Wednesday, 8 July 2020

NSW coronavirus breach as passengers from Melbourne not screened 

Here we go again. WHY? Someone’s head should roll for this. Is someone on Bill Gates payroll perhaps?
Surely you have seen the videos of him saying the second wave is going to be much worse, Christ, we haven’t even seen the end of this one yet.

Plandemics are such a nuisance aren’t they.

Cultural Revolution U.S.A. - Matt Presti (Truth Warrior LIVE)

I watched this as it came out and it just confirmed what I already knew. 

Listen right here at the 47.02 mins, right here she says  Alicia Garza and herself are trained organizers and TRAINED MARXISTS!!

Now you tell me that you have not been used as useful idiots.
How the hell is this helping the good people of America, black and white? I am horrified at the loss of life over there.
No human being should live that way or be murdered. It's not ok, full stop. It is not ok to destroy property either.

Communism will take over in the long run unless there is a war to prevent it. But I feel the game was lost from the get go. It makes no difference who you vote for. Democracy yeah right. So how is it working for you all? Vote Democrat get communism, vote Republican get softer version. Same poop different shovel. 

I still do not trust anyone full stop. There are truths, half truths etc everywhere, and especially in the truth movement and older people have lived through many events to remember the real facts to fall for much of the BS. Trust no one is the golden rule. This video will be removed soon because of what she said. I was on Wikipedia last week and  went back on it just now and they have edited Alicia Garza"s page. It did say she was a Marxist last week up in the top paragraph. I should have taken a screenshot. No doubt others will have a screenshot of it. But here it is straight from her own mouth. Let's face it, Wikipedia is well known as being unreliable and often edited by randoms. Wikipedia is like hear say, not worth the paper it is written on/

She has nothing in common with ordinary people. How dare she come out and play wicked games with people's lives, she won't pack up and live in a communist country of course not, don't be stupid. Communists do not want equality, they dictate and destroy cultures and societies to fit their agenda. 

They will dictate to us from their entitled ivory towers like Stalin did.
Did you ever look into his assets? Rolls Royces and all the best cars in the world and he had several several of them. How does that work when the masses are starving?? 

Oh Communism... such a generous concept ....not.  Ask the Uighurs in China what it's like. More to the point ask Alicia what she thinks about that and all the communist crimes against humanity. A  bullet in the head for us, that don't work until we drop. I have met a few communists and their sympathisers in the past few years. Rabid and so proud of themselves and they do not give a damn about anything but the core values. It is like a disease of the soul. They can only repeat the official narrative and nothing else, but then why the hell would you stand and listen to the crap coming out of their stupid mouths?

But funnily enough they wont live in a communist country either, funny that. Cowards that delight in the suffering of others for the cause but don't have the balls to live under the jack boot themselves. Liars and cowards the lot of them and an unbalanced mindset that is drummed into them (Veganism anyone πŸ˜‚). Universities are the training grounds for young minds to be programmed or more to the point deprogrammed.

What about forced abortions for women and sometimes at gunpoint, let that sink in when you think of communism. Back in the 1980's I watched documentaries from Russia on women of all ages having forced abortions. Some as many as 13 abortions. Just imagine what that does to a woman's body.  Not to mention no state of the art medical facilities like in the US or the western world. China  still has a forced abortion policy to remember, you ok with that?

 Even today Russia is not up to our level in hospital care, and that is evident from the horror stories from early COVID 19 cases in Russia when people were escaping from hospital, oh and even though they say they are no longer communist, why are doctors in the middle of a meeting with staff suddenly flying out of windows to their deaths?  Freedom of speech?? 

Just read Russian,  Eastern European, Chinese, Vietnamese, South American  or African history. Right now China is in Africa, they ain't leaving and the Chinese are on record through this COVID 19 with abuse of black people in China, remember that on tv a few weeks back?. Do You think African lives matter? Hell Yes , but not to a communist.

" All animals are equal, but some animals are more that equal than others". Orwell.  NON Violent?? What the hell did I see happening on my tv screen then?

This is distressing and just reminds me again of why I prefer my fur babies over humans, there is nothing as dangerous as a human that does not live peacefully and inflicts harm and abuse on others.

This world is in a shocking state, but it was allowed to get this way, we the public have an obligation to hold our leaders accountable and also, people that break the law must be held accountable too. 

I don't care who you are, living a violent life should not be tolerated. We should not make excuses for anyone acting violently towards others or violating other people's civil liberties and freedom. 

Stop the excuses!! Stop the blame game! Stop using race as an excuse! Every life matters, human and non human. Don't blame your family hardship  and low education for that. My parents and grandparents generation left school at age 12 to 14 on average.     

They worked hard. No one gave them anything for free. The men were drafted into the services too, up until 1956, it was hard but they did it.They were children during the Great Depression and WW2. They did not stoop to gutter level or make piss weak excuses for violently attacking innocent people in the street.

The UK and Australia were still on rations up until then too. Australia was still in great difficulty as a small nation and life here only got better in the 1970's I know, because I came over from Scotland then to what seemed two or three decades behind what we had up until then, in living standards and in the workplace and work conditions for the people with shocking  work conditions the unions were not very well organised at that stage to protect the workers either. Life was bloody tough.

People were better behaved and had respect back then. They knew that value of life and millions of them had lost parents, siblings and grand parents through war, illness, poverty and starvation. but they did not act like bloody animals with a sense of entitlement. BUT HEY, it is pay back and we are now going to see how you whiney bitches cope with a real Depression and man up. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Already we see the brats in the streets knifing each other and destroying their lives with drugs and alcohol. But blame it on others, no one put a gun to their thick heads and made them commit crimes, that was a free will ego trip that did that. The spirit world keeps track of all of that too, Ahashic records for the dummies :P

You will be under the jack boot of communism soon enough, and you will have no right to speak out, no right to protest, no right to anything.  Oh, that just sounds so sweet to my ears. I just love to see a leftie idiot scream and whine and play victim.  Oh yeah!


Three COVID-19 cases emerge in ACT linked to Victoria 

Pffft  we have a compliance plan yeah right. You couldn't run a chook raffle, idiots.

All I can say is I am disgusted. It is time for Andrew Barr, the useless as an arse pocket in a singlet Chief Minister of the ACT and  Chairman Dan Andrews the commy ass-clown that pretends to run the state of victoria to fall on their swords. They are clearly unfit to run their territory and state.

Enough is enough! You are incompetent, you let a communist outfit run roughshod over the good people people of Australia  and cause an new outbreak.  This is a  selfish and evil agenda right here and people are seeing through it. 

We are sick of this  and it is high time all of these leaders,and their sycophants are removed from the stage. The damage or death to human life is unacceptable. Everyone with a brain knows full well that Andrews is a bloody communist nutcase with a dangerous manifesto. But hey, you voted for him lower working class Labor mentality. You have no right to force this on the rest of Australia.

Explain why a communist bloody agenda is more important that stopping a deadly virus!

Explain that to the people in hard lockdown in the middle of Melbourne right now!

Explain why people were allowed so long to get over the border from Victoria, yet again to infect others interstate again in NSW and now the ACT.

Explain why you let infected people into Canberra again!  If people cannot see anagenda being played out then there is something wrong with their heads. This is deliberate it is not accidental.

Explain why 11 people last week flew from Melbourne to Sydney and were not put into quarantine!   and this week, this crap.

Passengers flying from Melbourne to Sydney on a Jetstar flight on Tuesday night were able to disembark without a health screening.

Now watch the bullshit fly!  This is an agenda make no mistake about that.
Also the ANU now wants to bring in more overseas students this month too, WHY? Follow the money trail as usual. Never mind infecting the community when money is at steak. Got to love a compromised government.

Just remember one thing, when the agenda is achieved the ordinary people that naively and trustingly helped in the protests are kicked to the kerb, and the virus spread with them.  How insulting is that when we want a peaceful world and a virus free world. 

Their only purpose was only to make up numbers to rile up society until it gives in and spread the virus. Classic communist tactic. Why don't you speak to people that lived through communism in Europe and other  Communist countries, they can educate you in the cold reality. I know many people that have lived through this and those that fought against Communism. 

The west is being rebuilt as we speak to bring in soft Corporate Marxism into being right now. I hope you enjoy it! 

Remember the right to travel is being messed with here too. No I am not saying the virus is fake, it is very real and man made. Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Remember the deaths that have happened both in this virus and the prevention of the spread of an other deadly disease, communism. These are both linked make no mistake about that. 

Fear is a very powerful too, which has been uses on us since time began, but right now world wide this is the biggest fear tool. Just google or check social media platforms to see how many medical experts are speaking out about this virus and also the erosion of our rights at present. When this virus ends there will be a new world as they, the WHO/UN, and the world Cabal keep telling us. Morons have helped spread this disease and fell right into the hands of our incompetent leaders and oppressors. 


The Sovereign Solution - Dallas Hills (Truth Warrior LIVE)

Yesterday I just happened to say to my husband the Truther stuff seems to be full of BS, These people tell you what to do if you have to go to court or are in trouble with the police. You end up in more trouble when you start spouting all this sovereignty stuff and Straw man BS.

Here in this video that I am listening to today, Dallas Hills says this too and why. Now in my predictions for 2020, I mentioned beware of the Truth Seekers giving false information.

I trust nothing and I am only sharing this only as food for thought. Now Australia has a constitution too but seems to be in the same situation as Canada. both are British Commonwealth nations. 

I am no expert on any of this and do not pretend to be, I am only sharing this, nothing more. But I have no trust or faith in anyone other than myself. 

Thursday, 2 July 2020


I have not had a chance to read this yet myself but just wanted to share it anyway.
Happy reading.

As I start to read this today 3/7/20 this little part makes me think.

In order to explain the emergence of imperfection from perfection, darkness from light, matter from spirit, etc., the Gnostic myth of origins recounts a complex narrative about a process of decline that started somewhere in the environment of the Supreme God and ended up in the demonically ruled sublunary world. (This means the pleroma).

 Now I look at that little bit and think to myself, how is this possible? Is this actually saying the pleroma is not perfect? Is it saying the demiurge is a clone, AI or what?  It also sounds to me that ego still exists within the pleroma.

It makes me skeptical of anything written by humans or worse channelled by humans. We will never know the real truth in this world anyway. It pays to be very cautious of anything in the unseen world as I have said before in other posts.

Much as I believe in pure spirit, and only pure spirit, I am extremely cautious as I have seen a lot in my life and also read and been exposed to many untruths spiritually, so I trust nothing completely. I guess I am a jaded product of the Spiritual school of hard knocks, lol.  To take everything as truth is foolish!

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Australia ditches iconic kangaroo national logo

NO! Just no, what was  the possible valid reason for changing a perfectly good and well recognised logo world wide and at great cost, in a bloody recession? Wasting $10 million of public money and we the public had no say in this. This came into being last night our time, 30 June, which is the last day of the financial year.

Funny that it was not announced on 1st September as that is national Wattle day. The ninth month is important in numerology because the Wattle is connected to the number 9 and the planet Mars which can represent war, male energy,  aggression, soul enslavement to name a few.

It sure does look like the COVID-19 symbol. Symbols have multi layered meanings depending on who is conveying a message and to whom. 

A symbol to you and I may mean one thing, but to others in the know ( those that created this particular logo) it is entirely different. That is the way symbology has worked for thousands of years.

Gold is a spiritual colour and can be either positive or negative (as do all numbers, colours, planets, star signs etc), generally it is seen as a positive thing and aligning to higher levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. 

The wattle stands for unity and the spirit of the Australian people. The Australian Federal Government is conveying a message here to both Australians and the world. Here we go with the “we are all one / we are all in this together crap. No we are not, neither aligned with these individuals spiritually, morally or ethically. I sure as hell am not and never will be. 

The yellow Wattle (acacia) is symbolising the following message 
Rebirth, regeneration, the sun (think solar cults to be precise solar death cults.. yes they are real think of the murky Egyptian / Babylonian death cults, which are still around today in various forms)
Transcendence, spirit, eternal lifeforce.

When I mention life force or spirit there are two vastly different forms of spiritual transcendence humanity is dealing with when we pass on. One is the false light of Lucifer as can be seen on things that I share on my blog and the other is the higher purer spirituality of Gnosis to take spirited humans home to the pleroma.  So we need to learn the symbols and what they tell us and work out what they really mean and whom do they really serve. 

Yellow as a colour represents joy, happiness, spirituality, life force,  the mind, consciousness, transcendence and as mentioned above rebirth. Think of the Tarot card the Sun. Negatively it can mean cowardice, sickness I would assume this depends on the shade of yellow, the darker a colour the more negative it is. Mental health is also associated with yellow, of course the realm of the mind is also connected to spirit so that makes sense. It is non physical like spirit.

The colour green represents nature of course as well as healing, the heart chakra, growth, renewal, balance, harmony, nature, growth and regrowth, ( very much what the Australian bush does after a bushfire). This year already we have a lot of regrowth that cannot happen unless we have bush fires to sprout new seeds.  
Negatively, jealousy, greed, sickness , finance (money) naievityagain the shade of the colour is important as in negative or positive.  So while there can be negative aspects to the symbology there is good too.

After reading the article in Building Beautiful Souls I myself learned Wattle is used in rituals, spells and funerals. I am well aware that the aboriginal elders use different plants, herbs and trees for different cleansing ceremonies, healing and men's /women's ceremonies.  I have witnessed it both in the physical and in spirit. The spiritual ones blew my mind both at Uluru and here in Canberra. 

I am by no means well read on this subject and I do not have time to delve into all of this, nor do I want to. I tend to not get into anything to do with spells, rituals etc.  People can google this sort of thing for themselves and learn if they are so inclined.  in this article is says Wattle comes from the Teutonic and old English, to weave or interweave, (come together as one if you like as in we are all in it together, we are all one, etc. Think also out side the box it may sound odd, but communism, every one is equal are all one.  But you get the message, lumping humanity in one lump, no individuality. Spirit in new age teaching says we all join up to the godhead. That is Lucifer and not the Pleroma, big difference and not what spirited humanity should be doing at all. This lady has done her homework, I take my hat off to her as her amazing website was one of the first things that popped up when I started looking for meaning of the golden Wattle, which by the way smells lovely but is a highly allergic tree flower. My nextdoor neighbour has one in his yard and I love the sweet fragrance.

Anyway, regards to the new logo, I still feel this was unnecessary, there was nothing wrong with the original one. The colours are still there and so is the colour meanings. Some things just should not be messed with. I notice Malcolm Turnbull is the main one to initiate this change, I take this as his parting dig at Australians. We won't forget this one mate!  

Notice the pyramid (triangle) shape of this logo, Freemasonry symbology just a little reminder of who is controlling the show.  I recall the introduction of the Kangaroo logo back in 1986 and it is one that is easily recognised world wide.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Here we go again, chest pains

I have been suffering from very bad vertigo for over a week, so yesterday I saw my doctor and he took my blood pressure. I do have high blood pressure btw. Anyway I was very surprised my heart rate was 111. No reason for it to be like that. So off for an ECG right away. I also had my flu shot so that I can visit my father in the nursing home. Otherwise there is no way I would have a flu shot.

Any way on the way to get the ECG I started feeling a sharp pain in the setnum and just off to the right hand side. I thought that was odd. Well the pain did not go away. It stayed all night and I woke up this morning and noticed the pain was worse. It hurt breathing in and out, I thought, oh hell no. Don't tell me I have pleurisy again how the hell did this happen? I managed to see the doctor at lunch time, I hope he doesn't think I am getting a crush on him lol, seeing him twice in two days πŸ˜‚ 

Long story short back on antibiotics, but Christ on a bike, the pain has gotten really bad tonight, just moving my right arm I have terrible pain. It may be muscular strain as well as the chest infection, I don't know. I just don't need this and the vertigo thing.  So I will not be doing any readings over the weekend. That puts a damper on any plans that I had for the next few days too with lockdown eased in Canberra and I am stuck with this, hurumph! 

I just want out for some play time wah wah! πŸ˜† I can tolerate the vertigo but not the chest pains. That is a debilitating pain. I just hope it clears up soon. I might have to hold my breath for 10 mins, that ought to do it. (Just kidding) 


UPDATE: 30/6/2020 Still in pain but nowhere near as bad as  it was ( on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say an 8).  I still can't even lift up the kettle to make a cup of tea due to the pain. My chest muscles have been strained on the right side of my body something shocking and I haven't even done anything to cause that, go figure. The only thing that comes to mind is the vaccine, other than that nothing has caused this pain. I have checked the list of side effects and muscle pain is included.  

New Cannibalism? The Real Story Behind Blood Donations (Big Business Documentary) | Real Stories

Not at all shocked about this. I had a friend that worked in the Australian Red Cross and it was an absolutely shocking place to work. The staff moral was very low and this is a major occult controlled company, I have an advert of theirs on my blog that is very questionable. There are strong links with the blood control/ collection agencies , organ harvesting and Satanism.

I noticed in the comment section to this video someone mentioned the sign of a person involved in spirit cooking. At around the 38 mins mark. It is a man wearing a yellow/gold coloured tie and he is hard to miss. So do take a look at his hands with the blue bandages.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Wes Penre: Gnosis part 20 the apocalypse and the consummation of the age

Wow this is interesting, but I just don’t know if this will happen in our life time. I don’t intend to worry about it. I just want to see life through as best I can. But to stress and worry doesn’t do anyone any good.

Please scroll down and read the comments people leave for more info. Oh btw, Wes has just published level 6 in his papers. I got a surprise this morning opening my emails. Soo all of us on his mailing list would have a pleasant surprise to see them.  That will take some time for us to get through, lol.

Looks like more heavy reading for everyone. I find it hard to absorb vast amounts of information these days, but I will do my best to take the information on board.
When you go into the above link, look where it says menu and click on it. You should find a link to the  levels of learning or Wes Penre papers level 6.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Tarot card of the month, Death, July 2020

Endings, Elimitation, Transition. Inexorable forces 

Well there ya go, the card of the month DEATH. I kind of expected something like this, with the way things are going. The number 13 breaks down to 4 in Numerology. Basically it is about stabilizing power positively or negatively.

Notice all the subtle symbols in the card. First thing that I see is the flag with the house of York white rose on a black backing, duality. The tarot cards use a lot of medieval images when you look closely at the clothes people are wearing and other symbols such as the colours, gray, yellow, white, black and blue. 
The king in the card could be one of the Edwards given the cards are in medieval style, I need to google that and post at the bottom of the post.

Notice the King is lying dead and his crown has fallen off. A loss of power to a higher power. A child looking up to the horse and the knight riding the horse, the knight symbolized as death itself . The child is innocent and naive and understands nothing. The woman cannot look at death, she turns her head away facing the left hand side (feminine side)  The bishop is pleading for mercy before death, the great leveler.  Can you see the little cross on the back of the bishops hand?  His crozier or shepherds crook ( Kundalini energy or serpent energy) is lying on the ground, even he is defeated by this powerful force. Is this an end to the age of pieces?  The bishops hat is the crown of the fisher king and relates to the age of pieces.  

Then in the background is a golden sunrise between two pillars.  In your face occult message right there, and it signifies the change we are facing right now as a human collective.  The two pillars are a common symbol in Freemasonry ( establish in strength) as is the sun (solar deity).  There is also a little boat in the background too, a messenger perhaps, or a collector of souls. Notice the trees are bent as if a strong wind is blowing them, this is a sudden change.

We are now entering  a new age where we leave the past behind and accept the "new normal"   people do not know what to expect at this point. They will just follow the leader if you will.   Just when things seemed to be easing a sudden curve ball hits us. We need to stay focussed on what is happening worldwide right now because it is very crucial for all of us.  

Things will change from here on in, we know that and have been told to accept this by the government. This is a strong power moving us along. It will be so easy for the masses to be swept up in the changes, because they do not  read the signs along the way. I am just looking at the card again and notice three people are left standing after the king is dead (deposed) Three levels of society left, three levels of consciousness.

Yes, you could say there is a spiritual element to what is happening right now in the world. It has been foretold after all. However if one's eyes are open to the spiritual realities the  message is very different to what the average person reads in the signs and warnings. I don't think this is the start of the proverbial Golden age that is often mentioned. No one can tell us when that actually is or perhaps it could be they are not willing to tell us when it starts. I find that rather odd.

One thing I notice is the Death tarot card related to October 23 to November 21  (Scorpio) so there for ruled by that zodiac sign and planet it is assigned to. I have never looked into the dates on cards that much to be honest but if you go on line you can find websites that tell you which tarot card correlated to what date, time, season etc. I do have all this stuff  printed off, for my own personal use, however I go with feeling when I read the cards for a client. I see an image for the time of year such as cold weather clothes or hot weather clothes on a person, trees with leaves on/ off etc. 
So I don't generally use the dates relating to the individual cards.

I often hear the month or feel it claircognizantly just the same as other things when doing a reading or even just in my everyday life. I get a knowing of feeling of things and make not of it.   

Now back to the card of the month, I do feel the protests and unrest will be put under control soon, but I feel we have some more strife to come. 

After this I feel a crack down will happen. I cannot put an exact time on it but in the warm weather this year, that is Australian time, winter for the top end of the world.
 If you are smart keep right out of it. This is a battle between the lefties and government and the usual thugs.
But those individuals are working for your enslavement make no mistake about it. You are being led into the change whether you realise it or not. I can tell you these idiots have no idea what they are bringing on themselves, they are being used. Ever heard of useful idiots? Well that's them, the joke is on them. But the punishment is on the human collective.

I do feel this year will just keep going down and down from here on in. I keep right out of all of this other that pass comment on my blog. I will have no part in evil. I advise sensible people to keep out of this too and focus on your loved ones including your fur babies. 


Here you go a little reading before his next post.

We have a saying in Scotland which I live by, Tell the truth and shame the devil.  I cannot abide liars, thieves, criminal behaviour or people without a moral compass.  So I do not live by the immoral rules of this world, and take less to do with people because I refuse to live like them.

The Great Global Reset - Spiro Skouras (Truth Warrior)

The masses don't want to know the truth! So be it, This financial meltdown started before COVID 19. He is full of crap on that one. Yes the virus is man made between deep state in the US and China, and it won't be eradicated. 

This is now the changing of the guard I have said is coming. Done deal because the masses did nothing to stop it. They are too programmed into leftie ideology.

These things are planned longer than what he said. Christ I can recall the rumblings of this as a kid in the late 70's as my father used to talk about it often. Who props up these "experts" on all of this conspiracy stuff. We never get to find out, but I am pretty sure they would be controlled opposition. Same shit different shovel really.  I do not trust any one, to me all these so called truth seekers are setting themselves up as little gods for the woke. Ya aint spiritually awake though, lol.

Oh and by the way the Chinese leader is a high ranking freemason, watch the hand shakes and gestures. They are not real enemies if the world is run by leaders that are freemasons, just think about that.

One face for the public and one for behind closed doors.  Just do a little google searching and see who is a high ranking freemason in world leaders and powerful people world wide. The vast majority are, or they don't get the rewards.  Now scroll down to my first comments on the UPDATES,  " could this be he plan China is supposed to take over the world?"   Communism is the new normal folks  because the masses sit on their dumb asses and allow this world wide.  

Meh! I give up on humans, they ain't worth the effort. 

Monday, 22 June 2020

New maps reveal ZealandIs lost continent beneath New Zealand

More interesting news from the past 😊

Cat Riding Down The Stairs On Cat Made Sledge

Not very clear video. I had a better on on Facebook but can't get it to share. This kitty is the evil knievel of felines, lol.

Care factor..Oh yeah we don't care

Meh, as if they are they only ones in the world. We can hold our heads high and say we do not stoop to the evils of this nation in many areas. Care factor in this  ZERO! All out of F***s to give.

Prehistoric stone circle 4500-yrs-old found near Stonehenge

Over the past couple of years there have been sites discovered in Ireland too. Perhaps the researchers may not have been able to do this research without a valid reason and that could be why it is only coming to light now.  It is always very exciting to see these great discoveries and learn more of our past. Interesting that there isn't a date of when this was discovered but only released after the 21 June Solstice! Energy in numbers and rituals!

I have a friend that goes on archeology digs, I would just love to be able to up stakes and do likewise, but my life style does not permit that. I do enjoy seeing the photos she shares  and I am content with that.  I am sure that it is not at all glamorous but so exciting nevertheless. Britain and Ireland have always fascinated me with their ancient history, and I am glad to have lived there. I doubt very much if I will ever get back home for a holiday though. Family issues always seem to prevent me going back home.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Wes Penre: Gnosis part 18 the zodiac and it’s impact on our earthly lives

Please follow up on the comments too, you will find more information as comments are posted.
By the way the 13th star sigh is called Ophiuchus, which sits between Scorpio and  Capricorn. 
So that is 29th November to 18th December, not like the other signs which usually start on the 19th, 20th 21st or 23rd of the month. 

Friday, 19 June 2020

Communism’s internal meltdown , by Michael Tsarion

Bear in mind Michael Tsarion’s father was a communist. As he said he grew up around it. 

Interesting times ahead alright, let’s see the government get the idiots in Seattle back under control.

I feel they let this Seattle situation get out of hand, now look at the state the US is in, what an embarrassment. 

Time the media and all the leftist morons were shut down and put out with the trash. If not this is going to spread outside the US.

People are sick to death with all this crap going on. We want proper leaders without links to cults, crime and filth. There aren’t any men or women of true substance to lead any nation. They are all owned by evil cults and big businesses. They don’t have morals or ethics, so is it any wonder the masses are acting like animals For the record I did mention in a post a few years ago that the former Austrian prime minister Julia Gillard is a Fabian.


Please read the comments in this post also, but keep an open mind.

Australia cyber attack: PM Morrison warns of 'sophisticated' state hack

 May be it is a good idea to spend the money on state of the art equipment then huh instead of the crap they use.  The cheapest is never the best technology to use. Pay peanuts you  get monkeys, nuff said!



Thursday, 18 June 2020

Wes Penre: VIDEO 126: Q&A SESSION #52

Listen to the short video and read the comments as they come in.

I agree with what he says about the NPC, just take a look at the people around you and you can see this clearly. That is why I like to keep a low profile among humanity, I just do not want that evil and negativity near me.

As for the Pleroma I am still very wary as they still allow evil to continue over millions of years. That to me speaks out loud and clear of their complacency. I can do without the religious BS making excuses, there are no valid excuses as far as I am concerned.   No matter how many times you polish a turd it never changes it is still what it is.

I am not fooled or swayed by the "spiritual" explanations. I will judge that for myself in the afterlife and be very cautious as to what is presented to me. Reason being none of the people that passed on this information have been there to back up what they spout, only taking hearsay or channeled information. That is not worth the paper it is written on. I want actual proof and not hear say thanks.

Why allow so much suffering and let the demiurge and his creatures away with crimes like this for millenia? That to me is a crime, aiding and abetting.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Labor is accused of 'putting paedophiles before Australian kids' as it BLOCKS law that meant all child sex offenders serve long prison sentences

It is not just Labor that are abusing kids, they all do. How else does one control a government? It is world wide and won’t be stopped. Because powerful people control this filth. Do your research on the fact, also google British politicians that have been arrested and take a look at the charges.

Scott Morrison rubs shoulders with the Hillsong pastor who’s father is an accused peadophile also, what does that tell you. Just google that, then the. Queensland MP that’s son is a peadophile but said he can’t go to prison. You can see that one in my blog as I have the link to the news article.

Dutton knows this will never get through parliament, because of the evil corruption right to the core of our government. This disease of the soul is just about impossible to stamp out, and more people are being caught every week, but they are at street level of society not the upper level. No they have too much power to be arrested. 


Read the comments below also. 

Dream of civil unrest in the US from 2014

I was just in the kitchen washing up and this popped into my mind. I remember also warning the audience on A1R psychic radio back in  May 2015 that something bad was coming to America. Sad to say this could be i or at least the beginning. 

I was wrong about Hillary, but just take a look at how America has turned since that election that Trump was not supposed to win. Very sad times indeed.

I feel the  US government will lose control and this will get really ugly. But it does not have to be this way. This is the result of the limited amount of free will that humans have and a lack of true spirituality in this world. There never will be real true spirituality in  the third dimension, that is impossible. This place is geared for evil and always will be, we must lift ourselves, one by one out of this reality and not return. 

Human consciousness can only go so far and then it crashes and burns, and a reset has to happen. All through our history there is evidence of this.  We are in crash and burn mode now.

How that pans out and over however many years does not really matter, it is preprogrammed in the matrix/ false spirit world. We have to ride it out.  I sure as hell would keep a low profile and avoid large populated areas as much as possible.  Humans are unpredictable and when they lose it, they really lose it.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Report says progress being made on health culture but bullying must be addressed

The bar was set low a long time ago. I call this a piss poor effort, the system is an ongoing train wreck that no one wants to fix.  This has gone on for years and ticking only six out of twenty in the box is not good enough, it is failure. How the hell can mr Reid call this great progress? 

When you vote in morons continuously this is what happens. Andrew Barr and his party couldn’t run a bath, never mind the territory, and neither could any of his predecessors in the Labor party. The ACT Labor government has let us down for many, many years. But idiots keep voting them in and then whine when they cannot get proper health care. 

If the voters can’t see what the problem is then they are clearly unfit to hold the right to vote. This is Stockholm syndrome by the voters to allow this to keep happening over and over since 2001. 

However this culture of bullying and harassment is down to the minister and the manager of the hospital to stamp it out. This bullying and harassment is from educated people, that have received training on workplace bullying and harassment. There is no way on earth they were not trained on what is and isn’t bullying or harassment. There is no way they don’t know what they are doing is wrong and illegal.

Every public servant has to be trained on that. No doubt highly educated individuals are the perpetrators and no one is prepared to stop this. Nothing short of legal action will stop this going on. Victims must push for legal action, and some of the victims are people that hold a university degree, how on earth are they so weak that they do not fight this?  If the manager of the Canberra hospital and the health minister cannot put an end to this with in 12 months they need to be removed from their positions and put people that are better suited to replace them. 

Yes, I know what it feels like, I have been through this as a federal public servant, and I was very young and pregnant at the time and the laws were in place then to protect people. 

But this here is many staff involved, so why are they not taking out a class action? This culture does flow on to the patients too, because of the staff being stressed. That is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

We have the ACT territory’s elections later this year, and I know without a doubt the ACT  
Labor will be back in, why? Because we have undereducated morons that are allowed to vote. Nothing ever changes in Canberra, it is a safe communist lovers electorate for all the lefties and undereducated masses. Yet these individuals will bitch and whine about the poor medical care, go figure.

Getting proper medical care in Canberra if you have a serious health problem, needing a specialist or heaven forbid a psychiatrist is almost impossible. I am speaking from experience and serious illness too. People need to go up to Sydney because our town is a primitive backwater, an embarrassment for being the capital of Australia. Things are worse at present due to COVID 19, so more people will become sicker while having to wait for medical treatment. 

If the chief minister could actually do his job and actually put the minister of health on notice along with hospital management etc, we might get a result......well may be in an alternate universe definitely not in this one.

Friday, 12 June 2020

Worldwide Chaos & Mass Hysteria Explained - Michael Tsarion Update (Truth Warrior)

I just wanted to share this as food for thought. I am not a fan of either of them, I do feel there is a possibility of either one could be part of the “  team A v’s team B”.

There are so many information/disinformation agents all over the internet and media these days, one can never be sure of anything. But there are two forces vying to control the world and it has always been that way. At this point in history this is a major shift in world affairs which affects all of us worldwide.

I have referred to the change as the changing of the guard ( not my own term originally), but I feel that that just means, one team overthrows the other. But it is business as usual with the rulers of the world. 

Only names and faces change. I do know things are getting ugly. But nothing kicks off unless the astrology is right for the teams to change. That is just how they all work. Humanity being used as a football yet again for the elite power struggles as always through the centuries.

Wes Penre: Gnosis part 15 the second Atlantis the deluge and the destruction of Tiamaat /Earth

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Pet friendly plants and not pet friendly plants list

I just saw this on line and thought it may be useful for others with fur babies. I have a Holly bush in my garden and geranium, however my dog is not interested in them, nor the bulbs. I do keep my eye on her though.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020


Wow this is a powerful message right here. Wes is right on the money with all the distractions too. TV is one of the worst  form of mind pollution along with being addicted to porn,  gaming  etc.

I am more concerned about protecting my spirituality than anything else in my life. The physical body is not meant to last. In fact it is a prison by intent, we were duped into accepting without knowing the real consequences. 

As for the second coming, I have trouble believing that, I guess I have just become so despondent with the world that we live in and the wickedness of many humans. Hope just seems futile but yet I must persevere right to the end. May be there will be a change, somehow I do not feel it is in our lifetime. 

What also troubles me is Wes has warned us of the machine kingdome (AI take over) being implemented at present. How will a second coming be of any use at all?

Don't forget to scroll through the comments on each of his posts. Extra information is there too, including clearer explanations of something that you may not have picked up on.

I would like to thank Wes and Ariel for working so hard on getting all of this information out there for the public for free. It is  a very generous and loving thing to do and I am truly glad to be able to share his work. Yes, I do have his formal permission to share this information. Wes would like as many people sharing it as possible.


Sunday, 7 June 2020

Friday, 5 June 2020

Australia’s Home Affairs switches on new biometric travel platform

About time this was done. We have so many illegal people here already and it is very difficult to find them. There has been stolen ID going on in Australia for decades. It is not just for dual benefit fraud, it is for all levels of criminal behaviour including terrorist sleeper cells. Not what we need in our country.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Wes Penre: Gnosis part 10 Where the soul and spirit go after death

Wes Has sent an email to all his readers stating there is an arror in this post, hew has gone in and amended it today 4/5 June 2020.


ANNOUNCEMENT! Revision Made to “Gnosis 10!” Please Review!

by Wes Penre

by Wes Penre, June 4, 2020

People have asked us why we need to go back to Earth again after having exited the Grid and gone to Orion (8th or 9th Heaven). I did now explain this very well in the original article, so I added a revision at the end of the article (start reading at "Revision." The rest of the article has not been revised. Please also re-download the PDF file, which includes the new revision, and toss the one you might have downloaded already.

Sorry for the confusion! If you have further questions about this article, please address them in the comment section below "Gnosis 10."

Here is the direct URL to the article: .

Wes Penre

Wes Penre | June 4, 2020 at 10:56 am | Categories: Announcements | URL:

Comment   See all comments

Just for the record as I have commented on othe posts about the Orions. I intend to stay the hell away from there. These beings still have blood on their hands. No way on earth are they good gus. I highly recommend that people read or re read the Wes Penre Papers and stand alone articles. That Orion queen is as Wes has said in the past a reptilian. En-Lil is no saint either. Now look at what Wes has also commented o about Jesus and Thoth being one and the same. The Christ energy here I feel is also a construct( I could be wrong about the Christ energy but I won't take a risk).

I am of the opinion they are all part of one big experiment and we are being duped. Personally I intend to go somewhere alone to heal. After that I will know what I want.  But to come back to earth definitely not.  Pause and think about  returning back to earth , with Artificial intelligence implanted in those that are still here and all the plans for war in space and globally how is that going to work. I honestly don't think it is a very smart option, lets remember too many people will not be able to reproduce either.

Then if you do incarnate here ther is no real proof of the amnesia will not be enforced, or you being trapped in a body that cannot leave or spiritually awaken. Trust nothing and just do not reincarnate. You do so at your own risk. Do you think these beings controlling this actually care pffft, not a chance, you are just loosh to them. They are terrified of humans awakening and refusing to play ball. Archons are terrified of not eisting. Don't play the game simple! 

Friday, 29 May 2020

Urgent heads up from Alex

Due to ill health I have now cut my readings right back. I may only read one or two people a week and this intention is to walk away from readings very soon for two reasons. First is  Ill health and the other reason is I have had enough of very selfish people, that demand and demand of me. They want readings or Mediumship right away, and demonstrate quite loudly their arrogance and lack of respect for me. 

The lack of  people wanting to learn anything of true spiritual value over many years is staggering. They have no interest in saving their spirit/soul.  But Christ on a bike, the amount of them that are into curses and spells is shocking. There is no such thing as good magic for a start and only the lowest of the low stoop to curses and spells. The spiritually unclean of the earth, that are to be shunned by any decent human beings. 

I have had enough of the gimme gimme attitude. They try to get me to tell them what they want to hear. Such as can I have someone's spouse ( ruining a family for your depraved gratification). Wanting me to say it is ok to be a life wrecker. The vile audacity of these women.  

Ringing me at all hours of the night whining  about what they want and disturb my night's sleep, to tell them what they want to hear. Yes, this is from all over the world. They don't give a flying fig what time it is where I am, often it is a 12 to 14 hour time difference. 

I have spent years talking to people face to face, to try to educate them. But hey these women are not interested in education. It is wasted on them. All they want is what they " want"  in their spiritually unevolved and ignorant lives of mass and matter. No better than animals. I have love and respect for animals mind you and choose them over humanity.

Some individuals that I encounter only  want to know will they be rich, will they get the man they want, but never wanting to know anything of moral or spiritual substance.  They act like  psychic groupies on facebook to look cool, look at how many psychics' I follow. 

I offer people a hand out information booklet to read at home with informative websites, spiritual protection etc, and they never read them. How do I know? Well I am a Clairvoyant for a start Duh! Then during later conversations, I ask them something and they say oh, I lost that handout. I don't know what I did with it etc. It costs me money and time to print these off to give to every client that walks in my home over the many years, that I have been reading for clients. All such a waste in the end. One other kicker is when the person is needing the spiritual protection information that is in the handout. Now that's respect....NOT!

There are the witchy poo types that bring entities into my home and psychically attack me. Why?
I haven’t done them any harm, most of them have never met me before, so go figure. The very few that have, do so because I may tell the truth and they don’t like that. Why come to me with evil intentions? Because of this type of women, I stopped doing face to face readings as this affected my family too by the way.

Well this is the end of the road.  This week has been the icing on the cake. I am just over it and will not put my health in jeopardy any longer. What annoys me is, I tell people that I have painful and  chronic health problems as does my husband, but they just dismiss that and say, so when can you read for me? REALLY!!  Then the individuals that only half listen because , it's all about them darling! When I say something and it doesn't ring a bell, 5 minutes later they say something and I say I just told you that.

So yeah, I am bloody over it and it is a shame, because there are people that have gone through absolute tragedies in their lives, that these other selfish individuals would never even stop to think about, because they are so self absorbed. Such Individuals say they need a reading asap but don’t turn up. That appointment could have gone to a genuine person needing help, and it was happening often until I said deposit up front. 

I often have clients that their suffering is just so heartbreaking and trying to find an honest person to read for them or communicate with their loved ones in spirit will now miss out. 

Only this week had I had such a person and my heart ached for her. But now It is the end of the road. I just do not want to put myself out there to be used and abused. Most of these people don't even bother to give me feedback, when I ask if they would be kind enough to leave some feedback. But lo and behold suck up to wanna be psychics gushing their feedback out to them on Facebook. OK, go to them and stay the hell away from me.

I don't care if you can't find someone to replace me. You have used me enough over the years.  Yeah I too have been through a hell of a lot of suffering, loss, have a husband with serious health problems and I just have to deal with it, but hey its all about them. Gimme gimme gimme!

You know you have the real deal when I pick up the phone and describe you and can tell you things that I have no way of knowing and suddenly tell you messages from a deceased loved one.

I make psychic predictions that actually happen as reflected in this blog can the others do that? Nah of course not but they can make a fool of you! And why not you are fools, and you have no respect for me. You wont leave me a little bit of feed back but chase after all the wanna be's, gushing your admiration of them all over facebook, that have non of the skills that I am born with. Go to them and stay right away from me, you are selfish. 



This is absolute gold. I printed this off with every other level of learning and pdf file Wes has published.
I highly recommend that people read this and share it. But hey I don't expect miracles. Looking at my stats people just ain't really bothering with the real wisdom.

Wes and other well informed researchers have put out a wealth of invaluable information to assist those that are awakened spirits seeking answers. Unfortunately the vast majority of people are only wanting the shallow Unicorns and Rainbow garbage. 

Wes Penre: Gnosis part 7 Creation of the Archons and the different heavens

More information that should ring alarm bells for those really awakened souls or spirit to be more precise.  A clearer picture emerges of the reality of our so called spirit world as I have often said, is not what people think it is.

The answer is in your own hands folks. You do not need me or anyone else pointing out the obvious.
You still think what is currently happening here on Earth is just a coincidence, lol. If so then you are wasting your time on this earth and trying to understand anything from a spiritual level.

You still ain't worked out we are actually in a virtual hell!

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Vitamin D video by Dr M Hansen

This is a good video for understanding the importance of vitamin D. It is great to have people willing to take the time to inform the world of important things such as vitamins and good nutrition.

I gave up being a strict vegetarian during lockdown for health reasons. After ten years, I felt my health is too important to neglect getting the minerals and vitamins that I was not getting enough of. My health is not that good these days due to several autoimmune problems including Fibromyalgia.

The chronic pain and fatigue is overwhelming, so much so that I have to reduce the amount of readings that I do to just a handful. I will have to give readings away soon, as the toll on my health is not worth it. I struggle with every day chores and have to rest more often than not these days, total bummer.

Please don’t take your health for granted. When it goes down the toilet you will know about it. That said, I never have taken mine for granted. I have long term injuries from car accidents and then out of nowhere autoimmune issues cropped up gradually.

Cunning little buggers those autoimmune things🀣🀣 sneaky little things, just like those calorie gremlins that get into your wardrobe overnight and stitch your clothevtwo sizes too small. 🀣🀣🀣

Wes Penre: Gnosis part 6 Yaldabaoth

Interesting reading but a little out there for me. What if all of this is an incredible software programme? Remember Wes discussed artificial intelligence and advanced races thousands of year’s ahead of us. He said it is possible that this is an artificial universe and he is not alone in this theory, the concept has been around for many years now. This universe is also a locked frequency. So how would we know if they are not controlling this whole situation?

 The Demiurge is a mistake so why let it or him continue and create all the damage and misery. Spirit is already advanced and pure, so why drop us in a low vibration and make us suffer causing much harm to the psyche of billions of souls? The Sophia would not want that would she? So much blood shed over thousands of years on many worlds and for what? Is this Sophia a computer programme as well or is it a real spiritual phenomenon?

I am not one to accept all that is written by the Gnostics, they were human and the information they give us, we need to know who was communicating via a channel or if relayed in  spoken word by beings from off world? Channeling is not trustworthy as there are many unsavoury beings in the non physical worlds that will lead us astray. Even advanced star races that have interacted with our ancestors world wide thousands of years ago had agendas. Leading our ancestors to believe they were gods and taking control of our ancestors' world.

We are living in a planet of lies, half truths and deception, lied to by religion, lied to by government and lied to by those that run the world. Much as I like what Wes writes, I still can’t accept a lot of this information because we will never know the real truth  here on earth only after death can we know but, can we really make it out of the matrix and universe to find out for ourselves? We must be careful and not just accept anything we are told, and even in spirit after physical death we must be even more cautious because there will be twists, turns and who knows what. To end up back in the soul trap, after all our hard work?

As I scroll through the comments in each post that Wes has made I feel people are so desperate to believe and accept everything as truth. Feeling it in their soul or being. Wishful thinking out of a need to believe and that all will be right in the  end. People are desperate to be free of suffering and misery, they have had enough and want out. The human experiment is not a happy experience in the long run.

Like I said the spirit was already perfect and complete before we were sent here to this “experiment”.
To shake things up they sent in unsouled beings to make the situation as difficult as possible. Hence the violence, war and suffering with no other purpose than to supply loosh, to feed the predators enforcing this suffering on pure and innocent souls.

Unsouled beings are not here to learn anything, pure souls are already evolved but in amnesia. Breaking out of the amnesia and reawakening is what we must do. But go where, after physical death that is the real issue we awakened souls must focus.

Even when we open to our higher selves as we leave this reality, we  still need to be careful. We don’t know what we will experience. Will we encounter evil entities and tricksters, will we have freedom?  It is an unknown situation, the Gnostics had no knowledge of aliens, computers,computer generated reality, AI etc. Who knows if we are not still in a simulation or what it could be. We need to take a chance but err on the side of caution and trust nothing other than intuition.

Read Wes’s papers and be self informed, take out what you want, but start from the first level of learning or you will not see the big picture. That is what I do, no, I am not the same person that I was prior to reading his work and communicating with him, but I was already on the path searching, because I was determined. I knew this was my last time on this planet. It is determination that drives me to my goal. But hey, I can wait that 30 years and have my goal plan ready to go.

The worst thing a person can do is stay uninformed and do nothing to awaken spiritually when everything is within us to do so. The choice is always there, no matter what is going on, we are always allowed the choice to exit undeterred as long as we are fully aware of the soul trap (false light).
We do not speak to anything around us as we leave our bodies at point of death. We head straight out and get as far away from this universe, the Khaa and all those other traps. Tune into the higher self and ask it to be guides to where you need to be four your higher good. Keep it simple , do not over complicate things.

Sunday, 24 May 2020


Not a fan of the Gnostic stuff, much of which is contradictory.  


I have never liked anything to do with Thoth, ancient Egypt or Alchemy.
It to me all feels evil and wrong, but so many have been attracted to evil over the centuries today being no exception. 

Even queen Elizabeth I and her cohorts, to name a few, John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon, Edward Kelly were steeped in this. Funnily enough I had a horrible nightmare about Elizabeth two nights ago. In the dream she had a few red haired women around her, I think three or four of them. One young woman though she was punishing. I saw her use a chisel to the womans head and was hammering the chisel in to her head and removing what may have been bits of the woman's skull. 

There was blood everywhere. Elizabeth told the woman and those with her this is what happens to those that betray her. I found this utterly revolting. 

Elizabeth then set about finding an other red haired young woman. She seemed to have burst into a room where the woman was and forced her to lie on a bed with a wooden disc shaped board embedded with nails being forced on  the back of her head as punishment. Again there was blood everywhere.

I am aware that Elizabeth was very deep into the occult, but I have no idea why the women were all red heads and what was the significance of this horrible punishment for disobedience or betrayal. 
I have no idea what the meaning of red haired women is, nor the blood and punishment. 

It is not the sort of thing that one finds in dream interpretations. I will have to do some rummaging on the internet for clues. I sure get some real weird ass dreams I can tell you. In the past week there has been non stop nightmare type dreams and I don't usually have nightmares. This felt occult related though.

History proves Elizabeth did have a mean streak in her not to mention she had porphyria. So I guess when she lost it she could have turned nasty. In those days a monarch could not show weakness but they sure took things to the limit when dishing out punishments.    

NOTE: I just clicked out of this screen and looked at the picture of Mary in Wes's article the woman has red hair, hmmmm.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Tarot card of the month: The Chariot. June 2020

This card represents firm control over current situations,. Whether it's COVID 19 or any other aspects of life for the month of June. I get a feeling that this will be a very busy month  in many respects , especially financially.  It will not be easy for many people dealing with the energy of this month.

People are now pushing the envelope now that lockdown is lifting in some places.  We need to be very careful and not over do things. Pent up frustrations could mean trouble with the authorities in some instances. Be warned and pull your head in. It is not worth getting into trouble.

This is not the time to be proud and mighty. We are still in a precarious situation and as I said finances will be in the spotlight. Do not spend what you don't have and do not go bananas as soon as you get the chance to shop. You could find yourself short of cash.

Many people are wanting to get out and have fun, be that as it may, one needs to be careful. This virus is still out there and more deaths are obviously still going to happen. Do not take risks, be careful of who you are associating with , we are not all fit and healthy and it only takes one person to cause an infection to spread. 

To me it feels like the half way mark, so I am being extra cautious. The man controlling the chariot reminds me of a person that wants to be in charge of the whole situation, I would say that sums up Donald Trump. 

In the northern hemisphere it could well be quite a very warm summer. However in the southern hemisphere, it may be a damp cold winter. Mainly for east coast Australia.  I get the feeling that over winter in Australia the out doors means lets go eat somewhere nice.  Food to nourish the soul.
Can't argue with that  one, lol. 

Stay safe and look after your loved ones and we will come through this, but do not forget the word of warning about finances. Yes we are heading for hard times. Keep that in mind, and don't spend what you don't have.  Most important don't dwell on the negative, just be aware and take precautions.