive sister warned her parents to get ready for food shortages. She also told her parents they had better learn how to kill rabbits to eat because they will starve without them. This girl lived in a rural area interstate so was well placed for survival by being self sustaining.

I let her know that I was fully beware of this and I can tell you right now, it is deliberately being done. It is part of the population reduction control the powers that be are enforcing world wide.

Remember the  Georgia guide stones? Take that onboard because  are telling us what will happen. Farmers are being put under the hammer world wide over the past 20 years at least. They are getting driven bankrupt by those with a vested interest in controlling our food supplies world wide. Remember when the farmers in Iraq were forced to hand over all their seed stock?  Remember the US farmers having to shoot their cattle? In India farmers are suiciding every day because they cannot survive. It is heart wrenching and to know this is being done deliberately to our farmers is the most evil thing imaginable.

In Australia the drought was the perfect tool and the recent bushfires to wipe out live stock as well as our dear wildlife. Oh and don’t forget farmers that have farms interstate, but can’t get to them at present due to government rules on travel. They can’t get food from one farm to another to feed the animals.

Get ready because things are going to get worse for us. It isn’t just draconian laws we are dealing with, it’s survival with food being used to control us also. Just keep a lookout for things in the news, they may seem unconnected because they will be delivered in little increments so most people will not notice.

If you are smart and have the money, start stocking  up your pantry, think along the lines of shortages and food rationing. I would give it two years roughly before we start to notice this fully. Lucky for those with money to be able to do this. Preppers are way ahead of the average person and especially those depending on welfare. Those on welfare will find this very hard going. 

Notice the article mentions AI research forum. This is being well planned and coordinating with powerful organisations. Who is going to benefit from this? It sure won’t be ordinary people like us. I wonder what financial reward the shareholders get, Ka Ching! Blood money. 

What a crap Father's Day

 I am not a fan of either Mother's day, Father's day or any other corporate BS. But this has got to be the worst one my family have ever had, and that is saying something. No, we don't have an easy life, we never have, with health issues and other things going on it is always a struggle.

This one hubby has spent the day in bed very ill and in excruciating pain. He has a raging fever but can't  see the GP tomorrow morning. This on top of multiple health issues and serious abdominal issues.The specialists seem to be rather of the mind set, so sad too bad. We are still waiting so long for the basic tests to be done, ( he had one months ago which turned out to be the wrong  type and unnecessary test ) and then book in for surgery. He could die in the long bloody wait. He has no quality of life.

Canberra has few specialists and especially in the field that my husband needs. It is all about the money, not human lives here. However  if you are in a private health fund they will take you in a flash. Talk about privilege It is not a privilege to be suffering serious illness that could kill you. We just have to suck it up and have no other choice. There is no COVID in Canberra either.

Can you imagine how hard t is to get through life like this? It affects my household on many levels. I am also a carer for a family member and that takes it out of me .

It has been 9  months of misery and suffering for my family. There are other serious issues going on that I won't go into here on top of this. 

Today it is also the first anniversary of my mother in law's death, which is upsetting for my poor husband, and my mothers 20th anniversary of her death.

I can't visit my father yet again because NSW nursing homes are all back in lockdown two weeeks ago. My father is very sad as he can't have any one visit. This did not need to happen. It is caused by bloody selfish people that gave no thought to spreading this virus to all and sundry. Pure evil selfishness.

All this stress and suffering also affects me when I am trying to do readings. Can you possibly imagine the pressure that I work under. That is thirty three years so far with no respite with my husbands long term health and quality of life, and there won't be any either.

It is just suck it up butter cup for both of us. So yeah it has been a crap day yesterday, but hey things have to get done and suck it up. Understandably I get pissed off when others sail through life and everything is roses for them celebrating with family. We have nothing to celebrate.

"Oh I am so proud of my grand children, they are doing this and that", blah blah blah. Guess what I have two that I can never see, due to something evil their father did. Do you know how much that hurts?  That is on our minds at father's day and Mother's day every year.

I have to keep my mouth shut and suck it up. Other family that live interstate have bloody amazing lives. They know what is going on in my life but hey, tough, just suck it up. Being deliberately kept out of the loop on the births of my grand children too. But Hey I am a bloody clairvoyant and I could feel them. I know that one day my granddaughter will come to my door and ask for the truth. She will be given the truth. I also know she is a very gifted clairvoyant too. I knew that years before she was born.

My husband and I just have to suck it up. Yet the thing that pisses me off is  the cheek of family asking me to forgive,  forgive something so evil and unspeakable. I do not do forgiveness for evil. But live with the pain every day of my life. The acts of others with no soul can rip your life apart. 

It was never an easy life to begin with but, the pain and suffering just keeps on coming.

Happy Father's day to those that can have a nice father's day, just remember it is not always a bed of roses for others. It is a bed of thorns that cut deep and never heals.

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Northern NSW Koala populations plummets on nsw north coast after 2019-20 bushfires

So heart breaking to lose our beloved animals like this. I will never forget this tragedy as long as I live. I remember full well the Canberra bushfires in 2003 and the loss of life. We were on the list to be evacuated then, but as luck would have it, we were saved. I had two young children and six fur babies.

Downing Street plans new digital ID cards for British citizens

Ah a brave new world, kind of gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling 不不拎

What about all the illegal immigrants?  Now one thing that is of concern apart from this draconian abuse I’d. It could be used to prevent people accepting welfare if the don’t have this ID. This just opens up a massive can of worms. Just watch the masses accept this like everything else. 

In Australia we already have a form of digital ID for accessing government departments. We also link the Social security system with, Medicare, Tax , Veterans Affairs, etc. Back in 1984 Australia tried to bring in this nation ID card, that was under the Labor government. It makes no difference who is in power, when the powers that be want this to happen it will. We won’t have a choice! This  directive comes from a higher power that governments. 

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Extrications Rebellion: More than 300 arrested at London climate protest 

Wtf? Why are these goons allowed to protest and spread infection? Every time protests happen there are upsurges of  infections. What is the chance of a longer lockdown happening within a week or two?

Lefty idiots seem to have more rights than everyone else. They are after all useful idiots that help bring in draconian laws, is the way it looks to me. 

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Victorian coroner investigates Australia’s youngest Covid death

Let the cover ups begin.

Dreaming of painting and interrogation

I had the most freaky dream last night. In this dream  I was in some large building with lots of people. The people looked as if they had lost all hope and were just accepting their lot. They looked drab and nondescript as a whole, no individuality. Even their clothing was rather ordinary and drab.  The building looked like an old high school, and I was aware that we were all standing looking from balconies down into an outdoor court yard. The place was very dimly lit and felt cold. The atmosphere was chilling and people were scared to speak to each other. They just kept on doing what ever tasks they were doing.              

It felt like we were in some form of totalitarian controlled system. The strange thing is we were made to do  some art work. But this artwork was symbolic, many of us were using very dark colours  as we painted  our art work. We were painting some weird sort of art like school kids. I started to paint using gold paint, and some shade of deep blue, like what one seen in medieval art. I noticed my art work was embossed with little symbols. I had also divided my paper into 4 sections, by having a cross in the middle of the thing I was painting, which was made by folding the paper into four squares.  I then noticed that I was also painting over the top of what I had just done, as we all were, talk about in a trance. Just repetition over and over again.

 I then mentioned to the man next to me something about the symbolism in the Monas hieroglyphica, by John Dee, as I pointed to what I had painted. I have no idea how that ties in to this weird dream though. Other than symbols, colours and shapes and their meanings. I noticed a guard come up to us at this point to as both the men either side of me started to copy what I was doing in my painting. One man was removed by these guards.   

There was a slight spiritual feeling to what I was painting, and I am in no way artistic, lol. I  then became aware of people being taken one by one into a room to be tortured and interrogated. The guards actually left the door open, so that we could see what was going on. That was very disturbing, being aware that anyone of us could be next.

I noticed a woman being taken in to the room and put on a table. Her long blond curls hanging over the table as they started to torture her. Meanwhile everyone with me just ignored what was happening. It was as if it was normal and they knew they would be next. This scared the hell out of me for two reasons, A) everyone just accepted it. and B) no one put up a fight.

The people doing the interrogation and torture all seemed like cold and unfeeling members of some strange organisation. They were not actually in a uniform  or anything that I could recognise as a uniform.

For some reason they would not touch me though, as if just trying to psych me out by doing the abuse to everyone else but me to make, perhaps to make me comply or because they were not allowed to touch me, I have no idea. Later I walked past one of the interrogators, and said hello. He just ignored me and walked on by. No emotion on his face just like a robot.  

It just reminds me of what society seems to be doing right now, the I'm alright Jack and no one wants to stop the dreadful changes that are being brought into existence at present. Everyone just looks the other way .

I looked up the meaning of dark blue paint and it suggests  well being in family life and work. I can’t see anything on any dream interpretation websites that can explain the rest of this. However I think it speaks for itself, when observing suffering and the feeling of helplessness in a totalitarian state. 

This has been sitting in draft for a few weeks, I had forgotten all about it.....oops 不

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Camera time, oh boy

 Lol, today I was having a bit of a rummage and tidying. I came across my two cameras, and not having used them in about 12 months I can’t really remember how to use them.

Hubby bought one for me a few Christmas’s back.The other one he bought me to do a digital photography class. I got the hang of it, but then I had other things to do etc. Long story short I feel it is back to the old drawing board again. 

I feel such a dinosaur because everything is super technical these days and I am old school, humph, not even the head master either I just want to take spring photos in my garden as I have some pretty bulbs in bloom. Oh and we have three possum boxes in the garden now with house guests in them.

If I am lucky I might be able to get a few shots of the possums. They are not keen on sharing their sleeping area with each other either. Tonight I saw one pushed out of a possum box and he was trying hard to get back inside. Poor little guy, I felt so sorry for him. 

They do not get on with dogs and cats, so I have to make sure my dog is inside when they are out and about. Possums are a protected species in Australia so we must be careful that no harm comes to these cute little fluff balls. 

Neil Oliver: There is a pervasive atmosphere in Scotland over people being frightened into silence

I have a lot of respect for this guy, I have been an avid reader of his books and watch all of his historical tv shows. He is a common sense man and calls it as he sees it, very much like myself. I have to agree with what he says here.

It has become very clear to many people, we are heading headlong into a dystopian society world wide if this isn’t held in check. It’s not just what is taking place in Scotland, dangerous changes are taking place world wide.  Have you noticed how much self censoring people are doing over the past few years? 

 This year it is way over the top, and it is not going to slow down or even stop. People are afraid to speak their mind publicly these days. How did that happen in the western world?  Yes, we must have a middle ground of rational and we need it now.  

 People are afraid, to admit who they vote for just as Neil is saying. A classic example is what is happening in the US at present. Even in Australia Liberal voters  keep their heads down. I would hardly call this democratic. Commonsense must prevail surely.

When  it comes to a person’s political opinion, we have the right to cherry pick what we want, as Neil says. Who the hell has the right to tell us what we should believe or accept politically, culturally spiritually or in our medical beliefs ? That is not democracy is it? 

Politicians are here to work for us remember? They must be held accountable to the voters, not treat us with distain as they often do. Voting is not compulsory in Scotland, it never has been. So many people avoiding the voting process, does give us a false view of the national mind set, but add to that people being unable to speak their mind. 

As a Scott, I am well aware of our culture, and even though we are a race of live and let live, under the surface there are still religious bigotry  issues.   Unlike some countries, names in Scotland or Ireland tell people what religion you are. Both the given or Christian name as well as the surname. That still has an affect when trying to get along with each other, even down to getting a job, your religion plays a part, I as a young woman  of 19 had experienced that first hand from a religious bigoted man at a job interview. That is something I can’t accept. 

I would be mistaken for a Protestant in Scotland today, however I do not have a religion at all. I was never christened or baptised. I do not want to be tarnished by the toxic energy of religion.

Scottish People can be very opinionated when they are talking to each other, no different to many other countries I am sure. We are a strong and passionate race.  So now this shift is taking place people are afraid to speak out. These are dark days indeed, but only if they are permitted. It looks almost like going back to the days of the reformation and that was horrendous. I would not wish such horror on anyone.

However this is not just about freedom of speech, there is so much more going on and it is world wide, C   O V    I D. is just a convenient vehicle to push the changes. Have you noticed the split in society yet? Pay attention to this, we are emerging into two different worlds right now. 

As I have said in older blog posts, these things are a multi pronged attacks on humanity and our rights, sovereignty within our own nations, and spiritual sovereignty too. That word SOVEREIGNTY, is being used as a weapon by those that seek to take away our freedom. If you can’t see that then you have a problem. They are branding it communist, leftist and at the same time it is mentioned in government documents with regards to a nations and its people. There is also such a thing as spiritual sovereignty too. 

Neil is so right on the money when he mentioned religion and politics as being swept under the carpet in Scotland. Scotland has always been a political country, just read our history. It is passionate and bloody. This is just within Christianity too. The royals and the church  set the ball rolling hundreds of years ago, fighting amongst themselves over Catholicism and Protestantism. These were often extremely violent situations and still within our living history and memories. But this issue is not just about Scotland. No this is just the litmus test to spread worldwide.

Australia has a similar hate crime laws, which are under review at present. I think it is still going through parliament. These laws could open up a can of worms if not done sensibly. I somehow doubt sensibility comes into the equation though.


Interesting reading, however one must remember apart from our  third dimensional world actually being hell (the under world) It is locked and we do not really have much freewill at all. I feel since Wes has got into Gnosticism he tends to forget or gloss over these vital facts.

I keep saying humanity is programmed only to evolve so far and then we crash and burn as a civilisation. Think of astrological cycles as an example. At present this crash and burn cycle is in progress.  There is also very little scope to awaken from this augmented reality. Very few people each cycle of millions of years  will actually do this. This is vital in understanding our way out of this reality, we cannot waken others, it is not our place to do so. The individual must awaken and set a path of discovery through out their life. It is definitely not an easy task and that is why very few manage to exit.

Many spiritual guru's over the centuries had no real idea of what was happening or understood this is a controlled and closed matrix  (augmented reality) in the way that we can understand.  They believed what they were told, and the channelled information came from within this matrix construct by archonic beings with a vested interest in keeping us here and unaware. Never to know we were far more spiritually advanced than these beings.



Monday, 31 August 2020

People are seeking a leader right now

 People are lost at present and they are looking for answers and the are looking for a leader. Due to the extraordinary situation the world is in at present, many people are extremely vulnerable to suggestion and right  now is a time to be very careful and trust no one. 

But, and this is a big but, with all the anti lock-down protests going on around the world right now, people need to be careful, I feel this is not what people think it is. They need to stop and think, they must question what they want to achieve  and also watch out for whom ever steps out of the shadows to “lead the masses”  in protest to the lock-down. 

This is a well stage-managed situation, it didn't just spring up from no where, think BLM and you may be closer to the mark. Things come into being because they are created for a reason. Divide and conquer, left wing, right wing, same bloody bird. Same game being played on the masses.

These protests must have an individual that kicked all of this off. Who and what are they, is this a deep state creation? What are their true intentions?  Following the pied piper is never a safe or smart thing to do. 

To wait and watch is more prudent right now. This feels like factions at play here, after all life on earth is like a chessboard, dualistic. We don’t have to take a side. So approach with caution, I feel something ill is in the wind. So be warned and be careful. We have no idea what will come out of the shadows, but I feel it is an ill wind. 

Sunday, 30 August 2020

The credit card debt trap

Very important reading in this document. Please read it all the way through. You will see the Australian Labour Party are a bunch of ratbags that should never be trusted. The supposed party for the working class is total bs.

Notice the mention of the Lima declaration under the ALP  leadership. But yeah the working class can kiss my ass, is the motto of the ALP.  I tacked this on for some more interesting reading, mostly under the ALP leadership.

Anthony Albanese warns China’s influence is growing and is threatening Australia’s national interest

Australia is well known for having weak men in politics in the past 30 years. They lack backbone, ethics,  morals and strength of character. How can we the people have any respect for weak men to lead us?  Weak men only have one use in politics, to be manipulated and controlled.

China has no respect for us, especially our leaders because they know they are weak. Our leaders have bowed down to pressure at the drop of a hat for many years. Let’s see how Albanese can cope, he has never had to face off  with the big boys yet.  Looks like he is trying hard to get attention here. The public have been well aware of the danger China poses for many years, but suddenly this pipsqueak is saying we are in danger, lol. Do ya think Tony

Labor always have been pro China and are responsible for many of Australia’s problems dating back to the Whitlam era. But no one will call the Labor party out for it. Just look back to treaties and agreements signed by them going back to the early 1970’s  you will see the damage they have done to our industry.

They can stick their little red book of communism where the sun doesn’t shine. But having said that the Liberals have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years too. Selling off  our assets, our water, farms etc.

Maybe if we had honest, moral and ethical politicians that stood up for Australia we would not be such an embarrassment today. I have watched my beloved adopted country go downhill as I grew up and it saddens me to see it sold off to anyone for 40 bits of silver.

Tony knows damn well Whitlam  ( a well known communist) screwed us over back  in the early 70's, so who is he trying to fool? Trade agreements Tony? What about the ones you commy bastards signed off on in the 70’s calling it free trade? 

Thanks to the federal Labor government, we are in the crap we are in. They set the ball in motion all those years ago. Belt and road pfft,  it wouldn’t be possible without Labor politicians. The last laugh is on Albanese because the party will implode in a few years as I have  predicted in the past. Sort your party out like a good boy Tony, you can’t control your creatures.

I have seen the Australian Labor party’s implosion in the cards a long time ago, but hey just call me Cassandra This is why I will never vote for the ALP, not that we can trust or have any faith in any other party. I hold all politicians in contempt. None of them care about ordinary people and our rights.

Soros DA Diana Becton Requires Officers Consider Whether a Looter “Needed” Stolen Goods Before Charging

WOW, Just wow, This is the communist influence on America. I am a firm believer in the death penalty for criminals such as terrorism and violent crimes. I am also in favour of the death penalty for high treason  and as far as I am concerned this is treason against the American people. It must not be tolerated.

But as I have said in other posts, people have allowed all this stuff to happen. You will have to fight to regain your country and to the death, because you allow this. I have no time for cowards, snowflakes and lefties, they are the very people that allowed this to happen over many years . They too are the enemy of freedom loving Americans. Now Americans are shit scared to admit they got republican. What is wrong with this picture? 

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Australia’s costly wattle logo ditched after unflattering comparisons to the coronavirus

Yay it’s been dumped 

Happy international Dogs day


Happy international dogs dayto all the beautiful doggies in the world 塔塔

A cave in France changes what we thought we knew about Neanderthals

Assumption is the mother of all f***ups. These people were not knuckle draggers like scientists have suggested over the past century and a half. Studies have proven these people were intelligent beings and most likely inter bread with Homo sapien sapiens, (thinking human). This site would have been for spiritual or religious practices. All humanoids have an inbuilt sense of spirit or god within them. 

The trouble is the more “advanced “ humans think they are, the further away from their spiritual side and the separation from spirit they become. What do scientists care about spirituality in ancient history? Most are so far removed from spirit they would never accept these beings had a spiritual side to them. 

Now I am not saying that I know anything about the Neanderthals, but being humanoid of course they have a spiritual side. It is programmed into their DNA just like it is with us, with the god spark or divine essence. 

We also need to know at what point Neanderthals merged with us homo sapien sapiens. Many of us, especially in the Celtic race ,have the short stalky build with the short necks, and reddish hair like the Neanderthals. 


Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

When you want to go on a vacation

 This is vacation 2020 just position the handle near something to make it look real

Dead girl 12 wakes while family clean her body for burial

I read this last night, what a heartbreaking thing to happen. She is so young and I can just imagine the trauma this would cause her family. This morning an other such case was in the news, this one in the US with a 20  year old woman. Such unusual situations and within 24  hours of the first story breaking.  

Sunday, 23 August 2020

The 1940s House (Complete Series) - Channel 4 (U.K.)

This is a very interesting show. I watched it the first time it was on tv. I can relate to much of this as my parents were born just before WW2. I learned so much from them and my grandparents over the years by actually asking questions.  I always had an interest in what previous generations did in everyday life. So I can truly appreciate this show.

If you are paying attention to what is  currently in the media at present world wide, they are pushing no waste of food. There is a push to conserve everything. I have seen this on Facebook adverts by the government in Australia and on tv.  The government is already starting to tell us to prepare for food shortages coming. We have already had the experience with toilet roll. Remember  the shocking behaviour of  people fighting over toilet roll?

So it is wise to pay attention to what is happening at present and take stock of this. Are you aware of the American farmers having to kill thousands of cattle?  I find  animals being destroyed very distressing. 

You need to know about this, and there are issues going on in Australia at present too. After our bushfires and the devastating loss of animals as well as forests and homes. It may take us a while to get back on our feet. We need to stop being wasteful and have a look at how to make do with less.

This video may be helpful to those that have never had to experience shortages. It is quite an eye opener. If you find this interesting please look at the 1900's house on YouTube too, boy those were tough days without any luxuries.

UPDATE: Some food for thought, people in Europe and other continents had it much worse than this remember. Some  had enemy troops invading their countries and there nations destroyed. Britain was lucky because it is an island. Australia was quite far away form everything. However Darwin was bombed. So there is a vast difference between those in a full on war zone and those that are not. Not to forget being terrified by invading troops, regardless of which side any nation was on. People suffered horribly for all those years, wondering when the nightmare will stop.

You will see videos on YouTube of people suffering from shell shock, shaking uncontrollably because their nerves are shattered. Many people would never be the same again. I had a relative with such a condition. 

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Momma just killed a mouse


Sheesh, with all the changes on blogger I finally remembered how to fit the pickies back in to the text without overlap. D'oh! I am crap with technology.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Konspiracy constipation, I haven't given a crap for a while

I am just so over the whole K on s pir acy thing. I have had all that I can take of the crap. Yes, some of it is very real. But I just do not want to be bothered by it anymore.  I am "k on s pi racy constipated", I do not given a shit about it. I am well and truly over caring anymore. 

I am getting this stuff sent to me by well meaning people, but hey, I have been reading up on this since the 1990's it is not new to me. What you know, I already know.  OK!  Don't preach to me when you didn't want to know in the past when I told you all of this.

I also am much more aware on a psychic level, with visions, predictions etc. If you had actually bothered to ask me questions via Facebook or even read the stuff on my blog, you wouldn't be pissing me off right now. You would know that I am fully aware of "everything" and I mean everything.

To dwell on this is not healthy, I am not investing my energy in this a moment longer. Everyone is feeding each others fears and anxieties. Stop and think about that if you will. Who's interest does this serve? It sure isn't ours.

Living in a state of anxiety is not good for us and affects us mentally and physically. But not just that it also affects us on an energetic or psychic level, scattering our energy, thus dropping  our vibrational frequency. The powers that be are all too aware of this, from the beginning of the theosophy movement at least. These leaders are quite au fait with this energy manipulation through their own  s e e c r e t societies, such as Fr ee    ma  son ry etc.

Those that originally promoted K on sp ir aci es in the first place, benefit from this of course. It is a game for Christ sake! Can't you see we are being played with, by both sides? DIVIDE AND CONQUER, just like a game of chess. This is a world of polarities/ duality. Look at a chess board, is it not dualistic? A wee clue right there from a damn fine game.

More precisely these people are feeding off our  energy or loosh, energy vampires or energy harvesting on a spiritual level. There are also entities that feed from this loosh, and that is what keeps them alive. They need stress, fear etc to live on. But I really don't care anymore. It is not my problem, it's yours humanity! 

News flash, yes, The world heading into  a     n   e    w     w   o  r   l d    o   r  d er.  We were told so many times by the media which is in line with cosmic law, so the spiritual guru's tell us. The masses chose to accept this by doing nothing other than attack the messenger as per instructions by M   S M. The masses have accepted the programming.  Most have not even noticed the trial run exercises world wide.

But, I am just too over this and the whole drama. I do not want this in my life at all. I want peace and quite in my life. This is not conducive to peace and harmony in my life. 

I am fed up with people bombarding me with all the crap about C  D  1 9. I know all about it. I now have had such a gut full and no longer care. Wear a mask or don't wear a mask. I don't give a damn. I know the world economy is collapsing.

Christ, I have predicted the economic collapse and saw this way back in 2005, but as I have said in other posts, when my first child was born in 1989, I had a knowing and vision of the world heading back to suffering like back in WW1 ( economically, lack of food, poverty and war), that feeling is something one cannot forget once experienced. So I have known what has to come since 1989, I was 26 years old then.

I am trying to get through my life without all of this crap.  I don't care anymore, it's information overload. I choose to focus on my spiritual well being as well as caring for my family.

 I choose no  part of what is going on with humanity. I choose my spiritual welfare.

The gaps between words is for a reason I am sure you know why 

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

BLM mob beat white man unconscious after making him crash his truck

Sort yourselves out America, you are a bloody disgrace! If you act like animals expect to be treated as such, I don't care who you are or what skin colour you are, this is wrong and you know it is. This is vile and unacceptable moronic behaviour. 

There is no bloody excuse for this, it is pure evil and criminal behaviour, your rights should be stripped from you when you act like this. This is not the actions of civilised human beings. Heads should roll for this and the army brought in to stop this savagery immediately, a hard line needs to be taken. 

I hope this man and woman sue the government and the individuals that committed this atrocity. As for the crowd that let it happen, just wait until it happens to you, and it will. Let’s  see what happens then, I hope everyone looks the other way, you could all have stopped this but chose not to. You are no better that the scum that attacked these innocent people.

As I have said on my blog already, the US will be shunned by the rest of the world for many years due to civil unrest in the US. So be it. We do not want this on our doorstep and the US will take many years to come through this. I lay the blame at the feet of the American people for allowing this to happen. Don’t make excuses, there are none for this disgraceful behaviour. 

Is this how the great under educated act when they don’t get their own way? By allowing communist psychopaths to dictate to you and encourage you into acts of gross savagery and the destruction of your cities and country. Remember no one held a gun to your heads to make you do this, you did it out of free will and your lack of intelligence and no moral compass. 

You will reap what you sew. I will not post further comments on the whole subject. I have said all I want to say and will leave it at that. 

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Area where William Tyrell vanished home to eighteen sex offenders

This is common knowledge, the whole of Australia, knew this when this terrible thing happened. The DM are just stirring the pot. Even Goulburn outside Canberra is known for this. The problem is powerful people are always  involved in this sort of stuff.

I feel this former policeman was way too close to the truth and was prevented from going further. Yes he did things that were unorthodox but sometimes this may be necessary to catch the criminals. 

Greta Thunberg loosing relevance in the wake of global pandemic

Not a fan of this Andrew Bolt, but as part of my world predictions this year I am sharing this on Greta Thunberg , I said would go to ground. She is irrelevant now  and is proven wrong by the weather .

Can’t people see every thing goes in cycles on this planet ? It is not rocket science for heavens sake it is common sense and science. Having said that, I have mentioned on my blog that a good astrologer can tell you this, by plotting the charts and studying their trusty ephermis, which is an important book that astrologers use. 

I often share Milton Black predictions on my blog, because he is one of the best astrologers in the world. He has even stated he saw a break in the drought in Australia this year and he was spot on. This is not easy work, it is a life long study. Unlike reading the Tarot cards. But you still need to have a feel for either of these skills, one simply just doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to do this work. It is a calling and it is not for the faint hearted, it has a heavy responsibility.

UPDATE: Greta back to school, thank Christ for that

Friday, 14 August 2020

Melbourne residents asked to stand on their front porch and scream

Talk about monkey see, monkey do. It just shows how stupid people are. Can't they see they are being manipulated with all the stupid clapping etc, and now this? 

Stop and think of people suffering from PTSD, mental health issues and trauma from war zones, that could be living near by. This stupidity can set off some very distressing situations for these people. Then who the hell is to blame. People with Asperger's are very sensitive to noise too, add barking dogs in to the mix as well and it becomes a nightmare for those unfortunate enough to be suffering from any of the above conditions. This has to be the most stupid idea yet, they manipulate the masses not to mention this is possibly harmful.

People were not so stupid during the two world wars to carry on like idiots. They just got on with life, suck it up and shut up. We don't want to hear idiots screaming their heads off thanks. What about how frightening this is for children too? Try getting them off to sleep and idiots do this. 

Whom ever came up this this brain dead idea needs a good talking to. This is totally unacceptable behaviour and should not be encouraged.


Thursday, 13 August 2020

Nap and a vision

 I had a rather interesting experience this afternoon, I lay on my bed for a nap as I didn’t sleep well last night due to Ruby, our dog being sick through the night.

So after my last reading I thought I would try and get a little nap. Not something I can normally do, as my mind is way to active during the day.

But as I closed my eyes, I saw myself lying on a bed with a bright magenta coloured ethereal  cover over me. The funny thing is it reminded me of the tarot card the 4 of swords. Which is about resting, contemplating, recovery and choosing the right time to act. Also being in a fair and balanced mindset.

The magenta colour is very spiritual and is about body, mind and spirit. Also letting me know there is some protection around me. I need that at present too.

It took me by surprise as it has felt like the spirit world has not been there for me for a long time. When I ask for help there has often been silence especially when very serious things have happened in my family. When ever I have prayed for others though, boom the help is given. 

I have never been a selfish person , it is not in my nature, but my family have gone through a living hell over the past seven to ten years. That protection that I prayed for was not there.

I have no idea why, but we have survived, just. So today experiencing this vision has given me some hope and faith that had left me years ago, but I just had to keep going. There was no other choice.

At present my husband is ill and waiting for surgery, and thanks to this rotten virus, it is going to be an even longer wait. It is very hard seeing you spouse in chronic pain and can’t do anything to help.

I just want the universe to cut him some slack for once, after 33 years of serious health issues, it becomes soul destroying and one just loses all hope. So hopefully this vision is the long awaited answer to our prayers. We are not the sort of people that ask for anything in life other that to just have a normal life.

So I hope something good comes our way. Healing would be great.

Tarot card of the month, September 2020: Page of Cups


Emotions, Love, Intimacy

Here I am early again with the Tarot card of the month. For some reason I have been itching to do this card for a few days. I think I know why, there is going to be a burst of activity in September.

As I pick up the card,  I hear the word naivety. This is young people throwing caution to the wind. Foolishly yet again, I see irresponsible behaviour in the spot light again. Rebellious youth, which feels like the east coast of Australia, in places such as Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland (Brisbane or the Gold Coast). this is because the weather is warming up again. The authorities will have their hands full again. Queensland police will be kept busy again. This is young people defying public orders.

The people will not go quietly and I see some sort of shake up, which will involve harsher new laws and punishments.  I do not see this virus stopping any time soon, in fact I do feel it will be with us perhaps in to next year.

I do not see much in the way of travel, I also feel that when overseas travel is permitted it will be only in small numbers, and will depend on the destination. I feel many places will be closed of for at least a year or two at this stage as changes are put in place. This is a deliberate thing to stop people travelling.

I do not feel this restricted travel is about the virus really, it is about control. 

As I look at the cup or chalice in the right hand of this youth/ page there is a surprise afoot for us, not sure what it is, but I do not see it as a positive thing. It feels more illusionary. 
The wool being pulled over our eyes, so stay vigilant, this is the government world wide involved, I feel it is more deception afoot.
Pay attention to money and finance in the news also, there seems to be lies or smoke screens around this and we must be vigilant. Try not to get caught up in the conspiracy stuff. Yes there may be a little truth but there is a hell of a lot of lies too.  Read the signs.

I may update this as it is a bit early in the month so tomorrow I may have a bit more time to look into this.
To be honest I am now of the opinion this “virus “ is not going away this year. We just have to keep an eye on the situation and not do anything stupid. 
Yup it has started already 

If you look at the photos you will not see any social distancing. Is it any wonder that millennial's are called the death wish generation. They are selfish and egotistical of all generations. But their great chastisement is still to come. Then they will know what their great grand parents suffered.The time has not arrived yet but it will in a few years time. These people will not know how to survive war.

Fresh twist in case of disabled woman

I have been following this case since it came tonight, it is heart wrenching stuff. How could anyone allow this to happen? I just can’t get my head around this. To me it seems cold and uncaring, I am the sort of person that would worry myself sick if I knew of someone suffering like this. 

Deeply disturbing aged care claims shock royal commission

Wow, just wow, this is unbelievable in a pandemic for such carelessness. It makes me wonder if they want to kill off the elderly.

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheehan awarded the Victoria Cross medal

Finally this poor soul is getting the respect he rightfully deserves. He was a very young and brave man. I found it despicable the government and the queen had to be shamed into action so many years after this poor soul’s death.

At least this will give his family some closure and healing. 

RSPCA warns of a rise in abandonment of exotic pets after lockdown

Just renews my utter disgust with humanity, this is heart breaking and anyone with a brain knew this would happen. I could never part with any of my fur babies, it is painful enough when they die. 

Social distance bar fight

Good old Hale and Pace, so apt for the current situation. 

My cat got covered in flour


New Corporate problems


Yeah, I just call it as I see it

Wes Penre: Article 9 Is the current health crisis a global psychological experiment?

Very interesting reading, and we need to take this on board. I for one am not afraid and refuse to give in to fear, it is an inconvenience to me, in that I can’t get to see my dad, but I talk on the phone to him. I do believe though the virus is real but only affects a certain amount of people, which is enough to induce fear in many. I still get angry at the idiots that spread infection though. (If the virus was fake why would these three jokers have been arrested?)

Think about the elderly in nursing homes in lockdown for months, what psychological effect is this having on them, remember these people lived through WW2 and some may be reliving memories from then because of this lockdown. With elderly dementia patients they are not mentally living in the present, so some may revert to memorise from the war years. That causes fear and trauma, and I have seen that in dementia patients. But it also affects old people that don’t have dementia too, because they are in lockdown and have no freedom, so they dwell on things, how cruel is that?

Add to that the cutting back of medical staff, nursing home staff and  “frontline workers “  such as shop staff etc. Think outside the box what effect that has on every day life. Shutting  the shops and restaurants etc, stop people going out, media and politicians telling us this is like a war. It is a manipulative inconvenience not a war, but the media are training people to be fearful. Pffft, not this little brown Duckie. I keep to my normal daily life. I don’t watch tv news and I am selective on what news I read on the internet. 

I entertain my self with feel good movies and books, ah but I still have that damn housework I am still doing the mum thing at close to 60, lol. So I  don’t have time for the crap from MSM. 

I firmly shut the door on the outside world, my house my rules!  I will not permit intrusion in my home. It’s fur baby central for me, and that way I am a happy camper.